28 Of The Corniest Moments From “One Tree Hill” That You Still Kinda Loved Anyway

28 Of The Corniest Moments From “One Tree Hill” That You Still Kinda Loved Anyway

So. Many. To. Choose. From.

One Tree Hill is one of the cheesiest shows to ever be created. This is just a fact.

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Every single scene is corny.

And let’s be real: that’s why we watched it.

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I literally bookmarked hundreds of emotional scenes on my old Dell computer so I could rewatch them and feel something.

Because I’d like to reminisce and prove to my dad that rewatching this show over and over again was good for something (take THAT, Dad!), I’ve decided to compile the all-time cheesiest moments from the show that we all still loved anyway.

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Buckle up, there are a lot.


First up: when Jake said goodbye to Peyton and left her with this line:

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This is possibly the corniest thing I have ever heard uttered out loud. And yet…I would sell my soul to have Jake Jagielski say this to me.


When Nathan collapsed on the basketball court after taking drugs and then showed up at Haley’s house to tell her he needed her.

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I still feel like they didn’t really address the fact that he took drugs?? But sweet scene!


When Brooke realized Lucas was telling her the same romantic things he’d told Peyton the year prior, so she ran out in the rain, and Lucas followed her to tell her why he loved her.

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Teen dramas and romance films gave me very unrealistic expectations for how many confessions of love I would get in the rain.


When Lucas refused to tell Whitey he had a heart condition so he could keep playing basketball and Haley yelled at him for risking his life, and this is how he responded:

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Okay, so this isn’t a romantic one, but it’s still corny as hell. Why did Lucas quote college-level literature literally ALL THE TIME?? We get it!! He likes books!


When Nathan and Haley were driving to the airport after their second wedding, and Nathan said this:

The WB

I’m sorry, are these actual words that came out of a character’s mouth?


When Lucas realized he loved Peyton and told her as confetti fell.

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The basketball championship episode of Season 4 was the best episode of One Tree Hill and you can quote me on this. I watched this scene over and over again, wondering where my Lucas was.


When Clay and Quinn got shot and were stuck in some weird dream world, and Quinn was forced to say goodbye to Clay as it was her time to wake up from her coma.

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These scenes were so weird. Clay and Quinn were basically in limbo, I guess? But then they didn’t remember it when they woke up? Also, this was a quote from Karen’s Cafe/a song and had no business being randomly quoted by Quinn here.


When Lucas randomly did a magic trick for Karen after his baby was born.

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This was the moment Lucas became a Dad.™ SO CORNY.


When Lucas came up to Brooke at her beach party and told her he was the guy for her.

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I totally swooned at the time, but looking back I sort of hate it. Lucas kept saying Brooke was “the one,” and then when she broke up with him, he didn’t fight for her at all! And later, he pretended Peyton had always been “the one”!!!


And when, a few episodes later, she brought it up:

The WB



When Brooke told Lucas she’d spent her entire summer writing letters to him.

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My heart!!! Justice for Lucas and Brooke!!!


When Keith talked about the beauty of sports in the pilot.

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Why did they always describe basketball like it was ballet??? I’m sorry, “he played with such poetry”??? I actually think I even found this line corny when I first heard it.


When Nathan got kidnapped and gave this speech that randomly connected to Fortitude, his new agency with Clay.

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Like, did Nathan’s strength during his kidnapping really need to become an ad for his company? Sometimes the VO monologues were just too much on One Tree Hill.


When Dan was dying and hallucinated telling Nathan why he killed Keith before playing basketball with him.

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You have to admit, this was pretty cheesy. I’m still confused about how much of this conversation happened, and if Nathan actually forgave Dan.


And then Dan died and got brought to heaven (presumably) by HIS BROTHER, WHO HE MURDERED.

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They literally like fade off into heaven, but Dan is a murderer??


When Haley wanted to pay off Renée to save Nathan’s basketball career, but Nathan said it was okay if he lost it:

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Although again, if Nathan Scott said this to me, I would swoon.


When Lucas submitted Peyton’s art to a local magazine behind her back, and then said it was what had inspired him to keep playing basketball.

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And then they brought it back four seasons later, when Lucas’s book inspired Peyton. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING.


When Nathan inexplicably dove into the pool after months of alcoholism and depression:

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Nathan’s anger and depression were usually handled well on the show, but in this scene…his whole decision to be a better man was super corny. Sorry, it had to be said.


When Rachel asked Lucas how he knew Brooke was the “one,” and he quoted Blaise Pascal:

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Lucas, you need to be stopped.


When Dan asked Julian why he’d risk his life for Nathan and he gave this whole long speech about doing the right thing:

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It literally looked like he was reading cue cards, but I’m pretty sure I loved this quote so much I put it up on my wall.


When Nathan and Haley’s wedding location was plowed over and Nathan gave Haley flowers he’d found left behind there as a metaphor for their struggling love:

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So many metaphors in this show.


When Brooke called Peyton a warrior:

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Okay, I still love this moment, cheesy as it is. PEYTON WAS A WARRIOR!!


When Peyton decided to let Lucas go so he could be happy with Lindsay:

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The Lindsay drama was so unnecessary and annoying, but hey, we got some great cheesy Leyton scenes.


When Peyton told Lucas she dreamed every night that she said yes to his proposal instead of no.

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Season 5 Peyton was SO MELODRAMATIC. Seriously. Lucas had rubbed off on her.


When Nathan told Peyton she was right that “people always leave,” so she made him this drawing:

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And you know what??? She did come back!!


When Nathan showed Haley that he’d saved all the newspaper clippings from her tour, but then they got ruined in the rain.

So many rain kisses.


When Season 6 ended with the message that dreams come true, after Lucas and Peyton had their baby, Nathan got into the NBA, and Brooke reunited with Julian:

The CW

I still get chills just looking at this GIF, and I’m kind of embarrassed about it.


And finally, when the series finale ended with this message:

The CW


*Sigh* Man, I miss this show.

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