15 Times Celebs Publicly Shared Their Private Text Messages With Us

15 Times Celebs Publicly Shared Their Private Text Messages With Us

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“Guess what dad made for dessert? Wine sundaes.”


Max Ehrich shared the very cute text his dad sent to his family chat after Max announced his engagement to Demi Lovato:


Hilary Duff shared these texts from her 8-year-old son, Luca:


Chrissy Teigen was not down for an early morning workout with Jen Atkin:


Sean Lowe responded to his wife, Catherine Lowe, who was wondering how he was doing while watching their kids alone:


Anna Kendrick tweeted her family’s group chat while they watched her movie, Trolls World Tour:


SZA shared this adorable and supportive text from her mom:


Aaron Dessner shared this text message from Taylor Swift, giving us an inside look at her process for writing her song, “Cardigan”:


Kate Beckinsale shared this selfie that her mom sent her:


Michelle Obama shared this very “mom” text from her mom about seeing “real stars” at the Grammys:


KJ Apa shared a glimpse at the “daily reminder” he gets from his Riverdale co-star, Mark Consuelos:


Lili Reinhart shared this completely precious text from her dad about her mom:


Jenna Fischer revealed the unique snack her parents were enjoying in quarantine:


And Lin-Manuel Miranda shared the text he got from Chris Jackson after he first announced that Hamilton was coming to Disney+, proving the value of having close friends:

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