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Hello my name is Frank colabro jr. and welcome to the $200 daily cash strategy now this is gonna be our team fundamental blueprint that is done designed to help you build any online or offline business now simple always works best and this is one of the easiest ways ever to market any business product service or program like what you’re doing well you should keep doing it as this may dramatically increase lead flow prospects that you convert into sales revenue now people are absolutely addicted to their mobile devices they’re either in hand or close by within arm’s reach text messages have a ninety-eight percent open rate and 90% of those are read within three seconds now how can we make money with our smart phone it’s actually quite simple we advertise a personal autotext phone number prospects dial in listen to a short message and are incentivized to press one instantly they receive a text message to a website of your choosing and like I said this is powerful as 90% of text messages are read almost immediately now everyone needs this service my personal strategy is to send prospects to a landing page and combination with my instant text message service phone number that actually sells this system but you can send your traffic to any website video or promotional page now who can use a service like this internet marketers affiliate marketers network marketers bloggers business owners restaurants gym owners hair salons service shops sales agents tradesmen merchant shops or any business that basically needs more business practically anyone and everyone who needs customers clients traffic or leads is a target for this particular service more exposure equals more sales now let me give you a simple visual illustration we advertise our number and we can advertise our number on business cards drop cards you can put your number on the landing page you can share your number on social media email marketing Craigslist banner ads pretty much every place in any place you wish to market now prospects dial in they listen to a very short message and they’re incentivized to press one now the instant they press one they’re going to get out text and a website linked to a website of our choosing think about how powerful this is you can even advertise this particular service now when they purchase the automated text autoresponder we just made a two hundred dollar bill now think about how simple this was and we just made money with our smart phone we advertised a phone number caller called in and pressed one we sent them our website they purchased a text autoresponder we make 200 bucks now think about just what happened we advertised a phone number and collected a new phone number contact we set we actually sent a website via tax and collected an email address – this is a Lea this is lead generation on steroids a marketers dream come true we also made a quick $200 sale this can happen I an unlimited number of times daily just imagine making money with your mobile device two hundred dollar bills at a time pretty exciting right there now let’s look at a simple illustration and let’s just say we make one sale per day that would equal fourteen hundred dollars per week thirty sales in a month would equal six thousand dollars three hundred and sixty sales in a year would equal seventy two thousand dollars what some people might think this is an extreme example but in my mind it is ultra ultra conservative but let’s just say the average person wanted to make an extra four hundred dollars per month that would mean they would accidentally make a sale once every 15 days and find two people in the whole world that need leads prospects and need to make more money let’s say we went out and we sponsored or just made just five sales in a month which is only a sale once every six days that would equal I would actually equal a thousand dollars per month this would be life-changing for most households twelve sales in a month twenty four hundred dollars basically a sale once every two and a half days fifteen sales on a month would be three thousand dollars and right here this would put you in an income bracket where you make more than fifty percent of American households it’s a fact that American households fifty percent of them make $30,000 $30,000 per year or less now visualize collecting non-stop $200 sales while building contact lists we advertise and sell a valuable lead generation service we can build a phone number contact list we can build an email contact list and we get paid to help others generate leads as we generate leads in addition we can make future sales for any business via our contact lists this is a winning plan for everyone now we can actually make more money from pass up sales commissions here’s how it works each time we make a direct sale we make a quick two hundred dollars now for each direct affiliate they will actually pass up one sale to you and yes that’s another two hundred dollar bill that person passed up to you is now direct to you on your pay line guess who the first sale goes to that’s correct to you another $200 once you get this rolling you can’t even stop the hundred dollar bills from coming in let me give you a visual illustration you decide you know what I need more prospects leads and I need to make more money I’m gonna get started you go ahead and you pay your sponsor $200 for the service you make your first sale that first sale passes up to your sponsor you’re not qualified from this point forward it’s a hundred percent commissions you go out and make your second sale he just made a two hundred dollar bill you make your third sale another two hundred dollar bill now before you even know what happens that person goes out and makes a sale without your knowledge or anything to do with it and guess what that person is a pass up sale so they’re actually going to be forced onto your pay line and guess what another huh another 200 I’ll bill you had nothing to do with it next sale another $200 bill guess what it happens again someone else that you goes out and sponsor someone you don’t even know and another 200 dollar bill and that person passes up on to your pay line this is very powerful guys all you got to do is get these things started pass out your phone number how simple does it get it doesn’t get easier than this now this person that you don’t even know that probably that was forced onto your pay line goes out and make their first sale okay once again this is a qualifying sale you get another $200 bill and that person passes up and is forced onto your pay line this is incredible guys this pay line can get pretty insane very fast and I want you to notice something here you only sponsored you only made three direct sales on your pain line yet you were paid six sales a total of $1,200 for simply getting something started and just passing out a phone number pretty powerful guys huh I know you’re excited this thing is insane all right how do we get paid pretty simple guys you actually decide how you get paid payment integration can be set up in minutes it took me about five minutes to set this up stripe Bitcoin PayPal super simple super fast 30 minutes from now you could be in business making $200 instant commissions now getting started is fast and easy we fill out the short enrollment form we pay the onetime $97 administrative fee we pay our sponsor $200 for the text messaging service now our sponsor will activate service upon purchase confirmation ok we instantly receive our new autotext phone number that we’re going to advertise we paste in a website that we choose to advertise anything your service comes with 100 text credits additional credits be purchased for one cent each now think about this you can purchase a thousand text read it to a thousand tax credits messages basically for $10 guys up any each you want to talk about cost effective advertising oh we forgot to mention no monthly fees ever pretty awesome guys right start down within minutes you can be set up to earn $200 daily commissions now what you’re gonna want to do next is get started today click below yes start now fill out the simple enrollment form then click continue and we’ll see you on the next page

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