Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: How To Become A ClickFunnels SUPER AFFILIATE!

In this video I’m gonna show you exactly how you can make money online with affiliate marketing now if you don’t know what a Flair marketing is it’s when you take somebody else’s product and you promote that product for a commission you get a percentage usually around about 50 percent so if you sell if you promote a product for $200 you will be getting $100 for promoting that product at if 50 percent commission now the good thing about affiliate marketing guys you don’t need any products of your own you can promote other people’s products so in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how I became a super affiliate promoting one particular program I’m also going to show you how you can do exactly the same I’m gonna show you the method that I’m using to get Commission’s that not many people are using and it’s working very very well for me I’m going to share this with you right now inside this video so this example into my office and I’ll show you exactly what you can do to start doing affiliate marketing and if even if you’re experienced in this I guarantee this is going to help you understand affiliate marketing more and how you can leverage this to get more commissions in your Flett business alright guys we’re back sorry my camera battery died just before so we ended a little bit abruptly there but let’s get into this guys I’m going to teach you how to become a super affiliate now I’ve been doing this for quite a while and I’ve got a little bit of a strategy that I’ve been using that no one else is really using and it’s no one else’s figured it out yet so I’m going to kind of show you how it all works these are just some earnings recent earnings this is all this week so you can see but philia marketing guys is pretty much where you get a commission from selling someone else’s product and you can start with free traffic methods as well you know if you don’t have any money for advertising so what we’re going to be mainly talking about in this particular video guys is a program called click funnels now click funnels is something that’s really good for promoting because a lot of people use it and they’re going to be using it for a super long time it’s a program where you can create landing pages funnels webinars just literally anything to do with the business you can send out emails and stuff like that when you have an online business when other people have an online business they need something like this so you can promote it and get a commission that’s the great thing about this when you promote courses make money line stuff Fitness courses it’s a lot harder because a lot of people don’t really need that and you have to actually find that pocket of people but most people online I’m gonna be needing something like this so we’re gonna be mainly talking about clickfunnels and I became I actually won a dream car so if we go to here I won the clickfunnels dream car competition the fastest out of anybody I won it in about four weeks that’s when you get over a hundred people on the clickfunnels trial I think I said Shopify before clickfunnels trial and you went and they give you money for a car each month so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in this video now why do I like clickfunnels guys it’s a monthly recurring income so it comes every single month you get thirty eight dollars per trial plus there’s other programs that we’ll be looking at in a second it’s a software so it’s got long retention that means people stay and use it for a longer time depending on how you actually promote it and I’m gonna show you the way that I promote it to get people to stay longer you can share funnels with friends and family whatever you want um they have other offers you can promote so what they have guys’s other offers you can promote this this book here you can promote this here which is called the perfect webinar script and you get all of these commissions here it’s actually 40% funnel scripts as well you can promote that and we’ll talk about this in a second this is about the sticky cookie so there’s lots of things you can promote with the click funnels okay and it’s something a lot of people need and they have a thing called the sticky cookies we were talking about more later on in this video so guys the thing about click funnels right the biggest problem is if people are doing paid advertising everyone’s running Google ads and fighting for the same thing most people are paying around about $100 plus to get someone on to the click funnels trial I’m doing it for under 60 I high very rarely ever spend $60 either click funnels trial on warm traffic I’m getting trials for under $10 and I don’t know anybody else doing this right now I everyone’s fighting for their piece of the pie over there I’m over here getting click funnels trials for really really cheap so that’s one problem with click funnels and I decided to separate myself from that problem and go ahead at myself and I’ve created the strategy and I’ll show you the exact strategy right now so this strategy is really really simple guys this is my secret sauce you should offer them something they need so what I do guys is I create a free training and inside a niche so in this particular case we’re gonna say that ecommerce niche Shopify training I create a free training 100% free now this training is to collect the email of the people that I’m trying to advertise to so for example I might be getting my traffic from blogs ads YouTube I’m going to show you a great YouTube example in this video and the second of one of my ones that’s working a real live example I send them to a page guys where I collect their email then I give them a free training now I train them with the offer so for example I’m gonna be like hey this is a free training on how to start an e-commerce store and I’m gonna give you a free funnel so the whole point of this guys is just to collect the email now once I have them inside guys and they’ve watched the training I’m gonna give them a free funnel that I’ve created inside click funnels or you can actually pay people on websites called up work to create funnels for you that you can giveaway that’s my secret sauce giving away these funnels so what happens guys like I created an opt-in page and I get them into my training and then I give them the funnel so what happens guys is I say hey I’m gonna give you this free funnel that you can use and I send them to a page where they have to get a click funnels trial first once they get the click funnels trial they email me and I give them the funnel that’s the secret so what everyone is doing guys is they’re just going out and spamming and telling people hey get on this click funnels trial but I am educating people on how to use click funnels so they stay for a longer period of time and they give them the tools they need to make it work for them because I want them to succeed and stay on the trial for a longer amount of time now if one person sticks to the trial guys I get thirty eight dollars per month forever for as long as they stay on there so as you can see I’m getting very very good money from this particular myth that I’m making over $10,000 per month doing this particular method and it works extremely well and this is exactly how I’m doing that guys I’m gonna show you proof in a second of a couple of YouTube videos that I have so and actually I’ll show you that example right now I have a reminder there this is the actual example this particular video here Clickbank tutorial how to make money online if you click on this particular video I teach people how to run Google ads promoting a Clickbank which is another program offer and then I actually give them the landing page guys so down here I go get your free template click on the template so the actual YouTube video is the training I don’t actually collect emails at this point but I say hey get your trial here and then I’ll give you the template and then I send them the template that I made and click funnels and they go and use it and click funnels so that’s the method guys and it’s very very very good method to to do it’s extremely extremely good now when you actually send people to a page to start a click funnels trial you can just create any type of page this is one here and what I say is hey if you get the click funnels trial I’m gonna give you all of these templates for free so we’ve got an affiliate template we’ve got an e-commerce template we’ve got another this is an opt-in template here we’ve got an affiliate template here and I’ve also got a landing plate and landing page template so when you say to people hey you can start a business you can use click funnels and all this sort of stuff what’s going to happen guys is you’re like you give them the training and the funnels and the landing pages they’re going to stay for a super super long time because if educated them on how to use click funnels and how to actually use these particular landing pages right so that’s basically the secret sauce now what you want to do after that guys it’s really really really important because it’s gonna pay for a lot of your ads people want done for you services funnels and landing pages and sorry funnels and landing pages take a long time to create so you do it for them for them to stay longer okay that is the key to this but what I also do guys actually sorry before you move on to that this is another example that I actually did Facebook ads I created a video and this is actually the e-commerce one I got people to go in to download my free ecommerce training this is the ad right here and then I actually sent them to another page after that and I saw them a seventeen dollar product but we don’t need to worry about that not part of this and so I gave them I gave them an entire training on how to do ecommerce now the thing is guys after that what I want to do is start sending them emails to people on my email list by using an autoresponder you can start making money back in the backend this is really important so what I do guys is I have my email sit up here I use get response I’ll leave a trial link below if you want to check it out but I use get response so you can also use click funnels they have an email player our system I just like to use get response and I send emails guys every single day to these people for like the next two weeks promoting other click funnels products like this book okay I like the perfect webinar script so what happens guys is those emails essentially end up paying for any Facebook advertising that I did I do any Google Ads or if I’m sending free traffic this money is free that I can pocket myself and keep okay so that’s the next key is to set up an email responder and go and send out all of the stuff and make money with that right that’s really critical to this method okay now the sticky cookie guides is what makes click funnels amazing so the sticky cookie is quite cool what it means is you can send someone to a click funnels page if they leave and they come back six months later or a year later and make a purchase you get that commission the good thing about the sticky cookie guys and click funnels is they have a thing called free ebooks you can go and give away a free book to your email list to your friends on your Facebook on your YouTube or wherever you’re getting your traffic from and people go and put their email in now you don’t make any money at this point but let’s say a week later two weeks later the creators of clickfunnels start sending out emails to this person and they make a purchase you get a commission so you give away something for free – so they put the email in and then you get a commission later on down the track when they when when they maybe they’ll see the the book somewhere or they’ll actually go out and get the click funnels trial eventually you’ll get a commission because of the sticky cookie so the way you can make money of click funnels guys is simple the first way is to get people on the click funnels trial by doing that offering them a done-for-you package training and a funnel the next way you can make money ones clickfunnels is by promoting other clickfunnels products in the backend there’s an affiliate backend the next way is by giving people free books and stuff from click funnels and there’s a sticky cookie and you will get Commission’s whenever someone buy something off click funnels okay but your main focus should be getting people on the click funnels trial now obviously I can’t take you through everything in this video you know we the YouTube only upload videos that are usually under 20 minutes however I do have a free training that will take you through how to become a click a super affiliate with click photos you can click the link below this is completely free you’ll be taken through 3 days of training you’ll also get an invitation to this exclusive affiliate club where people say guys that has had some dental work where people are actually already posting results from the training we have I think if there’s another one here this is another guy who 16 hours ago has also just posted some results as well every single day we get people inside the group posting results so you’ll get free access to this by going to the link below and you’ll get access to all of this free training straightaway it’ll take you to this page we get sent to straightaway via email then you’ll also get access to the affiliate group with his results posted all the time with people getting results okay and you’ll give it everything you need all the free files and stuff so you know and then you can use that if you want to go and get people inside the clickfunnels affiliate stuff yourself alright guys so I hope you enjoyed the video any questions let me know but this pretty much is exactly how I get my affiliate Commission’s with click funnels by giving away funnels and done-for-you education packages okay so hit the link below guys if you want to jump it on this free training 100% free no cost for you hit the like hit subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video any questions let me do it know down below and I’ll be happy to answer them for you

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