19 Reasons Why “McLeod’s Daughters” Was The Best Show To Ever Grace Our TV Screens

19 Reasons Why “McLeod’s Daughters” Was The Best Show To Ever Grace Our TV Screens


First off, it has some badass feminism in it, showing that hell yeah, women can run a farm!

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All throughout the first season, Claire struggles with the men who tell her she won’t be able to run Drovers Run — but she always shuts that shit down!


Like when all the shearers leave, making it seem like Claire won’t be able to fulfil her wool contract, but instead the women get stuck into it and finish the job.

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All because the main shearer got snippy when Claire said she didn’t need to hire him to run the farm. *Rolls eyes at the patriarchy.*


It shows the strength of female solidarity between the McLeod sisters and all women.

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Claire and Tess taking Becky in?? Tears. The only thing the show doesn’t do well is how Meg treats Becky at the start. C’mon Meg, you can do better.


Like when Claire gives up the chance to show the community that she’s just as good as her dad, in order to go and save Becky from being accosted by drunken hooligans.

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And on a HORSE no less. Obviously, the women at Drover’s Run are capable of riding off into their own damn sunset.


It’s a show about overcoming adversity and I now truly believe that, like Tess, I too could adapt to farm life.

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Her glow up from city slicker to farm owner was a DELIGHT to watch. A character arc worth applauding in my opinion.


And it truly embodies that Aussie spirit of “Aww, yeah — let’s just give it a go then”.

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They always just get stuck into the work and give it their best.


Like when Tess found that cow struggling to give birth and the three gals just tied a rope around the calf’s legs and pulled.

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Thankfully it worked, although I have no idea how realistic this is.


It has the opening theme song to end all theme songs.

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When I first heard it after all these years…it felt like coming home.


It has a hunky cast that paved the way for Farmer Wants A Wife.

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I honestly think McLeod’s Daughters is the reason why Farmer Wants A Wife exists. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to go on a show that gives you a chance to marry someone like this?!


Like, just look at Alex Ryan!

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A little bit older, a little bit grumpy, but 100% up my alley.


Or his brother, Nick!

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Smouldering eyes and arms that could hug all your worries away? Love to see it.


And there’s also my personal favourite, Dave Brewer.

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Honestly, this show was responsible for my sexual awakening.


It has a healthy dose of drama…wait, who am I kidding? There’s a tonne of drama.

@onscreenkisses / Via onscreenkisses.tumblr.com

Some people say it got too “soap-operay” towards the end, but in times like these, who doesn’t want a distraction?


Like when Claire plummeted to her death, but only after making sure her daughter and Tess were both safe.

@iwishedforyoutoo / Via iwishedforyoutoo.tumblr.com

I was shocked, I was young and I was traumatised by this. How dare you kill off the one character I liked with the same name as me?! She was my idol.


And she dies just when her and Alex are finally happy together!

Nine Network

I mean, this is some Shakespearean shit right here.


It showed the world that Australia does have it’s own cowboys.

Stan/ Nine Network

Small-town country rodeos, gotta love ’em.


I mean, the fashion is ICONIC — especially the hats and rain jackets.

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Every episode there’s a shot of Claire or someone else hanging up their hats. I don’t know what the motif means, but I am here for it.


It had some beautiful shots of the Australian landscape.

Stan/ Nine Network

A lot of Aussie literature talks about the romanticism of rural Australia, but man, these sweeping shots are a little bit more breathtaking.


And finally, it shows a different side of Australia that’s not all beaches and high school drama.

Stan/ Nine Network

Looking at you Home and Away. But it just goes to show that Aussie content is great no matter the setting.

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