143 Thoughts I Had Watching Netflix’s “The Baby-Sitters Club”

143 Thoughts I Had Watching Netflix’s “The Baby-Sitters Club”

1. I’m so excited and also nervous. Please be good.

2. Oooh nice touch using the handwriting for the opening credits.

3. This is just like the first book, right down to Kristy having to write an essay on decorum. The nostalgia is real.

4. Why is Claudia living next door to Kristy’s house instead of across the street?

5. “Claudia decided she was more into boys and clothes than us.” And this is why my thirsty 9-year-old self thought she was the coolest.

6. It shouldn’t be so strange, in the context of TV shows, that these tweens and teens look like actual tweens and teens, but it is. Even Sam and Charlie look like actual teenagers and not 30-year-olds. Incredible.

7. I’m trying not to let Alicia Silverstone playing a mother of teenagers make me feel 86 years old.

8. Ooooh Kristy has had The Idea.

9. Look at these girls, taking their shoes off at the door at Claudia’s house!

10. They’re all so adorable and perfect for their characters. Their costumes are wonderful as well.

11. The reason Claudia has a landline in her room is a slight stretch, but I’ll go with it.

12. “I think you’re confusing real life with Gossip Girl”. Were these girls even born when Gossip Girl is on?

13. Claudia is still so cool.

14. Wow. Watson got hot???

15. Poor Kristy. I relate to her intense fear of change so hard.

16. Aw. Kristy is emailing her mom an apology. But do 12-year-olds really email their parents?

17. Claudia’s design for the logo of The Baby-Sitters Club has made me tear up.

18. Lizzo is on the soundtrack?!

19. Is that Logan at the library? Oh my god.

20. Watson is so cute and supportive. I get Kristy’s issues, but I feel so bad for him.

21. LOUIE! They even included Kristy’s dog? Now I’m definitely going to cry.

22. Karen is already going on about Morbidda Destiny. I love this.

23. I have so much secondhand embarrassment for Kristy right now.

24. Ooooh Stacey was lying about being in New York. I’ll be interested to see how they handle her diabetes plot. It really shouldn’t be a big taboo.

25. This is a really nice scene between Kristy and her mom. And yes, I very much appreciated the Clueless reference.

26. I want to own everything that Claudia wears, including her red fluffy slippers.

27. Kristy is putting the visor on! My heart!

28. Oh my god, I love this show so much.

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