26 Plant-Based Summertime Recipes To Keep On Hand

26 Plant-Based Summertime Recipes To Keep On Hand

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My Darling Vegan / Via mydarlingvegan.com

If you’ve never tried jackfruit as a meat substitute, this recipe will wow your taste buds and make you question whether or not you’re actually eating the real deal.

Lazy Cat Kitchen / Via lazycatkitchen.com

These healthy summer rolls are easy to assemble and are so fun to dip in the accompanying dipping sauce. It doesn’t hurt that they’re really pretty to look at, either!

Veganosity / Via veganosity.com

This recipe forgoes the fake meat and uses summer squash, peppers, and onions in a balsamic glaze for the taco filling.

Vegan Richa / Via veganricha.com

This gem of a recipe proves that it isn’t your average broccoli salad with its creamy and tangy sun-dried tomato dressing.

Loving It Vegan / Via lovingitvegan.com

Stuffed peppers are a staple in my kitchen and can be filled with pretty much whatever you have on hand! If you’ve yet to try them, follow this recipe here.

My Darling Vegan / Via mydarlingvegan.com

This filling dish can be served hot right away or chilled for a pasta salad that you can imagine yourself eating outside in the summer breeze.

Vegan Blueberry / Via veganblueberry.com

I speak from experience when I say that this recipe for ramen noodle salad is perfect for summer picnics and is almost always a crowd-pleaser.


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