All You Have To Do To Solve These 5 Riddles Is Find Out The Truth

All You Have To Do To Solve These 5 Riddles Is Find Out The Truth

  1. A mother and her daughter are named Alicia and Christina, but you don’t know who’s who. The mother says, “My name is Alicia,” and the daughter says, “I’m Christina!” If at least one of them is lying, what’s the mother’s name?

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    Both of them have to be lying!

  2. In a land of only liars and truthtellers, you meet Jessica and Miranda. Miranda says, “We’re both total liars!” What is the truth?

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    Jessica is a truthteller and Miranda is a liar!

    “We’re both total liars” cannot be true because it would mean a liar is telling the truth. But if Miranda is a liar and her statement is still a lie, Jessica must be a truthteller.

  3. There are two paths ahead, but only one is safe. Two guards know which way is safe, but one guard can only tell the truth while the other can only lie, and you don’t know who’s who. What is one question you can ask to find the safer path?

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    “Which way will the other guard tell me is safer?”

    According to logic, both guards will answer with the path that’s dangerous, thereby revealing the safer path.

  4. Allison, Bruce, and Cindy are each either an enemy, who only lies, or an ally, who only tells the truth. Allison says something in a strange language. Bruce translates, “She said she’s an enemy.” Cindy responds, “Bruce is lying.” Who is an ally?

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    Neither an ally or an enemy would say they’re an enemy, which means Bruce is lying. And that means Cindy is telling the truth. (We can’t be sure what Allison is.)

  5. One of these three briefcases has $1 million in it while the others are empty. Each briefcase also has a label. If only one of these labels is true, which briefcase should you open?

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    If only one label is true, then it must be the label on Briefcase 2 that says $1 million is to the left, meaning it’s in Briefcase 1.

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