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Hey what’s going on Zack Crawford here and in this video I’m going to show you how to make a full-time income with click funnels and the click funnels affiliate program and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna open up my seven-figure business show you examples of exactly what I do and how you can do it yourself and then this is diagram here in the background right I’m gonna explain each steps to show you how it works and how you actually implement it now look what I’m not gonna do is I’m not gonna waste your time and tell you that have five simple steps if you want to learn more jump on my live webinar what me and you both know I’m not gonna be alive so what I’m gonna do is break down in this exact video so you don’t got to go anywhere stay right here in this video and I’m gonna show you how I’ve made over 80 thousand dollars in the last 60 days applying this and just in case you’re wondering this is not something it’s a fluke it’s not something or one out there made a bunch of money in a couple months and then all of a sudden now I’m out there teaching it this is something I’ve done for literally over six years created multiple six and seven-figure businesses and many different industries from affiliate marketing selling my own products and services but more importantly it’s actually worked for other people as well now look I know right now your BS meters probably through the roof and I don’t blame you because anyone can make up things on the internet tell you they helped other people and they actually haven’t so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna flash up on the screen right now several different people in the last few months applying the same process I’m gonna show you in this very video now as you can see right here this is one of my millionaire students Sebastian who I taught this process to and he’s already qualified for the click funnels dream car program and just like myself this year he’s gonna make a million dollars applying this process that I’m teaching you in this video now obviously Sebastian’s not brand new right he started with me several years ago he was 16 years old he’s applied this process over and over again to get better at it but I wanted to show you what’s possible when you really apply yourself however it works for complete beginners as well just like Jay who’s pretty much brand new to online marketing you know he’s literally never made money with any other program out there he just started with me a couple months ago he’s already making click funnels reoccurring income sells and two hundred fifty dollar commissions for one of my products then there is David who within two weeks of work with me made one thousand dollars and most of that is reoccurring income that will keep coming in month after month and tatto who generated one hundred always reoccurring within his first week and made a one thousand dollar commission within his first month and that is just a handful of people applying exactly what I’m gonna teach you here now before we go any further I want to make this 100 percent clear I’m not promising any results I’m not guaranteeing results what I’m doing here is showing you what’s possible if you actually go out there and implement what I teach you over the next few minutes in this video with that being said you should know upfront that this is not something that is a easy fix it’s not a hack it’s not something honestly that 99% of people are gonna attempt to do and that should be something that excites you because if you’re actually somebody who applies yourself you’re somebody who’s a doer you’re literally gonna have zero competition you’re gonna be able to dominate the affiliate leaderboards by applying this so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to show you how this works I’m gonna show you how I’m doing it I’m gonna show you how you can actually apply it yourself if you want to go out there and do it 100% yourself and I’m also gonna show you at the end if you actually want to leverage what I built if that’s something of interest to you all right so before I actually take you through and break down the step by step process and show you examples of how each step works what I want to make sure you do is you understand what clickfunnels is and and the real opportunity of promoting the clickfunnels affiliate program just in case you randomly landed on this video so click funnels is a tool that every business owner needs I’m talking everything from somebody in network marketing affiliate marketers even offline businesses need it if they’re serious about marketing their business online e-commerce people need it to sell their physical products and even coaches and consultants or anyone selling something online if they’re actually serious about growing their business online it’s a tool that they need and it will make their life very very easy which is exactly what it is it’s a piece of software that allows people to automate the selling process so this is what we’re people refer to as a sales funnel that’s what we’re actually talking about in this video and I’m gonna break down how all this this process works and how you know somebody like you if you’re a complete beginner can actually do this you know when I first started years ago it was very very complicated to do this whole process now somebody who’s an amateur can literally look like they’re a pro so this is what a traditional sales funnel is when most people think of it right you have an opt-in page which is traditionally where you actually collect the email you’re gonna offer something for free could be an e-book it could be a video course or some kind of training something in exchange for that email now after somebody puts their email in they get redirected to that thank-you page which is where you’re gonna offer you know usually something for sale generally it’s gonna be something it’s a small purchase that doesn’t require a lot of thinking and of course you link to the sales page which is where you actually offer the product to buy now here’s one of the reasons that you want to be promoting click funnels right if you’re serious about doing affiliate marketing specifically and and making good money as an affiliate you want to promote things that have bigger-ticket Commission’s this is gonna allow you to go out there and do paid traffic it’s gonna allow you to build your audience much quicker and you know when you can go out there and promote something that makes you 800 to 1,200 ollar commissions it allows you to scale up to well over $10,000 a month pretty easily so you can see look right here I actually promoted the webinar and made 1200 ollar Commission in one day now obviously the 1434 is from some other Commission’s coming in on that day now here is my favorite reason that I like click funnels number one is it’s reoccurring passive income you do not have a business if you don’t have reoccurring income you can’t you can’t have a stress-free business without this you you want to be able to know that bills are paid you want to know that all of your your expenses are paid for your business employees are paid if you want to have a business that you can actually count on that’s reliable that’s consistent you need reoccurring income well when I actually promote reoccurring income products right I want to promote something that’s software and the reason being is that something people are going to use it’s something people are gonna keep when you’re promoting something like a product a lot of times that people don’t use it they’re gonna quit they’re gonna they’re gonna fall off compared to something like this a piece of software people need there’s gonna be people like me that have been on it for literally three years whoever referred me I’m actually on the premium plan which cost 297 a month so that person has made a hundred and eighteen dollars and 80 cents every single month for referring me just one time so that means it made over four thousand dollars over the last three years so just imagine if they have a handful of people like me that adds up very very quick on the base level plan somebody pays ninety seven dollars a month you’re gonna make thirty eight dollars and eighty cents a month per person every single month so this is why I like software and I love promoting things like this because it’s something people need it serves a purpose it serves a need and it’s something they’re gonna stick with now my favorite part is sticky cookies if you don’t know what sticky cookies is this is the key to making a lot of money as an affiliate right so it doesn’t matter what you you promote what you sell when you have sticky cookies you’re gonna make a lot of money so an example of this is basically you can go out there and promote the book expert secrets from Russell Brunson which owns click funnels once somebody actually purchases that book and by the way it’s free plus shipping so the person pays 795 that’s it and it gets shipped to their house but there’s additional upsells and then of course at the end they actually have the the webinar that we talked about a minute ago which is a replay and if somebody buys that you actually can make more than 927 you can make up to $1,200 now if they actually purchase the webinar upsell as well now you can see look right here this is an example where Ron Carter actually he went out there and promoted clickfunnels he got a few free trials making you know the thirty-eight dollars in 80 cents a month but then a little bit later like a week or two later somebody ended up purchasing one of the higher tier products and he made a thousand dollars for free literally did nothing he didn’t go out there and promote the product he didn’t recommend it somebody just decided to make a purchase and because the sticky cookie is tracking back to him whenever additional products are sold he makes money you can see also another example of me promoting well actually I didn’t promote the odd the auto webinar here somebody actually went and purchased it and that was another twelve hundred dollar commission just from them coming in I referred them to click funnels and then once they were in they went to the webinar watched the webinar and then I made another twelve hundred dollars this is the power of sticky cookies it doesn’t matter if you’re giving away something like a book you’re selling one of the cheaper products the more expensive products anything additional they buy that sells gonna be tracked back to you as Russell Brunson makes sells and you make additional money most affiliate programs do not have this and if you want to be in a serious affiliate you need to be promoting things with sticky cookies now here is the easy way to see how you can scale click funnels right you’re giving away something for free when you go into click funnels you you get a free trial for basically two weeks right they get to test it they get to kick the tires a bit see if it’s good see if it’s a good fit for their business and then once they actually become a paying member you’re getting paid every single month as long as they stay a member right so if you look like right here once you would refer and obviously these numbers around it once you do for a hundred people you’re gonna make roughly four thousand dollars a month or forty eight thousand dollars a year once you actually refer two hundred people you’re gonna make eight thousand dollars a month or roughly ninety six thousand dollars per year if you referred three signups per day right three hundred people you’re gonna make twelve thousand dollars a month or a hundred and forty four thousand dollars a year I have several people right now that are referring between two to three people every single day and these are not and these are not pro marketers these are not people have been doing this for two three four years these are people that started literally about four to five months ago and they’re already working their way up so they’re producing these types of numbers so I want you to realize this is something that’s very very easy to give away it’s something very easy to sell because of the fact that it’s it’s a big need and based on these numbers right here this is based on the $38 and 80 cent Commission this is the the base level account you’re giving away there’s gonna be plenty of people that are also gonna get the premium account people like me now one of the benefits and and you may not be a car person you may not actually care about things like this but this is one of the additional benefits for me because I am a car person right I’ve won several cars I actually gave the cars away to my parents in the past for other affiliate programs but this is the one that I’m actually picking up later this year what’s great about clickfunnels is once you have a hundred members in they will give you five hundred dollars additional towards whatever car you want to get once you have two hundred members in they will give you a thousand dollars a month every single month towards whatever car you want and obviously I’m gonna pick up the Lambo this I actually went and checked out on one of my business trips to Florida I’m gonna have it shipped to me here in Indianapolis Indiana alright so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back and forth between the white board here and my computer over there and I’m gonna show you each step individually then show you examples of doing it what I’m gonna do is break down exactly what I’m doing to build clickfunnels to a hundred thousand dollars a month reoccurring now I want you to understand really quick so understand that’s a huge number and if you’re just getting started in this industry it probably sounds pretty crazy but want you to realize that if you even do twenty five percent of what I’m teaching you you’re gonna do very very well with the clickfunnels affiliate program I was doing very simplified versions of this when I started years ago and if you even apply just even a small fraction of it it’s going to help you get amazing results alright so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you this whole process and this process is a sales funnel this automates the selling process right so that is exactly what clickfunnels does it helps us automate the selling process so we don’t got a grind 24/7 and talk to everybody individually now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to actually show you each individual step but if you want to learn more about this I actually do have a free training in the description but stick with me here because it’s gonna make a lot more sense if you watch this first then actually see the training so number one is we have our traffic right traffic I want you to think of those as people these people have desires they want to achieve they have a problem they’re trying to solve they have something that they have a need for and so don’t think of traffic is like you know just it’s just traffic it’s people that’s what what traffic is so there’s different types of traffic sources obviously we got Facebook we got YouTube we got Instagram we got Google and there’s a million other ones but these are some of my favorite right you can do free or paid so if you don’t have a bunch of money to invest in paid traffic understand you can still make really great money with free I made my first five hundred thousand dollars online before I ever touched a paid ad so my favorite if you’re gonna ask me somebody always says this Zack what’s the best one I’m gonna tell you to YouTube obviously that’s where you’re watching this video so once you actually have your traffic piece right you pick your platform what you’re gonna do you need a piece of content this is the piece that like everybody doesn’t talk about everybody talks about the sales funnel process and and creating this whole set up that we’re talking about but they never talk about this piece it’s the most important piece it’s the pre-frame it educates people on the what what’s important and then from there the actual sales funnel comes into play but if you skip this piece this is what most people skip this is why you’re not making very much money so if you’ve attempted this process before and you didn’t do this piece this is right here why you didn’t make a bunch of money then what happens is we lead them over here to this free training the free training is going to be something like you know a video series I usually like to do videos serious training it could be an e-book it can be an audio file people do a million different things to give away something for free the whole point is you give away some kind of value for the email now what’s gonna happen is the same time that person puts their email in they’re gonna go on our email database right or the email database I want you to realize is your most important asset I’ve literally once I’ve collected the email had people sit on my email list for over six months and then go and buy a 10,000 dollar product I’ve literally paid for tax bills that are over seventy five thousand dollars by sending out an offer to my email list I want you to realize right now this is what people think is their business they think like what they’re selling the actual product they’re selling is their business but that’s not a business I want you to think of like Starbucks right keep your keep your mind right here on this email database Starbucks is not in the coffee business people think like whatever product they’re selling is their business but that’s not their business their business is the distribution channel that’s what’s your email database is now go go back on Starbucks Starbucks is not in the coffee business which is what most people think they’re in the distribution business if they want to sell more coffee what do they do they set up more Starbucks stores aka more distribution channels the email list is our distribution channel if you want to sell more products you get more email subscribers all right so what I want to do now is I want to show you what this process looks like so if you remember what I said you’re gonna pick your platform and can be YouTube it can be Instagram it’s just a piece of content basically what the content is gonna do is going to pre educate and and pre indoctrinate people into your world and then from there you’re gonna offer some some free training right so here’s one of my youtube videos for affiliate marketing funnel and basically what I did is I created a video on how you would actually create a sales funnel for affiliate marketing and then you can see like right here in this this little description right I linked out to my squeeze page which offers free training now this one video right here which is four to two minutes made me over 25,000 dollars that I can actually track back to this video so I want you to realize like even if you have no budget for paid traffic even if you’re just doing free organic marketing you can make a lot of money now I also do these ads just like you see this one right here where I run ads like this run ads over videos and and this can speed up the process but I want you to realize that content is the most important piece it’s what we call the top of the funnel just having a sales funnel is not gonna be enough you want the piece of content to preframe the user before you send them into the free training now if we go like right here we have a opt-in page right 100% free training the beginner-friendly blueprint keep create passive income selling other people’s proven products and then of course you know they click the link and they can opt-in and this is this is a version of free training right remember what I said you can make ebooks you can give away video courses which is what this is you can give away say audio if you do podcast whatever your favorite format is you’re generally gonna give away something for free in order to get them to exchange their email alright so pay special attention to this step this is the thank you or bridge page step this is the next step in the actual sales funnel now if we go back right here right this is the free training and we’re gonna go backwards a little bit so we can we can make this make sense so this is where they put in their email to get the gift at the same time they get added to our email database now what I didn’t tell you is what happens at the same time that they put in their email they’re gonna get redirected to this Thank You page now the Thank You page is a very very important step this is what 90% of affiliates fail to do this is what they avoid doing because they want to hide behind their computer and they basically just don’t want to have any human contact and I’m telling you this has literally costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars by not doing so what you’re doing is this you and you’re smiling and you’re saying hey my name is Mary and I got this really cool product that’d be helpful for you and you’re telling them to go down here and purchase the product right that is exactly what a bridge page does it introduces you so right there’s you introduces you and it bridges the gap from you to the actual product it introduces use of the customer knows who you are and it bridges the gap to the product now what I want to do is I want to actually illustrate how important this concept is let’s just say your name is Mary and you’re recommending click funnels right you want to tell everybody in the world how amazing click funnels is because you’ve got click funnels you love it you’re like this is the best product on the marketplace this is what most people are gonna do they’re gonna go out there would only spam their links everywhere just link to the sales page and they’re in a hurry to get a sell but what they’re doing is skipping one of the most vital pieces and that is actually introducing themselves and building a relationship so I want you to imagine this scenario for your potential customer they’re coming onto your list because you’re offering something for free all of a sudden now you redirect them to the sales page with let’s russell brunson he’s like hey buy click funnels and then all of a sudden you as mary are sending them more emails more promotions and trying to contact them and they’re like who is Mary like I’ve seen Russell but who is this woman do you see how that might be a bit confusing for your customer so what I want to do really quick is illustrate a example that anybody can understand let’s just say you have this friend named Bryan right and you had a restaurant just pop up in your town it’s amazing let’s just say it’s pizza and it’s it’s amazing pizza the world’s best pizza in your city you want to go tell your friend Bryan that this pizza is the bee’s knees you got to get the pizza right and you go tell Bryan you’re like man this pizza was delicious literally it’s better than Pizza Huts better than Papa John’s like nothing beats it now all the sudden brands who like huh sounds pretty good that’s exactly what a bridge page is right affiliate marketing is rectum Dacians you’re recommending a product the bridge page is exactly that right you’re gonna recommend something that can help them you’re not going to jam it down their throat and just like bye until you die you’re going to recommend a product you think will help solve their problems so you’re like hey my name is Mary how are you doing this product click funnels is amazing it’s going to help your business as a real estate professional to do X Y & Z thing hey check it out below now when they go to the actual sales page the click funnel sells page where russell brunson is pitching them now they’re open to hearing from Russell and when you contact them in the future they’re gonna be open to actually hearing from you and hearing different promotions and different recommendations because you established a relationship they at least know who Mary is they’ve seen your face they know who your name is when you email them and it lands in their inbox and now they’re not confused if you avoid this step what’s gonna happen is the reality is that you’re probably not gonna make many sales people are going to probably hit the spam complaint when you do send them emails and they’re just not gonna have a relationship with you when you actually implement the British page like I’m showing you here it will wittily connect your conversions alright so here we are on my bridge page so I want to explain to you how this works and basically what you do so one thing I want to touch on really quick and this is something that I started doing they got really great results as I put this little progress bar it’s very easy to do inside the click funnels it says important information and it grabs your attention because it’s animated now I also do this whole stop sign and private message from Zak do not close this page now the reason I do this is because a lot of times people are on their mobile especially on mobile weet we usually exit things really quick and at the same time even on desktop or so a DD now that we we just have very low attention spans so what I’m doing is letting them know they need to watch this video in order to go to the next step so this is going to make the viewer think hey this is very important I probably should listen to this if I actually want to know what’s gonna go on now in this video all you’re gonna do is introduce yourself hey my name is Zack and this is what you can expect that’s usually what I do on this video I’ll let them know what they can expect hey the training is gonna be on your way to your inbox right now but I wanted to tell you about click funnels and why you need it that’s basically what you’re gonna do tell them why they need the product and how it’s gonna help them if you go back to Brian Wright telling Brian hey this pizza place is amazing I tried it here’s what you should do so give you an example let’s say I was promoting a Facebook ad course I would say hey my name is Zack Crawford and I want to tell you really quick about this Facebook ad course that I used to help me get better leads and sells my business for real estate you know to go back to that example so all you’re doing is let him know hey this is who I am this is the product and here is how it can help you it’s a recommendation and you see like right here I basically linked out to get to click funnels trial so I’m telling him go below grab the click funnels trial you’re gonna need it later it’s gonna be very very important it’s super simple and it works very very effectively so that’s all you’re gonna do on your bridge page even if you’re not promoting the click funnels affiliate program you’re trying to sell something else right it’s gonna be the same process regardless if you’re selling your own product or you’re recommending somebody else’s product all you do is make a recommendation and say check it out and click the button below alright so we just got done talking about the Thank You slash bridge page right so I want to go back really quick to summarize what you learn so right here somebody puts in their email to get the free training they automatically get redirected to the Thank You page which is where we basically introduce ourself and recommend the product now at the same time they go on our email database and this is important if you remember because now we can actually follow up with them in the future and we have our distribution channel now at the same time we’re gonna be sending out these lesson pages this is the next step that we’re gonna talk about here right here notice as you look at this whole diagram there’s four lessons but I’ve made up to even ten lessons even twenty lessons it really just depends on how crazy you want to go with it I usually do about five even to this day because you don’t want to build something it’s like twenty days out if you don’t know if it works yet so this is gonna all happen automation you’re gonna notice it goes on our email database right and our email autoresponder is going to do this all for us and complete autopilot so day number one email number one is going to send me to lesson one then on day two it’s going to send them email number two which is gonna send them to lesson two and then day three it’s gonna send them email number three which is gonna obviously send to lesson three and so on depending on how many lessons you do now you’re going to notice on each lesson it sends them to the sales page each lesson it sends them to the sales page now what most people do differently right they do like lesson one which is value less than two which is value less than 3 which is value and then on lesson 4 like say that’s the last day only on this day they’re gonna link to the product to sell now the difference of what I do is add insane amounts of value all throughout these lessons and give them the opportunity to purchase when they’re ready all right so this is the lesson page and there’s gonna be multiple ones of them this is just one of the lessons I want to explain to you how I do things and really how I do things differently compared to most people now most people’s objective is simply to have like a short little five-minute video with a hard pitch and for me that is not the kind of you know message I want to come across it’s not how I want to do business I believe business is about delivering value first and selling second so you can notice like right here this video is 59 minutes long it’s not something it’s short very you know fluffing over the information then trying to hate buy my stuff it’s it’s if the goal is to pre educate your customer to educate them on what they should be doing what they need to do to solve their problem what they need to do to achieve their desired result that’s all people care about they don’t care about you they don’t care about buying the product that you want to sell in this case we’re talking about click funnels all they care about is what’s in it for them how will this product help me how will it benefit my life how will it make my life more simple or allow me to do things more easy that’s what they care about right so this video goes through pre educates them and it answers all those questions now in this case I’m talking about the clickfunnels affiliate program and I’m going through and educating them how they can make money as an affiliate and also how they can use click funnels to do that because they already need the tool anyways now what I want to do is share with you what I do over and how I view things right what a lot of people do as I said they try to hard sell people that’s not a great way to go because only 5% of the marketplace are ready to buy today 95% are in learning mode so think about that if you’re hard pitching people you’re probably gonna get a few sells if you’re lucky and it’s probably not gonna be 5% it’s gonna be very very small so what I want to do is create trust I want to build rapport I want to establish a relationship as people come across me so that way if they don’t buy right now they’re open to hearing my emails in the future they actually want to hear from me more they’re gonna be you know open to recommendations I make and I’ve shared this example to you before where basically somebody sat on my email list bought nothing for six months and then spent $10,000 if you treat people like a tire kicker if you what most people teach you’re gonna be costing yourself lots of money treat people with respect and showed them you actually care and it’s gonna go a long long way so basically you have your video and then you’re gonna have a headline of course up here which is like this is the headline this is the hook what am I gonna teach you in this video so they know this video is worth my time watching now to keep things simple you can do things as advanced or as simple as you want but what I would suggest when you first start out if you’re gonna create this yourself you have a video just basically going through and educating people on the what and then of course you’re selling them the how-to in this case it would be clickfunnels so basically right here you would link over to clickfunnels now you can see my funnel is a little bit more advanced I have a video I have a button and then when they click that button it Scrolls to the bottom which you know they can either get clickfunnels right here which links over to clickfunnels or they can buy my product which is top earner Mentors so this is a little bit more advanced what I suggest you do is you keep it really simple in your case you would have a headline you’d have a video and then right here it would link over to clickfunnels I’ve done this for years even when I was a complete nobody and by just doing a video with an ugly white page and a button I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars even when I was just starting out well before I ever become a seven-figure earner so keep in mind you can start simple and work your way up all right so we’re almost wrapped up and this is one of the last steps the question-and-answer page and this is what most people skip out on this is to overcome objections to answer any questions people may have left that it’s stopping them from buying could be like a mental block like hey this may not work for me because of this or what about this or what about that basically by going and answering people’s questions that they might have it’s going to get you a lot of cells at the very end alright so here we are on the questions and answer page so what I want you to realize is that there’s a little bit more advanced elements going on in my page I suggest to always start simple then work your way up now there’s a couple different ways to do it now you can do a video where you can just answer the questions and you know things that you think people might ask well some will explain to you how you come up with the ideas for questions in a minute when you have no audience or you can just do what I used to do when I first started I didn’t have a video I little had common questions and answers right and how you come up with the questions is you just brainstorm what could possibly stop someone from making a purchase what questions could they possibly have that maybe I didn’t answer throughout my lessons now what I want you to realize is that all your question page is for is to overcome any of last objections they might have because everybody in their head has this thought that you know this probably won’t work for me because of this or you don’t understand my individual situation so that’s all a QA pages really for it’s to answer the last questions they may have that’s holding them up from making a purchase now if you don’t have an audience like me right you you’re not experienced you don’t know the audience you’re catering to you’re just getting started with something like the clickfunnels affiliate program then what you would want to do is brainstorm what would stop people from possibly purchasing clickfunnels what might be things that they don’t understand so you know like I’m answering things like what does clickfunnels let me scroll down and scroll down here whoo oh this one that that isn’t pertain to you are there any hidden cost I purchased courses before I didn’t get results how is this different so you see these are not individual like click funnels questions this is all questions that are pertaining to my particular offer but what you’re doing here is you’re answering questions that the customer might have so maybe it’s like what does click funnels what exactly does click funnels do what businesses can benefit from click funnels you know how do I know this software is a good fit for me I’m not a techie and I’m not very good at text so how is this any different so I’ve seen things like this before you want to just brainstorm ideas of what you believe somebody might be thinking in their head or what might be holding them up from making a purchase now what happens is as people go through your initial funnel they’re gonna have questions they’re actually gonna reach out to you and say you know hey Mary what about this hey Mary what about that and then what you do is just go there and add the questions to the page and then eventually you get to the point where nobody’s asking any questions they’re literally just reading the page and then going and making a purchase all right so this is the final step and it’s the most important one this is the difference between amateur affiliates who struggle to get sells and super affiliate to literally dominate the leaderboards now the difference between super affiliates and people just getting started in affiliate marketing is super affiliate to create what’s called an irresistible offer this is some thing you just can’t say no to and if you actually do this effectively people want the bonus more than they actually even want the product of buying now this is something you literally want to implement right now and I can tell you when I first started this years ago I have just blown away with the difference of the results of just linking to the sales page compared to actually creating a bonus package I was landing on the leaderboards with guys like Russell Brunson and other people like dehghan Smith and people that I really looked up to at the time and ever since I’ve done this I’ve got better and better literally smashing every single leaderboard that i’ve went into so even if you’re a complete beginner this is something you want to implement right now which is what i’m going to show you how to do alright so this is the secret sauce if there is such thing as a real secret which I don’t really believe there is true secrets it’s just knowledge that you don’t know this would be the secret this is called the bonus stack or the bonus package this is the difference between what super affiliates do and amateur affiliates now you’re gonna notice it’s it’s a you get this you get this you get this these all have combined values and then at the bottom you actually have the total combined value and then of course you know you can join right here in order to get those so what I want to explain to you that most people mess this up when they try to do it they do what I once did where they basically just make unrealistic values and what you don’t want to do is create a bonus that’s just stuff that slap together it has no thought put into it and if you create values on the products or the values on the bonuses you’re giving away and it’s unrealistic it doesn’t seem believable it will actually cause people to repeal if you do this properly it’ll be so irresistible they cannot resist actually purchasing an intense irresistible offer so what I made the mistake of doing when I first started is I just do random values on thing this one’s worth 2,000 and this one’s worth 5,000 and it wasn’t very believable so it didn’t work as well when I first started doing it then once I actually got a mentor it taught me how to position this properly then I understood how to do the bonus stack right so what you got to realize is depending on what level you’re starting at obviously your your knowledge your expertise what you can can actually value things that based on what they’re worth is gonna be different I’m gonna show you how to create your own bonuses here in a second so the top of my mentor masterclass which is like my master I call this my mastery like it really is like my life course that I put all my knowledge into I’ve invested over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in my marketing education and basically taking five plus years of my knowledge actually I think now we’re going on six and and and putting it in one product to summarize all the things I had to go spend all that money to learn so I easily value this at $2,000 because it’s a still my first million this is a course where I actually created showing my progress of how I got to my first million dollars online because most people never share this and it was one of my biggest pet peeves when I got in this industry is I could only see what they’re doing now it was very obvious to me obviously they know what they’re doing but what did they do in the beginning so I literally created a course that shows everything from the embarrassing moments to the progression to the mistakes to the good the bad and the ugly and and I created it to show people that like you don’t just make a million dollars by signing up to a program you got to upgrade your knowledge and upgrade your skills and work on yourself they’re done for you high converting funnels $15,000 right I actually value this at fifteen thousand dollars now here’s what a lot of people will do somebody who’s a beginner like oh I’m giving you all these funnels it’s worth ten thousand dollars but if you don’t have much knowledge it’s not exactly worth ten thousand dollars remember if we go back to the unbelievable factor it can actually repel people so if I would sit down and I would create you a custom funnel I would go through and build it from scratch I mean to promote whatever product do you want how to write the cells copy write the video copy for the videos I had to design the actual funnel from everything from the landing pages all the way to the the whole process I would start the process at fifteen thousand dollars and the reason being is because it would actually cost me money I could literally make this in a week without even trying promoting my own stuff so to take time off of my business to do all that which would probably take me roughly a month to do it would actually cost me a lot of money it would cost me a lot more than fifteen thousand dollars so when I’m giving funnels that I spend a month plus of my time to build and it makes me thousands of dollars every single day I easily think it’s worth fifteen thousand dollars for the fact of if you actually paid for it easily leveraging my bonus package three thousand you see like right here I’m sure you can even see just from what I’ve been explaining to you I put a lot of work in this it’s taken a lot of effort to create it right and so what somebody has to do is they’d have to go out there and spend tons of their time I have literally thousands of hours into my inside of topper and a mentor inside of the funnel everything like but when I combined all of that it’s literally thousands of hours I’ve recreated top row to mentor so many times it’s not even funny so for somebody to go out there and duplicate what I’m doing it would be a still if they got it at $3,000 so my point here is when you actually make your bonus package it has to be believable if people don’t believe it’s worth that they’re gonna run away if they believe it’s worth what you’re saying it’s worth and they’re like oh my god this is amazing deal hence the irresistible offer they will literally crawl over broken glass in order to get it so that’s how you want to properly do a bonus stack and when you do this it’s going to literally 10x your cells so what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to show you how you can do this even if you’re a beginner alright so what I want to do is I want to help you brainstorm a few ideas of bonuses that you can create and I’ve done variations of all these over the years for many different affiliate products I’ve created so number one is like a PDF action plan or tips to make the offer easier so realize you don’t have to create something epic to get started in some cases if you’re promoting something that has a smaller Commission obviously you don’t want to go overboard with creating something crazy that’s gonna take you tons and tons of time so maybe it’s a checklist on how to do something maybe it’s a fast-track PDF that helps them go through and do the the five steps they need to do to get started number two is video training so one of my favorite things to do is create a membership site and actually create video training inside of that membership site that people have a hub that they can go and get additional training that will make the product easier for them it will explain things better or help them to get to their desired result faster so what you want to realize is that it doesn’t need to be a massive full-on course like what my bonus is when I first started my first bonuses and first membership sites I give away or literally three videos now these days they’re like full-on courses that people would charge a thousand to two thousand dollars for number three is a coaching call so maybe for instance somebody signs up for the clickfunnels affiliate program underneath you and what you do is you get on a call and you walk them through how to set up everything or you walk them through how to use clickfunnels or how to basically understand the platform something that’s going to help them get a result quicker something that’s going to help them understand how to use the platform that’s a very very good bonus number four do the work for them so what you want to realize the best bonuses hands down are done for you options I’m talking in all different levels I do this with every single business I have even my agency where we actually do work for clients that are offline businesses that have nothing to do with online a lot of business owners a lot of people in general if they can get things done for them they would rather just fast-track the result instead of having the massive learning curve so if you’re willing to do the work whether that be set up the funnel for them it’s to build them some templates you know it’s to show them how everything works after you’ve done it all these little additional things you can do to help them get started much faster it’s gonna be an amazing bonus now number five downloadable templates these are great these can be things like your email swipe file it can be even downloadable funnels that they can use for different niches it could be you know if you were obviously like doing something like Photoshop it could be like a template to do Photoshop and the actual actions in Photoshop you know depending on what niche industry you’re in and what actual bonus you’re creating it for it’s gonna be different on what you’re doing but these all are combinations of things you can do I literally have some bonus packages for products it’s like all of the above I have some that’s like one some of them that’s a combination so what you want to do is play with this and start small I would start with something like video training or maybe you know a PDF or maybe like some downloadable templates then as you get comfortable with this process work your way up and start doing more advanced things now if you don’t want to have to figure out all this stuff yourself right if you’re trying to promote the click funnels affiliate program but you’re just not really sure how to put all this stuff together and you just want to get up and running I’ve literally done 90% of the work for you you you get the same exact funnel I use it’s co-branded with you you can see like right there and it’s a picture of Stone Cold Steve Austin as a filler but literally your picture your name goes on every single page and then when cells are made you actually get the Commission now here’s the thing a lot of people have a fall and their funnel I actually recreated this funnel because there’s there’s popular people out there that have ripped off my funnel so what I did is I made it so it’s gonna be pretty hard for somebody to go out there and compete with the funnel that I’ve created a lot of people already have click funnels and the problem with all you’re promoting is clickfunnels you’re gonna lose a lot of valuable cells you’re gonna leave a lot of money on the table right so what I did is I created two options when people go through my funnel number one they can get access to everything for just getting click funnels which builds you the reoccurring income option number two is they can purchase my training top earner mentor for 497 they get all the same benefits lifetime access the group coaching program and all of the above which when that happens you end up making two hundred and fifty dollar sales you can see these are beginners that are making sells as people go throughout my funnel so you get fifty percent of the money as people go through I’m doing all the selling all the telling all the copywriting all the hard part built the funnel all you got to do is download it into your account set it up and then start promoting but on top of that I even motivate you to go take action by after you get so many cells of topper to mentor I literally buy you prizes even like iMac pros and cameras and laptops and cool phones all this is just additional benefit that I take out of my money in order to motivate you to take action because I want to be able to leverage you as a success story so if this is interest to you you want to learn how the whole process works or even if you just want to see the whole you know funnel and action so you can get ideas of how you can go out there do yourself all you got to do is click the link in the description now with that being said if you are a funnel hacker use it as ideas to model do not copy me do not rip off my work I’ve already had people do this and that’s not flattering at all it’s not something that’s very cool so use it to model I’m very cool with you going out there and modeling stuff to get your results just remember who actually taught you this stuff once you actually get the results I would appreciate it alright so that’s a wrap this was a very long video and if you stayed this long I’m gonna assume you got value from it if you did and you’re brand new to the channel make sure to subscribe and smash that notification bell so you get notified when I drop new videos and the last thing I’d like to ask from you if you got value from this comment below let me know what you thought what you plan to apply what was your biggest takeaway and of course if you have any questions involving any of the process because I do realize it’s quite a bit throw them below and I would be happy to answer them for you so with that being said I will see you in the next video and take care

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