Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing & Busting the Fear Barrier: Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the most recognized change agents and thought leaders in the world not only does he impact millions of people around the world but his books his seminars and recently his documentary that’s been put out on Netflix has energized people from every walk of life recently I sat down with him at his business mastery event to talk about how to use his ideas and concepts to live a better life and how network marketing can help a person to achieve their dreams enjoy Tony Robbins to see you get here how are you man I’m doing great about your book I’m doing good I’m doing good I always do it good well I am and I know you are do so many amazing things it’s so fun to watch you have an impact around the world oh thank you that’s very goods I’m not kidding and you’re having you’re leaving such a huge footprint right now last year at GoPro recruiting master you blew everybody away three and a half hours of just total intention and and people had breakthroughs that were just unbelievable they learned how to control their emotional and mental state and how important that was yeah and and watch what you did one of the coolest things for this last year that I think for my friends that don’t know that much about you is you came out with this film yeah Andreea a documentary I’m not your guru because and they went behind the scenes of your date with destiny event and I didn’t think that they could pull it off when I heard about the idea I didn’t think I thought was going to be like Game of Thrones there’s gonna have to be six Series six years 72 hour seminar yeah how do you turn this into a movie yeah but um talk about that experience and and and just in the last whatever three weeks yeah since it’s been out it’s been viewed millions of times already should have million people have already seen it two weeks to an F week so I’m willing with the place yeah what tell me what that experience was like and what you hope to accomplish well I wasn’t looking to do documentary I actually met Joe Berlin jurors the filmmaker documentarian he’s two-time Academy Award nominee two-time Emmy winner two-time Peabody winner just brilliant guy and I’d seen Metallica he did this one on Metallica was just interesting she had these hardcore metal guys who hate each other now they’ve been together all these years and they gotta figure out how to navigate to the next level of their life so it’s a real psychological film and then he made three documentaries over two decades to get three guys that were innocent off death row and he did it successfully so I met him at a party and I had great respect for him and I was struck by how like many successful people unfortunately he was not fulfilled I mean if you save three human beings lives that should be enough you would think you know you’re a couple account even heard combination calamities you know your life is pretty well sad beautiful family but most people succeed aren’t fulfilled hmm and it’s it’s the biggest frustration because they think that more money or more opportunity or more accolades was gonna do it and it doesn’t and so I knew what would do it what would transform his life I knew a few candidate event and specifically date with destiny was coming up which is my most intense event so I invited him and he later told me he said you know I’m not a seminar guy I’m not in the music I’m not into sharing my private personal life with anybody else and he was very intense he he also do meet when I first met he goes look I’m the most negative guy here I’m gonna be he said because look like it’s not my fault he goes I’ve you know done you know the uncovering how the FBI is abused things uncovering the puce by corporate America all the films he make are about horrible things he calls him feel bad films and but I invite him to come he went to the program in the first two hours he wanted to run it’s just like just chilling 10 too intense and he called his wife and said this guy’s so nice to me what’s my exit strategy without pissing him off and he said cuz I can’t stay here six more days I guess then you’re six more hours she’s honey you never even take a 6 day vacation for you something struck you when you met this man to come out here and I think you should give it 24 hours so he stayed with 24 hours and I did a process where you know a lot of times people have inner conflicts and a lot of people on MLM have this right the conflict of I want to be a multi-millionaire I want to be the most successful person and I never want to be rejected you know and just those two go together and I felt this conflict sheath up those and so I do the process where very often those conflicts come from a long time ago I’m not analyzing your past but I do know that very often we made decisions decades ago that affect us today they affect people in your business and so I try to do is get people remember their earliest memory and when I am writing talk about it you can see people sergey’s and even you right now as I mention it see a surgeon right finding it and what I found is your earliest memories not your earliest memory it’s just the one you’ve attached to and when I find a memory earlier than that it liberates you from anything that was limiting you and so he woke up out of this process I did about 45 minutes long and he said I’m not a cry or a tease I couldn’t stop crying and he said but it was beautiful he felt like a weight was lifted so he decided play full out and not judge it any of the most incredible experience and then while I was doing it I guess three or four days into he’s like this is so cinematic because the interventions I do you like in every event there are it’s always different that’s what I love I play with no net but it’s so riveting and here you see this raw rule you never know what’s going to happen if somebody stands up and they made a half a billion dollars and they’re bored or they’re suicidal or what I mean when you have that many people 2500 people from 77 countries you get this massive diversity and so he when his event he saw these huge changes like you saw this man who has just came out of Afghanistan who’s marine his ring sergeant he married thirty two of his buddies that he can imagine and he then on five trips five tours between Iraq and Afghanistan and when he came to the seminar he held the microphone and it was literally shaking I’m not exaggerating this much he had dark glasses on because he had ice light sensitivity right because he has PTSD and he couldn’t sleep at night ssam knee headaches and I brought him on stage and it took me about 45 minutes and this stopped completely and then within 15 minutes I got the glasses off so he could look right into the light with no pain and then we followed up with him obviously and about a year later I brought him on on CNN and I showed them the film of just you know him what he was originally and so when he walked in the room the director of the producer I should say for CNN started crying hmm I said why he clenched because I saw the video of him before and he’s like a it’s like a movie star he’s so different so John saw that Joe saw a woman her name is rain his face was really disfigured and she was suicidal in any room of 2,500 people there’s always anywhere in the world there’s an average of 12 people that are suicidal people just don’t realize it and there was a man there the suicidal who was blinded and I put him together so you could imagine I have this blind man touching this woman’s face telling how beautiful she isn’t what he feels for her and she’s crying healing all rooms going healing so he was just he didn’t know if that was gonna happen again now it wasn’t just one time it was one time yeah but he wanted to make a film with a cinema to it cinematic view to it so he got her just gonna say yes he came thanked me profusely for the event that said I want to make documentary with you like anybody anybody anybody who’s got jo’bril injure saying that you’d want to say yes but I was like no and he couldn’t believe it and the reason I said note was I just I used you know I see two hundred thousand people a year and I only see 2500 people a day with destiny and you know 2500 people to see you got to project the screen so you have cameras but their long lenses to have somebody right here while you’re changing life I said I’m just not gonna let that happen it’ll disturb people and he kept trying to convince me so about every three months for two years he came at me and finally said what if I go and if i disturb anybody you shut it down I lose everything so you have no risk and I said if you won’t do that so we did it and I was also skeptical just like you’re like how you gonna convert 12 13 14 hour days six of them to less than two hours yeah but uh that’s why he’s got the Academy Awards that’s why he’s got all the awards that he’s really sent even in 14 film festivals and we want tons of awards and people you know when you watch a great movie you associate to the character and you feel what they feel well this isn’t fake this is the real thing so when these people transform you transform with them so it’s on it’s on Netflix it’s 190 countries it’s translated in every major language around the world and if you have Netflix it’s absolutely free it’s free it’s unbelievable so if you’re if you’re watching you should watch it the stories are amazing the process is amazing it’s very emotional your laugh you’ll cry yeah also get a sense of some of things we’re going to do together what I call yeah you know for sure for the event one day I want to talk about is these interventions yes we’re right now as we’re speaking where you’re in the middle of your business master Sam okay so right smack dab in the middle we Hank you out to be able to have this conversation while they’re having a meal or some things are you know in their seats the I watch you do this over and over and and how can you you have a person stand up and they think they have this problem but it’s not that problem it’s a different problem how do you get to the core of of a solution for this human being yeah so quickly because all of us in network marketing guess what we’ve got people with amazing potential yeah and we fall in love with that potential yeah but and we see that they’re stuck yeah and we want to try and figure out a way to help them and sometimes we do with compassion and you do with compassion but it’s pretty tough compassion well sometimes sometimes it’s funny sometimes tough yeah but regular let them you don’t let them just sit in that that darkest spot I don’t how did you figure out how to help them with that breakthrough have helping with that it you know intervention I’ve been obsessed my whole life with with understanding what makes the difference in people what makes you know a Richard Branson he’ll be speaking at yeah but this again Richard’s good friend of mine and you know what’s different about Richard versus the average business person what’s different about the person who’s so happy and you can buy a whole Thai billionaires that are miserable you know what’s the difference and so I’ve been obsessed for 38 years 13 is my 39th year doing this so I could be an idiot at this point I have to see there’s patterns there’s patterns that make people angry and sad and overwhelmed and fearful and stressed out and there’s patterns that make people passionate and driven and hungry and alive and filled with awe and excitement and so once you know those patterns are there’s really no limit so once they start to figure those out that’s when I started getting a call because I could produce results so quickly because I knew exactly how to rewire somebody so I get the call and you know the child is suicidal knock on wood I’ve never lost one suicide in 39 years I won’t someday but I haven’t had a thousands and we follow-up we make films about to show where they are um I get you know I get the phone call when you know for example you know the business person’s melting down they don’t know what to do in their business I get the phone call when President states true story President Clinton calls me and says they’re gonna beat me in the morning what should I do call me sooner could you call me sooner that’s the first record that you should have done right so by being in these situations where I how to produce the result Eric hmm there’s something incredibly valuable about putting yourself on the line there’s something incredible value though credibly valuable about not having a net when people have a security net the mind tends to run for what’s easy and our hearts are much more strong than our spirits more strong than that so my entire thing was playing without a net put yourself in the line if I want to take the Abbott I burned my boats because I know if I leave the boats there if there’s a way out this brain of yours it’s a two-million-year-old brain it’s not designed to make you happy it’s designed to make you survive so this brain that you still have to look out for a saber-toothed tiger now gets all fearful makes you fight-or-flight about what are people thinking of me or do I have enough money and I know a lot of people get a multi-level marketing they do it because they can have their own business without a huge investment it’s one of the great things about networking and you don’t have to do all the backend make counting and all that stuff it’s it’s so perfect what destroys most people in business is all that other stuff so it’s a great piece but you also see people that join network marketing and because it’s easy to get in they don’t take it as a professional like you do it’s whether he’s I I want to come and do this with you I respect you so much Erika’s you’re creating professionalism of this business because it is an extraordinary profession done properly but what I found really is you’ve got to make that shift psychologically inside your head and what when you say these interventions what makes the inventions work is I have seen there’s only so many patterns and now once I know what those are I could be an idiot I could help somebody to change now I’m I don’t ever stop learning and what I would encourage every person a network marketing to do is to learn to become a practical psychologist not a proctologist a practical psychologist so you heard that correctly meaning I really it’d be so useful and when I come the breakthrough I want to help you understand your family of clients is if you understand that motive does matter that everyone’s motivation is different like if someone says I’m not motivate us not true if they’re fat they’re motivated eat yeah if they’re not doing the calls or whatever it is not following through they’re motivated to avoid rejection we got to find what your motive for action is and then we got to either rewire it or come up with a new version but until you know what’s really driving someone you’re gonna try and inspire people you’re trying to motivate people you’re gonna try to lead people and you’re gonna do it your way and so all of us are good with people who are like us yeah but if you’re gonna be a professional if you’re gonna grow geometrically if you’re gonna become wealthy you can’t just serve people just like you you’ve got to figure out what is this person in front of me what need I want to know what do you desire most what do you fear most because life is the dance between what you desire most of what you fear most and most people have the fear one control them are and what’s beautiful about network marketing is it gives you room to still have fear and get in the game because you’re still scared because you’re new but you can develop yourself to a point where you can own a business where you can make a bloody fortune but without all the pain and challenges but you do need to give up a little bit of what I do not the same level I do we’re able to read people more effectively to know their needs to know the desires to know their fears so you can show them how to overcome those fears so you can show cannot achieve what they really want but everyone is different it’s not unlimited differences that’s the good news there like for example there are six human needs that we’ll be covering there and those needs around the world there’s different goals and dreams and desires based on cultural conditioning our background our parents but we have the same needs when you meet those needs people will become addicted to your product or service so you know there’s a need for certainty there’s a need for variety there’s need for significance a need for love and for growth flee for contribution if you find a way to meet one or two people’s needs through your product or service they’re going to like you they’re going to like the product if you find a way to get them to associate meeting at least three needs to that product or service they will be addicted to that product or service forever and that product service could be growth leadership serving network marketing or your kids getting to clean the room but motivation to me is that is a I hate the word because most people cited motivation to pump up and I believe in energy you know that man another crank myself the room the people it’s amazing yeah but but if you don’t attach to that strategy and skill then you’re like a chicken with your head cut off if you got all the skill and you have no energy you’re not gonna follow through if you got all the energy and no skill you’re going to be ineffective so I believe they have to be blended and these interventions they come from there you know 39 years of being with at this stage you know hundred million people feeling people in reality that at this point I’d be an idiot not to see those patterns but what’s great is I can teach me for those patterns now that’s part of what I’m going to teach what are the brains the most amazing thing to me as as I’m sitting through business mastery yes every time you do an intervention yes I’m taking notes like I’m occasionally I’ll get lost in the story but mostly yeah I’m going okay hot and I apply this to a person who is going to be hurting that I’m gonna write out – yeah and how can I use it and how can I break that pattern how can I get them to see what the real problem is yeah because normally because when I do done coaching before it’s four or five questions in six questions in ah there it is you find it and you find it and you say okay then you go from there and that’s what I think people are gonna be able to learn from you without it and and and you did that last year this you’re going to take it to another level another part of what you’re gonna do and and I was fascinated with when we you came out right away and said you know Eric’s got these seven skills to becoming a network marketing professional I got one more and and and really I don’t think it’s eight skill I think it’s the first because if you get that one yeah the others will the other seven will follow I agree and that is how to control your state and that sounds to the to the outside person what does it mean to control your state yeah but you know to watch how you can help somebody change their emotional and mental and spiritual physical state to be able to impact the rest of their life and to be able to do it in a minute in a moment and not beat and not lose because you know what I see people doing they go into a little bit of a coma kind of and and they lose your head during the headlights they lose a day they lose a week they lose a month and pretty soon a year’s gone yeah and and they lost momentum when you lose my face I think it’s not gonna work your brain takes over the story takes over this isn’t right for me I’m not skilled enough right and all you need to stop all that and have more your people win is teach them how to be in a peak State so let’s talk about that yeah the choke hold on the growth of any business including anybody that’s a multi-level marketing business always is the psychology and the skills of the owner the psychology and the skills of the leader so let’s talk about that 80% of success in any profession I’ve ever worked with people in sports business entertainment never marketing 80% of whether you’re gonna succeed or fail is psychology meaning is you’re say college you want to such resiliency is there a set of emotions in you that pour you forward are you flexible enough for the challenge comes to ship have you developed a way of looking at life that allows you to succeed in any environment as opposed to pull you back where to pulls you apart right so and then you need certain skills and one of the skills is leadership right and when someone talks about persuasion or salesmanship those words have mixed feelings but influence and leadership is the most important skill elect if there’s anything we need in this country look at the presidential candidates you know most people are not enthralled with either one some are big fans of one or the other but for most people or look at this going this is a crazy election and the reason is cuz you look at these people and you don’t see that leadership skill or ability you see a politician a politician will tell you what no what you want to hear a leader will tell you the truth a leader is going to influence you to do something they’re going to be able to change the thoughts feelings and emotions that are limiting you and that’s what I want to train your teams to be able to do and the time that we have them to give us some incredible skills we’ll do some exercises to get them there but let’s talk about state state is everything whenever I talk to people say you know how many of you want a breakthrough now you don’t just learn more you want to breakthrough you want something where we’ve all had an area of our life where we’ve struggled something for years of smoke and drinking not following through procrastinating whatever the hell it is some upset and maybe finally one day you’re disappointed you didn’t yourself to fall through you get promise and wonder you funny get pissed off enough or frustrate enough or angry enough we’re excited enough they go not another day not another hour I’m changing this now alright and when that happens in human being change happens in a moment change does not take ten years change takes a moment always it took people often 10 years to get the moment where they say no more screw you I love you I quit let’s get married I do and our life changes in those moments but those moments are state moments meaning our mental emotional physical state controls us so if you’re in a pissed-off frustrated state you have the capability be nice but you probably won’t be even if you’re a nice person like nice people can be mean yeah what I’m gonna means like mean people can be nice when they get in the great state so oh my whole piece is to show people how to shift that state because you get have the best strategy in the world but you will fall through if you don’t feel like it and feel like it is do you have a mindset do you have a set of belief structures do you have a psychology that says I’ve tried everything that psychology you’re screwed right or do you have one that is relentless and what will change your story what will change the way you look at your life is what is the habitual emotional state you going to yourself everybody has Eric an emotional home right we have a mutual friend Sam and I love Sam to death and make memory calls him you know smile and Sam cuz no matter what happens Sam has some key emotions he always comes home to it’s like his home address and one of them is this little sense of joy and happiness is why everybody loves Sam I adore Sam so we all know somebody who has the emotional habit if they walk in the building and suck the oxygen and the holding right because they’re just so negative it is so frustrated they’re so they’re always stressed are always good and by the way they always find something to be upset about if they’re not said their own life don’t think it finds all about the country they were upset about somewhere else so we all have emotional homes and you like some people live in a city where every year we have a storm and it drives the home and they move back in and start all over again I’m like why don’t you move right that’s easy to see when it’s a physical location when most of us don’t realize is we all have an emotional home everyone watching right now it’s an emotional home you have some emotions that you go you’ll find your way back there whether things good or bad you’re gonna find it good or bad your going to go those emotions maybe it’s time to change your home address emotional address because the quality of my life is our emotions if you got a billion dollars and where you live emotionally every day is pissed off and frustrated quality of your life is not a billion dollars it’s cut off and frustrated you’ve got three beautiful children and all you do is worry all the time your life is worried there is no love right you don’t experience much love because you’re always in your head or the word side so how do you change state is what we’re going to teach but just for a moment fundamentally mosters try to change our state by thinking differently total disaster how many times if you’re listening watching this but he’s been in a place where you like I got to change I feel uh-uhh and you go this inner conflict it doesn’t really work with your head but if you make a radical change in your body I can change the way you move or the way you breathe the way you use your voice the way you make a gesture we literally can change our biochemistry that fast we’re distance this fake pump up where you’re like I’m happy I’m happy punch affirmations it literally is boom I would do forgot I’m ready to rock and roll and once you learn how to trigger that which is what we’ll do in your TN your clients hear over and over again fast and it’s it’s incredible it’s a freedom most people never have because most of us get stuck we get stuck in our fear stuck in a frustration stuck in something or even stuck in feeling happy but we’re not really connected to what it’s about so it’s more of a fake happiness right but when you train yourself like a muscle to change how you feel that fast it just becomes automatic and I’m not gonna share it here because I have a very specific gigantic the largest breakthrough this happened to my life has happened since I saw you a year ago really as all the years I’ve done what I’ve done right this is my 39th year I started when I was two of course uh is my 39th year in 39 years the greatest growth I’ve had is this year hmm ha and its growth not in just achieved that I’ve done forever its growth in the level of enjoyment it’s it’s beyond imagination but I want to save it because I want people here at fresh when they come and I want them to experience it rather just be tell you verbally um but what I can promise you is if you come and you listen and you participate in anybody there well as you know you’ve seen that even once or don’t think just make do um you will know we achieve more you will have more joy more happiness more fulfillment with no exaggeration no hyperbole because I’m going to teach you a couple of simple strategies and insights that my wife will tell you I tell you my dearest friends will tell you there’s nothing in my life that’s brought more joy so I want to spread that joy yeah I can yes I’m not holding back just fall back just if I start to talk about oh yeah right you need experience and right and your people need spirits but yeah let me know people are either gonna come in person or gonna be online it’s nice last year we 8,000 people right guess how many people we’re gonna have this year and look about 20,000 oh that’s awesome that’s a jewel Asian thing is gathering well everybody there said they’re going to come back oh yeah yeah giving Vegas the gathering of entrepreneurs anywhere in the world that’s powerful so 20,000 people will be live and in person we’re almost sold out of your hired out physical tech I didn’t know story thousand buy your driver and we’ll have an equal amount or more online online watching watching all over the world translated into languages all over the world so it’s super super fun also one of your dear friends yes Sir Richard Branson yeah Richards coming they told me yes inside is gonna be it’s gonna be presenting and Richard is one of the most incredible if you everyone else at Richard a credibly us but when you get it what makes him amazing as far as what you what do you know about him that other people don’t know I mean how I don’t know what able know but I’ll tell you that the greatest thing about Richard is this is a man who has a hunger at what is he 66 now husband six knees right ah that is the same as when he was fifteen and he was starting you know this music company in the crypt right you know ended I mean he is one of the most driven people but he is a perfect example of what I want to teach people in that he also having such a good time how many guys do you know they’re very successful entrepreneurs but they’re serious mother you know something job they’re just like they’re just so not allowed yeah not oh joy he had like his favorite phrases give it a go let’s do it let’s do it gotta go and he really means it you will be surprised though that uh are you gonna interview Richard yeah yeah yeah you’ll want to interview him because he actually does not come across the way you think he is right he’s much more quiet and eternal have that external personality is the fun-loving rock-and-roll kind of thing but when he goes to speak he’s actually much more quiet and inside so you’re interviewing me that’s because you’ll pull out those insights but his hungers what makes me unique his unique passion for life is there and this is a man who’s obsessed with constantly doing more for others than anybody else which I believe is the whole secret the wealth and the secretive business if you become obsessed with falling in love with your client not with your product or service even your company you want to follow up your client and if you fall in love with them what do you do for somebody love anything when people feel that as your clients as your downline as your friends you will have a bond with them and you won’t be dealing with the stuff that some of these MLM is dealing with which is you know the backbiting that you and I know both happens very often in some of those environments you’ll have a team that’s loyal to you I hope you’re enjoying the Tony Robbins interview so far there’s a lot more to come so make sure that you stay tuned but I wanted to quickly talk to you about the event that Tony’s mentioned several times go pro recruiting mastery that is December 1st through the 4th here in Las Vegas Nevada it is the largest 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Tony Robbins himself will be doing three and a half hours of life-changing information Sir Richard Branson the most iconic entrepreneur maybe in the world is also going to be attending talking about how to think like an entrepreneur I’m going to be bringing some of the best practices and skills and mindset and strategy of the best people in network marketing how they’re using these skills and mindset and strategy to be able to have more levels of success than ever before and you’re going to hear from million-dollar earners in the network mark affection as they share their secrets to success so all of this this celebration of network marketing is celebration of the best ideas in network marketing this personal growth that’s going to come from it all here in Las Vegas one of the most fun locations you’re ever going to find so I encourage you to get a ticket for this event now the live event is virtually sold out there’s going to be approximately 20,000 people in attendance at this event from all over the world but you can still get a live-streaming ticket you can watch this on your phone you can watch this on your tablet on your computer not only live but you can watch it for two weeks after the event is completed so if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing the entire experience you’ll have two weeks to watch it as part of your live streaming ticket and if you’re watching this right now I want you to know two things one is there’s limited space we have limited capacity for the number of people that can watch via livestream because of Technology two is B if you’ll make a decision early we’ll give you a discount if you want to be part of the early bird discount and and get yourself a ticket my recommendation to you is don’t just watch by yourself invite some people over to your house maybe you have a whole group of people get together and experience this together and then set a resolution decide that you’re going to attend this event live because we do it once a year it’s grown in the last seven years from 200 people all the way to 20,000 people and why is it grown so much because people get results if you’re brand new and you’re looking to build your network marketing business this is what will help you experience a breakthrough if you’ve been around for a while maybe you pet plateaued don’t have the growth that you want maybe you don’t have the duplication you’re going to learn the secrets unlocking that duplication your organization and if you’re a high level earner sometimes you just need to see a bigger picture and I guarantee you the is going to show you a bigger picture on the skills on the mindset on the strategy and also on the personal growth I highly recommend that you take advantage of this event and you can do so while you’re watching the rest of this interview by clicking on the link that’s connected to this video and get yourself a ticket so do that and enjoy the rest of the interview I had this huge transformation happen in my life in the last five years here here’s my my old thought was when I’m rolling when I’m doing really well I’m super generous yeah when I’m not rolling I need to focus on the unrolling again and I’m not gonna be as generous that’s wrong it was wrong I didn’t know I did no one knows so so harvey mackay you know how Harvey said his father told him that he needed to donate 20 percent of his time his time not his money yeah to charity starting at age 21 and he did it for his whole life yeah I went oh wow it’s about influence it’s not always about dollars and we’re very influential yeah as far as network marketing we can we can get so creative you can do anything you want the way you wanted it yeah we can get so creative two dollars here and there we’re meeting with people all the time we’re doing all this different kind of thing we could pick the cause it’s important to us yeah and we can get creative so it’s just not about us writing a check yeah and I went ah got it and since then millions and millions and millions of dollars lots of creativity lots of fun stuff and how does it make you feel unbelievable people I wrote money mastered the game I had to write in the last job 670 page ball right Oh tiny little book yeah but I interviewed 50 the smartest people on the face the planet all people started with nothing no lucky sperm Club guys right right they’re all guys to earned it from self-made right something and one of the greatest things that I found was lots of them are not happy hmm I mean not fulfill they know what they’re doing they make money so I pulled what they did now and then I go to other people that are happy to be fulfilled those rare you find them in the same person once in a while you Richards one of those we have to really find that in but one thing’s that I found was I read whole chapter and I found this research but now they know what changes you biochemistry they can measure the changes of the chemicals in your saliva and they know what gives you the most joy and what gives people the most joy if you buy things you enjoy for a little bit if you buy experiences like events traveling education whatever it is those have the most profound effect of lifelong joy and happiness but the one that’s just slightly above experiences meaning even more joy is doing things for others that you don’t even know doing things for those you love is another one but people you don’t know and they found that people could experience 50% more joy by taking less than 10% of what they earn or time either one yeah and don’t even people they don’t know and I can tell you I’ve been privileged enough I worked my ass off of my life just like you and I’ve been blessed like you’ve been blessed and I mean I’ve had a ticket to history you know whom from Lou Gorbachev to Princess Diana to President Clinton to you know you name it you know pitbull have you know man Tony Hopkins I I’m there I’ve been at some of the most amazing moments in history I’ve actually been there been a part of that process but what I’ve learned along the way what I’ve seen along the way is that most people don’t take in those victories most people don’t experience that level of joy they deserve and so part of what I want to do with your group here is lock that in place like really lock in how to succeed to the highest level by leadership by influence by persuasion by understanding people at a deeper level than most people do by being so committed to their goodwill that they feel it and they’ll they’ll die for you just like you buy for them but also with all that great success how are you gonna have the time of your life now not in the future and then the giving part my entire life changed when I got that and I I think I shared it I don’t think we did an interview I think maybe it is personal yeah but I had an experience when I was struggling was working with gym around the personal about one speaker and I was just a kid I was like 18 years old and a 79 years old and I was working so hard and I love people so much but I was learning it in the learning you mess up just never market any business you’re gonna mess up cuz you in the learning phase and I was beating myself up and going oh my god it failing and why am i failing a – this I was driving anyway not far from here actually in California a place called Pomona California like a midnight and I’m driving nother free with my 1968 Volkswagen and just frustrated and all of a sudden it’s like I got it and I literally pulled the side where there’s no cars in the road at midnight and I’ve had a journal I’ve always kept journals and I wrote the joy myself journalist a a full page I wrote the secret the living is giving and I started crying I realized I’m such a giver but when I started to fail I went in this pattern of trying to protect myself and I kept thinking about me me me and what I’m not getting instead of focusing on others and I made this shift and I’m telling you I went I took I won’t take time tell the story here and up up maybe I’ll share in your piece but the long story short and a version of it is without being very exciting about it is I took the last money I had and had no intentions I went to go feed myself at a location and all you eat all-you-can-eat salad bar and a little boy walked in with his mother and I was so moved by this little boy that I took all the money I had left after I had loaded up I didn’t even drive my car to this place because I didn’t wanna spend the money on gas and parking and I remember this point I gave him all the money on the table I said you’re buying your mom dinner and I just walked out I was the most happy and free I should have been freaked out I’ve no money I have no plan for money I was the most free it ever felt in my life because people are saying I’m going to get beyond scarcity you’ll never get beyond scarcity you got to start beyond it and if you were to say to me you know you’ve mentioned me the past like you know what do people have to do and network marketing to be more professional first they should come train with you and understand that the blows smoke but you you create this environment I think the biggest thing is they gotta let go of scarcity because what gives network marking a bad name is always people running around who are fearful and like I know you gotta get this you got in the competition between them what I found is in building any business including network marketing is not the number of people to the right people and it’s so much better to attract those people than be freaked out and everybody will do some of that in the beginning but I’m gonna show people the event have to come back into that Center so even the are freaked out ik and disappear to change your state once again but one little change your state is if you’ll go do something for others now not wait to have the money you’re not going to give a million out of ten mil ten million of a hundred million ever right so start where you are and find the juice and I’m telling you you know Marc Benioff some of my dearest friends from salesforce.com and I kind of you know I wasn’t meet says I was a major factor in instilling this giving thing in him and now you look at he gives away away one percent of his company’s stock one percent of his employees time and one percent of his profits we did it when it was a little tiny company now they’re gonna do what eight nine billion this year right and the impact of that decision so if your team if your quiets were to make those decisions now as they’re beginning this journey it’ll be relatively easy to do something now and if you keep doing it you’re gonna prosper my greatest like if you ask me what are the goals are most excited about in my life I have 32 33 companies now 12 I actively managed we do five and a half billion in sales and Brooklyn six billion sales I haven’t been seven different industries like all across the board I got 1200 employees across three continents with all that going on which is so exciting and fun and brilliant what excites me most is I’ve had 100 million people last year I’m beating a hundred million people to share what if he had a billion people in nine years in India where children die because of water pollution I’m providing a hundred thousand people a day with fresh water I got the goal to get it to a million I’m not working with my buddy Peter Diamandis on the XPrize the biggest challenge we have for kids in the world is there’s so many little children 250 million we there’s no way we have enough teachers so we’ve got this prize Elon Musk and I to group put together a 15 million dollars and all these groups are competing to come up with software to teach a child who it doesn’t know how to read write speak with our I should say our code and teach them with an iPad with no teacher on their own how to do all the above within 18 months and this competitions going on all of those things excite me buying a home for your mother you know buying a truck for your father there’s nothing you’re gonna do that’ll give you more juice in that so if you can’t do that yet start with a little thing like you said let some momentum take you you started with the meal I start really because I mean what you just said is just so I said I just have two families yeah and now I’m feeding this year this will be 250 million Valentine your quarter of a billion so the people watching if they want to know how to do that where you are start where you are a little bit and it does it you know and when I said give your time not just your money I agree with it but I don’t mean is go stand in the soup line yeah you because what what these charities need is dollars that’s totally so so use your time to raise some money I can use your time to use your influence with your community and get creative in order to be able to raise some dollars to be able to make it quite frankly and for some people if they’re really really strapped a little bit of money but a little no time that’s fine to where they do that because what at whatever you step into giving you step out of scarcity right and scarcity is what will keep you from succeeding in business because everybody people feel it in you you can have no money and not be scarce right right you can be a generous soul you know even with your heart with your time with your energy with what little money you have generosity is one of the largest attractive factors I think in the world yeah and when it’s not fake when it’s not manufactured when it’s not like four stars on your chart when you’re doing it authentically I mean my number one desire is when I wake in the morning before I go onstage I say use me Lord and my prayer is that I’m a blessing in the life of everybody I mean I’m gonna find a way to be a blessing for them people feel that you can’t think that and it’s one of these thirty nine years later I’m here you know doing more than I’ve ever done in my life and enjoying life even more so I just we’re talking about something right now that might feel just like an idea right now but if you do it I always tell people a belief is a poor substitute for an experience you can believe what China is like but if I take you to China you have an experience it’ll be real otherwise it made up in your head some we’re talking about is a little made up of people’s heads till they do it and what I love that we do in advance and why I’m committed to it advances we don’t just talk about a principle or share it like we’re doing now then we get up and do something so you get in your body and you can see hey this really works or doesn’t yeah but if it really works and you see it works you could want to use it get it again well I’ll tell you I firmly believe the reason why we went went from 200 people at our events to 20,000 wasn’t all our marketing and the at least started giving I I know I do I absolutely living then it’s a carrot of it if the spirit of it it’s the spirit of what you do programs the same as me I think we share the same common belief which is I want to do more for others than anybody on earth yeah that’s my job that’s my brand that’s who I am and I see you and you’re in the niche you’ve done looks network market I think the Ryu ground like that is not only the giving you’re doing outside that group but I think the giving you do to that group because when people come they get so much value and such a short time for such small amount of dollars that’s why I’m coming back with you get cool well you’ve got you’re going to be bringing a surprise for us you have new information yes I was that you’ve done learning this last year and and I’m not going to tell you but we’re gonna have a surprise for you okay 20,000 people that when you go on stage on Friday night December 2nd there’s going to be a surprise for you so just just for your heart with that you’ll I hope you like it I’m gonna like come to see you 20,000 people people in all the network marketing are highly driven highly inspired people I’ve there they’re courageous people looking for the next step of looking for a vehicle and I’ll tell you what there are many better vehicles than this this business has a bad rap and the best way to get past the bad rap is be a pro right do more for others than anybody else and you’ll build a brand different than network marketing as a whole the brand will be you at you and the company represents them you picked a good one and products that you represent I mean anyone can succeed in this business because it’s not that complex and you’ve eliminated the reasons most you know 50% of businesses die in a year 80% in five years 96% of businesses are gone in ten years four percent survive that doesn’t mean they make any money right that just means you’re standing right right and then you got like Lehman Brothers was around a hundred years at a trillion dollars in gross volume and they’re gone I’m right and I just gone so I’m very passionate network marketing I’m really excited to serve a group and I’m thrilled that you I get double yeah then it’s my pleasure so last question two parts yes these people that are watching this and they’ll be over a million people that watch house interview easy yeah they’re hungry I know and between now and December when this event happens and we unleash all of this information you Sir Richard Branson all of the people that we put on the stage over the course of three four days what advice do you have for them number and number two if they haven’t decided to either get a ticket or get a get a online ticket yeah what you know what advice would you have for the person thinking about that well you asked me I think that question once before I said if you haven’t decided don’t go I don’t thought we were saying but if you don’t see the value and learning from Richard Branson and you and your team of people you put together and you and me you better try your chances on next fitting planner cuz it’s rare you get that many people put together in a specific way for your industry right so if you don’t see the value don’t go who’s for a dress find out what you want me to stand that time you want the people to come that are hungry and driven and those people are smart enough that they will yeah if you’re smart you know the value of learning by somebody else’s experience and your other question was advice for the people in network marketing what can they do to have a better experience a better life a better profession a better career between now and December um you’ve got if you aren’t already my bed is most of them are Jim Ron was my original personal velvet kind of coaching teacher he’s brilliant man and he used to say something I would so simply say you know for things to get better you got to get better for things to change you got to change and he gave me this basic philosophical conditioning and programming and insights that still guide me to today so I believe you know one thing is that leaders are readers they you can’t just a standard education will give you standard results and if you understand results walk outside this building and take a look here in Las Vegas you’ll see what it is people here that are parting entertaining but if you look around are most people fit know our most people really energized now are most people in a relationship with they’re totally passionate and in love may be love not usually passionate about long term are most people earning what they deserve answers no and are most people really fulfilled do they have a sense of passion do they love their answers no so I’m no idiot I’m not this deluded guy that thinks everybody is in this great place but I’m also not somebody that feels deterred by that because I’m interested in the few that do not the many that don’t and I have been a hunter of human excellence my whole life I find some of you’re one of them right somebody is really brilliant and they got a good heart and I got that they really have integrity I want to drill into their psyche learning I can for me so I can improve my life and up other people and the most fundamental first thing that I learned from Chevron was feed my mind every day every day say stand guard at the door of your mind protect it because the world we live in like the news the news is not designed to inform you it’s not designed to educate you it’s one-goal startle you you know your children might die by eating marshmallows film at I mean Italy they’ve always got something that’s going to destroy everything on earth because they know if it bleeds it leads they got a jar you to get your attention so in the world that we live in today I think the vast majority of us have to feed our mind cuz otherwise we’re gonna try and make our life out of the stuff that’s being sent to us at your phone and texting and social media and most of it quite frankly is not going to move you forward so you got to consciously decide what will I feed my mind because I’m gonna build my life out of that and for me it was reading biographies and it still is and it’s reading strategy and philosophy so just taking 30 minutes and these days you know you listen audio so you can do it while you’re what I call net time no extra time while you’re driving while you’re working out so I would say 30 minutes a day no matter what at least five days a week I would say second thing is even if it’s 10 minutes every day doing something physical for 10 minutes that pushes you because fear is physical and so is joy so it’s gratitude so is courage and so you feel feeling in your gotta your throat when you’re really scared you know and when you’re ready to rip something open there’s a sense of intensity in you so training your body and your mind to working together requires that 10 minutes 10 minutes could be a sprint now if you’re not in good enough shape to sprint that are really fast walk or lifting weights I don’t give a damn if you only lift 110 pounds push yourself 211 right because that that will to say I’m gonna push myself beyond what I think I can do that habit is the most important happen to succeed ending life I don’t negotiate with this brain of mine it’ll go are we gonna do it can we do this will you join me so I have to turn what I say were to do it we’re doing it there’s no negotiation there’s no discussion what you’re talking to with you right you know so what I do is I like I jump every day in ice-cold waters the first thing I did when I saw that my documentary you’re 56 degrees Wow am i tall I have unfortunate to have know lots of homes yes and one of my homes is in Sun Valley Idaho and it’s on a river I I don’t have on there I jump in the river it’s snowy and I go on the river that’s like you know 39 degrees kind of thing right but what it does I do for two reasons I do it because it’s so transferring physical cuz when all that blood rushes through all your organs it cleanses them and lose your lip but the main reason I do it is to teach my brain that when I say this we’re going to do there is no discussion there is no hesitancy so I wake up and my brains like there’s no way we’re doing this thing it’s too freakin cold it’s for them too tired and it’s just like move over we’re doing this and I’ve done it so often now that my brain knows that what I say we’re going we’re doing it there’s no essence and there is such value in that training of your mind and your body so reading doing something physical 10 minutes of physical it doesn’t have to be two hours or do two hours wonderful but third I would really get crystal clear on what are your what I call three to thrive or five to thrive what are the three to five most important things and why are they a must for you not a should because if if you don’t decide what you want for your life you’re going to show up for whatever everybody else pitches to you leads you to and so forth so I really believe that too many goals you’re overwhelmed most people’s brains go 1 2 3 many you know so 3 to 5 things that are most important with the Y so you’re crystal clear what you want you’re stronger physically you’re stronger emotionally do you ever been what I do fourthly I find myself a great role model start studying them so Richard be a great one alright and the cool thing about today me Richard anybody is we’re all online now we’ve got books we’ve got you can read their books you can watch online interviews with people you go to you – I mean I mean you can follow the Instagram see what Richard’s life’s like every day you can literally model people the way you I could never have done as children right and you know or young adults it’s all there for you so be physical train your mind find yourself a great role model be crystal clear your three to five and fifth one I’d say is go find somebody now who’s doing worse than you weren’t help them in a very simple way and the reason is because it’ll remind you what a lot great life you have I mean we go you know feed keep every Thanksgiving and Christmas all over the world and it’s amazing when you go to a place there and you were feeling horrible on your life and you see somebody has no food and you bring food to them we always go as the delivery person even though we bought the food so they don’t have to thank us but they’re so grateful and you see the other side of life and it’s also just like oh my god I’m grateful and the great thing about gratitude is the two emotions are that screw up everybody especially network marketing and then in any profession it’s fear and it’s it’s anger I mean these are the two that just screw us up and you can’t be grateful and fearful simultaneously that’s the beauty and you can’t be angry and fearful simultaneous they’re grateful simultaneously so gratitude is a beautiful piece so when you go do something for someone else you’ll feel that gratitude for your life so those be five quick things that you do those are amazing that’s a seminar estrella itself just an instant seven unbelievable Tony thank you I really enjoy our time thank you for giving to our community thank you for your ideas thank you for your consistent and constant learning thank you for your energy I don’t know how you do it it’s unbeliev i you know i’ll train for three days six hours a day everybody calls me a hearing man you’re like like it’s on another you’re like that would be like an appetizer it’s like nothing for you to watch this guy go for 12 straight hours no problem well everybody else is like well it’s in and you’re halfway through and you’re taking the time to do this you’re the man they I appreciate you very much enjoy you so much all right I think what it’s been a time of year in December yeah I can’t wait god bless all right well I hope you enjoyed our interview with the one and only Tony Robbins we enjoyed bringing it to you our mission here at network marketing Pro is to raise the level of professionalism raise the mindset raise the skills raise the strategies to go out there and take charge of your life using the platform of network marketing to do it we believe it’s a better way it’s not perfect but it’s better and people like Tony Robbins and the fact that they are behind what we do so much people like Richard Branson who support what we do so much makes me happy every single day so thank you for watching do me a favor and share this with someone who needs to see it someone who needs to hear the information and if you haven’t done so already get yourself a live streaming ticket to go pro recruiting mastery do not miss the most iconic and powerful and information-packed event in network marketing history you’ll be glad you did my wish for you everyone is that you decide to become a network marketing professional that you decide to go pro because it is a stone cold fact that we do have a better way now let’s go tell the world everybody have an amazing day and we’ll see you next time take care bye bye you

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