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I’m gonna call from our healing revolution I want to share with you today my favorite essential oils that I use for massage therapy I will make a separate video about quality but just know it is super important to use a company that has integrity that submits himself to rigorous testing of the highest Labs with most quality equipment and treats the farmers of indigenous countries very well so the first oil I’m going to talk about is valid it’s a grounding balanced is stabilizing centering and sweet its main ingredients are spruce and whole wood air which is tree oils or respiratory oils along with frankincense which is a sacred oil and blue tansy and blue chamomile which are floral oils so the synergy of this is a very stabilizing centering essential oil and you can use balanced essential oil on your feet every single day and this will help promote oxygen in your blood and have more oxygen in your blood means more health in your body so the important thing to know about essential oils is they should always be stabilized because they’re volatile nature they want to evaporate quickly into air and because of what they are they’re the most potent form of botanical medicine so I personally use a CBD lotion from color up therapeutic and I put just one little pump in my hand and I just put one drop of balance and I rub that together and I massage it into my feet I visualize in my mind and I feel in my energetic space the century and the grounding infusing my body without oxygenating health and really rooting and connecting me to Mother Earth it’s important to have a spiritual relationship with the Earth and so just even visualizing a connection from your feet into the earth will help create that spiritual connection so balance is also good oil for stress and anxiety also things like travel anxiety and/or jetlag mood swings and stress are another good thing that balance is supportive for help supporting the neurological system of your body if you might have a neurological condition this will be very good the convulsions Parkinson’s balance will help balance that so rubbing this into your feet daily definitely once or twice a day like before after bed using this you can put a drop in your hand this part doesn’t necessarily have to be stabilized because you’re using it aromatic using it topically so rubbing it in your hand and then cupping your nose in your mouth inhaling deeply that will help balance the neurological system in the body so for those of you that have conditions of epilepsy or convulsions anxiety mood swings traveling anxiety rage even those are great ways to use this essential oil again always make sure that you stabilize the essential oil by using a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil I like to use color up therapeutic CBD oil and an important thing to understand about essential oils why you would want to use them in your healing cabinet as opposed to other options you have is essential oils operate in three areas they help heal your spiritual body they help heal your emotional body and they help heal your physical body so balance the grounding blend which is primarily a combination of roots it will help you live in this present moment being grounded firm and the truth of who you are and who you are meant to be on this earth very great for children and for adults who just need some grounding focus and like a stabilizing mood you can use those the two topical ways I showed you you can also always use them safely and effectively in a diffuser diffusing essential oils are one of my absolute favorites because you’re liberating those molecules into the air and those essential oils are cleansing the air energetically but also physically they are combating pathogens and supporting your respiratory system and boosting your mood and helping rewire your brain with positivity and happiness so balance is very good for people who maybe disassociate or like disconnect in some ways like we just do our best you know maybe we’re watching like too much TV and like eating too much while we are and like maybe that’s not promoting the beneficial lifestyle that we know that we are worth and can have you know maybe we our work relationship is like not so healthy like we’re kind of like working a lot or we’re like disassociation because like work is like so much you know maybe there’s things and like our relationships that make us like just want to check out these are important things you know like feeling scattered feeling and grounded feeling disconnected and unstable like these affect how you exist and how you show up in the world and just from a humble opinion of somebody who’s done hiring like if people come in and somebody seems you know scattered and ungrounded and disconnected and then somebody comes in and they feel grounded and stable and connected and committed and clear and contained and have inner strength and have perseverance like I might lean towards hiring the little otter so this helps you transfer and it helps you become centered and who you are using this individually no matter who you are on a daily basis on your feet and in a diffuser you just need in a diffuser like three to five drops on your feet like one maybe two to slip out in a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil I like to use color up there punic CBD oil love sacred earth botanical creams like those are all good for massage if you’re just at home using fractionated coconut oil is perfect so the next oil I want to share with you about is lavender

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