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Good ratings Phoenix Tempe and Scottsdale female entrepreneurs who are passionately pursuing their business that they want to create to make an impact on the world while also working for another job I know you’re busy I know that you have a lot going on and I know that your body is carrying that stress I know that moving on to the next level and up leveling creates feelings and sensations in your body that might not be fully comfortable and you might not understand what to do with that I’m here for you as a massage therapist that understands the neuroscience the psychology the emotions the spiritual aspects all behind these physical experiences that you’re having in your body your aching muscles your headaches your pain these can all be relieved through my Healing Touch accompanied with powerful essential oils and products like CBD oil and cupping therapy along with utilizing reflexology points and for lower body flexibility things like ty deep tissue so it’s really important to have massage in your self-care cocktail because it goes hand-in-hand with how you uplevel in success if you don’t feel good in your body you’re not able to vibrate and attract that next level of abundance and those types of people and experiences that you need to have to unlock the next level for you it is vital to take care of your body daily as a temple that you your spirit lives in that you have a purpose of fulfill on this earth and it’s vital that you remove that tension and that we deal with the emotional stress and stagnation that has been stored up in your muscles and in your organs and we will do in the sessions that we have here our healing revolution method is a very unique approach to massage therapy it’s designed to help women entrepreneurs clear that physical and emotional stress and stagnation and really step in to the next level of themselves so they can have higher vibrational relationships have more abundance in their finances and experience their personal definition of success and abundance in their career that they create to have an impact on this world our healing revolution is offering deep healing packages at a phenomenal price today you have the opportunity to work with me for 10 sessions at approximately $1,000 that breaks down to just over $100 per session and you’re going to be getting bioscans 90-minute treatments for deep emotional holistic healing so for the first four people that claim those ten packs at $1,000 we’re giving those away this weekend so you have just a few hours to clean this amazing deal so click below claim now

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