25 Very Specific 2000s Things That Millennials Haven’t Thought About In 10 Years Or Maybe Even Longer

25 Very Specific 2000s Things That Millennials Haven’t Thought About In 10 Years Or Maybe Even Longer

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Remember when you needed like seven CD-ROMs to install one game onto your PC?


Walking into a Hot Topic and having the entire front half of the store be filled with Twilight merch:

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


When you’d install a game onto your PC and it required four or more discs for just ONE basic game:


Crossing Over With John Edward — which would always creep you out whenever he’d communicate with a dead relative of someone in his audience:


The flat EarPods that came with iPods:

Robert Sullivan / Getty Images


iPod socks, which always seemed like the flimsiest protection for your precious player:

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


iPod transmitters that never really ever worked:


Hilary Duff’s Stuff clothing line, which she sold through Target:

Michael Caulfield Archive / WireImage


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line that they had at Walmart:

Tony Bock / Getty Images


The two or three “Geek Squad” Volkswagen Beetles you would always see parked in front of Best Buy whenever you’d go there:

Tim Boyle / Getty Images


Linens ‘n Things, which was the other store your mom would go to when she couldn’t find what she was looking for at Bed Bath & Beyond:

Brian Brainerd / Getty Images


Microsoft’s Zune player, which your one friend who owned one would always tout ’cause you could share music through “tapping”:

Handout / Getty Images


Cellphones that supported iTunes — which was a big sell before the iPhone existed:

Michael Stephens–PA Images / Getty Images


Abercrombie & Fitch’s upscale sister store, Ruehl No. 925, which — aside from managing somehow to be darker inside than both A&F and Hollister — sold basically the exact same clothes:


Sarah Jessica Parker as the spokesperson for the Gap, and the delightful commercials she did for them:

Gap Inc.


P. Diddy as the spokesperson for Proactiv, and claiming that it would “moisturize my situation and preserve my sexy”:



How EVERYONE was doing Sudoku puzzles:

Medlar / Getty Images


Da Vinci Code mania and all the History Channel specials it inspired:

Tim Sloan / Getty Images


When 7-Eleven stores around the country were converted into Kwik-E-Marts to promote The Simpsons Movie

David Mcnew / Getty Images


…and the food products seen on The Simpsons that you could buy inside them:

Michael Nagle / Getty Images


Emeril Lagasse and the “BAM!” catchphrase he would say on Emeril Live:

Food Network


Those portable DVD players that you would attach to the backs of car seats:


The tickets you would have to get and take to the front counter in order to buy a video game at Toys “R” Us:


The branded microwave popcorn that Blockbuster had in its checkout line (that everyone ended up buying):


Livestrong bracelets in this plastic packaging — that were usually put in large, clear bowls at the checkout counters of Foot Lockers:

Robbin Goddard / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images


And, finally, those Girls Gone Wild commercials that played at midnight (usually on MTV, E!, and Comedy Central):

Girls Gone Wild

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