Copy & Paste SMMA Business in Under 1 Hour (INCLUDES UNLIMITED LEADS!!!) Step-by-Step

Are you guys in this video I’m not only going to reveal to you the fastest and cheapest method to creating your own online business in 2019 but I’m also going to show you how to send out literally an infinite source of leads day 1 for less than 120 dollars let’s get to it are you guys I’m gonna make you promise right here now if you follow step by step through the processes that I teach you in this video today you will have your own social media marketing agency business built up from the ground up with an in with an unlimited amount of leads day one within the time frame of this video so do the quick favor you guys are excited to learn this today make sure you guys drop a like subscribe and ding the notification bell to become part of this notification squad for the channel here too so from this point four we’re gonna be doing shout outs for anybody that’s part of the notification squad that leaves a message on the videos within the first 15 seconds that they see the video upload so without further ado what we’re going to cover today is we’re going to teach you how to build a social media marketing agency from the ground up from in literally less than an hour so the idea of this video what we’re going to do here is first off we’re just gonna cover a couple of bases and I made a really nice short list to where you guys will be able to download it down in the description below and there will be also links to everything that we’re talking about here in this video down below so you guys don’t worry about it you guys won’t be able to have to have to search around to figure out where everything’s at the step-by-step guide that I’m gonna give you guys in a Google Doc download that’s gonna be in the description for you guys we’ll also have all of the hyperlinks directly to where you guys need to go for each of these things as well so without further ado let’s jump right into it I’m gonna try to make this as fast as possible because this is the third time I’ve tried to record this video telling just make it nice and quick for you guys and hopefully be a little more concise than the hour and 30 minutes at the last video was um what is it SM MA basically it’s a social media marketing agency I don’t have business on there but it’s an agency so what does this mean for you basically it’s a usually a person or business that is running Facebook ads or other social media marketing things like posting images or posting content to people’s pages on social media for them every month for X amount of posts per month that type of thing getting paid for it why social media marketing agencies and why I chose this style of business to build this system around for you guys today well because honestly I feel this is the most efficient way to or anybody that has zero startup basically it’s a highly marketable skill that you’re going to want to have in the marketing industry as as time goes forward is everything is turning into online services marketing online and that type of stuff you a couple of other really cool benefits there is no or very low overhead to start up on with the exception of the software is what we’re gonna be talking about today that will optimize it to get started rapidly quick for as cheap as possible the second thing is that it fully supports a laptop lifestyle so those of you that are looking to just be anywhere in the world and work from your laptop and do that type of thing door you guys can go to beautiful Beach locations like all those influencers on Instagram and Facebook that we see all the times we’re sitting in our cubicles or back in our homes that type of stuff this is the type of business that they are either running on the side or participating in as a virtual assistant to doing freelance work for other people I’ll raise the next one is very low it’s a very low learning curve the only thing that you’re gonna have to learn here and I’m gonna walk you through step by step on the setup for the basic aspect of it um if you guys want a tutorial on how to do this with clickfunnels or any of the other in-depth aspects that will kind of mention throughout the rest of this tutorial please leave a comment down below I will be glad to make a video on how to use this process to automate a massive scale sending out here emails custom emails out to each of your leaves on your lead lists to the next things that it’s a very high ticket payout for residual income each month and I’m talking $1,000 per client per month and with this process that we’re gonna be going over today you’re going to have a 30 day time period to send out 40,000 emails on a free SMTP server so within 40 thousand emails you should be able to land 1% of those as a yes for you to when that comes unlike for people the objectives that we’re going to be going over in this process you’re going to be generating a crap ton of leads faster than ever before using a special piece of software that has just been released over the last week number two it’s we’re going to show you a copy and paste’ able script in template for the perfect email script and three follow-ups from one of Kevin David’s courses and we’re going to show you exactly where to gain access to that from and what you’re gonna have to do to be a basically to get a hold of these scripts so you can literally just copy and paste them in in this in this process number three we’re gonna teach you how to mass email every person a personalized custom generated email on these lists without having to do much of any effort at all and I’m talking like less than once you start getting the copy and paste down it’s less than a minute worth of time that you’re spending on this customization process number four you’re gonna max out your forty thousand email free SMTP trial and under a week okay so to max that out it’s basically you’re basically sending five thousand seven hundred emails or day or a week or five you’re gonna follow phone scripts to make the sales from those that message you back and so the scripts that in Kevin Davis course is also going to teach you how to step by step walk through the how to respond to them once they message you back and say hey yes I’m interested we’ll walk you through how to close and sign each of them at a thousand dollars a month – so the number six close multiple thousand dollar-a-month clients in just a couple of weeks by setting up Facebook pixels and running basic web traffic ads for them so this is the method of what we’re doing for the services basically that we’re offering to these clients to do the service for them so we teach them we teach you how to do everything in the scripts but that’s basically the services that we’re offering that’s it we’re not making it complicated we’re not posting to their pages we’re not curating extra content outside of a couple of Facebook ads and we’ll make a separate video if you guys want me to make a separate video for that let let’s it like ten likes on this video and I’ll make a video on how to custom make your guys’s Facebook Ads for any niche and then we’ll do one for ad copy as well so really quick as we’re busting into this I know we’re railing on time so we’re just gonna jump right into it step one you’re going to need to install these extensions so first one is me Facebook pixel helper boom click the button don’t remove from chrome you need to install it this is what its gonna look like it’s gonna be this little tiny button at the top here and it’s gonna say no Facebook pixel install on this website if there is a Facebook pixel installed it’ll look something like this and it’ll say pixel ID or whatever it is that they’re using to track the their Facebook pixel there so you need that one installed go ahead and as you’re popping up all these things in the browser make sure you guys before you start this go download the google docs step-by-step guide follow along pull up all of these web links in your browser and then just have at it follow along step by step with us and I guarantee you by the time this video is over you guys will have your own setup business ready to go in all of the assets you need to generate infinite leads forever as you’re processing through this the system so the next one that you’re gonna need is a egg it’s an extension called gmass powerful mail merge for gmail this is the one that’s going to be able to send mass emails out through your gmail account as you see down here at the bottom it’s basically going to install a little red gmass mail button and a little up arrow on here to these gonna be important for later the cool thing about this is think about it if you were to send a massive email to just using your basic Gmail first off your basic gmail is gonna cap out of 500 outgoing messages per day you can only send 500 emails on a basic Gmail per day so this is another way to backdoor that using the SMTP in this process to mass send out thousands and thousands and thousands of emails at one shot it’s sending them all out individually instead of clumping them all into one email and you sending the same email to 2,000 people in the same city and then there you’re all gonna be like everybody’s on at sitting in the one office at the same time like oh did you just get this masse mail your emails on this list too and then you get blacklisted from like 4,000 people in one shot and then nobody’s ever gonna do business with you ever again so this is why this is important so that you’re not sending a mass email or wasting your time sending one email at a time this copy/paste boom copy/paste boom now because at some point if you ever happen to get fast enough to send 500 manual emails in one day you’re gonna cap out and then you’re not gonna be able to do anything after that because you can’t get any faster you’re limited to that process and so this is going to help you be able to capitalize on the automation process and send more bulk out thus hitting more potential leads and increasing your odds of another yes so that’s what this whole thing kind of comes down to now the next one using loom you can you do this to do a very quick video audit of their website of their Facebook page to share a couple of things you found that they could fix and then paste that link into the pop the the email template and then that’s going to allow you to have just just all the more like oh my gosh they spent this amount of time making a custom video for my website my business I need to communicate with this guy and say can I do some business with you I don’t know how to do that can you do it for me and then that’s where it all comes back down to oh yeah I can definitely set you up with this I can put your pixel up whatever it might be now the next step is going to be signing up for all of the accounts so right now you need to pull up the links for your Gmail make sure you have a I would suggest doing a new professional style visit professional name gmail account it doesn’t I have to be anything too fancy but just like name your business or something like that so that you’re not sending a whole of these mass amount of new clients potential clients an email from booty chaser 69 or something like that is you don’t want to look unprofessional with that one the next one is you’re going to pull up the link for gmass now on the document as well you can see I have it broken down to roughly what you’re gonna want to pay for each of these different things to optimize this process basically this is what you’re looking for as you can see the different prices you can go the basic ones there are some of the basic features both of these to allow you to have unlimited email sent but the thing that you’re wanting to look for is the auto follow-ups here this is gonna make your life astoundingly more simple in this entire process what this is gonna do is it’s gonna allow you to send up to I I believe eight follow-up messages per email and so you automate one message to send the same follow-up sequences of three different follow-up sequences for three five and seven days if out past the first one that’s sent if they haven’t opened it then they’ll send the second one listen the so on down the line however meaning you decide to send them that’s gonna be super important because then you’re not gonna have to worry about oh my gosh did I send that list they’re follow-ups for day three yet oh man I miss day five should I just send day five now or in that and it goes through the whole process is it’s gonna simplify it make your life easier just do the twenty dollar one so you can automate and follow along with this process you can cancel anytime you can use PayPal any of that fun stuff boom there you go now the next one you’re gonna have to set up is send grid your what you’re looking for here there’s plenty of other options but you want the free forty thousand emails for 30 days then 100 emails a day forever on but in 30 days you should be able to send 40,000 emails that’s including follow ups you go for that you don’t need a credit card or anything like that to set this one up I just go through put your email in and login information that you create and it’s gonna go through the entire process of how to set this out basically go through the tutorial follow it set up your email that you’re gonna want to have it send to and from or the to and from on the email and then set up your first API key and you’re gonna need to use the API key for your I’ll walk you through that here in a second next one is gonna be marketer magic so this is what you can be greeted with right off the bat it’s going to be a 7-day free trial for this bad boy the cool thing about this is this has unlimited potential for helping you in your social media marketing agency once you start getting to the automated process you hire virtual assistants you can this allows you to set up a bunch of other cool things that I have videos that I’ve already made that are you posted here shortly in the next couple of days for you guys about each and every one of these bad boys here so basically email verifier this is going to allow you to verify that all of the emails on your list that you generate through this process as well are legit that way you’re not sending things that are you bounce back they’re not gonna be sent things that are gonna go directly to spam folder all that fun stuff main purpose of this whole process is gonna be this right here mini leads this is going to help you generate massive amounts of leads that you can send lists that you can send to for instance this is one that we generated last night when I attempted to record this video the first time for Provo Utah in real estate in Provo Utah you can see there’s a full list here but there’s a hundred and ninety-three leads on here too and this gives you the website the email address the phone number the address their social media processes first name on on all of this too so that’s super cool and that’s super insightful so you can do this so you can go through this whole process set up the emails to be cold emailing people then you can try and call them directly and then you can message them the same scripts that we’re gonna show you for the emails on their social media platforms and say that way you you’re closing them in you’re hitting from all angles and targeting them directly you probably say that’s a that’s a little it’s a little violent core you don’t be spamming them like crazy but in all actuality most of these people especially real estate agents they only check a lot of them are only checking their emails periodically what I found is a couple of the locations that I’m targeting a lot of Mehran a retreat for real estate agents for like two or three weeks at the time that I’m recording this video and so I got a ton I’m talking like three to four hundred Auto responded emails saying that sorry we’re out of the office until except September this the 18th or something like that of the 21st because we’re at a conference for real estate agents in Florida and so like there’s all sorts of reasons for things like this too but if you tag them if you hit them on Facebook they’re probably gonna be looking at their Facebook at some point they don’t necessarily be looking at their emails you can call them directly things like that but that that’s gonna simplify all of this process for you and again this this says the software has a free 7-day trial I recommend because the the seven not completely unbiased opinion on this on this as well to you because the 7-day free trial only allows you to generate one of these one of these lists per day for the seven day per seven days there – so with that it’s gonna be really difficult to just you’re not gonna be able to hit right on the nose let’s say for instance where is one of the big ones that I did we go to there’s the real estate Miami yeah over two thousand people on this list you’re not gonna be able to just randomly hit on the nose one of those specific targets from from way out in the middle of left field like that – so what I would suggest there is what is called the legendary it’s like the legendary package so it gives you access to all of these tools that are on the side here and it’s a forty seven dollars per month what the cost is for that hack it still gives you the seven day free trial so what I would suggest activate the legendary edition for the seven day free trial test it out play around with it generate a Pooh ton of lists max out your your forty thousand leads see what happens at that point and then at the end of seven days you don’t have any new clients at that point just cancel it just like no no harm no foul and on that process too so the next things you want to do is go to Kevin David’s marketing agency program we’re gonna pronounce about the rest of this process call it the map program and basically what this is going to do is give you access to all of the scripts and everything else that’s necessary for this – so once you get your log in this is what should be greeted with this fabulously designed course here to give you all sorts of really cool cheat sheets 7-day free trial to marketer magic again this they work hand in hand flawlessly this is what he designed this course around so on each of these courses I’m not gonna go into the videos or anything like that of course because I want to keep as much as this private as possible so it gives you guys the incentive to check this out but also um Kevin would be rather upset if I was to go through and just leaked all of his information from his forest here so on the bottom of each of this course lessons here you’re gonna have downloadable resources it’s gonna take you to Google Drive folders to basically download resources save them into your Google Drive so that’s gonna take us to the next thing which is gonna be setting up a Google Drive folder so you can do all this very cleanly you don’t have to deal with anything else organizational wise through your business so go to Google Drive open up your create a folder called social or SMM a business folder then you’re gonna create four subfolders number one leads number two scripts number three closing and number four clients each of these you’re gonna store the respective style of information in each of those two so leads I have are you guys I know I’m super bright right now on the camera side of things but I wanted to but really quick and tell you something that I forgot to list out in the video when I was recording it the first time here basically when you export your CVS files from mini leads here you’re going to get something that’s gonna look like this it’s going to be a dot CSV file it’s in this format you need to open it up in Google Drive in Google sheets and then that’s going to open it up into a file like this if you don’t do this the G mass is not going to be able to see that you have these files or these sheets folders in your drive and you’re not going to be able to export anything so back to the regular video prospector believes that I haven’t done in here scripts all my scripts that I use here closing closing scripts to basically give them the retainer fee or the contract and that type of thing and then my folder of clients that will have their two so you can make a nice organized list of the clients that you’re working with every week every month whatever you’re doing with that process next this is the big one this is the this is the tricky spot where we’re gonna be configuring gmass with send grid now once you’ve setup gmass basically it’s going to give you a little extension up in the top corner here and then in once you get into your Gmail it’s going to then ask you to confirm your email sign in create an account if you haven’t done that already if you haven’t purchased the the gmask make sure this is the other thing too because I goofed up on this kind of bad the first time that I tried this when you subscribe to this make sure that you put in the email that you’re going to be sending your business emails from in your Gmail not the one that you’re signed into Google Chrome with so what I mean by that is I have a different email that I use for other YouTube channels and stuff like that because I have all of my bookmark like everything saved into one account and then I’m signing into a second gmail account here as my business one here too so I’m easily able to just have it all in one spot now if you sign to the wrong one they have a really nice easy process to where you can just trade accounts or trade it over to the account that you wanted to it’s not a big hassle actually so I was grateful for that but what you’re gonna do after you get it get all that installed here and you have your API key from this here dududu we’re gonna do this really quick cuz we need this link I believe yeah so when you get to this point that’s gonna add some setup guide integrate and then SMTP that you’re going to then be given this nice little walkthrough guide here you’re going to name it so let’s just say g mass 3 because this was about the amount of attempts at stake of me to make this tutorial and then you’re just gonna create i’m not gonna be using this at all so I don’t care you guys see this password here but you need it to follow along with this process so the next step that you’re gonna do you’re gonna go into your Gmail go to compose and then you’re going to type in up here in the top SMTP at G mass dot CO and you can see that there’s a little code command thing that pops up there so it hides the regular Gmail button and then on that fixed com I don’t want doc yes see oh okay and then here we’re gonna type set now this should Auto populate a code boom right here this is what you’re gonna do next SMTP dot s e ND e RI d dot net that’s the server that you’re going to be connecting to you’re gonna use port 25 this just works all the time don’t worry about this isn’t like port forwarding or any garbage like that is literally just stupid simple and I’m very appreciative that this process was a lot more simple this way the next thing that you’re gonna do you’re gonna go back to your sin Grid API set up here – if you’re gonna copy an API key right there and then you’re just gonna paste that on username then over here you’re going to copy that link or excuse me that password there and then just simply paste it there then what you’re gonna do at this point I’m not gonna do it on mine because it’s gonna mess at my settings for sending things if I do it a second time with a new key and I don’t want you guys to have the key with this – you’re just gonna click this it’s going to basically give you a command over here like you saw before are you guys one more time I’m sorry I’m barging in here in the middle of the video again to interrupt this flow of a process and whatnot but I needed to drop the set a little piece of information here specifically about gmass if for any purpose a reason that you need to reset your Gmail back to its basic settings basically so that it goes through the Google servers instead of your SMTP server that you just created with with the process we just showed you this is how you’re going to reprogram it and do that just superfast you’re gonna pop up new composure just like we did here then you’re gonna type an smtp at gmask go in the email database here – then you’re just gonna seller type in clear and then that’s going to basically pop up and then all you do after that you just click send and done and then that clears out all of the SMTP settings in there so everything that’s in this little box will reset but again if you wanted to jump back and forth between the two it’s say for some reason you updated your Gmail to a Google suite or whatever the upgraded version your Gmail would be and you can send more emails that way to simplify things go ahead and click this button swap it in Gmail whatever you want to do with that dude so I promise I’m probably the last time they’ll jump in through the video I’m halfway through editing in it at the moment so we’ll see you guys there to confirm that it’s working and it’s set up if it doesn’t it’s gonna pop up a little nice little error thing it’s gonna look something like it’s gonna look like this so it’ll pop up all of your settings to auto entered in here you’re and then you’re just gonna put your the API username and the password and then the from email and to email which is gonna be your business email in this process test and then it’s gonna give a nice long little like Doc’s boss looking code system on that so that you can confirm that it’s either working or not working and it’ll tell you exactly what to fix on that point forward it’s very straightforward it’s very difficult to mess up so don’t stress out about it it’s not as technical as it looks I promise you now the next process here – so to make sure that you have it working you’re going to go into that little arrow red arrow down there by the gmask button and you’re going to see in actions that you should have a SMTP dot sin grid net’ available right here that’s how you know that it’s going to be sending through the SMTP server and not your Gmail now worst case scenario you accidentally send a mass email through Gmail or excuse me you send a mass email through this process with the Gmail selected its it’ll send a maximum of like 497 emails out for that day and then it’ll just backlog and cue them in the drafts folder so that it’ll send them out later so you don’t have to technically do the whole SMTP thing if you’re just wanting to do 500 emails a day this way it’ll do the same process it’ll mass it out like that too now the problem with this is that the first day that I did that because I had sent 30 emails prior to this process of getting it set up I had an overflow of 500 and so it did lock my account down for a moment and just sign me out of everything because I thought somebody else was expanding from my account if you’re not regularly sending massive amounts of emails from your Gmail it’s gonna think that you’re a fraudulent account you’re sending spam whatever it might be so I just had to log back in and claim the account and everything was fine with that so yeah and no harm no foul with it on Google’s in so it was a it all cleared up and I have not had any other problems with it so I just make sure you have the SMTP grid thing here set up outside of that you’re good to go you’re done that’s that’s it that’s that’s the entire setup process for this next as we’re gonna show you how to generate the leads as we do over here basically you’re gonna go over into mini leads and this is it so this is number 6 on the option on the on the list here to weave I broke it down into basically a 10-step process of getting to this whole system here for you so you’re gonna do something like sure Pennsylvania Wisconsin and we’re gonna doctors I can tighten and I just like the name it Docs it’s gonna take a second to populate and I do the little search key thing that it does so while that’s searching what we’re going to do next is go to the where do I have I’ve got a lot of Google tabs up don’t don’t don’t judge me next what you’re gonna do is you’re going to go over to Kevin David scripts in the map program and number seven here and you’re gonna basically just download all of them over to your google drive and then prep the templates with changing your name your info this is gonna be the only one I’m gonna show you guys from this course here so Kevin I apologize if I don’t know if I need to fix this I’ll take the video down and we’ll edit this out later and that type of thing but basically what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna change your the name who you are in your company your company name and then what I’ve done here is I’ve inserted instead of their websites I’ve put this little piece of code here that is basically going to tie the spreadsheet column of the leads list to the email to make this auto populate with that email addresses website that’s on the same line so it’s going to basically make a fully customized email to everybody that I send this to now this is what I was talking about earlier before these lead lists will not have the they won’t have the the person’s exact name on there but you can go through each of those lists and do something like make us a separate column on the front of the front of the list and put their first name on down the entire list and just make everybody’s first name on that list and then Auto populate that like right here in the subject line so it would be something like name and that way it auto populates their name into the the header of their as well so that they are like oh my gosh my names on this I need to open this and see what the heck is so urgent right or we can replace urgent with help you’re losing customers or just replace the entire subject line with the word help exclamation point or put their first name and then help or just mix it around play around with these and test out how that’s gonna work best for you so but that’s out that that scripts gonna look so all we’re gonna do from this point forward once you’ve customized it put your information in put the customized pieces of the clients information into it then all you gonna do is copy the let’s just go through the process here real quick so once you have all of that figured out you’re then going to go back over your Gmail and this is a number 8 on the list if you’re following along with us down in the comments so number 8 on the list on this step by step is going to be sending a mass email sending a mass custom email to all of your leads now or what I like to do um what I’m trying out right now to see how all this works to see it populates 73 recipients boom everybody’s here Smash Brothers ultimate reference right then you’re just going to type that in here and copy this the script over to this on the script I had another place in there too that we targeted earlier Wow I can type Robo and then this is real estate agents so you’re gonna change Robo here and then you’re gonna change this little bit right here to whatever niche it is you’re targeting so it’s chiropractors of real estate agents is a real estate is it salons or whatever the heck else you’re targeting with that just make sure you change that and provo because you don’t want to send a list of chiropractors all lists of real estate emails so um then you’re just gonna populate with your personal email your personal phone number and then like I have my business line in that one and then at the bottom here I actually have a PS encase the hyper link to the demo doesn’t work because I put a demo to a page that I created to showcase some of the work that would what would look like for their businesses and I also put the hyperlink here so that they can just click that link copy and paste it into their their thing and then we just click on this button then this is where you set up your follow up so you get a set of stages 1 2 & 3 they already guys I wanted to quickly jump into the video here and let you know that these 3 follow up scripts that you’re seeing on the screen here right about now these are the three follow up scripts that you can find from Kevin David’s map course so make sure you guys go ahead and go check out that link down the description below go check out the map course it’s super quick super fast super easy as we teach you one step after another how to do and you’ll get these three scripts for follow-ups so you do not have to continue to back track every single three days to retarget these same people over and over again so thank you guys back to the video you’re gonna click those three buttons here make sure you have after three days five days seven days no reply no reply no reply that way it sends it to them if they have not replied and then another little trick that you want to also employ here make sure that you are tracking with opens and clicks so that way you can set up your opens and clicks that you can track basically how many opens you have like over here I have 816 26 balances and 25 campaign’s up and running at the moment then the last thing to get those little custom piece of codes you can go into your personalizations here and then click on whatever column that you have set up on this and so whatever piece of information you want to pull from that document let’s say you wanted to add the campaign name and then this this would be something we would put like up here then you just hit control V and space and then boom it’s gonna put their names from the spreadsheet right there into the list if that was their first names that type of thing but that’s it that’s it that’s how that works it’s beautiful on your discard this draft because I’ve already mailed that out to those guys there now for the next process as well let’s go back to the lead list so we can show you it so I guess there’s only three doctors in Sweden Valley Pennsylvania only one of them has a website and none of them are on social media so this would be a horrible location to target by the way huh Karen okay um anyways so as we’re back to that what you’re going to want to do go back into the scripts from Kevin David’s program here I highly suggest watching through all the videos learning all the information he walks you through step by step how to do all of this as well how to beast out all of the scripts how to even some other little handy tips on how to work around the scripts and things like that too and he gives you a phone call script so that as soon as you get them off of the get them to commit to doing a phone call or wanting more information it’ll walk you through step by step how to go through that phone call what to say how to do it how to respond in certain situations if they give you a little bit of a grief back or they’re pushing you back and forth a little bit and then how to close it or not deal with it and walk away so and then signing them on for monthly clients at 1k plus a month – so that and that’s super cool now number ten this is a little bit more of the stats thing that I wanted to go over with you guys twos we were talking a little bit about it in the beginning of the video repeat four thousand you want to repeat this process for forty thousand liens in 30 days what so that you beat your trial version out right now a heroine O’s or something in forty thousand emails sent even if you happen to have the worst of luck and you only get one percent of that forty thousand to respond back to you that’s four hundred people right so and even if you have the worst of the worst luck and you can only close 1% of that four hundred people that you got that you were able to get on the phone that’s for people to say yes to you so in 30 days if you can’t close more for people in this process by just literally spam emailing people then then you need to kind of tune up the different like how you’re sending the emails out put a little more custom flavor on it or we’re talking about sending the audits customizing the scripts a little bit more to has more information directly related to the person of the individual which takes time on the leads list that you’re generating and so that way you’re going through and creating custom pieces of mail for each of them a little bit more specifically and that should give you a bit more of a response rate to it also I found tying direct links to a website to where they can see kind of what they’re dealing with and then also the and also the link to like a calendar thing where they can auto book something with you if they feel like they want more information they can schedule something on their own time that works in your schedule too so you have that set up so like I was saying basically even if you completely suck at it you’re still landing you should still land like that for people in that in that process too but let’s say for instance on if you were doing moderately well at this and you had a on the flip side if you were even able to close 10% to respond to that forty thousand people as four thousand shots that you have to close with four thousand at on a moderate ten percent response rate so with that so even if you maintain that 10% closure rate all the way through that should be fantastic at a ten percent closure at four thousand people that’s four hundred yeses that puts you at four hundred thousand dollars per month profit because you gotta remember there’s no overhead in this cuz you’re the one all you’re doing is managing their ads they will be paying for their ad cost to be ran each month all you’re doing is managing that for them and installing the pixel and all that’s covered and dealt with in the scripts and everything as well so that they know that they’re paying for the ad cost but then but then think about it all you spent to get started was a hundred and thirty dollars and that’s for three programs like two or three programs and a actual course in this process – so with that being said if you just had that 1% closure rate on the 1% of 40,000 you’re still banking three thousand eight hundred and eighty seven dollars profit from this entire process if you were just able to close those four people so and three that’s this fantastic – now if you were closing 10% you actually closed 400 people in a month in a month’s time period at that point I would just right off the bat hire three or four cheap virtual assistants for less than five dollars an hour and you know I can if you guys are interested in watching a video on having me make a video on how to find those virtual assistants for less than five dollars an hour I’ll leave a comment down below saying virtual assistants or something like that and I’ll make a video for you guys on how to find that for super cheap for those of you that are the overachievers getting tons and tons of responses back on your clients and let’s make that happen let’s make that happen for you because it would be super easy to just set something up like that as well and you can manage all of their time over here in work hub as well and see like I’ve got one of my employees here where she’s doing data management seeds on there too you can see all the different projects that we’re working on and then you can just search for so she’s not work anything this week but you can see the time worked weekly and all this fun stuff but I’ll make another video on how this process works too because basically it allows you to do like a screen capture software for the employees too so that you can make sure they’re staying on task and tracks their hours and everything and then they’ll like yeah it’s it makes it stupid simple but that’s it that’s it that says it’s it for the video today you guys so in closing as we promised if you guys stayed to the end of the video and those of you that are hanging out and I want you guys to leave a comment if you follow it along and you have a social media marketing business right now in the comments so now that you’ve made it all the way through this process celebrate with us that you’ve begun this journey on this process to becoming financially free embracing that laptop lifestyle and making something for yourself that that nobody else thought would be possible in this process too so um if that is something you guys have done and you followed along with us please leave that comment down there but as we promised we have a special gift for you guys here at the end of the video to where we wanted to make sure that we give back to you guys that are there hanging out with us and you’re learning and implementing these processes that we teach you here over on the channel as well and I know that we are still very new we’re still very much kind of the babies of the of this niche over here on YouTube as well but that doesn’t mean we aren’t knowledgeable in what we have to share with the community so on with that being said we want you guys to we I decided to give you guys a couple of actual bonus things down in that well that all being said I wanted to give you guys a few different bonuses that will be available down in the description for you guys to check out as well as we go over those here really fast I know we’re getting really crunched on time here in the video but some of these bonuses I wanted to cover with you guys are specifically let’s just go through this here too because I’ve got them all listed here you guys can see them you probably already read them on screen at this point but obviously Google on using this method with Google is a bit basic and there is a great although obviously using this google method is a bit basic and though it is a great way to get started cheap and fast if you have a slightly bigger budget I would highly suggest using the click funnels on they have a bigger program that includes action ettus action etics and backpack action etics is a full-blown email automated process that you can use with your sales funnels so you can use basically you can automate the entire process with the software down to the web pages the domain making your sales funnel all the way through the process of selling your using a video sales letter to basically onboard people in through the process from the email that you send them walk them hand by hand all the way through it to where they sign up set a date for a call or they even like you can even just automate it to where give them the option to sign up right there and then go through the process of onboarding you or onboarding them directly through the sales funnel and then all you have to do is reach out and say hey thanks for signing up here’s the contract and you’ve already been charged for the first month let’s get you started today and that’s it the possibilities are endless with that software I said it’s $300 a month for the big bundle of it they do have a cheaper version that does not include action etics or backpack that is $100 a month or excuse me $97 a month is there a gimmick price but that is gonna always be my go-to software I’m not currently using it in this process because I wanted to see how this worked I wanted to see how well I can function with this on a basic level is if I was just starting out brand new fresh like the rest of you guys over here on and that’s it yeah so the next one is going to be funnel scripts again these guys are kind of tied to click funnels in the process that this is the software that allows them to generate an unlimited amount of sales scripts sales funnels and information and all that fun stuff I can pull up what I did last night in the video here for you guys so this is this is an idea of what it looks like basically you have outlines of all these different scripts down here along the side so like bullet points case studies content emails so all your different emails testimonial requests so as you get your clients and they they’re starting to say you know you’ve got me tons and tons of like liens over the last couple of weeks send them a testimonial script and say hey I need you to fill this out or shoot like a quick video just of saying how awesome my service has been for you so you can then turn around use that as social proof for your own services and boom you are going through the roof with how legit you are in this process so um and I’ll leave a link to that for you guys as well in the document and a couple of a little things really fast so setting up just start out simple just a couple of suggestions I wanted to give you guys here to close the make sure you guys just make it simple process it this isn’t going this isn’t like stress you out or anything like that but it is meant to for those of you that work hard at it and are in persevere through the the droughts of responses I guarantee you it’s going to show forth some form of effort for you now that’s not to say that you can’t just use these emails and message businesses and whatnot for any other type of business process prospects that you have as well so if you have if you own like a I don’t know like an airplane simulator something rather and you’re targeting specific businesses in your area that are needing that type of service all means use the same process to shoot out mass emails designed specifically for your product or service that’s what this is here for to help you guys grow whatever business you have or build one from scratch stupid FAST so the last couple of things I would also include custom audits using loom the videos and things like that we talked about already and maybe even add some Facebook ad mock-ups of what you would be creating for them showcase some of the results that you’ve gotten on running ads for your own Facebook business page to where you were generating leads for your business using the same process use live pick and other processes that are located in the marketer magic so this is live pick here you can basically code in your image like the name of the person on your email list directly onto an image and you can make whatever image you want on the background of this is super dope the last one is Callen D this is one like I said that I use for I don’t think I have that pulled up right now but basically it’s a calendar based application to where people can sign up on your website to for your scheduling and you can actually take payment methods through stripe and PayPal through Callen D as well if you were going to charge them for your time so when she’s also nice but once you get super busy and instead of allowing people to just pick your brain with things you can say hey go sign up on this on my calendar length for a time for you to ask me your questions and then charge them for your time to ask you questions because your time is worth money you need to actually be getting paid for what you’re worth instead of allowing people to just suck you dry so outside of that besting the video thanks for watching if you guys are interested in seeing how to set the Facebook pixel directly on a Squarespace page I’m gonna leave the comment on I’m gonna leave that video up over in one of the corners here for you or like down here wherever those wherever the video is gonna pop up but yeah go and check out that video so you guys can see exactly how to set up the Facebook pixel for your clients using a Squarespace page again if you enjoy the content like comment subscribe down below and go check out that Squarespace video that I made of installing the Facebook pixel over on the Squarespace pages will see the next one

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