Deep Blue and Deep Blue Oil

For helping the muscle heal at an accelerated pace the readings are things amber Nicole here sharing with you this morning another one of my favorite essential oils to use and my massage therapy practice is deep blue rub deep blue rub is one you can think of very minty athletic and cooling its top uses would be for somebody who has muscle and joint pain arthritis body aches neuropathy carpal tunnel fibromyalgia lupus growing pains pre or post workout or an event somebody who has like neck pain or like muscle pain bruises or injuries this is ideal for athletes and for massage clients so this deep blue rub consists of wintergreen and peppermint which are high in a natural component of methyl salicylate which is that hot to cool component that relieves tension and inflammation in the muscles is combined with Gila chrism which is a very rare powerful potent flower of medicinal flower and its ability to accelerate muscle healing and help with tissue healing and a muscle healing is very it is very potent there’s a lot of healing going on on an emotional level deep blue is the oil of surrendering the pain so maybe you have a client who’s like resistant kind of like maybe even avoidant or like not able to like really relax to like this oil will really help them feel strengthened but Sue and serene and it will help on a physical level like really smooth muscle the pain and conditions when you’re using this you have two options you have the essential oil itself and you have the rub both should always be diluted because essential oils by definition are very light and have a propensity to evaporate quickly into air in space so they need to be stabilized first of all secondly this particular blend is cooling because of the menthol feelings from the wintergreen the peppermint camphor so stabilizing that will help give a more positive experience also mmm sorry I just caught of it just smells so good also they need to be stabilized because they’re so pure and potent that they are actually not bioavailable in the human body so you have to stabilize them so you can use doTERRA is fractionated coconut oil and you just use a pump of that and you you just put a pump into your hand and a drop of the essential oil and you just rub that together and you massage into the area of concern for yourself as a massage therapist you do need to take care of your tools and for your clients deep blue is honestly not one that I use in the diffuser I would just use straight peppermint with some wild orange this is very expensive and very potent I would honestly I personally wouldn’t recommend using this in the diffuser but I suppose you could i also recommend using color therapy –tx massage CBD oil and or steak return throat hannah cold vegan massage cream again my name is amber nicole walsh I really appreciate your tuning in and listening to my educational video series about essential oils thank you so much

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