ClickFunnels Affiliate Training – How I Made $10k in a Month

Hey guys is a Spencer from build up renewer and I want to give kind of a teaser video about how I’m doing so well as a quick front of affiliate I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and kind of ask about my course a lot of people asking first a little tidbit of my course so they can see what kind of stuff I teach or just asking me how I do so well to click one of the feel it I just seeing on the screen here I signed up for click filed three or four months ago and I signed up for the coupons affiliate program three or four months ago and as you can see here I’ve made twenty thousand dollars since I signed up I made one hundred fifty eight dollars today alone one hundred ninety three dollars yesterday one hundred to the day before 137 the day before that for ninety one the day before that what a day huh and so I’ve done very well on the quick funnels affiliate program as you can see right here I have two thousand one hundred and fifty five dollars in monthly recurring revenue coming in lots of good things happening and I share a little tidbit kind of the most important thing that I think I’ve been doing it’s been able to kind of propel me this quick final success and what that is is that’s actually email addresses so the first thing is I know my numbers okay so I look at click funnels and I understand one thing I understand they have a sticky cookie that if I can get someone anywhere into a click funnels funnel I’ll be able to pocket 40% of everything they buy after that right so I don’t need to send someone to a four hundred dollar product I’ll need to send them to funnel scripts or funnel university or even click funnels itself to start ok I just need to send people to something small and click funnels will upsell them a and so what I’ve been doing is I send people to extra secrets and that I talk a lot more about kind of what I’m doing in my course as far as traffic and stuff but I want you to see how this work so I send people to extra secrets this is the extra secrets funnel right here okay now when they go in they a certain percentage buys extra secrets and I’m tracking is probably bout ten fifteen percent of people that buy extra secrets now I get a dollar there right so that’s not that great I make one dollar I definitely and more than $1 to get them there but if you look here this is all in the expert secrets funnel so after they buy extra secrets then click funnels up sells them and if some of them like Matt okay so in the last seven days I’ve had 40 people 48 people by expert secrets now I would have made 62 bucks if that was the end of it right and that would not have covered the cost of my ads but look here those people in the click funnels funnel those people in the expert secrets funnel bought more so seven people this week bought calm secrets and the extra secrets audio book that made me 130 bucks two people bought expert evolution that made me 150 bucks 13 people bought the black box that made me 218 bucks for a grand total of five hundred and seventy bucks okay so added a maybe sixty it’s looking like about sixty or seventy people that I sent to click funnels or that I sent two extra secrets that purchase I actually made five hundred seventy dollars which means I’m making eight to ten dollars for every user that I can get just to buy that extra secrets book okay because that means is I can spend eight to ten dollars on ads and be fine because they’re going to spend on average eight to ten dollars or I’m going to make eight to ten dollars on average for everybody that I send into this expert secrets funnel and the reason I’m okay with that the reason I’m still okay breaking even you know if I spend eight to ten dollars and I’m only make it $10 off them originally is the sticky cookie so the sticky cookie stays in their computer right and those people they’re going to buy the extra secrets book these people that bought experts evolution and the black box they’re going to read about click funnels they’re going to hear about quick funnels Russell’s going to email them about click funnels and eventually a lot of them are going to sign up for click funnels and if you need proof of that people or every single month is how much I’m making out people that are staying with quick falls if you’re familiar with the the free card promo that they’re constantly advertising here I’ve got 44 active members that goes in that car almost halfway there right and this is just since April and so this works well and that’s the first step in the in what I’m doing the second thing I’m doing is not only as quick funnels emailing and upselling these people after they buy the expert secrets book but clickfunnels gives you the email addresses when you click commission details it gives you the email addresses the people that the by under you and no other program that I know of does that huge they give you email addresses and email addresses are so big right people are spending two bucks for every email address today in cost-per-acquisition on Facebook and so are these email addresses you can do lots of things with them the first thing I do is I actually email them all from my personal email account so I have a program called get another mail merge that I use and I can mass email these people and I email them and I let them know that hey you purchased under my affiliate link what do you know it or not sometimes they don’t know it cuz it clicked an ad or so I’m like that and I see you purchased into my affiliate link I’m here to help you you clearly have a goal as an entrepreneur and there’s a variety of goals that could be but I want to help you if you’re not using quick funnels I’d love to talk to you about it I’d love to help you get started with it I’d love to do lots of different things you know work to help you kind of get where you’re going for free and a lot of some of these people will reply and say yeah you know I’m just getting start with all those I barely understand it click funnels is I you know I don’t I kind of see the stuff but doesn’t make sense to me well I’m thinking of signing up but you know I don’t understand this things like that and so I email these people unable to make a connection and then we’ll talk to them and a lot of these people are on the edge about buying other clip-ons products and I’m able to convince them to kind of go past that I’m able to get them into a different email list where I can actually start automatically emailing them because they subscribe to email list from that point on as well and then the very last thing I do is I take these same email addresses and I throw them into Facebook and I run ad to these people these are people that I know bought x-force secrets they know what clickfunnels is they know what these other products are selling University and stuff and I’m able to run ads directly to them and see a very high percentage of them click through and buy other click funnels products because I can run ads directly to them right and the second thing I do is I use these email addresses create a look like audience and I create a look-alike audience with these email addresses of people that Facebook seems to think are also going to like this and they look like audiences kill it as well okay so that’s my those are the main three strategies that I’m using with click funnels I teach a lot more about it in my criminals course you’re going to see down below case there’s a link down below to my course guys this course is an incredible deal people are charging thousands of dollars for courses like this and I charge nothing near that so there’s a link down below you can get the course I teach you all the affiliate secrets everything that I do not only just succeeded clickfunnels group but how I succeeded in the foot in general because clickfunnels is not my only affiliate program so once again link down below significant discount guys a very significant discount hope to see you in the course thanks so much

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