Corey Testimonial

And amber so amazing about what when I saw her packages I jumped on it I bought immediately because in this girl she has people that book with her six weeks in advance and I wanted to be one of the lucky ones that had a chance to do that so I jumped hey guys I’m Corrie Chapman and I I just wanted to create a quick testimonial video I absolutely love coming to a miracle of our healing revolution I’m an entrepreneur and myself I am the owner of Ola travel company and I’ve been in accounting for the last ten years and I absolutely love coming to Ambur because every time I come here she just helps me get through all the stress and like all the you know I have a standing desk at work so every day I’m standing for about eight to nine hours a day and so when I come here I I just get to lay down on the table and you know I always walk out of here fresh in a new person so when I saw that she had a three package deal I jumped on it immediately because every time I come to Amber’s I walk out feeling like a new person like whenever I’m on the table I go to another place you know and I don’t think I’ve had one massage where I haven’t fallen asleep because of how amazing she is so I just wanted to shoot this quick testimonial for anybody that’s on the fence amber Nicole is the most amazing massage therapist I’ve ever been to not just in Phoenix but in Denver all over the place I’ve lived and she is by far the best massage therapist I would do so thank you so much amber for everything you are and I will continue to keep coming back to you thank you so much thank you

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