30 Useful Products To Help You Get Through The Week (And The Holidays)

30 Useful Products To Help You Get Through The Week (And The Holidays)

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A clever safety cutter so you can slice open packaging, quickly cut out coupons, trim photos, and most importantly, efficiently cut wrapping paper like a ninja on a mission.


Promising review: “I mainly used it for wrapping paper cutting and opening boxes. It made wrapping gifts super easy and it took half the time compared to using traditional scissors. I bought one for every family member and they love it!” —Luv2Shop

Get it from Amazon for $7.27.


A portable blender bottle so you can blend fruits and veggies on the go. Smoothies? At work? Breakfast every day? Yes, you can have it all.


Promising review: “This is so convenient. I bought this because I don’t like using a big blender and cleaning it everyday. With this blender I just need to put in the ingredients and press the button. Plus the USB charging is great. I can charge it anytime and the charge lasts for a long time. I just charge it once a week at night and I am set. It makes great smoothies. The blade works great and really blends. Plus the color is really nice too. I can put the bottle in my purse, it is light and the lid doesn’t leak. Five stars.” —Ainee A.

Get it from Amazon $36.99 (available in four colors).


A cute WiFi print with your network and password so you don’t have to repeat the same thing 78 times to all the guests staying with you over the holidays.

Bliss Paper Boutique / Etsy


A memory foam seat cushion to save your butt and back from the wrath of all the holiday traffic you’ll be sadly sitting in in the near future. Oh, and from office chairs, road trips, and really anywhere you do a lot of sitting.


Promising review: “I am a 250-lb. man with an office job. My lower back near the tailbone would hurt after sitting long hours. The pain would transfer when sitting in a car or on the couch. This foam pillow took care of the pain after 48 hours. I can work all day and sit anywhere with no pain. I don’t expect it to last forever, but it helped take the pain away for me. I will buy the same one once this one loses its softness.” —Go Pack Go

Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

And read more rave reviews in our full write-up: If Truck Drivers Swear By This Memory Foam Cushion For Back Pain, It Must Be Legit


A powerful steamer that basically brings the fancy spa straight to your home. Now you can lure those pesky blackheads out without having to pay for an expensive facial — and I think we could *all* use a relaxing, at-home facial right now.


It lasts for 12 minutes at a time and even features a UV light to sterilize the steam! It also comes with a blackhead extraction kit, but just be careful and watch some tutorials before you go to town on your skin.

Promising review: “This is almost a life changer. I always steam my face in the shower so I can pop my pimples (I know, it sounds so gross but seriously). However, this steamer is AMAZING. I highly recommend it if you are suffering from acne and want to give yourself your own DIY facial. Overall, fabulous purchase.” —Anna

Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in gold and purple).


A deck of bodyweight exercise cards if you need to squeeze in a quick home workout between all the hectic errands. No time for the gym? No problem.


Promising review: “These are super useful. I am a certified personal trainer and I am using them to help challenge me to try new workouts. I looked at these online for a couple weeks before deciding to take the plunge and purchase them. Totally worth the money! High quality cards, easy to read and great for a learning tool for anyone from beginners to advanced!” —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $19.97 (available in two English volumes, and a Spanish edition).


A squatty potty that’ll adjust your position and relax the right muscles so you can pass poo comfortably. Life is exceptionally busy come December, you do(do) not need to deal with bloating and constipation on top of it.


Promising review: “I’ve struggled with the #2 for the last couple years. I’ve gone from Defecating Toxic Avenger to ‘Dear GOD! I feel like I’m passing the Twin King Guardian Statues’. It’s been a sphincter nightmare. No matter what I tried: prunes, more water, high fiber, Taco Bell, even White Castle — nothing was working. Usually, in a three-week interval, I’d get very sick and spend three to four hours going to the bathroom nine or ten times. After my sphincter would be tender and I’m damn near positive if this had gone on, it would be the end of me. Then I saw this. Decided to go ahead and plunk down the $25. By day two of using it I started to feel better and my cramps were gone. I swear to god, when I go on my next road trip, I’m taking the damn thing with me, and IDGAF if my friends laugh at me. This damn thing may have saved my health and possibly my life.” —DJ_Malsidious

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

Learn more in our full write up: I Tried The Squatty Potty And I Will Never Poop The Same


A hair styling treatment for conditioning, strengthening, adding volume, and polishing your locks right after you hop out of the shower, ultimately cutting out a bunch of other products that can cut into your important holiday festivities. Simply apply on damp hair, style, and go!

Living Proof

Promising review: “I have straight, fine hair with absolutely no curl, wave or body to it. I’ve never had bed head in my life, even sleeping with wet hair, that’s how lifeless it is. This product has changed all that! I’m not kidding! I use a pea size amount in my just above shoulder length hair, work it through with my hands then comb it through and style my hair as usual. It leaves my hair soft with no flyaways and holds a style for two days! A coworker just asked me today what I’m using in my hair to give it such body. I gave her the link on Amazon and she ordered it right away. I can’t say enough good things about this styling product! This is a game changer for my hair!! Order this now!!!!” —SisuGal

Get it from Amazon for $16.


A fuzzy fleece jacket perfect for throw-on-go errand days (10 trips to the mall for the gift you forgot, anyone?). It’s also a trendy and stylish addition to your closet, so you can’t go wrong here.


Promising review: “It’s soooo soft!!!!!! I totally recommend buying this. I’m usually a size medium but I ordered a large, because most people were saying that if you wanted it oversized at all then size up. I did that and I’m glad I did. It’s a great oversized fit, but it’s definitely not too oversized. Another great thing about it is that it’s lined with a really soft material on the inside just as the outside. Wearing it is like a big fluffy blanket and it’s amazing.” —lainna

Get it from Amazon $31.99+ (available in sizes S-3XL and in 15 styles/colors).


A narrow spiral planner that’ll take up little space on your desk but still provide you with enough room for all the reminders you need to tackle the week, no problem. SO ADULT.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “I love this planner. I’ve been looking for a planner that has days of the week in a calendar format of some sort rather than the usual planners that have a bunch of papers behind the calendar that I don’t end up using. It has a lot of space to write for each day of the week and you can use this until you run out because you pencil in the dates yourself! It’s meant as a desk calendar but I use it for school and keep it in my bag.” —al_uhh

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


Water resistant, wireless ear buds to get you through long commutes, workouts, and the noisy neighbor who likes to host a wrestling match in their apartment every night.


Promising review: “Product functions as advertised and meets all expectations. The battery life of the earbuds is quite lengthy, and they hold a charge when not in use. The charging box for the earbuds can also double as a power bank and fully charge my phone, which is convenient. The sound quality of the earbuds themselves is excellent and there isn’t a large lag in the sound as with other Bluetooth devices I’ve used. 10/0, would recommend!” —Soap user

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in black and gray).


A small windproof umbrella because you WILL NOT get stuck in a surprise rainstorm or blizzard with a broken umbrella again. Not today, not tomorrow!

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “This umbrella is FANTASTIC. It opens/closes smooth and fast. So far it has worked great in the wind and rain. It seems to be quite sturdy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a compact and easy to use umbrella. With the Lifetime Warranty, you just can’t go wrong. Upper Echelon Products customer service is impeccable.” —VICTOR J

Get it from Amazon $22.95 (available in 11 colors).


A multi-functional chopper with interchangeable blades that makes chopping tons of fruits and veggies easy peasy lemon squeezy so you can prep less and eat more.


Think about how much time you’ll be saving! If time is money, then this thing pays for itself.

Promising review: ” The chopper is heavy duty, and stainless steel. It’s very sharp! It’s easy to use by pushing products through. Everything comes out in even pieces and looks fantastic.” —Chelsea H

Get it from Amazon for $20.99.


A brush spinner that’ll clean up every last bit of makeup from your dirtiest brushes AND then dry ’em — all in less than a minute. And to even *think* we’ve been cleaning our brushes BY HAND this entire time.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This baby deep cleaned my brushes like crazy. I’ve never been able to clean them with an ordinary mat — it would take me longer and my hands would be pruned up from touching the bristle looking for remaining dirt in between. With this, it separates the bristles during spin. It’s kind of like the face cleansing brush, it does most of the work for you. I was scared at first when it because I thought it would mess up the shape of the brush but I squeezed it back in place and it was good. Best product I’ve purchased in a while. I love this thing, It would definitely be a great gift to all my friends.” —Grace

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.


A mattifying primer for locking in makeup so your sparkly holiday look stays in place through all your work and ugly Christmas sweater parties.


A compact hair roller to remove ALL the pet hair embedded on your sheets, clothes, and upholstery — something anyone with a fur baby knows is no easy feat.


Added bonus: This product doesn’t use sticky adhesive paper. The roller can be reused over and over again because of its high quality bristles that grab the hair again and again like a brush.

Promising review: “Where has this been all my crazy cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired 20-lb. tabby and if you run your hands up his back a few times and fling the hair everywhere, it looks like it’s snowing – he never stops shedding no matter what I do. After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It’s absolutely amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don’t have a pet. I don’t care; it’s THAT good.” —Stephanie

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.


A set of transparent, shatter-resistant, leak-proof, air-tight leftover and containers so your holiday leftover and meal prep game becomes and actual reality (and your gravy doesn’t end up seeping anywhere it’s unwelcome).


These heavy-duty plastic containers are microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe. They even have little vents you can open so you can microwave them with the lid on, preventing splatters!

Promising review: “Best upgrade! We’d been using plastic storage containers from the grocery store, where you pay $8 and get a bunch from a plastic bag company. My husband HATED those. They would stain, leak, or smell — even after they were cleaned. So when I saw these on BuzzFeed, I ordered a kit. We love them! Easy to clean, certain foods don’t stain, not one leak has happened — and we eat soup and stir fry a lot for lunch. I immediately ordered five more so we could have a total of eight. We tend to do lunch at work 4/5 days. It was perfect. Also, the food seems to stay a bit fresher too, because of it being airtight. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for a good set of storage containers.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 for a 14-piece set (also available in other set sizes).


A heated shiatsu-massage pillow because your extended family arrives in two days, the gifts aren’t wrapped, you spilled your coffee, and you just need some dang relaxation and something to work out those knots. This’ll help.

Amazon / amazon.com

Promising review: “I was looking for a massaging product to help with my lower back pain. I discovered the Zyllion pillow massager and thought it was a very reasonable price so I ordered it. The Shiatsu balls rotating on my lower back in combination with the heating feature (which can be turned off) really provided the relief I was looking for. I use it every morning while watching the news and it relieves the tightness in my back so I can get the day started. I would recommend this product to anyone.” —D. Anderson

Get it from Amazon for $44.95.


Heat-resistant cooking and grilling gloves for all of the holiday feasts and family dinners you’ll be preparing from now until January. May you now run back and forth from the stove to the grill in complete ease.


Promising review: “I’m not sure, but you may be able to pick up handfuls of lava with these things. These are not only great on the grill but also just as general oven mitts as well. The silicone stripes are nicely tacky and help avoid drops from slippage. My hands run medium-large and these fit nicely.” —Adam

Get it from Amazon for $25.95 (available in three sizes and four colors).


A wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic that is basically a portable party and great for family entertainment. It’s compatible with any smartphone or tablet and can jam for 5 to 10 hours on a single charge.


It can also connect to their device via cable. Learn more about it in BuzzFeed’s full write-up.

Promising review: “Oh my gosh, I love this! I got mine in the mail yesterday and ended up playing with it for about five hours last night LOL. It connects via Bluetooth so you can connect it to your phone — the music and your singing comes out of the microphone’s speaker. It has a volume control for your voice and for the music and also an echo feature. You can put an SD card into the bottom of it and record yourself, or connect it with an audio out to record on one of those karaoke apps on your phone. Between this and being able to find just about any song on karaoke via YouTube, you could easily have your own karaoke parties at home!” —Ferretocious

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in 11 colors).


A bottle sealer with a built-up pressure pump, because letting your bubbly drinks go to waste is irresponsible and I will not stand for it. This will keep your Prosecco and sparkling rosé fizzy, just the way it’s supposed to be.


Promising review: “Loved this product. So easy to use. Everything is in one — no plug with pump. It stays on and keeps the bubbles in champagne and all carbonated wines. It does not pop off or leak if you lay the bottle back on its side in the refrigerator. It’s metal and very strong. Love that you just need to pump the top to take out the air. Great for picnics and BYOBs. Plus it DOES NOT LEAK!” —C. Glidden

Get it from Amazon for $8.97.


A One Top induction cooktop that uses an app to control the heat based on certain recipe so dinner is simple, easy, and burnt-free. Hey, maybe this whole “cooking dinner thing” isn’t so bad?!


Promising review: I love that it has a thermometer with it and the ability to have recipes done through Bluetooth. It will be so helpful and make following recipes so easy! I plan on using this as an additional cooking source for the holidays. I’m going to purchase one for my daughter who lives in a small apartment in NYC.” —Deee

Get it on sale from BuzzFeed’s Goodful line, exclusively at Macy’s for $149.99 (originally $214.99).


A water repellent spray to form a protective barrier on your best boots so they actually have a chance surviving this winter.


Keep in mind this is ideal for leather, nubuck, and canvas shoes. Be sure to do a test spray on a small area to ensure the spray is suitable for the material.

Promising review: “This product works great on our boots to keep them dry. The application lasts about a full year in South Dakota winters and then we need to reapply. One bottle thoroughly soaked all of these boots (then it was empty).” —B. Lewis

Get it from Amazon for $17.77.


And! A life-changing shoe spray that destroys odor-causing bacteria and keeps your best kicks from smelling like death. Sweaty boot and wool sock days are approaching fast — now you and your feet can get through them stink-free.


Promising review: “If I knew how effective this product would be, I would have purchased it months ago when I first started noticing an odor coming from my gym shoes. A quick spray of this stuff and they are good for several uses before I have to respray them again. There is an alcohol smell, but that shouldn’t be a surprise if you look at the ingredients and know what the purpose of this spray is. I have found the smell doesn’t linger too long, but I use the ‘less is more’ approach with this spray. You really don’t need much for it to do the job.” —Jennifer Nicole

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.


A very encouraging water bottle to keep track of your daily intake so you stay hydrated and feelin’ great.


Promising review: “I absolutely love these bottles. They keep me on track and make drinking eight cups of water a breeze. I know it’s psychological, but I was having so much trouble drinking enough water before these bottles. I would definitely recommend these water bottles to anyone. It was a great purchase.” —Jenn

Get a set of two from Amazon for $13.99.


A pack of ear plugs that’ll come in handy when the family visiting you for holidays insists on watching movies into the wee hours of the night. Your bedtime is still 9 p.m., ok?!


Promising review: “Easy to insert and block noise as claimed. Biggest issue I have had in the past with other soft ear plugs is they would not stay compressed long enough to fully insert into your ear canal. These compress easily and stay compressed with plenty of time to insert then they slowly expand fulling the ear. Best I have ever had. Have used for both lawn mower and on airplane to sleep and worked very well in both cases.” —Amazon Customer

Get a pack of 60 from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two colors).


A Glossier skincare set filled with their best-selling goodies in miniature form. You got a lot of travel coming up, now you can take your favorite skincare products *with* you. Nothing gets left behind!


Includes mini versions of: gentle Milky Jelly Cleanser, hydrating Super Bounce serum, softening Priming Moisturizer Rich, Balm Dotcom lip + skin salve in Original and Rose, glow-enhancing Futuredew oil-serum hybrid (the last step of your routine), plus a limited-edition nylon-spandex headband.

Get it from Glossier for $50.


*Root beer is trash! Sorry.

You can choose between a white or red light, with battery life lasting up to 60 hours off one charge.

Promising review: “Such a neat item! I purchased this for my husband’s hunting trip and he’s truly enjoyed the handiness of the light. He said it provided extra light in the dark wilderness. The light is compact and easy-to-charge. It lasted multiple days from one charge. Also, the different light modes are fun and one can even have a party with the blinking effect!” —Elena

Get it from Amazon for $22.95.


A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder so your keys end up in the same place each day — and not in the fridge. Or the hamper. Or the spare bedroom you never go into but somehow your keys ended up in there.


It has an adhesive backing that’ll stick to your walls and doors. If you’re a renter or are worried about the stickiness, you can always add Command Strips to the back — get some for $2.99.

Get it from Amazon for $7.98.


And bra strap extenders to give you room to breathe (like, literally breathe). It won’t be quite as great as the feeling of whipping your bra off at the end of a long day, but it’ll come veeeery close.


Promising review: “Great! Not to long like others I was finding! These are great if you need to go up like one to three clips, instead of two inches like others! These were just what I needed and I love you get three sizes and three colors. Totally awesome!” —Steff

Get a nine-piece variety set from Amazon for $6.89 (available in six set sizes).

You gearin’ up to take on the week and upcoming holidays:

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