30 Ridiculously Pretty Things That’ll Also Keep You Organized As Heck

30 Ridiculously Pretty Things That’ll Also Keep You Organized As Heck

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This desktop planter that doubles as a pen holder. The solid concrete design means it won’t tip over, and the little base nook is wide enough to fit tons of small office knickknacks, like business cards.

@kikkerland / Via instagram.com

The plants aren’t included, though, so if you want to get things growing right away, add some succulent soil mix to your cart. Then just pop in your fave little plants, and off you go! You can also get some great faux versions here.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.99+ (available in two sizes).


This bear-shaped enamelled steel organizer that’ll take your bearly presentable desk space and transform it into an organized paradise. It will hold all your bills, magazines, and letters — if you still get those. And reviewers love that it can be mounted on the wall, too!

@kikkerland / Via instagram.com

Plus, all the mounting hardware is included!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $29.68.


This ultra-chic umbrella stand that’s a much better storage solution for your rain-soaked parasol than just leaning it against the wall. The top is made of steel and wood, so you know it’s durable, while the base is a water-resistant resin that’ll keep your floors from getting soaked.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Some reviewers have even used it as a towel stand!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $66+ (available in two colours).


This copper ballerina jewelry stand that’ll let you plié your way to that coveted state of organization. Drape your rings, necklaces, and earrings on her gracefully extended limbs. The base is also a great place to keep smaller items, like ear studs or extra earring backings.


This bedside caddy that’ll hold your fave book, magazines, a tablet, a notebook, and even the remote control, so you never lose them (or accidentally crush them after dozing off). The slim felt design tucks right between your mattress and the bed frame, too!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers love that this model has longer sleeves, which means it can hold much more weight than some other brands without slipping out. Some even say it makes a great replacement for a bedside table!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $27.


This vivid blue planter that’ll look just as chic holding your pens and pencils, as it will as a pot for your spider plant. Reviewers love using this for succulents, too, since it has drainage at the base to prevent overwatering.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

The glazed exterior makes it suitable for outdoor use, too, but just make sure you bring it inside before the first frost to prevent cracking.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $18.61+ (available in three sizes).


This gold set of desktop organizers that’ll make short work of ~desk mess~. I love the little balls on the base that prevent scratching. And with four different pieces, you’re sure to find a place for basically everything!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

The wire design also means these organizers won’t visually clutter up your space— a godsend in cramped office areas.

Get the set on Amazon Canada for $29.99+ (available in two colours and three designs).


This whimsical cork board that looks like art when it’s empty but is also an easy way to store things like concert tickets, receipts, or photos. It can also be really handy if you live in a home with a lot of people and consistently have trouble keeping schedules straight!


Or, if you’d prefer to go magnetic, try this bullet board. It accommodates both push pins AND magnets, both of which are included. Plus, it’s ludicrously easy to clean.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It even comes with all the hardware you’ll need to get it mounted right away. And reviewers say it’s super easy to hang, too.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $49.97+ (available in two styles).


This compact coat rack with nine flip-down hooks to store all your coats and hats. When they’re not in use, those same hooks can be flipped up and hidden in the walnut post to create a seamless, space-saving solution for all your winter layers.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers say it’s easy to assemble, but still sturdy enough to hold several heavy winter parkas. Plus, the smaller size means it can be tucked right in to awkward entryway areas, too.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $153.66+ (available in four colours).


This slim jewelry box that’ll hold all your most precious bling without taking up a humongous amount of space. You can keep your most-reached-for items on the top section, or hide them away in the secret sliding compartments.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Each compartment is designed to optimize storage of different kinds of jewelry. There’s even boutique-style earring display pads to keep your teeny studs paired up. And if all that weren’t enough, each drawer is lined with with linen fabric to prevent any damage.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $34.97+ (available in two colours and two sizes).


This shoe sling that’ll hold up to 16 pairs of shoes. Each tier contains two rows of pockets (adjustable, of course), so you can customize the fit to suit your exact footwear needs. That also makes it a great way to store kids’ toys, bags, or umbrellas!

@umbra_design / Via instagram.com

Plus, the mesh pockets are machine washable — a blessing during salt-covered winter.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $33.99.


This over-the-door organizer that can also be hung flat on a wall. Unlike some other hangers in this style, this one has 14 hooks for you to hang your hat (or scarf, jacket, sweater, or purse) on. Reviewers love that the slim top doesn’t get in the way of closing the door, either!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It even has padding to prevent damage to your door or wall, plus wooden ball ends on the hooks so your sweaters don’t get damaged.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $24.99.


This accessory hammock that’s an unusual way to capture all the grab n’ go items you’ve got lying around on your desk, like phones, mail, pens, and watches. Plus, you can mount it on the wall, too, if you find you’re a bit short on desk space.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

I love that the slings are made of a soft microfibre-esque fabric, making them a safe place to put your glasses.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $20+ (available in two sizes and two colours).


A trinket dish that’ll catch all the lil’ bits and bobs you haven’t been able to find a place for. It’s really all about the details with this — the bottom is lined with a soft fabric to protect your jewelry, glasses, or whatever else you want to put in there.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers love it — some even use it to store their makeup! The prismatic wire frame keeps everything on display without looking cluttered, so finding what you’re looking for is a snap.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.99. Other pieces from this collection are also available.


These funky wall hooks that double as wall decor. They’re also amazing for narrow entryways, since the hooks can be flipped up when you’re not using them.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

The hidden hanging hardware ensures a clean, uncluttered look.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $29.98+ (available in four colours).


This wall-mounted wine rack that’ll keep all your fave vintages nicely displayed and ready for corking. Unlike a wine fridge or traditional rack, this one doesn’t take up any floor space. Plus, the lateral display makes it easy to find the bottle you’re looking for!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

This wrought iron rack stores up to nine bottles and comes with all the hardware you’ll need to get it up on the wall in no time. You can even combine several to make a jaw-dropping display worthy of a wine cellar! Some reviewers recommend using longer screws than the ones included, as the weight of all that wine might be a bit much for short screws.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $78.08.


A tissue box cover that’ll keep facial tissues neat and concealed. Now you won’t have to worry that your tissue box looks glaringly out of place with your decor — plus, it basically guarantees you’re only going to pull one tissue out at a time.


A tiered cart that can double as snack storage, mobile bar, or just a place to pop a few extra candles on. Bonus: you can easily wheel it out of the room whenever you want.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It’s sleek, durable, and assembles within minutes. I personally love the side rails that’ll help keep things from tipping over if you’re uncoordinated (like I am). Plus, the wheels can be locked into place!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $159.73.


A cool ottoman with built-in storage that’s the 3-in-1 item of my dreams. The capacious container can fit extra blankets, books, or slippers. And the top is sturdy enough to use as a side table, or even an extra seat during your next get-together.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It also has handy handles for easy mobility, so go ahead and move it around wherever you need it.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $140.


A set of gold storage baskets that’ll help keep your fridge nice and orderly. You’ll be able to see exactly what you have, which will hopefully help you minimize food waste, too. They’re also a pretty way of storing hand towels, or extra rolls of toilet paper.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

You can even use them for corralling miscellaneous home things, like grocery lists, gift cards, and snacks.

Get a set of two baskets on Amazon Canada for $21.99+ (available in four packs).


These foldable storage bins that’ll help you corral all your miscellaneous items into one spot. I’m awarding some bonus points for their versatility — squish ’em down flat when when you’re not using them. They also look great in other rooms around the house, and can even be used for smaller laundry items!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

You can also stack the smaller bin into the larger one and hide them away until you need them.

Get a set of two on Amazon Canada for $24.99+ (available in four sizes, three shapes, and seven colours).


A frosted glass toothbrush holder that’s great for decluttering limited counter space. The frosted glass won’t show toothpaste splatters or dust, keeping things looking fresh and tidy for longer (#bless).

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

It even comes with all the hardware you’ll need to get it set up ASAP.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $25.90 (other items in this collection also available).


A magnetic wall strip that you can attach your knives and scissors to. It takes up zero counter space and keeps your essential prep tools within eyesight (and reach).


A freestanding toilet paper holder that’ll help make sure you’re never faced with an empty roll in your moment of need. It holds six rolls, which means you won’t have to clutter up your cabinet with extras.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

And since the toilet paper is on display, you’ll always know when you need to pop out for more.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $34.88.


A shadow box that’s the perfect way to turn all the concert tickets, photobooth photos, and gift tags you’ve been collecting into bonafide art. It’s also the easiest and quickest way to show off randoms items you can’t seem to find a place for.


This compact side table with a built-in magazine rack that can also double as a stool. The multifunctional design is stellar for small spaces — the transparent material doesn’t take up a lot of visual space, and its tiny footprint means you can move it around as you need.

@umbra_design / Via instagram.com

Reviewers absolutely adore this marriage of practicality and style. It’s also incredibly durable, as the acrylic is shatter resistant!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $166.79.


A storage caddy that’s inspired by vintage tool boxes and updated for the modern age. Use it to store art supplies, tools, gadgets, makeup, or even jewelry! Each pocket is lined with fabric to protect your items, so you can be as creative as you want.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers say they’ve used it for everything from organizing their desk, to storing their kids’ art supplies, and they say it can withstand just about everything they throw at it.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $34.99+ (available in two sizes).


A dish drying rack that can be used on the countertop or in the sink, depending on your current kitchen set-up. It has an attractive, low-profile design that’s definitely not an eyesore. Plus, the little rubber feet will make sure it doesn’t slide around after you’ve loaded it with dishes.

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers are utterly obsessed! The detachable cutlery cup, angled racks, and sleek profile are all hits, as most people use this for things like wine glasses, fine china, or small bits n’ bobs that don’t normally fare well in the dishwasher.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $15+ (available in two sizes and three colours).


And lastly, a countertop phone holder so that you can finally elevate your fave gadget to it’s rightful place. Even though it’s designed to be used in the bathroom, I’d say this rounded dish can go just about anywhere. Plus, it’s a great way to store rings or other small jewelry!

Amazon / Via amazon.ca

Reviewers say it’s on the heavy side, so just be careful not to drop it on hard surfaces as it may crack.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $15. Other items from this collection also available.

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