$37 Premium Bot Sequence Training

Okay and Jake says yes all right so if you guys can hear me you can see the screen go ahead and type yes and all right can says here in New Hampshire all right Kent Owen can your name is Ken from New Hampshire though that’s funny Arturo all right everyone our tour here from Costa Rica okay can everyone see everyone else is chat I don’t know if this is general I think it’s just a general chat room where everyone can see cool all right so are you guys excited I’m super super excited to deliver this amazing value pack training with you along here with my friend wild horse soul I’ll go ahead and say hello I’m excited to be on here with you guys and thanks for thanks for having me here Nikko yeah of course man so Lyle and I were actually in a program called Global Dream builders together it’s a business mastermind and that’s how we first met and so while is a super cool awesome nice guy with and he does he has a Facebook Ads agency so he’s the guy who’s actually doing the Facebook Ads behind this amazing sequence that we’re gonna be showing you okay so get real excited for that and okay we’ve got 21 people on the line this is exciting all right you guys so let’s go ahead and dive right in so what I want to share with you guys is we’ve created something very very cool and it’s it’s really I think it’s revolutionary bio would you say that it’s revolutionary I definitely definitely game-changer I think it’s changing the game you guys so what this is based off of go ahead are you know someone else okay so I don’t know how other people are getting unmuted but you’re everyone should hopefully be muted anyways we’re gonna keep going so you guys how many of you guys know of Sam Sam Evans so if you know who Sam Evans is go ahead and give a guess down in the chat box and if you don’t that’s perfectly okay he’s a very very successful marketer that teaches people very successful okay Harmonie says high five all right I think he says yes all right so Sam Evans is a very successful marketer and one of the things that he isn’t known for specifically is phone sales like high ticket phones yeah okay Jordan says no that’s totally okay Jordan hears he’s basically this really cool this really cool dude that teaches people how to do high ticket phone sales successfully among other things so what I’ve got here is Terry says yes awesome all right so whatever I hear is the same damn ovens seven-figure sales script now this sales script is absolutely like it’s freaking gold like if you go through it this was like it’s part of like a one of his offers or something like that sort of I don’t think you can just like get it but it’s it’s absolutely amazing you guys absolutely amazing it there’s a lot of psychology here and what it really does is it positions you as not only the expert in the conversation so with the person that you’re having you know this sales conversation with the positions you as the expert but it also positions it it gets them to cause basically like self-inflicted pain and not in a bad way not in like a not even like I’m making them feel bad about themselves way but in I’m making them and I’m making them you know realize that they’re in a state of pain and that they do need a solution and the solution is going to be your product or service okay so want you guys to imagine that if you could have a phone script that would basically get people to realize you know give them over the hump get them like off the fence because you know they’re on the phone with you for a reason right like they took the time out of their day to you know book book an appointment with you to find out what you’re doing and to see if you can actually help them but what you got to do is when they when you’re on the phone with them you have to actually make them take action because a lot of people are never really going to take action like they know that there’s a problem but they’re not actually gonna take action but fix it so that’s what this phone script is all about it does a really good job of not coming off like a complete jerk on the phone like it’s not like a rude or anything like that yeah okay so Dimitri says can we get a link to Sam’s PDF never mind just they yeah so I mean I’m not at liberty to share it but I would be willing to bet that you can probably just find it on Google so anyways yeah so basically what happens here is he breaks this down until like let’s see we’ve got 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 parts and then there’s this all about handling objections and how this comes off is like when you’re going through it you really notice that it doesn’t feel you know doesn’t feel like pushy it doesn’t feel rude it’s really asking a lot of questions and then getting them getting your prospect to realize that they are you know that things are not the way that they want compete so let’s say let’s say you guys in the audience does anyone run like a Facebook ad agency or anything like that for a marketing agency go ahead and type yes if that’s you if you help people get more leads get more sales okay we’ve got yep all right so if that’s you like one thing Adams is yes all right Lawrence is trying to Jordan you’re it’s you’re there I know personally that you are there okay Jeannie says yes coaching all right so a lot of times what you want to do is you want to be you want to be they’re gonna be basically asking people you know how are things going for you right now like what what state are you in whether it’s let’s say it’s coaching are you happy with are you happy with your personal relationships right now are you happy with where you’re at in your business right now or let’s say you run a marketing agency a Facebook ad agency are you happy with are you getting consistent leads you know are you happy with the way that you are you happy with the amount of customers that you’re currently getting for your business right now would you like more and so a lot of times these sorts of open-ended questions trigger emotional responses and what that means is you’ll get people to link a state of pain you’ll elicit the state of pain to like where people are at in their business or in their lives right now okay and so what you want to do is throughout the phone call you’re going to start to tell them how your offer or your solution can help them moving forward and get them to imagine themselves having your product or your offer or solution okay so that’s that’s basically the gist of it that’s basically the gist of this seven figure sales script and it’s really really cool it’s very it’s it’s very smooth but not in like a slimy or like salesy way it’s just very it’s very like open honest and like you know you’re you’re really just like asking like open-ended questions like is that an accurate statement like if they’re trying to you know yeah once I make some money then I’ll want to work with you and like there’s actually like is that true like is that really the truth or is there some other reason so you’re just really trying to be open honest and upfront with them and help them come to let’s come to the solution that or come to the realization that you know they do need more help than where they’re at right now that makes sense you guys how does that sound and Lyle if you wanted to time hand and go ahead and like share your thoughts on it a really really powerful script and we worked on this project together so this this is very powerful and guys if that made sense just go ahead and type yes in the chat again I see a lot of yes is there from earlier I know that Sam ovens and his team has sold millions of dollars with this script and a script that we were taught with the same group that mastermind group that Nikko and I were in we use a script that is a lot similar to this it’s not this script exactly but uh but it uses the same strategy and that script has helped you know Adam do over a million through his program in the past year which is crazy so and I know we’ve I know we’ve sold I have a partner that I work with name and some and I know he’s sold over a hundred thousand dollars on the phone with a script that’s a lot like this so it’s definitely definitely a game changer when it comes to sales absolutely yeah and like yeah so Lyle was saying that we’ve got a phone script that’s very similar to this in the program that we are both in and it’s amazing to see the similarities because it’s really just all about tackling that emotion getting getting people to realize themselves like they need to come to the realization themselves that they need help and that your solution is the best way for them to get out of whatever state they’re in right now right so yeah basically figuring out why they’re here why they need your help you know where they are right now understand their current situation understand where they want to go and and really figure out why they can’t get there and why they need your help to go you know where they want to go with their business or with their financial situation so and then from there you you you can bring back what they said and basically sell them exactly what they need with with this script so we couldn’t you know copy the script word-for-word into the bot obviously but we took a lot out of the same mindset that went with this and and put it into the the script that we’re about to show you yeah so it’s like this is super good stuff you guys like I’m so excited to show you this do you guys and I own I literally stayed up like we had like late nights for this like literally like really lady zoom calls like three or four nights in a row where we were just working on like fine-tuning the language fine-tuning the copy that was gonna be within the bot and just making sure that it felt natural and that it actually made sense and we’re still optimizing it right now okay it’s not perfect but it’s still delivering amazing results which is the really really cool thing so you guys I want to ask you a quick question are you guys excited to see the bot flow we’re about to go into a mini try to count are you guys excited to see that so give me a yes if you’re excited to see that right now cuz I’m super pumped up to show you how cool our Toro says yes bring it on Jordan yes all right awesome you guys I am super pumped up all right you got a lot of emoji is harmony says yeah that’s awesome okay cool you guys I’m super super pumped up to show you show you this okay so we’ve actually got something really cool I don’t wanted to ask you guys do you guys want to actually go through this but right now or do you think that that would be something to save until the end what do you think is better well actually what do you think is better would you guys get more value from this but yes by the way who’s drawing on the screen if you can like it really so it really depends guys I don’t know if there’s a way you can you can do this one of your own and watch the zoom at the at the same time but if you’re on a on a you know laptop I know you can open another browser so if you guys want I will give you a link where you can join into this bot sequence and literally go through each step as we talk about it and get a feel for what your customers are gonna be feeling when they go through it because that’s that’s what’s really important you guys want to be able to use this to sell whatever it is that you have to sell right and that’s what this sequence can do exactly you guys so I want to make sure that you I want to make sure that you guys are picturing yourself like or picturing your own bot like talking to your exact customers you can you can obviously like play with the wording here if things are not gonna make sense for your specific business you just paste in your details paste in the things that will make sense for your business and go okay so it’s very very cool all right so you guys are saying yes give us link to the bots but I actually think that it’s gonna be a lot more valuable if we go through go through this training right here together on the screen walk through absolutely everything step by step and then we let you guys go through the bots on your own at the end just so that you can just say you’re not distracted okay so okay so harmony okay so everyone I don’t know everyone wants to go through it right now do you guys wanna go through right now or do you guys want to actually like see it on the screen I want to make sure that this is the most valuable most value packed training for you guys so whatever you feel is gonna give you the best you know the best understanding of what’s going on here go through now okay all right Lincoln now cool okay so Lyle you got the link right yes I’m gonna post it right now and I don’t know if you can pin this Nikko I don’t know if I can pin that either okay figure if they don’t go the way I’ll post it again so there is the link hopefully if you guys are on a phone you do not try to do this at the same time I’m not sure how that’s gonna work but there is the link also I saw there was a question up farther what triggers the bot so there are different triggers and that’s something that I think Nika I know he covers in the course and he will be probably going through on it on another chat but there are multiple ways to trigger you can make a trigger from a comment on a post or on an ad and or you can make a trigger from a link just like the link that we just post it and we’ve found that people will enter a bot sequence and you can engage with them this is the only thing the only form of marketing where you can automatically actually ask them open-ended questions I don’t think there’s really anything you can do that with in this way so that’s what Anna and it’s easier to get people with into it because people seemed to be very acceptable to to entering the bot so there is the link for it and yeah you guys so go ahead and click that link that’s gonna trigger the first message of the bots and yeah as Leo said there’s if you’re on an iPhone it’s might be tricky to like be on the on the zoom call as well so just keep that in mind okay you guys so let’s go ahead and get started so what we’re gonna do here is this is the starting step and actually one thing that I’m noticing while like do you have any idea why the CTRs are one and six even though it’s you know it’s 91% that’s weird I just realized so are you that is weird maybe we edited them last night so maybe that’s it maybe it has to do with that I don’t know oh I’m not sure anyways many chats having a little like weirdness right there but we should be able to see yeah cool we can see the other CTRs and they look normal so okay teri says where’s the link it’s the previous message teri so it’s the one right above where you just posted and right there I was just posting again so if anyone wants to go through the bots right now go ahead and click that all right so we’re gonna see the first message right here and I want you guys to kind of like look at the screen that I am sharing with you guys and then go do it in the bot step by step just so that you guys like can absorb like the actual power of the Sun just how cool it really is okay so when people are getting into the bot there’s an initial message right here above this starting step that’s gonna say something like awesome like just to confirm did you really mean to subscribe and now that’s something there are a lot of rules that you need to be aware of with many chat and with Facebook Messenger and so that is one of the things that you need to be aware of you need to make sure that you’re getting people as the actual permission to subscribe into the bottom so that’s happening up above here and now what we’ve got here is the first message so it says sweet I’m excited for you let’s get started first name are you really a are you a really busy person it would rather pay someone to do it all for you or would you prefer a teach you step by step how to do it all yourself so basically what we’re trying to do right here is we’re trying to gauge whether the person who’s entered the bot is going to want a done-for-you service or a course or some training or something like that okay I just want to add this is this is really where where we determine whether or not the person is you know a high-ticket basically basically they need the service done for them just like an agency would provide so this would be an ideal client or if they say teach me how this would be a person that could benefit from the course and they would they would like to do it themselves so so the do it all for me would go down a route for a higher ticket client at this point yeah we’ve actually we’ve actually Niko didn’t you already have at least a couple applications and a sale from that yeah I’ve gotten okay so i’ve gotten three sales as of today and for phone consultations isn’t that crazy that is crazy and that wasn’t even included in the in the in the full price that was not included in the full price you guys because the invoices have just been sent and like are the ones from today have been sent and not all of them have come back so like literally this is where it’s worth more than 65-hundred like as of right now but for the four day time period that’s what it was but this thing is like absolutely crushing you guys so I am so so pumped up to like walk through this with you guys step-by-step so first what we’re gonna do here do you think it makes sense to go through yes let’s go through that let’s go through each I would say let’s go through the go through the high table one yes let’s go through that first this is the shorter one this is a further sequence so okay so what we’ve determined here is we’ve basically filtered out people who you know they’re gonna want a high ticket service they don’t want to bother with building BOTS at all they want someone to just do it all for them so when that happens what we do is we we take an action group here and I’m just I’m taking to the water we take an action group here and we subscribe them to a sequence so that we can follow up with them later okay so this is very important we actually didn’t even have this on the first day we didn’t have any follow up and it was still doing amazing but we got a sale without a follow-up right Niko yeah I still got a sale like right from right from a phone call right from this sequence I got a sale of a high ticket service and also I think I got a course sale on the very first day as well and then a couple more the next two days so it was crazy like this works crazy good you guys what we’re doing here though is we subscribe them to a follow up sequence the checks in with them the following day so that’s what that is right there and then let’s see ok so then this is the message that they get right after this so it says awesome I figure do you want me to do it for you a first name but I decided to be asked just to be sure here’s how it’s going to work and so this is straight from the Sam Evans script you guys so you want to take the lead and you want to show people that you are kind of like you know you’re the leader in this situation ok so you set expectations and you tell them how this conversation is going to go so we say you know this is how it’s gonna work so first I’m gonna tell you a little bit about myself and how this works then I’ll be asking a few questions to see if your business is a good fit for us to work together sound good and that’s it very very simple that’s straight from Sam Evans so I can’t take credit for that at all I’m not trying to cure it for that but it’s really really good it’s simple and you’re just setting the tone for the rest of the conversation and here another thing I want to add is is in marketing you want to get your you know customer client to say yes as many times as possible so here you are getting your future customer to say yes for the first time or second time and you want to get him to say yes or her to say yes as many times as possible before you offer them what you have to offer it’s gonna really warm them up subconsciously absolutely so that’s pretty cool guys isn’t it so then we happen as we’ve got this next message here it says awesome over the last year I’ve been able to help clients generate multiple millions of dollars using my copywriting skills in conversion optimization strategies and then so this is just this is just literally just following up with what it says here you’re supposed to qualify yourself tell them why they should actually listen to you so I’m gonna tell you a little about myself here’s a picture of an award that I won so just to have a little bit of social proof in there here’s one of the awards I received for getting my funnel converting at 70 at 99% dreamy top one percent conversion marketer recently I’ve been helping successful marketers easily 2×2 3 exeter webinars using a revolutionary new messenger bot strategy now this is the cool so this is kind of you know where we transition into telling you know how we can actually help them ok because you don’t want to gush on for too long especially with a messenger but about about you right you want to quickly turn it into how you can help them and then here’s a case study from one of my successful customers so this is a testimonial from jr.

Revis some of you guys may know jr. Revis we did his messenger BOTS for one of those webinars and so this is a video testimonial right here and that’s the really cool part guys like you can upload videos you can upload images just make it really interactive and a lot less boring than an email so we’ve got that video right in there and then it says you want to see how we can implement this into your business first name and then we’ve got a yes or a no and it’s totally cool by the way to ask yes or no right because if people are not interested you don’t want to you don’t want to get people who are you know not really feeling it you want to get people who are excited and who are ready to take action right while that was kind of like I think those who knows maybe your idea yes and here basically we eventually would like to build it out to basically have them fill out you know their phone number their email and different qualifying questions right in the bot but we didn’t have time to do any of that and we threw it together rather quickly so right here we send them to an application page for they fill out an application eventually that I think that would work very well to have that right in the bot but as of now they go straight to a page with an application where they fill out an application and then they have a either schedule once or calendly integration to schedule a time for a call and then I’m gonna get closed on the phone after this yeah exactly and so this is like as you guys can see we did not spend like this part this half of the bot we did not spend a ton of time I’m like you really just tried to get it done quickly like right here we just basically say cool what I’m gonna do is ask you a few questions and see if we’re a good fit and if so we’ll schedule a phone call and get things rolling so that’s literally just right there and then Demetri any chance to get this bot as a template yes I’m going to tell you how at the end all right so it’s gonna be it’s gonna be pretty exciting so harmony interacting with your bot it’s awesome sauce thank you so much harming that means a time I love hearing your guys feedback seriously so go ahead so that’s the that’s the high-ticket leg of things so people who want about done for them now we’re gonna take a look at the teach me house this would be people who are excited to learn about messenger BOTS themselves and they you know potentially would be a good fit for our messenger BOTS course and this this here you guys if if any of you guys have a course that you’re selling you can use this same sequence yes dude like the this is the part that we’re really excited about Jake says this is killer I’m all over this perfect for me Jake I am so stoked to hear that seriously like it means a lot and I’m excited for you alright so yeah you guys we’re gonna go through the course sequence now and it’s absolutely incredible because we literally had no idea if this is actually gonna be able to sell like a course without a webinar like us like I said seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred dollar course I think I think the first day we launched it was eight hundred nine hundred and it’s still been selling this without a webinar which is freaking amazing because if any of you guys are you know familiar with digital marketing familiar with you know overall internet marketing usually when you’ve got a course but you know anywhere from like seven hundred to like two thousand dollars typically what you need but you know you need a webinar to sell that thing and so obviously it would it would be cool to have a webinar for this but this sequence has been selling her high-ticket course without a webinar so that’s it’s so so powerful and we’re like we were just blown away when like the first sales started coming in right wow we were blown away and imagine combining this you know potentially with a webinar even but yes we’ve we’ve had you know we’re actually running cold traffic to an ad that’s converting very very well straight to the spot at this point so who are we targeting best if that’s our little secrets but so yes so I don’t know sneak of this yeah it’s going to it so so you guys once they click this button up here teach me how then just like we did that in the first step what we do is we go to we just create an action step here in mini chat and we subscribe them to the course follow-up sequence now we don’t even have that big of a follow up sequence for this either but basically the bot just checks in with them the following day to you know to see what they thought of the course if they didn’t sign up already so that’s what’s going on there we’ve only got one one follow-up sequence for that we might add more depending on how this goes but literally just added the follow-up last night so it was performing super super well with zero follow up you guys that’s why like Maya and I were like is this real it was crazy it’s crazy yes working really really well you guys I’m so excited to share with you so basically when people tell you when people tell us you know hey I want to I want to learn this to teach me how to do it let me say awesome I figured you rather learn how to do it yourself but I decided I had to ask just to be sure so it’s kind of funny because that’s the same that we set up above but just making it a little bit different for this scenario but that was just kind of like you know we just tried to we’re just wanting to make make sure that people felt like you know we were respecting them like we wanted to ask you know before before going into something so first I’m going to ask you a little bit out of your business and your main goals right now and if it seems like I can help you I’ll tell you more about what I have to offer does it sound good and then they’ll say yes of course so again basically we’re just setting expectations telling them how this process is going to go and then sound good yes of course so like I said before we’re just trying to get them to say yes as many times as possible so you guys kind of start to picture like how this would fit into your business okay actually that’s that’s funny so James when you’re development court I bet that that’s Jackie Jackie is that you James community it says great for a non-profit in a box success toolkit so that’s really good I’m glad that you can see how this is working how this could work for your specific business all right so and the thing the cool thing is like this is really really flexible like with this template like you know it all comes like ready to go but what you what you can do is you can still edit the text and like emojis and buttons and everything like that basically I just want to add so and Sam ovens part one would be small chat for two to three minutes so basically that first message was obviously small chat for two to three minutes but it kind of replicates that part to would be state the agenda and take the lead which is which is what we did when we said here’s how this is going to work so first we’re gonna ask you a few questions and then we’re going to see if basically if you’re a good fit so there we’re stating via Jenna agenda and taking the lead and then that brings us on to part three which is figuring out why they are here which that takes a couple messages but that’s what we’re really gonna work at yeah absolutely so we just try to get a good understanding of where they’re at and yeah why they opted it in the first place so we’ve got awesome as you can see with chat BOTS it’s easy to set proper expectations get permission from your prospects to tell them more about how you can help them and do it all in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or sales or you so right here we actually decided to kind of explain why the bot is why the bot is valuable to the people who are you know going through this flow so we’re telling them hey you can actually like get permission from people by asking you know they have to say yes before you before they move on down the flow so that it doesn’t feel like you’re being pushy or salesy like they’re the ones who are kinda like asking for it right and then we’ve got and let’s see so first name what is your number one goal in your business over the next 12 months type your answer below and then we’ve got some free e board free keyboard input where people can go ahead and just tell us exactly what it is because we didn’t want to actually have buttons for that right we just wanted to be able to get you know yes yes look where they’re at so we have we have a couple free keyboard up just suggestions for them to type back and they they just click on one it’s the suggestions whichever one fits them it really doesn’t matter which one they click it just gives us an idea when we look over it you know later because we actually get all this data which is which is awesome yeah it’s it’s just like it it’s very very cool cuz we do get this is kind of it’s kind of like you know having people fill out a survey like you get to you have to collect the responses in your BOTS and so this gives you a really really valuable data for your business when you’re like you know just customer research in general and creating new offers you know figuring out how you can best serve people in your business so this is mega valuable even if you got zero sales from this at all like a zero can you still see how valuable this would be to get all these people telling you exactly where they’re at exactly what their problems are everything like that can you guys see how valuable it is where they’re at and then exactly where they want to be and then why they can’t why they can’t get there which exactly so we’ve got perfect so I can gauge where you’re at what is your monthly revenue at right now and they just tell us you know roughly what their monthly income is then we’ve got alright what is your target revenue for the next 12 months total and you guys right here the goal is to make them help them realize that you know there’s there’s a gap between where they’re at right now and where they want to go in the next year and so the goal of that is to basically you know we’ve got it we better get them to realize you know if you want to make this change here if you want to make the change from where you’re at right now to this revenue goal like you’re gonna have to do something differently right like you’re not just going to get there by doing the same thing and so what we said right here was perfect I love helping people who are motivated like you and like myself so and that’s actually kind of a little like a psychology trick like a and like a rapport builder so when you say when you try to relate with them when you tell people that like you have things in common that helps build a little bit of extra rapport so that’s a cool little tip then we’ve got so a first name do you have a clear action plan in place to achieve those numbers in the next 12 months and it’s a-okay to be honest because most people don’t so what we wanted to do here at Loyola you kind of came up with this question what was the yeah but was a psychology behind that this is so so basically we’re really trying to figure out why they’re here and and you’re also trying to figure out you’re also trying to get your potential customer to figure out why they are there so here do you have a clear action plan to achieve what your goals are in the next 12 months so you just ask this potential you know client or or customer where they are now where they want to be and that and then do they have a clear game plan to get there so they can either say no I don’t or I kind of do or yes 100% and if they say yes 100% then we’re really going to question why they’re here because if they have a game plan to get there 100% and they really don’t need what what you know you have to offer what we have to offer so so if they say yes 100% we take them down to another message that and if you want to scroll there yeah that says awesome let me ask you this so you know works we’re happy for them that they have that but you know what motivated you to take the time out of your day and start this conversation number one and number two or basically what I’m asking is if you already have a clear game plan why are you here and we want them to type their answer out we want them to tight out why they are going through the sequence which we’re going to be able to see that later but more importantly than that your customer is gonna be telling themselves why they’re here and why potentially they need to buy your product and then you’re gonna say okay I understand that makes sense so that make sense why I’m here and from there we go back or go ahead Nikko and I’m just gonna say absolutely yeah from there we go back up to the next message which if they say no or kinda we’re gonna send them straight here or no if they say no we’re at Conda we’re gonna say you know I’ve got good news for you you’re in the right place and then we’re going to send them straight up to the next message and women basically we don’t want to like make them feel bad about themselves like there’s a certain type of pain that you want to trigger in people you want to help them realize that you want to help them realize like that the things that they’re doing are not effective and that needs to be changed but you don’t want to make them feel bad about themselves like as a person so right so they just don’t have a clear game plan or or they don’t have the right information or they might need a mentor to help map out what would work for them so we’re really just trying to get them to see what they’re really looking for here and what they need yep and so we want to just want to be like reassuring right here so like I’ve got good news for you you’re in the right place and so then what happens after that is we take them to so here’s my question for you which of these things do you think would best support you in hitting your sales goals over the next 12 months and then we played with this a lot it used to be a lot longer but we kind of just decided to shorten it up right yes so what’s gonna help you guys the most you’re asking your customer what they need what they want from you yeah and these are so the reason that we had these three things by the way is because these are like three you know really coolest things and biggest opportunities with bots today so we kinda wanted to get people excited and see how BOTS can most help them so what we’ve got right here is 2x my webinar get more sales and brand engagement so I mean how many of you guys okay so really any business that you’re in would it help would it be helpful for you guys to get 800 to 100 percent open rates like wouldn’t that be crazy like crazy amazing and like wouldn’t you love to get more qualified leads and sales like pretty much any business can benefit from that now the one that you know is a little bit less relevant to everyone is to exit a webinar because not everyone runs webinars and that’s totally okay but we just wanted to give people the option to kind of see what BOTS can really do and how powerful and how cool they are now Jeanne says where’d all the responses goes they appear to Google sheets you can do that Jeanne right now they just go here into the live chat so if you don’t have that set up they’ll automatically just go into the live chat section and you can read every single one and you can actually go in and reply to each user individually like sometimes many chat will get a little bit stuck and you know maybe someone will not like the bot won’t trigger or something like that and we can say hey just click it again or if they have a question or if they’re you know or even if they say like hey you know like maybe they stopped halfway through but they messaged you and say like I want like I want you to do this for me like right now like that’s pretty cool but you can go in there and just see that and it could be a nightmare depending on volume I mean it’s not like they’re bombarding your inbox per se like they’re right here so you can even kind of just stuff and you can mark ones is read and complete if you don’t want to deal with them so it’s actually really really cool and mega powerful and valuable so where were we at in the flow I feel like we skipped a couple of spikes right right there straight down cool so now that we tell them let me tell them got it what do you feel is keeping you from achieving that type your answer below we just asked them what they really want and we gave them a multiple choice question I mean that could be an open-ended question it doesn’t really matter what we ask them what they really really need here in one what’s gonna help them the most and and then we asked them why they you know why they feel that they’re not achieving that on their own or why why they need us to help them get that basically and and they’re gonna type an answer there which is she’s gonna give us valuable data but if we get bombarded with a with a lot yes we can test different sequences at the same time this one is not does not have a split test in it right now but we were earlier doing some split tests you can send you know fifty percent of the traffic to one answer and two percent to the other vice-versa but uh so here here they tell us why they don’t think they can achieve it themselves and most most importantly they’re telling themselves this so this is also a singles technique the psychology behind it is is what really matters here so from there they go on to the next one after they reply it says all right if we could help you achieve your goals how much would that be worth to you so they basically said that they need us they told us what they want why they’re here why they can’t do it themselves and we say all right you know all right Tom can we if we could help you achieve this yourself or if we could teach you to achieve this what would that be worth to you and they put a price tag on it so instead of giving them some stack at the end of a webinar trying to tell them what it’s worth we’re gonna let them tell us what they think it’s worth which is also a sales technique yeah that was straight from the Sam Evans script great nilly subscribe behind of we yes the strategy the psychology is the same we just had to kind of change the the way it was cuz obviously it’s not in person it’s gonna but yeah oh yeah because they were we in the sales script you need them to tell you like the exact number or something right yeah this is so cool people are literally telling you like if you construct this in the right way and you’re really truthfully describing your solution or your service literally you’re getting people to tell you that like look at that like people are getting you to tell you that are people are telling you that you know what you have to offer them could be worth like 2,500 to 5,000 dollars five thousand ten thousand dollars ten thousand to twenty five thousand dollars 15 percent of people said that if we could solve this for them okay so we’re putting people in this state of pain where they’re like wow I really do need help and then we’re asking them how much would it be worth if we could actually help you do that and then people are assigning like huge monetary values to that which is absolutely amazing yes so I see we got other question there that is long which I’m gonna check out that site quick you can keep going forward if you want Nico all right cool so what we’ve got here is each of these responses goes down to this next message here the only one it says if it says Eurodollars I’m broke so sorry the first thing this is probably not gonna be a good fit for you now later on we might we could edit this to say like here’s some you know okay here’s some free videos in the Facebook group or something like that we just didn’t have time to that but that might be a good option to do to help people who have that response but for everyone else who you know they’re serious they are potentially gonna put some money down on the line for your service for whatever you’re offering them here then we want to move them on to the next step okay and so you guys this is crazy crazy powerful like it doesn’t even matter what price tag your service or your product is like you can just steal these certain numbers put the buttons here and you’d be surprised what people will tell you like I didn’t think that anyone would say like any of these upper two and they did so it’s really really cool and then with that psychological framing it makes your product or service as if it’s less it makes it seem like you know like a steal like a no-brainer so what happens next is it says earlier around today you told me you wanted to learn step by step and do this all yourself so how quickly would you like to start seeing results now what we’re doing here is we’re having them assign a time right we want them to actually be telling us you know when they’re ready to get started taking action implementing this okay so we’ve got two options but as soon as possible and they’re not important to me so if it’s not important to me like I mean it’s not important to them then okay drew says knowledge is profit the more you know the more you can earn absolutely drew so then we’ve got as soon as possible or not important to me and so let’s just quickly go through this flow really quick so not important to me then we’re gonna ask them like really first name like so the results that we’ve discussed with you are not something that you want to have happen for you and look we said either I do want the results or no I don’t want the results and then they say yeah like I actually I actually do want the results that we’ve been discussing in this chat but a hundred percent o sent to I think we edited the call-to-action mile didn’t we yeah sorry I was reading something Oh anyways I think we made an edit to this step but anyways we we just want to confirm with people and like remind them like you really really don’t want to be achieving the results that you just told us we’re so important to you and then they’ll say like yes actually oops they’ll say yes actually I do want that and so then what happens here or if we say no we tell them they’re probably you know possibly not a good fit and and then if they insist that they are they can they can keep going which is more sales psychology behind like warming them up and getting them to beg for it basically yep cool so what happens next you guys is right here they take their taken to this step here which says okay so in order to achieve the goals that you’ve mentioned as quickly and easily as possible the premium training program messenger BOTS for entrepreneurs is the perfect solution so you guys this is where you would come in with your offer okay so let’s say you’re helping people you know you’re in the famous industry and you’re helping people lose weight and they’ve said you know like this is my goal weight but I’ve been struggling to get there then you can say okay so in order to achieve the goals that you’ve mentioned as quickly and easily as possible this coaching program here is you know it’s the perfect solution that’s absolutely gonna help you reach those goals and I’m gonna help you one-on-one do that if you’ve got let’s say maybe you’ve got some other sort of you have an agency or a marketing service and you’re saying like okay you’ve been struggling getting consistent leads for your business this this service here my like premium package for like Facebook Ads for local businesses is absolutely going to help you out and here’s here’s how its gonna do that okay and then we say first though let me ask you this okay so as not being where you want it to be in terms of your goals had an impact on any other areas of your life or personal happiness again how community are you to fixing that right now so this is very very psychological as well because what we’re doing is we’re not net we’re not trying to sell them you know the solution right we’re selling them we’re sending them kind of like their desired outcome whatever that means for them so you know if they’re in a state of pain like it’s more than likely it’s impacting other areas of their life and so that’s what we’re doing right here we’re getting them to realize that and then the second question right after that we’re getting them to commit to us and to themselves saying that they’re committed to fixing it right now right so we’re priming them to take act and we’re prying them to get ready take action on our offer and that’s the really cool part you guys like it just you know it doesn’t even depend it didn’t matter like what your offer is like doing this psychological process in the right order is it just works right like it’s it’s so crazy powerful yes 100% cool and so let’s see what happens when they say I’m not sure it just says in order for us to move forward with this you know you need to be a hundred percent committed to your success are you committed then they say yes a hundred percent every single one yeah and then and then that we’ve got a cool I’m glad to hear your hundred percent committed and then that’s what happened that’s where they go if they tell us the first thing that they’re 100% committed so we say right here 100% committed first name so in this premium training program you’re going to learn exactly what you need to know to go from where you are now to where you want to be fast so whether you’re a coach consultant and network marketer or yourself physical products or courses this program is going to help you turn up the heat fast in your business and then just some fun little emojis to lighten it up then we’ve got typing for two seconds instead of listing it all out there and by the way you guys Lyle and I were we were debating with all the typing blocks because you know it kind of looked it kind of can take a little while when the bot is like typing especially since many chat has a delay so I need many chat sometimes Dez gets laid so we decided we used to have a ton more typing box and we actually went through it again and we were like you know this actually is not blowing as quickly and as nicely as we wanted to so we deleted a lot of the typing blocks and the orders the order of the messages I saw a question just came up there’s just the numbers on the messages just has to do with with the order we’ve we’ve written them and how we actually ended up sliding them around in the software here so there they yeah it would be in order that has nothing to do with that we can actually name those messages whatever we want we could call it you know message training message something else we can we can name them but that’s yeah it’s just like the lawyer everyone with the OCD I’m looking at the numbers yeah dream me so that’s just like it’s the order in which we create the step so like let’s say we made this one first and then we realized later on like oh we actually needed one before that and we created this later then it’s just gonna label it number seventeen so that’s what’s going on there and then finally what we’ve got here is we’ve said instead of listing it all out here with huge blocks of text I’ve got all the details you requested on the order page but let me ask you this if everything on the order page makes sense would you be ready to get started right now so basically before we show them the order page we’re asking them you know are you ready to get started are you ready to take right now and then we’ve got some people saying yes of course and some people are saying oh that’s what I forgot we did that so it says yes of course and then we can actually see I want to show you guys because you can’t see it you can see what it actually looks like because of the those percentages but we basically just a hill and through right now can see it in there oh yeah if you’re going through it right now then you can see it there this is yes of course and yes of course so we’re just kind of want to be like a little bit funny and playful and tell people like you know this is something that you need you should be absolutely amped up about it and we give them – yes options so what happens there is let me just say great so here that’s going to happen first click the button below and you’ll be sent to the order page actually Lyle do you want to walk through this one cuz you did like most of this yes so basically here we’re gonna tell them step by step exactly what this process is gonna look like we want we want to paint a picture in their head of them going to the next page putting all their details and and clicking the button that says complete my order after that you will get instant access to the full course with all the bonus is all the updates everything it’s it’s it’s gonna have lifetime updates and then you’re going to get directions on how you can join the private students only Facebook mastermind community and then we give them the option to go to the order page right here and they already have the mental you know picture painted out in their head so this is you know and this can work for anyone that’s selling a digital product a service a course this this bot sequence will work great for and then we send them another one that says PS the entire bot sequence you just went through is right now is a bonus in the course so we’re actually going to give this spot sequence away so they can download it right into their many chat program in the course so we’re just telling them about a basically and we give them another chance to go to the order page and because some people are still sitting there thinking right and then basically we wait five minutes and we send them another message that says hey I’m just just wondering if everything worked alright on the order page for you what is the wording on that that we did thank you um let’s see also let me know when you check out the order page let me know when you figure out how the order page worked for you yes so and then there’s another option to go to the order page so sometimes some people might actually leave and not go to the order page and they might get this message five minutes later and and they may at that point be reminded to click on it now early on we put them on a sequence to put them on a follow-up sequence so that the huge part is following up with people you know they they’re gonna get a message a couple days later and you guys everyone that went through this sequence it will will get the follow-up messages from this which is which is really cool you’re gonna be able to see that and yes so that’s that’s pretty much it

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