30 Day Summit – Stephen Larsen Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to the 30 day summit my name is Bailey Richard and this is part 2 with Steven Larson who was the lead final builder at clickfunnels he’s done over 500 funnels but honestly it’s so much more than that and I’m so excited because right now in this interview he’s actually going to be taking the reins and walking us through one of his award-winning funnels it’s gonna be so value packed just hold on tight so Steven why don’t you go ahead and take it away woohoo I’m excited everyone hope you are literally putting the seat belt on this is gonna be awesome okay so what I want to do real quick is I want to share with you the strategy that I was using in my head so right I left click funnels December 31st just this last year 2017 right and had a house payment at the time two kids in a pregnant wife now the new little ones actually here as fun as of like a few weeks ago which is fun um but I let I mean right is pretty intense scenario to think through and some people are like seeing a ridiculous case what I want to do real quick is I want to share with you why I knew it would be okay and why I knew there was security around there and the funnels had everything to do with everything they do with it so I knew that before actually launching this thing I wanted to have a good stretch of time before I actually went and launched this thing hey I needed a test to the market I was gonna do that by publishing okay and I’m here in the tool that makes all funnels work this paintbrush the bid way for quite a like the time right I just published and publish and publish publish and what I’m doing is I’m going in and I’m actually testing to see which hooks are actually the ones of the market you know it is liking so you think about three markets right that we talked about in expert secrets there’s health wealth and relationships I knew I was selling into wealth right and so here’s wealth stemming out of there right and and this guy right I was selling into the MLM space into those who actually want wealth but MLM is crazy incredibly read which is why I chose it which is actually backwards some other reason like most people I’m not going to do that I chose the MLM industry because of of how red is and how messed up I believe it is and so what I wanted to do is I first had to figure out okay what’s the offer that everyone in here is convinced will give them the success that they’re looking for okay well they believe the vehicle that every MLM er believes gives them success is we all know it it’s very stereotypical to the industry itself I have to go and I’m gonna talk to my friends and my family okay and so I was like well if I know that that’s how what they all believe I’m gonna directly pit against that and so in my actual publishing funnels in my podcast in my episodes that I started dropping out a few months beforehand what I did is my intro itself like makes fun of people who recruited and have success by going that route and I knew that I would ruffle feathers I knew would make people mad but it worked it was supposed to I knew that I’d get some pushback and I did and it would get some haters and I did but what that was also doing is I was also the same time there was like this huge divide that was happening where there’s these people who were total haters of what I was doing and then complete lovers of what I was doing and it was this huge call to all these people that look there’s this other thing that’s actually coming out that’s starting here and I literally started testing the waters to see if this would be a viable place for me to go create a new opportunity and it worked very well so number one right I had to figure out that and the number two I had to figure out the sales message that they were that they were all believing the sales monsters they were believing was that it’s a numbers game right but if I can just talk to so many people I’m going to get the greatest people and so I made sure to pit against that as well and this is the only letting you guys notices because a funnel has nothing to do with pages it really doesn’t this right here is a funnel if I was to stand on a stage and say hey friends and family blood I’m not gonna talk to you hey here’s an opportunity don’t talk to them you know create these cool things or people come to you right this is true for any any industry right yeah a funnel existed way before the internet did hey the funnel you build if you ever sold anything ever you have a funnel if you’ve ever sold anything ever they came through a funnel the issue is that when someone doesn’t build it intentionally right so a funnel happens on the phone a fall can happen online it follows really the pass through a sale along the whole way so I knowing that the beginning of my funnel would be publishing and I was gonna throw rocks against that anyway I just wanted to get to know more the psychology behind why I built what I built so that you when you see the pages they’re like oh that’s why he put that on the page that’s why that’s there that’s it this is all very intentional and extreme I mean it took me a while to put all together I’m very methodical about it so I think about the value ladder itself right and I go through and I all my free stuff everything down here is at the bottom and I wanted to come down here and and sell them amid to your products here right for the thousand dollars and again left the job when I left I had no funnel built I had no offer even thought that I mean I really didn’t even think through an offer I had no idea what was I have no script built no webinar funnel built I mean I had nothing I literally build nothing the only thing I’ve been doing at that time was publishing and testing different hooks what can I say to these guys to disrupt them like over and over and over over not for controversy sake you know I didn’t say it unless I would really truly believe it which was easy for me to do for that but industry right but it was a call and it pulled out so if you’re like oh man how do I get these people’s attention like your hook sucks that’s what’s happening so think through different ways like hook hook hook code how can I disrupt those people and create a wave inside this red ocean you know I’m gonna let’s go create a little a little wait going on then so that’s that’s what’s been going on here so first I just want to show you guys real quick the publishing funnel I kind of made it up it worked fantastically well you have to understand that the reason why I also publish like craziness such a strong strong strong element to my strategy is that one of the thing here okay I know why my stuff sold so well you know sells so well is because of this I have an American flag hanging in my office and you know just you look at it and it’s just a normal American flag okay does the does that American flag have inherent value like what’s the retail value of that flag Bailey what you say it is well I don’t know $20 right yeah 20 bucks right now let me tell you real quickly if I go through and let me just tell you that flag a naval officer commanded a senator to hang that on the White House that flag for me specifically and I have a certificate to show it what’s the value of that flag now I mean priceless but a huge increase right isn’t it interesting what just happened wait a second wait a second I have this thing over here that has inherent value right even manufacturing costs probably cost split like a dollar maybe to actually make that flag it’s probably made in China is made in America but like right so there’s an herit value that every product has but what changes value what amplifies value is story story creates context okay so what I know and the reason why I knew I’d be so secure on this is because I have been telling stories stories stories stories story like an animal inside my publishing platform and so what was happening was is anted amplify story amplifies value there’s already value inherent value in the product I knew I wanted to give out but if I don’t make people believe that it’s worth more than a grand they’re not gonna pay a grand for it and so I’m gonna go in and story story so I put 50 episodes out before I ever launched any product to them 50 they’re learning Who I am I’m breaking rebuilding beliefs about it right and I’m just telling stories about Who I am why I believe this my background in MLM why I did this why I didn’t do that right you guys and I’m bringing other interviewers on I mean exactly the strategy I’m talking about 30-day launch is exactly the exact same thing is what I did and what it does though is it makes people look at what I’m doing makes people look at everything I’m tossing out with amplified value it literally expands value that’s the power story story amplifies value and so if people look at you think I don’t know if that like if you start going into your stack are you’re going into you know your offer or you’re like hey I got this thing or it let’s say it’s even econ me like hey I got this this 595 thing and they don’t believe it’s worth that is because you have a story or your story’s not good enough your story sucking it up it has no there’s no amplification of value happening because people who look at things for the inherent value it has inside but man when I tell context that flag was flown on the White House for me specifically I mean come on I’m never gonna forth more twenty bucks and I’m like Anna part with it for that either you know so anyway I just need you guys to know that why this is such a strong I always every funnel has a parallel communication funnel that’s what it’s not a sexy name at all but every funnel has it Perry Belcher talks about it right there’s a lot that’s hot that’s how this works if you are not communicating with your customers they have no idea that you exist and you are not reinforcing the offer that you’re putting out there and so this is my just my podcast the funnel so I’m out I’m telling stories and at the end of every single I knew I wanted to build a list and I wanted to give something ridiculous away for free so I went through right this is the beginning of it at the end of every one of my episodes I’m like hey go out and you know I was like these are all previous go to see kara a trader calm and you guys get to free him all the masters back right and that’s the end of my of my podcast every single time well what it did is they came in here and they were to download the super cool thing and I’m answering all the major questions I’m actually honestly if you guys read comm secrets I’m using the who what why how script on this page so who are you you know why you do this why are you doing this – I literally just said that whiter let’s see because I hated my first of all right and I’m going through and I’m telling people what I hate what I love why I’m doing it why I’m not you know back and forth really alert know it like jarring statements you know and how they can not have to go for that same path my go ahead you’re a lot of o-negative so when they log in I’m using a system here I’m actually this makes it look like it’s live it’s not it’s just an overlay but anyways on the very next page here I have hey thanks so much for jumping on in and if you actually opted in here I have something here called up viral and I tell them look if you want I’ll give you this free thing but it comes to you over a few days if you want to just download all of it right now just share this with two or three people and I’ll give it to you for free well the whole download right now and was interesting about this I actually had to check my stats like two days ago five hundred and fifty-five people have been referred to me because of this little app and it put there’s sixteen hundred people that have hit that have jumped on my list because of this just all organic there’s no traffic there’s no ad spin I mean behind anything I’m doing here is all organic this has been really cool here because it’s engagement for me a lot on the actual podcast so they can they click here mabel microphone access my microphone hey what’s up Stephen I’m wondering about this this is on your podcast why your eyeball so huge and you have a receding hairline it looks like a McDonald and when we look forward well yeah they stop and they can toss in their name and their email and it’ll shoot it straight to me and I put that directly in my podcast episodes so they hue themselves and it created some massive stick and huge engagement with it anyway this has been super cool this before I launched put about four hundred people on my list and that I could launch to but I can ask campaign to that I could use as a beta group that would help me create the products I started selling it that I it was super powerful about that was amazing okay no eighteen so eighteen hundred people so I want to pull the stats here this is the stats of that funnel and this is from the beginning of time that actually put it out there and I mean it’s pretty 72 percent often rate that’s ridiculous that’s ridiculous I mean this I have hardly any other funnels that do that kind of stuff and it’s because of the incredibly massive very very jarring hooks that I create and it’s not again it’s not for controversy sake I’m not trying to be like controversial for the sake of it but I am trying to create awake in there and be disruptive and be like look it was interesting is if you look at just Russell talked about leadpages at all anymore know why because he passed them up right whoever one of the fastest pass to the top you guys is to pitch yourself publicly against number one or whoever it’s directly above you right does he really talk about Infusionsoft that much anymore no he really doesn’t right he ran a campaign against and we’re not confucius off we did this whole event thing right back in the funnel hiking lap 217 we had a lot of fun putting it together and we’re a little bit nervous to put that out there but it works and right now a BAM he’s blasting past them and he’s put these fun where he’s always finding the next person up yeah so as you’re starting to go through and do this know that when you directly pit against the person who’s directly above you as soon as you pass them you stop talking about them otherwise you take them with you all right it’s kinda like those Mac versus PC commercials that were back in the day um Mac was was hitting hard on PC right I mean it’s super hard and then as soon as max stops or goes past PC Mac stops talking about PC you don’t see those commercials anymore it’ll be foolish for them to do that so it’s anyway same same kind of thing here I knew that I was hitting I knew I was hitting right on the head just because of all the feedback I was getting it some people are like oh my gosh I freaking hate you this is this is ridiculous dude you’re one of those scammy you know internet marketer other people are like I know right I hate that about this industry to hike and when I got like such stark massive massive pieces of feedback I knew I was literally creating the divide I was drawing uh you know a line in the sand anyway so I want to share some of the stats here it’s what’s worked fantastically well I got a lot of people on here was it I can’t remember the waiting list was you know it’s been a while now but anyway so what I want to do real quick is just walk you through the actual funnel I’ve since turn this into an automated webinar funnel so some of this like very recently so some of the stats here are not gonna show but I’ll walk us through some of the pages and why I did what I did number one I wanted my I wanted my face on here to be one of the reasons why people as funnels don’t do very well is because it’s not earth curiosity on the pages especially the opt-in page like you have no why am i doing one what I’m holding a little bit like a ball and chain so then will him on it looks like I’m turning away from him limb but I’m asking come over here and see how I actually got success in it I quit hey and I’m trying to create this feeling of like what what a meteorite underneath I’m hurt and creating social proof this is just you literally just type in Facebook developer and it’s just a little code you can toss them for any page this is the this is my page right the secret locks page and that’s a lot of social proof immediately the countdown clock urgency scarcity obviously right on there anyway what I wanted to do is I’m trying to try to make sure we go through the funnel not every piece of marketing that I put on here we’re on page one okay so I make sure I speed it up a little bit here this is the what I wanted to do is okay if as you guys have read experts secrets hopefully all of you had if you’re watching this and you you’ve not read that like I’m giving you permission to press pause right now and go read the book come back when you’ve done because that book is by far the best marketing book that has ever been put out in my mind in the history of the planet I graduated with a marketing degree and none of the stuff that I learned there has anything to do without actually self stuff there’s a be a marketer right ridiculous right so if you guys are interested in knowing what these are things are here this headline is addressing and combating a vehicle based objection this headline is combating an internal based objection and this one is combating an external based objection right so if the vehicle right as soon as I ain’t seen anything new in my life oh my gosh that’s something but it’s brand new it is the it is the involuntary reaction for every person to start putting up some red flags wait a second this is something new is it gonna her be is this gonna bite me should I run should I eat it should I me with it right is it fight or flight right let it might bored out of my mind is this gonna bore me right and there’s all these things that start to happen as the croc brain it’s the part of the button the the noggin that keeps you alive that’s kept humans alive forever no I’m pages reloading their countdown what it’s starting again in ten minutes what right so the first objection when you see something new is about the thing itself right what you’re actually doing is actually pitching the croc brain yes understand this you’re pitching the croc brain every one of these pieces of every word on here is pitching the croc brain the part of the brain that keeps someone alive I need them to feel that they can drop their walls and so I do that by combating what I know their objections are going to be how did I know what they were gonna be because I’ve been talking to them like crazy here am i publishing you get lots of feedback right they’re telling me literally how sell them and so if I go through like race we got a vehicle internal/external so the first thing is like vehicle oh my gosh right backpedal I don’t know if this is safe right uh MLM can’t make you money Emily right that’s when I started combating MLM can I make you money I’ve put more in than I’ve ever gotten out so in my stories for that secret I say man if you like me you put more in this before before you ever gotten out you know more than you’ve ever gotten now like and I start lacing in the storylines in their head into my story and and I put a headline here to help combat that that belief that they have the hidden revenue model the top-end mommer’s used to get paid regardless if you joined them right this is crazy cool I found out rather like five years ago so I taught it no I Wow the teachers everything is like I know if I can get them to believe that the vehicle and presenting is possible they graduate to the next one which is internal they literally graduate in belief levels the next one up is internal well this is cool you know you know I believe there’s a possibility that this vehicle could work and then they go the next one this is the next one they go internal but I’m not good enough for this I don’t think this is awesome alright I’m not good enough I’m not strong enough they go to internal based objections I or insecurities I’m not good enough I’m not a speaker I can’t speak I’m not a technology technologically inclined person I’m not right in his iiiii and so what I wanted to do and what I know that the fund they’re saying in themselves is well I don’t want to talk to my friends and family I’m like check it out the number one ugly truth about duplication know who’s willing to share they’re like wait a second there’s this ugly well you know and I’m trying to create that curiosity I’m not telling them at all what any of the things are I’m just helping combat what’s going on how positions in the home-based business now now right now that I’ve they’re saying you know what vehicle as possible internal is possible so my family’s all texted me their vehicle is possible internal as possible now I’m they need to go in the DD to see if the external is possible and for those kinds of objections they have to do with things that are away from them and this is the storyline in their head you know I believe this vehicle could actually be real I believe I could actually pull that off but I don’t have time I don’t have money don’t have resources I don’t have support from spouse I don’t have support in order to pull it off external over here is all about things that are away from them okay I don’t I don’t have enough money I can’t have all right so that’s kind of what else I was sitting here I’ll position the home business for maximum product and recruiting sales so I what because there’s this belief in Ellen you can’t make money with it right right you know it’s kind of tagging on this one as well but it’s definitely an external one anyway hopefully it’s making sense everyone is I’m kind of going to this real quick um and I’m kind of going kind of deep but this is all very methodical and when I see someone with their funnel and they’re like bottles or scram they’re not working I’m like big you’re just right and random crap on your page like it all stems back here to understanding these pieces of it you have to know what the false beliefs are you have to know that you must know what those things are otherwise it’s uh I mean it’s a guess otherwise if you play this game right which is not hard it’s very very formulated and if you do it right it is not risky it actually hedges your risk because frankly the market comes up with the product for you always they always come up with for you the whole games are being a good detective rather than this crazy prolific innovator that something there’s no that was seen before are you kiddin that’s like scary crap instead have the red ocean create a blue one for you you know and that so that that’s that’s why I do what I do here so obviously it needs to be testimonials this is an awesome testimonial of a stay-at-home mom she’s doing fantastic with her program never got a whole bunch of written ones because not everyone wants to watch a video so I put written ones and like still not convinced and there’s even more a whole bunch of other awesome stories this was really cool if you guys ever saw the funnel of Secrets webinar that was one of the final projects I kind of did with Russell um prior to heading out on my own and we put this and we put this I was looking for the page must have changed it or taking it down in the bottom right-hand corner of the phone over the secrets registration page we put something looked like this and it was like said is this for me what’s fascinating is that people like to purchase they like to buy stuff right and and funny if I actually like to be sold to I love I love when someone’s pitching me I can’t help but smile I keep watching up with all the door-to-door salesmen they hit our house I keep smiling and they’re like what’s wrong like nothing I just love your pitch keep going and kind of a geek like that but right what people will do naturally is when you present something that’s brand new to them right this idea the 3-step system they use to auto recruit my downline a big producers lot friends a family even knowing I’m an MLM right they’re like wow brand-new idea what huh what and right all red flag red flag and I’m combating them come back combat you know come back come back come back but some people only need to see the headline and they’re convinced than they are married they opt-in some people need to see these other things like why okay okay you’ve addressed my false beliefs I’m gonna say that obviously address this false beliefs dress this false beliefs what they’re gonna do next is people are actively looking to justify not being included in the group that should be having this thing I’d let me explain that I notice that something crazy there but like people want to find reasons to not have some accountability right and if they but they also want to belong to things if they know that they should be in something like this right or or I’m actually hitting their beliefs they’re like oh my gosh this guy is actually telling me exactly okay I believe this I believe this I believe this and we’ve we’ve gone through vehicle internal/external they are actively seeking for ways to not opt-in at that time if they still haven’t and that’s why it’s up at the end of the page they are looking to not be included in the group of people that should have this they want to be included they wouldn’t be the right places they want the Goldstar mentally inside they want to know that they’re doing the right thing they want to be included with other groups but if they’re not clicked by this time that’s why I said is this for me I’m trying to call him out well let me know I want could you leave your business before it died you know and regardless of what and that’s what we did in front of other secrets too it’s the bottom right hand corner we put one of these things and then it was like should i is this for me and then i think in that question we put something like well tell me what kind of business are you and then it was like econ finance you know retail info product there’s all the places that we know people use clickfunnels for so i just did the exact same thing a little bit of a spin on it but no matter what they click on it opens the pop up every single one of them this is just using the normal survey element inside of click models anyway so that’s the first page there this honestly converts at about 56% i a quick question about that actually yeah so you showed us you know 20 minutes ago how people could register for your free MLM secrets pack from the podcast and then immediately after that you know they were taken to the Thank You page are you driving that traffic to this registration page using an email sequence or is that separate from this yeah no great questionnaire should have showed you that um so what they’re opting in for on this original funnel because a lot of times like people inside here as they start to make this path over here and like wow this is real interesting I’m pitching them both my my funnel that’s right here but then I’m also pitching them right here you don’t have to have people come in through the bottom yeah people will buy on multiple levels of the evaluator and so what I’m doing is absolutely sherry so when people opt-in they’re getting a five-day I call the MLM master pack series and at the bottom of each one of these for five days it drips out to them a new video why traditional partners good you know and it’s post a comment below we’ve got all this stuff that starts to pop up here and for for like a day or two I’m just sending them value and they’re seeing all these other people these are people who real people who are like this is freaking awesome oh my gosh they two more gold you don’t have a really cool as I started creating buzz for this launch and then around day I think it’s day two or three or something like that also afford to be safe I start telling them openly look if you like this stuff in a register for free web class here and so I’m just providing tons and tons of value before I ever and thence this will take a straight over to that page so I’m definitely pushing them straight up got it so much more helpful thank you yeah yeah definitely anyways that’s kind of a the first page I did a little deep dive in this one simply because it is like the most important page like half the time when I go through and I look alright I’ve bought I brought about 1600 people through this process now as a – comical coach and and through my own products as well and in pretty much 90% of the time when if someone’s paid is not working or funnels not working it’s mostly because they can’t keep people well the first phase is because they can’t get people it’s actually to register and when they can’t get them the register is really two reasons there is zero curiosity they tell them everything and they’re like well I’m gonna tell you exactly how does this this this this is this this and they’re like well there’s no curiosity and you told me everything therefore I don’t even get I don’t need to opt-in any more and so it’s super key to understand you need curiosity the whole way that’s why it’s like what if you look at follow hacks webinar that registration page or Russell if like that it’s like that sepia you know and Russell’s holding the picture of funnel he’s doing the hang loose sign and it’s kind of like it’s meant to be weird the orange clashes with the red from the design standpoint he doesn’t like it it’s meant to be like like it’s got a nasty it’s not meant to make sense in the head and if your stuff makes too much sense in the head even though they don’t know what you’re doing they will think they know and they will not opt in because of it so anyways next page here I have an SLO it’s a self liquidating offer and it um I started thinking through like different things these people would want and they told me so I didn’t I didn’t launch with this ready I didn’t launch with this done I didn’t launch with all those testimonials on the first page these are all things I developed this whole game is played by me number one I have to know what my messages my sales message right I don’t care at all what my offer is which is number two until my sales message is getting money in my pocket I saw that kind of maybe outline it I’m not gonna make it I’m not gonna make my product and then number three then I go and I obsess over the phone so I mean it took me four months five months of just these two before I really started obsessing over the funnel that’s why I literally just went and did a whole bunch of new things to the phone because I didn’t care my funnel was limping on one leg for so long and it was frustrating for me building 500 falls next to Russell in like two years that’s like one a day and that’s kind of what it was for a long time not all the revenue funnels not open were like these massive funnels but like I had the itch guys I wanted to build out my funnel so bad I want to put all the bells and whistles into it but it’s not what makes sales and it’s and all the little features and all the things that’s not like people buy things and so I just have been obsessing over the combination of things is my offer develop or delivering what my message is giving and back and forth and back from tweak at we can’t we can’t we can’t we can didn’t live like crazy until it was in the spot where I feel like okay it’s doing it now let’s go do all the bells and whistles in the funnel if the bells and whistles in the funnel are the reason you’re profitable your offer and message are not good enough yet you you have to understand that if it’s a little tweak if it’s something and that’s what’s giving you the half a percent boost to put you in the profitability something’s wrong with your message not the funnel has nothing to do with the funnel at that point they may be insatiable over the thing that you are offering to them and if they’re not then you depend on the bells and whistles on the phone the reason I don’t touch it for such a long time so I just barely put this SLO in here um and it’s a still with me in a big ol stop side you know it’s a it’s like a it’s like you see how I cut it it’s super it’s super fast super edgy as you keep watching it it’s actually anyway this is actually very funny video uh-huh he said it’s Russell he’s like I was not planning on spending six minutes to watch that but I was freaking awesome but writing the left first two seconds here I’m saying random stuff stop I’m save is it King Ruth as nothing news anything okay but it’s me like just getting their attention I use a thing called deadline funnel as well so it literally think he could air at the it cookies their actual IP address so they in 48 hour if they don’t watch and by within 48 hours it actually Auto pushes them to a waiting list and I kicked them out of the ability to purchase which might be shocking and alarming but anyway if they they go through anyway so there’s some crazy cool testimonials from people who are using this stuff obvious is guarantee with it honestly what you’re kind of doing in this section is this is a stack slide it is a stack slide it’s an it’s an offer it’s the same kind of thing I build to sell my thing on a webinar I just built it for an SLO I mean every time you purchased anything anyone buys anything for me you build a stack slide that’s nothing to do with you being a wet on a webinar it’s the best model for making a purple ocean offer anyway so I am let’s keep moving on here but I’m trying to so it’s $57 we spend about five dollars to get someone to register five to five to seven ish and this is it’s converting well I can remember the stats on it I just read it a whole bunch of stuff here so I don’t remember all the stats on it but it I think we’re converting I don’t know ten fifteen percent something like that which is great which means I’m more near breakeven I don’t know if it’s breakeven yet I wish I had more fresh numbers for you guys I don’t but the last time I looked like it was more near break-even which is awesome so it’s epic because it means now I can spend lots of cash and be my so as you guys move down whatever industry you’re selling in you’ll start to realize the weaknesses of the industry leaders the industry leaders in MLM have no idea about paid traffic they have no idea the rule it whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins regardless of industry and because of that what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to make it so that I can out spin every MLM and be profitable because I’m gonna be annoying and we in front of all of them and the top leaders are not going to be the ones who adapt when I’m teaching it’ll be from the bottom up so I’m gonna get in front of them so anyways this is one of the big first efforts of me doing that here Steve actually I have a question about that page yeah what page type is that so I see that you have a button for them to buy and then below that you have a little blue link so I’m just confused on if after somebody registers is this the waiting-room page is this just a sales page like how’s the functionality kind of work there yeah great question this is actually just a normal sales page and anyway if they if they click get instant access here it’ll shoot over here to this page you know and it’s I created a separate thing because I want to see how many people are interested in it you know I was gonna build it all on an order page here and have them be able to purchase down here at the bottom the problem is that it was hard for me to handle it when they did buy because I needed to be able to send them some kind of like thing it sees me okay nope dang it it sees me die it’s this this whole deadline funnel thing works well tones – well sometimes circle me to share stuff but it pushes them over to a confirmation page anyway hope that makes sense but like I needed to be able to pixel the people who are hitting this page who confirmed for the webinar versus the people who are in pixel those who are coming on here for those who are actually interested in doing actually purchasing and especially when they do like like to set border forums I do all the scene but not purchased you know email sequences and I fall back up with them we run retargeting ads because it’s so cheap so we can keep recouping ad cost that’s part of the reason why anyway so when they come over here they purchase I’m redoing my stack again just awesome is the guarantee and I’m giving them instructions on what’s gonna happen next cuz what the big fear with SLO s with a self liquidating offer before the webinar is two things it could cannibalize what you’re doing and they might actually not go and actually purchase expert webinar which would defeat the whole purpose I don’t want to use my buyer’s itch that I know they have on this on to use the buyers that on the actual offer anyway so close okay there we go oh that’s why so when they purchase it this is what I I’m literally one of my favorite strategies after someone buys is to actually take the fulfillment email and I put it in my my order confirmation pages I like to do that because it shows them what to look for and then they’ll go hunt for it and search it if it didn’t show up at this actually drastically reduces support tickets when I’ve ever done this I take the support you or the fulfillment email and I put it on the confirmation page so they know to look for you know what it looks like they know what the subject headline is gonna be that that helps me like crazy so I do that pretty much all of my confirmation pages which is super helpful and then it redirects to the actual web class when they’re done anyway I’m testing anyway I get nervous that I’m losing some people here I scratched the buyer it so now they don’t need to come to the actual webinar which is right here anyway so tonight’s here’s thank for broadcast page here and I did a few different things here we just barely put in this chat bar this chat box and there’s a few other things I want to put on here like I’m gonna toss in a mini chat element here so that if they have questions in the middle of the webinar they can literally chat with his live that’s pretty cool right here it also pops up a deadline funnel I put a Brunson box down here at the bottom this is always super helpful and then I just barely added this in and I think it’s I think it’s really helpful to see all the other comments from people these are actual comments about this the second you know see your MLM hacks and it’s super cool to see other people’s comments does move forward on it anyway so that’s pretty much it that means not much more to talk about with this one actually it’s not true let me let me share with you guys one thing here this is pretty awesome let me jump into this page and we just barely put this in as well and I think it’s I think it’s helping a lot oops there we go here’s the broadcast page and what’s cool is that I have some cool timers that are on here so I here’s that little code this isn’t funneling University by the way that little chatbox element if you click on the documents labs button in the top of the members area I know because I built it click it right there and it you’ll actually log in and you can grab that piece of code so they can chat and also record others and there’s a hole that put about 500 chats already in there so it looks like other people are chatting with you this button pops up though right at the time of the stack and then so does all of this this is the recent thing I just barely added in which is been really interesting the stack slide itself the actual offer I actually put inside of I built it out I literally wrote it out so that again at the time of the stack it’s a reinforcement of everything they’re gonna get and then BAM right they can come down here and buy it more testimonials again and it’s it’s been pretty epic to do it that way so this whole section it’s timed along with this button to hit the exact same time when that offer pops up that’s been kind of cool my replays the way around my replays is kind of interesting is I I like so that those same sections pop up and this is just a normal replay okay and I’m using the click to join section progress thing I actually have two different replay pages though I just barely did this so let me stop this guy right here and just just think this alright vine I can’t actually write it just goes it just goes on its own I do auto play it if I look at my stats what’s funny is twice as many it’s almost double twice as many people click on the second replay page rather than the first one and it’s because I use the fact that I have scroll bars open to my advantage and I use it as a selling point so there’s a there’s an email that goes out says hey here’s a replay and the next one’s like hey a lot of guys when asking here’s replay with score bars just in case you already watch them you don’t want to watch the beginning of it again and like tons of people turn it back on because of that really cool feature to drop back out and again it’s got those sections in the button that unlocked to now which is awesome so that’s that’s super helpful I had all these people riding even though in the webinar say like hey open up a new tab go to this URL right there a lot of people be like there’s no button and like did you hear what I said anyway you can it’s not enough for you to have just this cool thing you have to walk people through how to purchase from you this page type is like I model this from the funnel scripts one it does quite well when it comes to webinar order forms we have the stack on the left you got testimonals across the top here there’s actually a split test from dannhenry thank you Dan and toss that in there and it drastically increases again all your your your your purchases I actually put in this is gonna be really important for you guys doing info products there are slimeballs and total idiots in the world I know surprising but what I wanted to do is that when I click this they have to agree to this is also inside funnel University do you guys know okay they have to agree to the terms if they don’t know the terms are and click right here and it goes here and it literally says look I did not create this for you to steal for me so if you want a refund I’ll give you a refund if but you have got to earn it and that’s basically what I say inside here you gotta earn it okay you have to submit your homework to me you cannot and so I’ve had a few people turn around they’re like oh thanks so much and they just come in and they’ll grab all the share funnels and then I that’s cool cuz that actually gives me fuel to fight them if they ever did anything stupid the fact that Russell can do the whole 30-day refund no money at or no money or no questions asked the reason you can do that refund is because he has clickfunnels software itself they lose out on the software but if you’re doing something like an info product I went and I did a deep dive running through lots and lots of people’s webinars obviously yes it seemed pretty passionate about this and pretty much every single person had this kind of model in there where it’s like yeah you can get you know not just by a lot like my products really freaking good there’s not a doubt in my brain that it is the best one in that industry and I’m very passionate about what it does for people and we had a lot of real actual success stories that people are just killing it and that’s where passion comes from but then there’s the slimeballs you guys all have those expect them you’re gonna get 10% of your following you become the fanatics they absolutely love you but get another 10% though on the other side who were just idiots and I’ll try and steal from you and don’t be afraid to protect yourself publicly from them so that refund policy thing I added that in probably about six weeks in after a few people just come in and download crap and the NASA refund I was like okay what why and I found out what was going on I was like be serious idiots slimeballs alright so don’t worry about that be open about it it’s totally cool too anyway so that that’s super awesome that’s inside some of you as well and then I did the whole staff thing again down here at the bottom and it’s been been super helpful so and is that the order page itself once they’ve actually purchased as a really cool thing that I’m using in here now one of the biggest reasons for support tickets against was interesting is that when you start selling anything I don’t care if you doing webinar I don’t care if you do an info okay I don’t care your econ retail b2b when you get feedback which typically comes in the form of complaints you as the entrepreneur at a marketer have two things you need to be running through number one you have to think through ok is this piece of feedback telling me to change my current product is is the market instructing me bet more are they telling me how they want me to sell them or are they telling me what thing they want behind in the like more expensive thing they wish I would provide or are they telling me something in the cheaper the reason I start in the middle is because again the safety net with the numbers but also it becomes the core of my business and the market starts to tell me what to go make next I don’t have to go figure out next pieces some extent so like I can’t I don’t have to date they literally tell me the they tell me everything I want me to sell them with they tell me what they want me to fulfill them with they tell me I it is more about being a detective and following the format that we provide rather than being this crazy prolific person that runs around like it doesn’t matter anyway so responding to the support tickets that I started seeing coming on in and the number of them around this this thing I did a really interesting thing here people were having a hard time they’re like I couldn’t see the email I don’t have a log in the members area this must be a scam I need a refund what is going on okay host purchased I already sold them they’re really into it how do I get them in the members area faster and so what’s interesting is I put this cool thing in at the moment they purchase just the moment they purchase it actually OTO sends them and I OTO creates a login for them which is crazy cool and then it emails them the log in with their password and if they want to they can click and recreate a password which is awesome but there’s no more of this thing like hey I don’t know I can’t login that’s mostly a scam it Lily it logs them in for them as soon as soon as they purchase so in a purchase scenario when they click right here it’ll just put them directly in the members area they won’t have to go to a login page they won’t there is one they are still you know especially if they need to create their password again or whatever that’s fine but it literally just pushes them straight into the members area it’s very very helpful that’s them and this is me again putting the fulfillment email directly into the right hey this this has helped dramatically every time I do this also this is me welcome welcoming them into everything and what I’m starting to do with this is it for what anytime a new purchase from you that’s not enough you have to teach them to consume the thing they’ve purchased if you don’t teach someone how to consume that they’ve bought from you they might as well like look here your product is always gonna be short-lived because no one knows how to consume your thing no one knows how to actually be successful with it right it’s kind of like it’s kinda like I have a long I love long boarding I have a long boards showing up here in the next few days right how do I know how to use the thing how I know like the different cool tricks on how do I know like the reason I know that stuff is because of all the YouTube videos I’ve watched all that right I know how to adjust things on it I know how to take care of the thing right but funny enough like the person I bought it from didn’t send kind of stuff to me but why wouldn’t they why shouldn’t they it’s the same kind of thing kind of weird way thing kind of thing though for what it what it is they’re actually putting out here this is the beginning of what we call a success path as we move forward here I actually create us I’ve got a success path right red like the Trello boards kind of like two comma Club X members you guys I know those guys are in that program so hope you guys I’ll jump in on that but those guys you’ll know what I’m talking about right first do this then do that it’s all Trello board it out and doing that kind of stuff with it it’s super fun because you are helping them you are literally I don’t say forcing them but you’re literally you’re corralling them into a successful scenario you must teach him to consume or you’re not gonna get testimonials you’re not gonna get anyway what a really other cool thing that I’m doing here is that when they buy there’s a neat tool that I’m starting to use as soon as they purchase so let’s say they come over here right and here’s the here’s the order page and here’s the confirmation page one of the things I’m doing is as soon as they buy a little tiny API ping comes out to my phone it’s really epic comes out to my phone and says hey and it says their name so-and-so purchased and I’m like oh sweet cool on my phone literally right there I just click the little record button and I say and I speak to them directly on their like it was a John thank you so much for getting the Seagram home hacks that’s crazy awesome of you um hey just to kind of orient a little bit so you know what’s gonna happen next first this then this we’re shipping out the physical book to you next you’re also gonna get X Y Z in your mailbox soon you’re going this and this go ahead and click down below and again the members area please introduce yourself to the group going into this like in that very personal touch I mean the video is like it’s organic every single one of them but with cool batters that helps me give that extra personal touch and people like dang you know this let’s freaking epic sweet alright I I did a lot of surveys and found out half the reason people buy my stuff is just because it’s me I was like oh well I should probably give them more of me so that’s why we’re doing this now and that’s a super super helpful there’s a lot of little tools and little isms like that Purdue another one after they purchase we’re creating this 30 day follow-up series that helps walk them through how to be successful with everything first do this now do this now you’re doing that do this this this this it’s really honestly very similar to how I created the original secrets master class as far as a like hey step 1 do this step two do this that’s step 3 do this like down the road we have this thing it’s like hey now that they’ve if they followed all the previous days they felt some success here and there and then on this day I’m like sweet I would love it I would love it if you could give me a testimonial so there’s this cool tool called so tell us and it automates the testimonial collection process and then auto posts it to the Facebook page in your profile and their profile it’s so cool so you just are you you have got to everybody you have got to build in how to get testimony must be built in to your your process you must teach them how to consume your thing don’t just sell them teach them how to consume it might as well make it a system we called a success path Stu McLaren I think originally we came up with that the success path follow the success path along the way and then automate the way that you actually gain testimonials from people they must be seen I was just talking to somebody who wanted to purchase and they’re like I don’t see any testimonials on your thing is this even real is this a scam and it’s holy and I never realized like I don’t have I was like crap like the market was telling me what to do yeah I was like I gotta go testimony that’s the reason this testimony was all over the place now on my registration process on all over because I was a collecting him but I should foolishly there’s are so many things I was doing the programs everybody I was QA I was making sure it’s delivering autovalue but I wasn’t actually posting those testimonials and there’s a huge mistake I was making so please for the love make sure you have some automated process to collect people in make sure you got that personal touch when people come on in as well they want to feel that from you so it’s info product very high very high leverage business type but anyway don’t don’t be fooled and lured by the fact that so much automated right don’t don’t automate the human element ever anyway if they don’t take action anyhow stuff they get pushed over here and be immediately to this thing called uh is the waiting list page and it’s what I think just an opt-in page so deadlines funnels senses if they’ve waited too long it says ah shucks looks like you’re waited too long alright go here and join the waiting list and I get about half the people it seems like think who are joy it’ll go stats again but I think it’s about half the people who came through they join the waiting list again which is epic for me that means that they’re still and I didn’t lose them and I can move back inside awesome confirmed now make sure that you join our free strategy group along the way and so then I push them Italy maybe I have to salt oats a little more I gotta make it more interesting and enticing for the me we have to make it so like ah this was really I really did miss out on something and so what I do is I push him over to my free Facebook group where daily I’m just dropping in the most ridiculous stuff and and when I do that next time I come up like hey enrollments open they’re like holy crap and what’s cool about this page here let me just show you the email it pops up with it it basically says look you waited too long you’re on the waiting list now so I’m just confirming that but man hey next time this thing pops open I need you to do something here you have to jump in quickly and this email here is pretty pretty awesome he says although only open it up twice a year to my main list so I can focus on the main body students I want more success story so that’s how it works if you want this if you have a success with it you’ve got it like I’m literally I’m giving it back to him on a contingency and super anyways really epic pushing to see that way so when do you send that email when do you open it back up to those people just kind of a random you know there’s not really a it’s not really like a super set like that email goes out to them immediately as soon as they join the ATO waiting list but like meaning like twice a year I’ll open all it’s kind of like oh right when I was working with the man right and we were like what if we did what if we did a funnel hax webinar to our own list and they’re like that’s kind of weird like how would they not have click funnels by now that’s who doesn’t have like who knows Russell and doesn’t know click funnels yet like that’s weird and we did it and he did a hundred grand and it was crazy we’re like holy smack so so what we did is we every quarter or so Russell will do a webinar to his own list for the same product and just pull out other people and that’s part of why I do what I’m doing the exact same strategy so like every so often just do the webinar kin to my existing list and just get even more people to buy like you assume everyone’s in your thing and it’s not true at all as an entrepreneur you it’s not fair you get sick of your message far before the market does so you there’s this fear that usually starts to build up in an entrepreneur everyone knows my thing everyone knows that story I’ve told that story a million times you know many times Russell stole the potato then story many times I’ve heard the song seven nation army oh my gosh right it’s like oh it’s all over the place but like we know that’s part of the persona part of Russell stick and you got to have that this is show business so understand you’re gonna get when you get start getting sick of it it doesn’t mean the market is um do you mind real quick if I just show my like we turn my camera on yeah go for it I I thought this to be kind of cool last little thing here just five minutes I wanted to share one more cool thing with you guys um you got me yeah you’re good okay I am obsessed with webinars I’m obsessed with their ability to make fat stacks of cash reign upon you from ceiling everywhere you go and so what I started to do and I’ve always been obsessed with them and as well before working for Russell but man you know you guys can imagine sitting next to that kind of powerhouse I mean things exploded and and I know not everyone in fact the large majority of population will never have the ability to do that and so what I started doing was in the last like three months I started going through the most profitable webinar funnels that I’ve ever seen Russell do and I took all of the email sequences and I printed them out across my for and so I had papers and email sequences I started reading all the sequences for the webinars it was ridiculous all the patterns that started popping up from it I was like this is dead that’s crazy I don’t know and Russell’s at this point now right where I was at this retreat right I did door-to-door sales for two summers and and I did well the second summer did really well I did well second summer and they invited me to this cooler treat with some of the top guys and one of the things that they told us was we know were sitting up there it’s just nice mountainous area it’s a ridiculously nice log cabin and and it’s a bunch of alpha male sales guys you know and and at the time I still was like working on the whole confidence thing that I was telling you guys about and this is a little a little awkward the whole time and I remember one of the guys I was stood up and we’re in the seminar for that day and he started talking about how it said he said the key here is you guys have to understand that you’re really good okay and most of you I don’t think know why you’re good and when you go out and you start training other people and they’re like but how did you do that you’re like well I just do XYZ to you it’s obvious okay to your market you’re the expert they’re not gonna know why you’re so successful they’re not gonna know even though you feel like you’re giving them the step by step by step by step what’s interesting is that you as this is the reason the other reason why you build the product with the customer you geek out over your thing they don’t and so what’s funny is that if you go and out of effect just untethered go create your product and your offer especially the info products base but honestly any space if you go and you are the person who geeks out and also makes the product you drastically overshoot the expectations of delivery for the customer and the winds up happening is overwhelmed Stu McClaren teaches that actually overwhelm is the main reason for refunds that is the main reason I get refunds it’s not because I didn’t deliver it’s because I over deliver massively and what’s fascinating and so when you create the product with the customer they’re telling you what to make they’re telling what to put together does you’re gonna hit this phase guys if you’re like really in your thing where you are too good for the person you’re bringing you’re bringing in and so you must make it with them as a way to hedge against any kind of like you know overwhelmed that you’re gonna cause them and I said I did that and I still kind of overwhelm I people like crap so we’re going in with simplifying we’re getting a better success path where I’m like head I’m like trying to protect against myself now so what I did though is is I started reading anyway Steven that was like a crazy story let me go full circle with it I started realizing as I was reading all these email sequences that Russell doesn’t know in some areas how freaking amazing he is okay he’s so good he’s so good I’m reading all these webinars scripts I’m reading all these webinar email sequences all the follow-ups all the things behind it I’m diving deep in these pages that took anything two weeks and and just to take the notes was two full days and I’m not like a slow-moving guy those two guys you know me I’m kinda energizer bunny right and I kind of go over the right that’s gonna me and I was going through and taking notes notes I was like this is crazy look at the patterns across all of these webinars sequences look at the patterns across all these fall sequences I don’t even know if he knows he’s doing that huh and so what I started doing was mapping out the photo that’s up here this is the funnel I just walked he gets through I started mapping out as a result the stuff that I saw in all of those webinar funnels and all the patterns behind it it was fascinating is that at least point out two things here real quick and I know I’m talking about and then we’ll all end here but one of the things here is okay so we got how I started us here so we have right the normal webinar phone in this case it is an automated webinar funnel just completely different than a lot of webinar fault they’re very different falls even though they’re both for webinars right so I’ve the auto webinar registration page the SLO a broadcast replay scroll bar replay page right the order confirmation page here is my refund policy my the testimonials page that were or putting out anyway well it’s interesting though is the follow-up series and this is what I wanted to point out and I know it’s probably a little tiny on the screen here but them what’s interesting here is with this series here I started realizing some of the biggest patterns I was realizing is that in almost every scenario and an automated webinar an even live webinar the email directly after your pitch after they watch your webinar is not a replay email in almost every scenario the very first email that a Russell ever had going out after they watch the broadcast is an order email and he gives them the purchase and gives them the ability to purchase right there off the bat the next one on there is the replay one and they had that the timer starts you guys got 48 hours to purchase and take advantage of this Sarah it’s closing out right so this is all based on a 48 hour series and then I close the cart what’s funny about this though is I realized that going through it in almost every single scenario I’ve never heard him teach this I was like dude you do it every time though man he goes I said look at this man and pretty much every single scenario and every single webinar the replay you guys know the indoctrination series I’m sure you guys know you’ve heard that term before right an indoctrination series talked about heavily an expert secrets the indoctrination series is meant and a live webinar funnel to indoctrinate somebody with all these stories before they show up it’s just a way to get more curiosity before they get on this in an automated webinar though and all these automated webinars I was reading through I was going through I was like this is fascinating a product launch funnel was woven up inside of the replay series no one ever taught that but he does it every time and he does it through like phonics if you go through like phonics fall hacks webinar has like you seen the the if y’all know what I’m talking about go up then just watch it for the education sake go watch him go through the octagon story remember he has that octagon there and he’s got Mandy King who’s amazing maybe he’s they’re building the funnel and racing Chris Chris one of his one of his coders on who can build a funnel faster Mandy has never done funnels as on click funnels Chris is over on right it’s actually the first video in a product launch funnel the very next one is it right but he keeps going keeps going keep going the last one is a stack like he does on the webinar it’s another shot at him closing you in a different scenario so their only reason I’m going through this they’re another one he has one worse just cliffnotes it almost every one of them there is one where he had somebody go through and transcribed the entire webinar take the slide of what are we seeing in that you know with the words and give this massive document he gives it away in the cliff notes in the replay series so he’s like hey here’s the cliff notes by the way watch this other video product launch from number two it’s nobody says but that’s where it goes to so he weaves inside this product lost funnel inside of his follow-up series and with fascinating and this is the reason why I wanted to bring this up I’m Atlas plates now man I’m at this point now where we’re with the funnel where I’m going is I don’t actually like to watch webinars unless it’s some ones that I’m funnel hacking I don’t really watch webinars I would rather watch a video you know some people would rather listen to audio some people would rather read it some people what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to make it easy for buyers to buy in the way they like to buy and so I’m taking each of the webinars I’m taking I’m taking the webinar I’m taking each one of these pieces and I’m repurposing it for the different media’s that are out there we’re gonna go right we’re grabbing audio we’re going blog we’re going Cliff Notes version we’re going the audio very word we’re lots it from a product loss fall for me personally I like to buy through product launch funnels not everyone likes the by that women are not only likes the by probably left phone so I’m just trying to hit the different personas when we start getting to a point where you realize oh my gosh the market is totally it likes to buy this way and that my offer is good and my message is good then you get that funnel that base funnel up and it’s about bridging out to the other people it’s kind of like I’m sure that you guys have a nerdy interview Kalyn Poulin she’s fantastic he is she said many times oh my gosh I realized I don’t attract moms although I have some moms in my in my group so she goes out and she creates campaigns to bring in those people who are on the fringes so I’m starting to do that start thinking through that with your offers and your funnels and things are putting out there but anyways Bailey I’ve talked like crazy thanks for letting you just go anyway means a lot and I’m kind of done fantastic Steve thank you so much that was incredible value a million dollar education anybody who signed up for funnel university specifically to watch these second interviews on the summit has definitely gotten their money’s worth as you’ve educated us about funnels over the past hour oh my god yeah I think we hit the hour mark so Steven I can’t thank you enough and I just want to say thank you so much again for everything that you’ve delivered all of my questions were answered so I’m just going to wrap it up here and say we really appreciate you being a part of the summit and it’s been an absolute pleasure having you on sounds great thank you

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