26 Things From Chewy That Pets Truly Love

26 Things From Chewy That Pets Truly Love

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A hanging mirror for your vain lil bird.

Michmom3 / Chewy

Promising review: “I was amazed to see how much my bird loves this mirror — he is always looking at himself, laughing, playing, and singing to himself. By far his favorite toy.” —Hideaway

Price: $1.99


A ducky raincoat so cute, the number of walks in the rains are going to triple.


Promising review: “This raincoat is adorable AND effective. Our pup is a huge chicken when it’s raining outside, so we needed a solution. It keeps him dry and it doesn’t hurt how many complements he gets on our walks.” —Dual2leash

Price: $8.09+ (available in sizes XS–XXL)

Amelia / Chewy, Nizza / Chewy

Promising review: “I got the medium size for my mice. They like it and Jaq has decided to nest/sleep in the bottom. It’s very cute. I would definitely get the medium. Medium is a good size for mice and dwarf hamsters. I think the small would be too small for anything.” —bluestraycat

Price: $4.95+ (available in two sizes)


A small collar light so you can keep track of your furry friend even on the darkest of nights.


Promising review: “I bought two lights to put on my dogs’ collars. The lights are large, bright, and easy to turn on. It also has two settings normal and blinking. The blinking light is a great use when walking my dogs in the dark. Either way I am super impressed on how bright the lights are.” —BigRed

Price: $5.74 (available in eight colors)


A plush hammock shaped like a pirate ship so your little Red Beard can set course for snooze town.


Promising review: “Ferris loves his hammock, especially the opening in the top that allows him to raise up and peek out when he wants to be nosey. Five stars.” —Pleased

Price: $14.99 (also available in banana or monkey shapes)


A trio of squeaky toys with no stuffing so your home won’t get a light dusting of white fluff every time your dog eviscerates another toy.


Promising review: “The dog LOVES these! If a toy has stuffing, he seems to assume his duty is to chew an opening and then remove the stuffing. With this flat toy and its two squeakies, he just plays and squeaks without destroying the toy or scattering fluff all over.” —Nexus

Price: $8.99

Penny / Chewy, jace / Chewy

Also consider the Krusty Krab or Squidward’s house.

Promising review: “My beta likes it. He prefers to hide in a tree but when he’s bored he goes in the pineapple and leaves out the window, which is cute. If your fish is bigger or wider than a beta go for the larger pineapple house. Overall, whether your fish likes to hide or not, it is bright and cheerful decor for you to look at.” —jace

Price: $6.88


A hooded parka to keep your dog nice and toasty during winter walks.


Promising review: “This jacket looks great, feels soft, and is comfy for my pup. The only down-side is my dog is an odd shape, so it fits her perfect around the chest, but her long body means the jacket falls short on her back. Still, can’t beat the price, and it makes it easier to dry her off on rainy days or keep her warm in the winter.” —byAkc

Price: $19.99+ (available in sizes XXS–L and three colors)


A hodge-podge of blocks and toys for your curious feathery friend to interact with.


Promising review: “I bought this toy about four months ago and my parakeet plays with it every day. She gets all crazy trying to tear it apart but can’t. She loops one of the bottom parts onto her back like she’s wearing a scarf. Definitively worth it.” —snow

Price: $4.10


A cult-favorite dog toy featuring a plush log and three squeaky chipmunks you can hide inside. Your pooch will love pulling the critters out and hearing that sweet, sweet squeak.

Kimber / Chewy

Promising review: “My puppy loves to dig and hunt critters in our yard —mice, birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. It took her almost no time to figure out the toy. We keep changing up how we stuff the chipmunks in so there’s always a new aspect. Uses her brain and problem solving skills AND gets her active digging for the chipmunks and shaking the log around. She’s not a super aggressive chewer, and aside from ending the squeaks, everything is in great shape.” —Trazom

Price: $13.99


A birthday hat that works for celebrating both your pet’s and everyone else’s birthdays.

Sadie / Chewy, Awesome / Chewy

Happy birthday! Here is a photo of my dog in a cool hat.

Promising review: “This is a great hat! It’s very soft and light, and the elastic has a plastic piece attached so you can tighten the elastic under the chin if your dog is smaller. We have a big sweet Rhodesian ridgeback and the kids love this hat on him. And he wears it! Many traditional birthday items and treats aren’t good for dogs so this hat is a great way to celebrate!” —Henrysmom

Price: $9.99

bvcsky / Chewy, Jetboy / Chewy

Helpful review: “My betta fish loves this leaf and is so easy to use and looks great in my 10 gallon tank. However, the maker for some reason has put a metal wire inside the leaf that can rust and expose chemicals and contaminate the water. To take it out you need to take the leaf out of the suction cup, cut away at the part where it looks like there is a bulb at the end, and trim it until you see a piece of the wire, then with pliers pull the wire out, and you’re good to go. This is a great product and I recommend.” —Anonymous

Price: $3.99

Ferretlady / Chewy, Anastasia / Chewy

Promising review: “This is perfect for my ferret, Loki. I couldn’t find engaging ferret toys at the big box stores, but at Chewy, there is a huge selection at a great price. I can’t wait to see my boy bouncing through the balls!” —LokisKeeper

Price: $16.24

Chewy, lexibrooke / Chewy

Promising review: “These are a hit with my horses. I am able to sneak medicine in with these. My mare won’t touch her food if I put a powdered prescription on it. With these, I can sneak a pill or two in, and she is none the wiser.” —HobbyFarm

Price: $4.50+ (available in three sizes)


A doggy life vest for your swim-loving pup who needs a little help staying above the water.

Sonny / Chewy, Pumba / Chewy

Promising review: “My Demon went tubing with me this past weekend and it was her first time near water. She was very apprehensive but stuck with it. When she tried to catch a bird mid-air she also jumped in to the water. She freaked for a split second but when she realized she stayed above water, she loved it. It helped her gain a little confidence by not going under and experiencing water for the first time.” —MadMax

Price: $17.06

KritterSitter / Chewy, lmcsb / Chewy

It also works as a regular bed!

Promising review: “For being so thin, this has a surprisingly decent amount of cushion in the middle for my young dogs. Older dogs with joint issues may need more, though. I lay a blanket on top for something extra to snuggle with. They fit the correct size crates but I tried them in smaller crates and liked that better.” —DogMom

Price: $5.93+ (available in eight sizes).


Algae wafers for your bottom feeders and algae enthusiasts to enjoy.


Promising review: “I’ve been using Hikari wafers for years, my plecos love them. The proof is their health, interest in breeding, and success with babies. Very pleased with them!” —Larrlo57

Price: $12.99

Spencer / Chewy, SweetBabyJad / Chewy

Promising review: “I have three cats and love to keep them entertained or else they are underfoot looking for something to do! These toys were perfect and not expensive at all! They love batting them around as they are light and will fly through the air so they can run after them! Love them!” —Christine

Price: $1.97

Chewy, Petsofeli / Chewy

Promising review: “Pay now, save later! These will last a very long time. I have had two for as long as I can remember! My ball python, Bob, is 25 years old! I think two ceramic bulbs are the originals or close to it. I feel this company makes quality products.” —Sandhillcrane

Price: $5.62+ (available in two watts)


A Halloween-themed box filled with lots of spooky items your pet will love so much, the holiday will be renamed Howl-aween.


The box comes with three treats, two toys, and one bandana with a total value of $41.04.

Promising review: “Had to get this Halloween goody box for Lizzy and it is great — a must-buy in my opinion! Lizzy loves her new toys and treats, and the bandana is so cute! The treats are good quality, the peanut butter American Journey we already buy, and the human grade ones are SMELLY but of course they’re extra special to her! The filled bones are one of the few things we can entice her to chew so that was a plus as well. We will use every piece from this box, which was a pleasant surprise considering the box is standard across all size classes, etc.” —Jenna

Price: $24.99


Aquarium bamboo to give your finned friends a place to hide. Nothing personal, but sometimes they need to get away from prying eyes.

Huskymom / Chewy, awesome / Chewy

Promising review: “This is a big plant but in a 55 gallon tank, it looks really good in a back corner. If you had platies or guppies I think would be a great place for their young to hide. I would not get it for a smaller tank though.” —Soccercactus

Price: $9.74

Chewy, Parttimepetdoby / Chewy

They also have a crunchy outer shell to support dental health.

Promising review: “One of my kitties has problems with hairballs. I was cleaning them up daily. I started giving her these treats and it has been days since I’ve had to clean any up. It mostly makes me feel better that she isn’t having problems with them anymore.” —KittyMom

Price: $1.58


A pack of dental chew sticks so your dog can be happy with their new treat and you can be happy with their slightly better breath.


Promising review: “I have an Australian cattle dog that chews threw everything and a doxie with little teeth left but still loves chewing. They both really liked them! The other reviews talk about how hard they are (they’re for teeth, of course they’re going to be a little harder). I was still able to break them in half for my doxie and left them whole for my heavy chewing heeler. They didn’t even hesitate, they loved them! I also thought maybe they would harden in time, due to other reviews, nope! They’re great for both my boys!” —Taylor

Price: $9.99


A hot dog costume that’s so cute, your pet is sure to win any costume contest you sign them up for.

Maya / Chewy, Coco / Chewy

Promising review: “Bought this for the sole purpose of keeping our skinny chihuahua from slipping through the railing on our deck. It works perfectly.” —Hotdiggetydog

Price: $7.99+ (available in sizes M–XL)


An anen- an anemonemone, amnemonemomne — excuse me — an anemone to add some pizazz to your aquarium.

GuineaGuy / Chewy, Samantha / Chewy

Promising review: “Baby betta fish never liked any of the items put into his tank but once this one came in the mail and was cleaned and put in, he has been weaving in and out of it every day. Fun part is we have a neon light and it also glows!” —jessaaxo

Price: $4.04


A cat scratcher with a rolling ball to keep your little recluse entertained while you’re out of the house.


Promising review: “From the minute I brought this out, my two kittens haven’t stopped playing with it! I was pulling my hair out trying to get them to stop running around early in the morning and this has distracted them long enough to keep them from being crazy all morning. They even fell asleep playing with it. Highly recommend.” —shell

Price: $10.49

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