14 Minuscule Movie Moments You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Completely Unscripted

14 Minuscule Movie Moments You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Completely Unscripted


Arthur’s single tear in the opening scene of Joker (2019):

Warner Bros.

“That tear…just happened, in one take,” director Todd Phillips said. “I was playing the score for him in the room…I wanted the music to effect and infect the movie and, if I remember correctly, we were playing the score in the room and all of a sudden — as Joaquin [Phoenix] was struggling with his smile — this little tear appeared and we had the scene and moved on.”


Lloyd’s “Big Gulps” interaction outside of the gas station in Dumb & Dumber (1994):

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New Line Cinema / Via youtube.com

Jim Carrey improvised the awkward moment outside of the gas station to mess with two random men — who weren’t even paid extras — who just happened to be outside of the 7-Eleven where they were shooting the scene, according to screenwriter Pete Farrelly. Everyone on set liked it so much, they kept it in the final cut of the film!


Killmonger’s sassy “Hey, Auntie” call-out in Black Panther (2018):

Marvel Studios

“Well, he entered that throne room with SUCH DISRESPECT…I mean, looking good, but with such disrespect,” actor Angela Basset said. “And then he utters that line which, I think, was an improv on Michael B. Jordan’s part. I remember being shaken and taken aback a little by it…and at the movie’s premiere, when he uttered that, the whole room went up and enjoyed it.”


Emily’s “I’m hearing this and I want to hear this” quip from The Devil Wears Prada (2006):

20th Century Fox

“I guess I steal from people I meet. Like, I saw a mother speaking to her child in a supermarket when we were shooting, and it’s a line that gets quoted back to me now,” actor Emily Blunt said. “She yelled at her kid and she kind of opened and closed her hand and she goes, ‘Yeah, I’m hearing this, and I want to hear this.’ I went and put it in a movie, when Anne Hathaway is kind of talking to me, and I just told her that.”


Voldemort’s awkward hug from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 (2011):

Warner Bros.

“It was pretty terrifying, to be honest with you…it wasn’t in the script,” actor Tom Felton said. “We did that take, like, 25 times, but he only hugged me once. It was a one-off thing that he just threw at me. I was standing there like, ‘What the hell is he doing?!’ It was very strange and a surprise for me.”


Henry Jones’ cheeky “she talks in her sleep” response in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989):

Paramount Pictures

“My favorite memory is Sean [Connery] making up that line,” actor Julian Glover said. “It was on the spot. Harrison [Ford] said, ‘How did you know she’s a Nazi?!’ and Sean said that, and they had to stop filming. Everybody just fell on the floor and Steven [Spielberg] said, ‘Well, that’s in!'”


Alex’s entire “Singin’ in the Rain” dance/torture scene in A Clockwork Orange (1971):

Warner Bros.

I jumped up and started singing ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ as an improv, on the beats… And why did I do that? Because [that song is] Hollywood’s gift to the world of euphoria,” actor Malcom McDowell said. “And that’s what the character is feeling at the time. So, Stanley [Kubrick] shoved me in the car, we drove back to his house, and he bought the rights to ‘Singin’ in the Rain.'”


Also, Mr. Blonde’s entire “Stuck in the Middle with You” dance/torture scene in Reservoir Dogs (1992):

Miramax Films

“In the script it said, ‘Mr. Blonde maniacally dances around.’ And I kept thinking, ‘What the fuck does that mean?! Like Mick Jagger?’” actor Michael Madsen said. “I started thinking about this weird little thing Jimmy Cagney did in a movie that I saw, that’s where [the dance moves] came from.”


Olaf’s hilariously dark “Oh, look at that…I’ve been impaled” reaction in Frozen (2013):

Walt Disney Studios

“Improv is definitely always part of the journey, and they were amazing collaborators in letting me just come up with something to say, some of which is in there,” actor Josh Gad said. “Like, I remember saying as a joke, ‘I’ve been impaled,’ and I was shocked when I watched the movie and they animated this and kept this in the film.”


Private Hudson’s distressed “Game over, man…game over” line in Aliens (1986):

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20th Century Fox / Via youtube.com

“Back in those days — I don’t think they do it anymore, but then I also don’t play video games anymore — at the end of your quarter, it said ‘Game Over,'” actor Bill Paxton said. ‘So I thought, “Game over”…has anybody ever used that? I wonder because it’s kind of good!’ I had no idea it would catch on…”


Steve Trevor’s entire claim that, where he’s from, he’s “above average,” in Wonder Woman (2017):

Warner Bros.

“There was plenty of improvising,” director Patty Jenkins said. “Great lines arrived every day…particularly the boat scene. Chris Pine’s entire riff about not being an ‘average’ man was improvised on the spot — as were many other great moments. I encourage humor all the time!”


Colonel Jessep’s iconic “You can’t handle the truth” retort in A Few Good Men (1992):

Columbia Pictures

The original line as written in the script was, “You already have the truth!” However, Jack Nicholson decided to shorten the line in order to give a more concise, dramatic delivery, and the rest is famous film quotes history.


Igor’s mysterious moving hump in Young Frankenstein (1974):

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20th Century Fox / Via youtube.com

The gag was completely made up by actor Marty Feldmen and — legend has it — it took WEEKS for anyone to even notice he was doing it. For continuity purposes, it was added as a recurring gag in the film, and the line “What Hump?” was also ad-libbed by Feldmen to add to the humor.


And finally, pretty much every little thing Megan did and said on the airplane in Bridesmaids (2011):

Universal Pictures

“The plane ride became wildly improvised. Melissa [McCarthy]’s talking about putting a Nano up my butt, or up her butt — the Nano was going up someone’s butt — I ruined millions of takes by laughing,” said actor Ben Falcone (and McCarthy’s IRL husband). “In the scene outside the bathroom, she HAD to say, ‘Let’s go into the restroom, and not rest,’ but after that, she was free to improv. She had such good lines that I ruined…like at one point she said, ‘Do you like this leg? I got another one just like it. I can put them both over my head and comb my goddamn hair…'”

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