31 Best-Selling Yard And Garden Products From Target That Are Popular For A Reason

31 Best-Selling Yard And Garden Products From Target That Are Popular For A Reason

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No matter how green your thumb actually is, your yard is sure to give you a thumbs-up for trying to keep all the weeds and bugs away.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A weed preventer to stop those pesky weeds from growing for three months, but it won’t kill your flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and shrubs.


Promising review: “I heard about Preen from my son-in-law and tested it last summer in one area. It was so incredibly successful that, this May I spread it throughout all my landscaping. I have not had one weed in three months! Seriously! Now, I admit I likely overdo it — probably buying more/spending more than the directions dictate. I carefully sprinkle every single inch. I have had no problems getting it fairly close to my hostas and other landscaping plants. Yes, you must have the spots completely free of weeds first. This is a weed preventer, not weed killer. And, I’m careful to put it down when I know we will get rain within 24 hours. Let me tell you, it works! I don’t have time to weed during the summer and this was SOOO worth it!” —Grannienoweeding

Price: $12.99.


A mosquito repeller made by Thermacell (and evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness!) so your precious skin is not attacked by those bloodsuckers. This gadget will create a 15-by-15-foot zone around you, like a bug-free bubble.


All you have to do is carry this around and ignite (quietly) as needed. It’ll also repel black flies and other biter-type insects.

Promising review: “We took this on a four-day camping trip to the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. It worked wonderfully! A quick note, shut it off and leave it outside of the tent. The fumes continue to linger for a while after it’s turned off.” —Seth

Price: $24.99.


A plant-based ant-and-roach killer for pests found inside and outside the home — because ants might kill your outdoor harvest. It’s made out of essential oils, like lemongrass extract and pine tree-derived geraniol.


Promising review: “I love regular Raid, but with a baby and a small dog around, I wanted something that I wouldn’t have to worry about them licking off the floor. It does have a citronella smell to it, but it doesn’t bother me. (I didn’t find it as strong-smelling as some other reviewers.) This works great for the few bugs lurking around my house (silverfish, spiders, ants, and those nasty house centipedes!). Would recommend!” —Rachel

Price: $7.49.


An all-purpose plant food because your plants need to eat–and eat well! This Miracle-Gro can be used on vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants every one to two weeks.


Promising review: “I bought this and have been using it for about a month now. When I moved into my home two-and-a-half years ago, there was a yucca. Both summers, it never bloomed. I have been using the Miracle-Gro weekly and it’s finally starting to bloom. I’ve never had a yucca before and I can’t wait for it to bloom. I have been using it on my lilies, rhododendron and hydrangeas, as well with amazing results.” —MrsBlack25

Price: $6.49.


An innovative AeroGarden for growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more that will help you figure out when to water and how much. Basically, it’s for newbies who want homegrown produce.


Promising review: “My mother-in-law purchased this for me as a Christmas gift last year and I was so excited to set it up. It was my first time growing herbs indoors, so I was a little nervous, but everything sprouted and continued to grow well! I think I could have placed the herbs with more thought- I sandwiched thyme between two basil plants and it never took off as well as the others did. I’ve just received my new seed pod kit and can’t wait to improve my previous results!” —lindseylindsay

Price: $119.99.


A utility wagon with side straps to transport things all around your yard. Think: bags of soil, plant feeders, watering cans and more. And the best part is, you can collapse this handy carryall when not in use.


This item can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds. It’s made of heavy-duty steel at its base, plus polyester all around.

Promising review: “Love it. Game changer. Sturdy and durable.” —Awesome purchase

Price: $59.99.


A handy tarp with handles made specifically to haul your leaves away. It’s like a giant dustpan for yard waste – only made of rugged woven polyester stretched on fiberglass rods. Its raised sides and ground stakes to secure it in place will make clean-up easy and effective.


Promising review: “It is quite a time-saver for two people. Cleaning leaves has never been this easy. My daughter and son-in-law borrowed it and now want one for Christmas. Well worth the money.” —Cindy

Price: $44.94.


A brush killer that kills poison ivy dead in its tracks so you don’t get a rash. Need we say more? This BioAdvanced product, which earned five stars after 712 reviews, has a special penetrating formula that works on poison oak, blackberry and bramble — all things you want to get rid of.


Promising review: “I am super impressed with this brush killing formula, as well as the dispersal system. It has a very easy trigger and I did not get finger-fatigued or hand cramps in application process. I used on a few different areas, some woody brush, and some pernicious vines that just would not stop. The BioAdvance Brush Killer cleaned both areas up quickly. I will definitely recommend and purchase the concentrate refill for future needs.” —RAAZ

Price: $13.99.


A pair of rain boots to keep your feet nice and dry while you’re outside working with the earth.


Promising review: “So comfy! Perfect for yard work, or a rainy day! Lightweight but still durable.” —Target reviewer

Price: $39.99 (available in women’s sizes 6–11 and in two colors).


A self-watering planter because there will be lazy days when you won’t want to do it yourself. (But does that make you a monster?) This one includes a built-in tray that retains water–your plant will draw up the water when it needs it.


Promising review: “Affordable planter that is cute too. I water from the top and use the bottom as an overflow section, so I can’t speak to the self-watering abilities, but I like that I don’t have to worry about drips from overwatering.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6.99+ (available in six sizes and four colors).


A set of steel corner brackets for your raised garden bed. Not only will they hold your lumber together, your plant boxes will look industrial-chic, thanks to these galvanized, black powder-coated steel accessories.


Promising review: “Nice and sturdy as well as attractive. They fit perfectly on our raised bed. The only complaint I have is the time it took to actually receive them.” —BERNADINE

Price: $39.94.


A garden tool set that comes with the basics like a trowel, cultivator and transplanter. Plus they’re built to hang for easy storage.


Promising review: “Well-made and great quality. Worth the price. I don’t see any points that will rust quickly either as it’s all coated.” —Nicole

Price: $13.79.


A flyswatter that’ll also handle eliminating hornets, wasps, carpenter bees, crickets, and any other bugs that are bothering you (in addition to pesky flies, of course).


Promising review: “Works great and lightweight. No metal handle which is nice.” —woofie8

Price: $2.


Pruning snips for deadheading, trimming, and shaping plants. Cut greenery with ease and precision using the super-sharp blades on this product. Its nonslip handle will also provide comfort when you grip. This gardening tool also boasts a sliding lock for safety.


Promising review: “Like how they feel in my hand.” —Cge

Price: $14.95.


A spider repellant, because who wants to get bit by any eight-legged creepy crawlies? The fast-acting Stay Away Spiders is made with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary. Though perfectly fine for people, the scent is unpleasant to spiders.


Promising review: “We live on the outskirts of the city but not quite in the country. We have woods surrounding us. So, that means we have spiders everywhere and I am terrified of spiders. I used this product and I have not seen any spiders in over three weeks.” —earthkind reviewer

Price: $6.99.


A weed killer that also controls new ones from growing. Use it on driveways, sidewalks, patios, along fences, curbs, retaining walls, and edges of lawns. It comes with a Comfort Wand to help you spread the… weed death.


Promising review: “I use this product at my business. Nothing kills weeds better or longer than Roundup. With a steep bank covered in rip rap, weeds are a constantly occurring problem. Roundup takes the worry out of weed control. Very satisfied with the product!” —Businessowner131

Price: $24.49.


A really good-looking hardwood pathway to lead to your garden. This red cedar finish one by Plow & Hearth comes in both straight and curved versions. They’re roughly 4 feet long and 18 inches wide.


Promising review: “Used this in my backyard as a path to the bird feeder. Great addition to the scenery.” —CARREY

Price: $44.94.


A stainless-steel hose that promises not to kink. This one is also corrosion, rust and leak proof. A 75-foot hose length and 10-spray pattern nozzle makes it a gardening gem, basically.


Promising review: “Hose is so lightweight. Never kinks, ever. Easy to hang back up. I would buy for my mom. Nozzle is fun and has hook to hold pressure. best part…it doesn’t leak, here or there!” —Mom

Price: $72.99 (originally $83.99).


A snazzy watering can to encourage you to feed your plant babies. (Even though keeping them alive should be enough to get you to water them.) The narrow spout will give you a precise water flow.


Promising review: “Love this green flower watering can. Easy to fill. Easy to carry. Love the color. I recommend this product.” —Sandy

Price: $5.


A two-in-one feeder and killer. This one paradoxically feeds your grass while killing your weeds with its special formula.


Promising review: “I have been using Scott’s Turf Builder Weed & Feed for many years. I have, by far, the best looking yard in the neighborhood every year. People driving by have stopped many times to ask me how I get my yard so green and without weeds and tell them all about Scotts because I can’t personally take the credit.” —Jarhead

Price: $23.99.


A seeding mix to keep your lawn super lush. Whether you have sunny, densely shaded or high-traffic surfaces, this product will help absorb six times its weight in water, that basically helps grass grow nicely.



A bag of Good Dirt potting mix that will work magic on potted flowers. It’s formulated with BogBits (the brand’s “secret sauce”), which is a byproduct of sustainably harvested peat. Basically, it knows how much air and water to give your crop, protecting it from your over- or under-watering cluelessness.


Promising review: “Fantastic quality dirt. Excellent seed starter and good balance blend. Pricy but, worth the extra $$.” —Brackpack

Price: $9.99.


A stylish raised box planter with a stand – it boasts clean lines and a modern design to go with various living spaces. Its wood and metal construction makes it sturdy and gives it longevity.


Promising review: “The grove planter box is the perfect addition to our plant pots and indoor garden features. We love the size of it and the simple modern style is a perfect fit for our home. Love!” —Target reviewer

Price: $130.99.


A pour-and-feed liquid plant food that makes it really easy for you to be a good plant mom or dad. No mixing required, this Miracle-Gro product is ready to use right out of the bottle. Just apply directly to soil for either indoor or outdoor plants.


Promising review: “This is my first time gardening. I have two raised beds that we partially filled native soil then added Miracle-Gro garden soil to one and when we went to get more they didn’t have any so we bought a different brand. The Miracle-Gro bed did great and the other nothing grew. I even fertilized the sad looking bed. I will get more Miracle-Gro and hopefully fix the other bed.” —Nancy

Price: $5.99.


A handy lawn cart for your outdoor transporting needs. Collect weeds, grass clippings, leaves and other yard items in this portable container with wheels. With a 15-gallon capacity, you can also use it to store a multitude of gardening goodies.


Promising review: “This works for me to haul my dirt and tools around the yard. Those bags of soil are heavy and I look forward to amending my soils right in the cart. I will also use for groceries but have yet to use it.” —AZMom

Price: $42.99.


A roll of board lawn and garden edging that looks like real wood for a DIY raised bed. Install this to your landscaping using 10 stakes, which are included. Measuring 40 feet long and 5 inches height, this product is not just decorative. It’ll discourage the spread of weeds too.


Promising review: “This is an excellent product for edging. The fact that it’s 5 inches makes it more secure in the ground. The strength is another plus. It simply doesn’t age. Weather doesn’t affect it in the least. I have been using this product for over four years. Very satisfied with it!” —JJF

Price: $19.99.


A galvanized compost can for fruits and vegetables from your garden not worthy enough for eating or whatever is left over from what you have eaten.


Promising review: “I love this compost can. It is sleek and looks modern. Because of the double filter, no smells permeate. It is perfect.” —Ninna

Price: $39.99.


An oscillating rectangular sprinkler to water up to 4,000 square feet of grass. Just attach it to your hose and let it do all the watering work for you.


Promising review: “It may sound crazy to say this over something as basic as a sprinkler, but this is an excellent design. My hat is off to the designer, whoever he or she may be. I use this to water my garden from outside the fence. I can control spray height, the width of spray pattern (on each side!), and the angle of spray. It’s fully customizable. I can target the water allocation with minimal waste. Not only that, it’s lead-free, and most sprinklers are not. Imagine spraying your organic garden (or your children!) with lead!” —Happy Grandma

Price: $21.99.


A freestanding greenhouse for all-season gardening. The panels in this greenhouse will maintain the perfect temperature for your favorite plants, produce and flowers.


Promising review: “This greenhouse is really a good deal for the price. There are lots of pieces, so allow a day or so. The day I was ready to assemble it, the weather got windy and rainy, but I was able to use that time to pre-assemble the door, window, and a gable, so the actual assembly of the greenhouse didn’t take nearly so long, and I didn’t have to risk the weather holding out so long. Once assembled, it is quite sturdy, and after anchoring, I think it might just withstand our West Texas winds and sun.” —Kathy c

Price: $419.99.

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