Best Motivational Speech of ALL TIME? Eric Worre

Over 200 years ago there was a revolution an American Revolution an event that literally changed the course of history it was led by a group of unsatisfied people people were tired of being told what they could do and when they could do it people were fed up with their lack of choices and their personal lack of personal freedoms people fed up with their lives being controlled by others fed up with being oppressed fed up with being manipulated they finally said enough I’ve had it and I’m not going to live like this anymore our answer our ancestors were people that took full responsibility for what happened to them it was that spirit that ignited a country and formed what is now a giant in the free world I have a question for you where is that spirit today it’s time for another revolution let me explain one of the laws of the universe it’s called the law of use and it says simply this whatever you don’t use you lose lack of use causes loss ambition unused declines faith unused and decreases if you don’t use your skills you lose your skills if you don’t use your freedom you lose your freedom freedom does not come automatically it’s not obtained and then handed down to us as an inheritance it must be achieved each day at the turn of the century in the year 1900 less than 10 percent of us worked for other people or the government over 90 percent of us were self-employed we were an independent people in 1980 only 80 years later over 90 percent of us worked for the other people of the government less than 10 percent of us were self-employed we changed from an independent people to a dependent people we’d slowly shifted from a people who took full responsibility for everything that happened to them to a people who become talented and practiced at the art of blaming others for their problems our giant is falling asleep our forefathers didn’t say who’s going to take care of me they simply said all I ask is the opportunity to be free and the ability to take care of myself and my family today we elect officials who will quote unquote take care of us we cry out against anyone who dares to ask us to provide more value in the workplace we do everything we can to spread around the suffering in our society and yet no one is willing to step up and be part of the solution we’ve slowly changed from a society that compensates based on value to a society that compensates based on entitlement and seniority what we’ve come to believe is our do we act as if someone it actually owes us a living part of this change is due to the dramatic rise of conformity in our society we’re all taught to conform incredible pressures are put on us every day to do things quote unquote the right way and yet no one asks the question is this really the right way a man once said I’m just a collection of mirrors reflecting what everyone expects of me we live our lives to please those around us and scary thing is the people around us are doing exactly the same thing psychologist Rallo May calls us outer directed people we don’t act we only react we seek not to be outstanding but to fit in we’re able to respond but not to choose perhaps that’s why a wise man once said the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation in order to change we need to become inter directed people people with our own purpose people who are not easily swayed by the opinions of others and that’s difficult because from a very early age we look to the opinions of others to orient ourselves and to validate our decisions our actions Nietzsche said we need more strong people in this world because the weak by their sheer mass are forcing weak ideals and weak values on us all today’s massive social and economic changes are waking this slumbering giant some people may not be ready right now for the changes happening today in today’s society it doesn’t matter if they’re ready or not an old proverb says if a man wants his dreams to come true he must first wake up I for one am glad for the radical changes in our society because I believe that within that crisis we will find that independent spirit that once pioneered this country some of us are finally ready to change the displacement of our workforce has caused many of us to start searching for something better moving products and moving services is our business and our goal but what we are becoming in the pursuit of that goal is a larger and much more important issue the rekindling of our independent spirit has more lasting value there’s no more noble of business than the business that encourages the development of people every living organism has one and only one central need in life to fulfill its own potentialities the Acorn becomes an oak the puppy becomes a dog and that’s all that’s required of the oak and the dog but the human beings task and fulfilling his or her nature is much more difficult the reason is unlike any other living creature on this planet you’ve been given the dignity of choice you’ll not grow like a tree you’ll grow only as you plan and choose to grow when a person chooses to live two things happen first assuming responsibility for themselves takes on a whole new meaning they accept responsibility not as something they’ve been saddled with but it’s something they themselves have chosen the second thing that happens is that discipline from the outside is replaced by self-discipline they accept discipline not because it’s commanded because they themselves have chosen what they want to do with their lives just like when the disenfranchised disenfranchised men and women over two hundred years ago got fed up and said I’m not going to live like this one more day there’s another there’s another revolution coming it’s coming not just from Americans but from people all over the world it’s coming from people who’ve been oppressed in meaningless jobs from people who’ve been unjustly held back from people who’ve been slighted or ignored from people who’ve had their hopes crushed time and time again by the circumstances around them from people who’ve been playing in a game where the rules weren’t the same for everyone from people whose dreams have almost died by the methodical dripping of negative and pessimistic forces people who’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself an opportunity that they could hold on to believe in a place where people believed in them I hear the rumbling of this coming revolution every day the old check the old rules are changing and society is finally ready for that change well people try to persuade you not to rise up yes they will and sometimes with the best of intentions but we must fight anyone or anything that tries to influence us against our freedom and they’ll try believe me they’ll try they’ll try to suggest you off course to nudge you off course to distract you off course there’s another evolution coming and it’s going to be led by a group of unique and courageous people like you people who’ve had it with the way things are people who picked out their mountain in life and said I’m going to the top and if someone tells you you can’t climb mountains you don’t have any experience you tell them I’m going to the top and if your neighbor tells you come on choose another mountain that one’s too rocky what are you going to tell them and if someone tells you let’s go over here where it’s not so steep what are you going to tell them and if someone says network marketing what are you going to tell them if your friend tells you come on let’s climb this one that one’s too slippery what are you going to tell if anyone tells you you can’t go up it’s too rocky too steep to slip or you say listen here I’m going up you’re either going to see me waving from the top or dead on the side I’m not coming back there’s something about the do-or-die attitude it’s almost like when someone has a do-or-die attitude time fate and circumstance seem to get together have a hasty conference and say they say they’re going to do it or die we might as well let them have it the people in this arena are special you’re special because you’ve already rekindled that independent spirit you’ve already said that you’re not going to conform to negative pressures around you you’ve all said enough I’ve had it and I’m not living like this anymore you are the people who want to set big goals and aspirations for yourselves and your families people who want to live in a country where families are brought together again instead of being torn apart people who want a country or once again owning your own business and controlling your own destiny is commonplace people who want a country where every man woman and child is treated with equal respect and dignity people who will pay any price so their families will not live with the legacy of maxed out credit cards and unfulfilled promises today we stand at the genesis of a new revolution that people like you’re going to lead it Theodore Roosevelt said these words 10 decades ago and I think they’re particularly appropriate today he said we see across the dangers of the great future and we rejoice as a giant refreshed the great victories are yet to be won the greatest deeds yet to be done I’ve dreamt of a company that can give us the opportunity to make these dreams come true by allowing us all to fulfill our own true potential I love you all thank you very much

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Eric Worre Speach 1993

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