Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Visiting People’s “Animal Crossing” Islands

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Visiting People’s “Animal Crossing” Islands

For those unfamiliar with Animal Crossing: unless you are friends with someone, you can’t invite them over to your island in the game. A “Dodo code” allows you to invite a stranger to your island.

AOC made her first visit to an island belonging to Justin Mirsky, 32, and Laura Smykla, 33. The married couple are both casual players who are big fans of Ocasio-Cortez (they used to live in her district). When they saw the the invitation, they jumped at the opportunity to have her visit their island.

“I tweeted my code at her, and DMed her our code and also said, ‘please come visit, my wife and son would be so excited!'” Mirsky told BuzzFeed News.

An hour after Mirsky sent the tweet, the pair got a notification that someone was visiting their island. Ocasio-Cortez visited the island dressed in a shirt with “AOC” drawn on it, left a message on their island’s bulletin board, and exchanged fruits with the couple.

“She was super nice and so complimentary about my island! She left a very nice note on my bulletin board and we briefly talked about how we both like Bernie Sanders, and then she headed out!” he told BuzzFeed News.

After visiting Silverberg’s island, Ocasio-Cortez made another call out for Animal Crossing invitations on Twitter. In response to her house calls, one Twitter user suggested that the Democratic National Convention could be held in Animal Crossing.

“I second this motion,” she replied.

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