25 Awesome Gifts To Give The Person You’re Kinda-Sorta Dating This Valentine’s Day

25 Awesome Gifts To Give The Person You’re Kinda-Sorta Dating This Valentine’s Day

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A SpongeBob AirPod case that’ll make a great super casual (and humourous) gift. And it’ll keep their headphones safe from scuffs and scratches!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It might also remind them of their childhood (you should probably get to know them a bit better)!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $13.88+ (available in 15 styles).


Some Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning blend that’ll add a sprinkle of flavour to their favourite foods — no bagel necessary! We might not have Trader Joe’s in Canada, but we do have this.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

They’ll end up using it on everything, from pizzas to sandwiches to roast chicken to buttered popcorn! Just be mindful to check the ingredients for any allergens, as it does contain sesame seeds, garlic, and other things. And then ask them if they have any allergies.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $24.91.


A David’s Tea relaxation kit that’s sure to soothe and please any discerning tea lover. The kit comes with three decaffeinated and de-stressing tea blends that taste de-licious (😏) and reduce stress almost instantly. And who doesn’t love that?

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

You might not know what their favourite tea is, but with three options to choose from, the odds are in your favour. And with a mug, drawstring filters, plus a sleeping mask, this gift is a surefire hit.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $28.


This ultra moisturizing salve that’ll help soothe dry, cracked lips. It can even help heal minor burns, diaper rash, and damaged cuticles! Plus, the natural ingredients won’t irritate their skin.

@rosebudperfumecompany / Via instagram.com

Reviewers rave about how deeply moisturizing it is. BuzzFeed writer Alice Prendergast says, “It’s a life-saver in the winter time, and because it has a light, rosy hue (not a white, chalky cast), it won’t make you look like you’re dying of the bubonic plague.”

Get it on Amazon Canada for $10.50.


This folding sandalwood comb they’ll be able to use on their hair or beard. The oils of the wood are naturally anti-static, and the fine teeth work on all hair types and lengths.


This insulated travel mug that’ll let them indulge in their favourite beverage on the go. Every time they use it, they’ll think of you! Plus, it has a built-in coaster so they won’t have to stress about damaging any furniture.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

And the top slider is 100% leakproof, too, so they’ll never worry about accidentally spilling on themselves when they’re in a hurry.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $17.95+ (available in four colours).


A set of funky dress socks that’ll thrill anyone with a great sense of humour. Everyone needs socks, so these are a no-brainer! And with a bunch of different patterns, they’re a surefire win.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

They fit men’s sizes 7-11, so just be wary if your gift recipient’s size is outside this range.

Get five pairs on Amazon Canada for $18.99+ (available in 15 different packs).


This gin-making kit that’ll let the would-be brewmaster’s imagination run wild. Sure, the kit includes recipes for three different styles of gin, but it also has 12 different botanicals that are perfect for experimenting with. It also makes a great activity for the two of you!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

They’ll need to buy the base alcohol (like vodka) separately, or you can get them a bottle so they can get started right away!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $89.


This multipurpose lotion that’s specially formulated to prevent chafing, shrivelling, dryness, and sagging (yes, I’m talking about testicles). Their bits go through a lot during the day, so it might be time to give them some TLC.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca, @tamethebeast / Via instagram.com

The fresh, natural scent is courtesy of rosemary, calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, and mango. The addition of shea and cocoa butters, jojoba oil, and vitamin E will keep their junk smooth and moisturized, too.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $15 (also available in full size).


This sampler pack of barrel-aged coffee. Each package contains single origin coffee that’s been left to age in the barrels of some award-winning distilleries, giving the beans a unique and rich flavour that your partner definitely won’t find in their morning brew.


This Exploding Kittens card game will be a literal game-changer for the board game aficionado in your life (or you can play a “Nope” card and keep it for yourself).

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Beware: it will test friendships, reveal heretofore unknown allegiances, and cause lots and lots of cursing. Have fun!!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $23.93.


A plush dog toy because everyone knows the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their pet. The ultrasonic squeaker is audible only to their pupper, so their fur baby can play while you two get to know each other better.

Sarah Aspler / Via BuzzFeed

Plus the seams are reinforced for extra durability. Check out BuzzFeed’s full review of the toy on this list (it’s #3).

Get it on Amazon Canada for $9.13+ (available in two sizes and six animals).


This heart-shaped gift box packed full of Lindt chocolate that’ll let them know you’re totally on board with this whole Valentine’s Day thing…sort of.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It’s great because you don’t know what kind of chocolate is their fave just yet, but you DO remember them saying they like chocolate at some point.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $20.86.


This merino wool sweater is knitted using 100% Irish Merino wool, so it’s hypoallergenic, and sustainably sourced. It’s also hella cute, and incredibly cozy.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Because of its thick knit, reviewers recommend sizing up. You can also get a men’s version here.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $95.03+ (available in sizes XS-XXL, and in five colours).


These whiskey wedge glasses that’ll give them an artful and funky way to chill their preferred beverage. Forget cubes — the solid wedge of ice melts a lot slower, minimizing dilution and keeping their drink cold from the first sip to the last.


A Body Shop British rose skincare gift set that’s a fun, modern take on the traditional bouquet of roses. Plus, it already comes neatly packaged so you don’t have to stress about incurring their judgement if your wrapping skills are sub-par.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Each set comes with travel sizes of shower gel, body lotion, an exfoliating scrub, soap, and a loofah. The smaller sizes are great if they’ve never tried this scent before! Plus, they’ll take up less room in your shower when they casually start leaving their things at your place. If you suspect that they’re not really the floral smell type, grab an Almond and Honey set instead.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $28.


These vouchers that they’ll be able to redeem for a multitude of sexy adventures. You’ll be letting your partner know that you’re into them (obviously), while still keeping it light-hearted and funny. Just get ready for when they redeem the “tongue bath” voucher!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

There are 20 unique coupons in there, so prepare to get to know your partner intimately.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $26.88.


A cute little heart charm necklace that’ll let them know they have yours. Because when you know, you know — y’know? Sure, it’s kind of cliché, but who cares?

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It’s available in five different finishes, too, so you can choose the one you think suits them best. Hint: check to see what kind of jewellery they wear regularly. They’ll be pleasantly surprised that you’ve been paying attention!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $18.99+ (available in five finishes).


This glass pour-over coffee maker that’ll be a hit for the person who’s addicted to their caffeine fix. Maybe they’ve been looking to get into the pour-over style, or maybe you’ll inspire them. Either way, they’re sure to love it.


A set of these very sleek silver playing cards they’ll reach for time and time again. The foil coating is specially designed to keep the cards smudge and dirt free.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

And since the cards are also waterproof, they’ll be able to just rinse them under water to keep them looking their best. No more stressing about the state of the cards if game night gets a bit rowdy!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $13.99 (available in three colours).


This 3D skull ice mould that’ll give their favourite drink a badass edge. Reviewers absolutely adore these! Some even use these for baking, which is great if you’re unsure of your new partner’s interests just yet.


This set of handmade porcelain tumblers that’ll convince them you actually have really great taste. The rims are all plated in genuine gold, too, so it’s ALMOST like getting them jewellery.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Just make sure they wash these by hand.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $114.


An ebony and walnut wood watch that’ll help update their accessory game. Plus, you could have it engraved with a funny message (just to let them know you’re cool AND funny).

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers love this gift. Each purchase also comes with an adjusting tool so you know they’ll get a perfect fit. And it’s eco-friendly!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $59.90.


This set of three stainless steel bangles that’ll look sleek as heck on their wrist. Because each one comes in a different shade of gold, you really can’t miss with this gift.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Plus, the bangles double as hair tie holders! They won’t have to keep them wrapped around their wrist anymore, and you can take full credit for that.

Get the set on Amazon Canada for $25.99.


And lastly, a Cuisinart ice cream maker with over 4,000 reviews that’ll churn out frosty treats in just 20 minutes. They’ll also be able to make frozen yogurt and sorbets, if that’s more their speed. It gives a whole new meaning to “Netflix and chill.”

You after giving these gifts:

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