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greetings earthlings I’m gonna call here from our healing revolution tuning in to share with you some educational videos on essential oils that I use in my massage practice the reason that I use essential oils is because I believe that we are first energetic spiritual emotional beings that came into a physical form in on this earth we have a spiritual purpose and we have special unique gifts inside of us that we can share with the world we in essence our vibrational beings with that foundational concept this ease can be measured in different vibrational frequencies as well so color sound essential oils the human body they all exist at certain vibrational frequencies when you are interacting with somebody else’s energetic field and physical body you can increase their vibrational frequency by using any essential oil in your practice simply just by using that essential oil will increase their vibration we will get more specific on which essential oils you use I feel like it is important as a massage therapist working with somebody’s energy all day different people to also protect them and you from energy Tran permits these essential oils are what I call like secret spiritual healers and they will provide that level of protection for you and for the client as well as facilitate and guide a healing experience for the client to the essential oils also are effective in three different ways not only do they physically impact the physical body by reducing muscle tension accelerating healing they also help connect the body and emotional experience and they help release the stagnant emotional blockages that are causing tension and existing and residing in the physical body and it helps connect you to your spiritual purpose your spiritual path and it helps guide you along your spiritual path and it helps open up your spiritual path so when we are connected in those ways we were able to live more vibrantly on this earth and so having these essential oils in your practice you’re protecting yourself and you’re facilitating your client for holistic deep true healing and really connecting them deeply to their emotions their physical body their spiritual path and that is extremely important because then their relationships will be impacted the career that have will be in alignment and will bring abundance to their lives they’ll have relationships that are positive and uplifting and they won’t experience as much pain and discomfort and dis-ease and so using essential oils are for me a foundational pillar a must and in my practice with us in toil massage so in addition to that there’s a lot of information that goes into how to use essential oils for this particular learning period we’re going to be talking about topical application for massage therapy with a complement addition to aromatic use of essential oils and a diffuser or in cupping it in your hand and putting it under the face cradle to help the relaxation of the central nervous system and the physical body of your client I want to make it very clear that that’s what we’re talking about one of my favorite oils to begin overall begin your massage with is an oil called balance balance essential oil is a powerful blend this blend contains one of the most sacred high vibrational spiritually uplifting and connecting oils called frankincense in addition to the sacred oil of frankincense balance has spruce which is an oil that comes from a tree which will be very good for reducing muscle stiffness and for providing a grounding element to the massage Bruce frankincense blue tanzy is a flower this oil of blue tansy is blue it contains the chemical component Shema zlin which makes it that blue color and it’s very gives a lot of the cells rejuvenating properties it is very good for accelerating muscle healing addition to this is the blue chamomile which is a very relaxing floral oil so balance is my favorite oil to begin the massage with and it is important that you do use the oils in a dilute form the reason being because an essential oil by definition is a volatile aromatic compound and it is has an affinity to evaporate into air and space so because of that reason you must stabilize it in addition to that it is actually the purest form of plant medicine it is so potent it is actually not bioavailable for the human body compatible it is not compatible or bioavailable for the human body in this form technically it must be diluted through the art of aromatherapy to get the results safe and effective that you’re looking for essential oil it needs to be stabilized and diluted because it’s propensity to evaporate because it’s very light and because of its pure potent nature it must be diluted from my personal practice I use color up therapeutics massage oil it’s CBD CBD is very relaxing for the central nervous system very relaxing for the muscles so in that oil I will put the oil along the spine distribute it over the muscles and make sure there’s a layer over the entire body of oil I often pre dilute my essential oils so in the bottle they’re already safely diluted so out of the bottle I would put two to three drops along the spine that has oil on it in addition to a pre stabilized oil that I put in the bottle if you’re mixing in the central oil it’ll be one ounce of oil you’ll put like 10 to 12 drops in there okay okay if you don’t have it pre-mixed in the massage you’ll make sure you have a layer of oil and then from your bottle you’ll put two to three drops ideally your bottle will already be pre diluted and so if you’re going to do pre dilution you can keep like 30 to 50 drops in your bottle and then just top it off with an oil I’ll begin the massage with balance I’ll the client laying facedown on the table I’ll have the oil on their body I’ll put two to three drops of balanced oil on their spine I’ll put a couple of drops in my hand and I will put it under the face cradle and I will let them deeply inhale that one two three times and that will stimulate it will go through the olfactory system into your limbic system and this is the seat of your emotions the limbic system and this is very deep healing and very deep relaxation and I believe that you need to reach a certain level of relaxation in your central nervous system in your emotional body your physical body in order to truly heal and the massage with balance the grounding blood that has spruce frankincense blue tansy blue chamomile I also will use lavender lavender is a very common oil but what many people don’t know about lavender is on the emotional healing side lavender is the oil of communication and I’m just gonna show you in this book here it’s called emotions and essential oils this book offers advice on the emotional healing properties of the essential oils lavender being the oil of communication it helps open communication in the body it helps you be calm and expressive it promotes emotional honesty and self-awareness lavender aids in verbal expressions so those of you who need help expressing your emotions or if you’re talking in public you can just put a drop of essential oil on your throat keep in mind I personally pre stabilize my bottles so what you’ve seen me using these are already safely stabilized essential oils but typically if that was what they call the pure essential oil out of the bottle I would want to put a layer of lotion and or oil to stabilize that so that it doesn’t quickly evaporate and I lose a good portion of the essential oils you can use lavender personally to help communicate to help increase your expression and communication and speaking for your clients you can use it to help them communicate with their body and help facilitate their body is communication with them and you as the practitioner lavender is a calming oil it’s a floral oil it’s very safe to use again you always stabilize the essential oils but most people will react very positively to both balance and lavender the next oil that I use very often is melaleuca aka tea tree oil which I’m a tea tree and so this oil is helpful for the respiratory system so you can indirectly influence the health and the vibrance of the respiratory system by using this it’s also very good for massage in relaxing the muscles and stabilizing the structure and on an energetic level it’s the oil of energetic boundaries so this oil is very good for just establishing the energetic boundaries between your energy your clients energy it’s gonna help especially if you have clients who are maybe a little bit draining on you too or if you have a client who has family members who’ve been ill and not feeling well it’s good to have that and the massage should protect you and to increase their immunity boost their immune system if you wanted to use all of these in the massage you could put two drops of each along the spine rub it in do your massage as normal I will do a special training on how I use essential oils and massage but for right now you can just massage it into the spine a lot next to the spine up into the shoulders and just do massage as normal next is a blend called on guard this is the protective blend this is a spicy blend so something that I want to instill in you is when you interact with an oil that is from a spice I want you to kind of have a level of awareness and caution that you approach that with because these are so pure and potent the spice oils have a level of heat that is very heating and can cause have a propensity to cause adverse reactions on the skin and so make sure that you especially dilute a spiced oil an oil like balance lavender or Melaleuca you could put one ounce of massage oil you could put ten drops of this in there and be safe use half that amount for a spiced oil so you would need five drops this is going to be especially good for protective energy if a client has recently gotten over from being ill this would be very helpful to circulate the blood out promote healing help kind of work out some stuff that is not so ideal and help protect you and them from not feeling well or that level of sickness this is a very shielding from viruses bacteria and it’s very warming for the muscles so if you have a client who even if they haven’t been ill like just their normal client who tends to be kind of cold a lot or like they maybe would want the table warmer on there like that type of client who likes warmth in their massage using a warm oil like OnGuard which is a blend of cinnamon of clove of wild orange rosemary eucalyptus so using a warming blend like that in your massage will help them be warm will help promote circulation and it will warm up the muscle tissues as well my next favorite is a blend called aroma touch this is the relaxing blend this blend smells just instantly relaxing it’s a mixture of different oils such as Cypress which is a tree oil which is also very good for reducing edema peppermint which is a cooling oil and very anti-inflammatory for the muscles marjoram which is actually a little bit warming so you kind of have a hot to cool situation going on grapefruit which helps form or promote circulation is a little bit warming and Lola lavender which is very calming so you can continue adding these along the spine balance first lavender Melaleuca on guard and aroma touch and just keep massaging my next favorite oil is deep blue so this is a very special oil because it has the powerhouse Gila chrism so this is a blend of wintergreen and peppermint which those two oils in their natural components are about 90 percent methyl salicylate which is that hot to cool feeling which relaxes the muscles and reduces that tension and then it has the powerhouse Gila chrism which this is a very rare expensive floral oil that is a magical for accelerating healing reducing bruising healing scarring Gila chrism on its own not in the blend with wintergreen and peppermint but Gila Crescent on its own if you cut yourself as a massage therapist if you cleanse the wound and put some lavender and Melaleuca with helichrysum on it you can stop that bleeding bandaged it up and you can life can go on it’s really helpful but this blend you don’t want to put on a wound ever because it has the wintergreen and the peppermint but Gila chrism on itself so this blend as a massage will really accelerate muscle healing it’s great for athletes it’s like minty cool wild orange this oil is a citrus oil it’s extremely uplifting it’s a favored by everyone it’s a favorite it’s the oil of abundance it’s very anti-depressive it just brings in those joyful feelings this is one of my favorites to do what I call a dpi it’s short for direct palm inhalation and keeping in mind these bottles are already pre stabilized but if you had dpi you could do pure oil because it’s just aromatic use it’s not topical so it’s going to evaporate through the aroma so you rub those together you cup your nose in your mouth and you deeply inhale you can even massage the rest of it into your neck for an uplifting mood boosting pick-me-up but really finishing your massage finishing your massage with these two oils wild orange and peppermint will be a really happy uplifting kind of tingly sensation so I really like to finish my massage with wild orange and peppermint a keynote about peppermint is it is very cooling and if you have already used blends like aroma touch and deep blue you’ve already put a little bit of peppermint and other cooling oils on them so you want to use very minimal of these if you have used around two drops each of these other oils you maybe only want to use one drop of peppermint and make sure that you dilute that those are my favorite oils to use for massage therapy always dilute your essential oils and I want to share a little bit more about the aromatic side so like I showed you putting it in your hand and holding it under the face cradle will be an aromatic benefit but having a diffuser in the room will be liberating the essential oil molecules into the air and this will be cleansing and purifying the air and it will be fighting any pathogens viruses bacteria and it will also be energetically cleansing and setting the tone which is really beneficial when you’re trying to get a client to relax or maybe you need them like a little bit energized because they’re going back to work another thing that I want to share that I recently discovered in my massage business sacred earth massage cream this does happen to be a vegan massage cream but I loved it I loved it I have never massaged with something that I love more this is absolutely delicious and wonderful and amazing it is water-based for those of you who are interested but the way that it feels the way that it massages in everything this is a very very nice so I really appreciate sacred earth vegan massage cream one of my favorites I also do use deep blue rub for my own self-care and also for my clients so this deep blue essential oil of peppermint and wintergreen and Gila chrism is made into a rub if you choose to use the rub understand that this is highly cooling and you need only a little bit so let’s say let’s let’s say you have not used any essential oils on them and you’re using only this deep flue so you’re going to put a little bit of massage cream in your hand just a little bit and you need maybe a quarter of what you use as the deep blue okay this is very cooling okay so you’re going to mix it in for them and then you’re going to rub it in and it’s going to help accelerate the healing it’s going to help release the tension it’s going to help reduce inflammation it’s going to help soothe the muscles and it’s going to feel very good but using it on its own is extremely cooling so you do not want to use this as a massage cream you want to only use a little bit of it in your massage cream now you might be wondering what would you how do you know which one to use okay for one it depends on what you have on hand if you have one or the other obviously that will dictate what you use there are some clients who have particularly really large or hard knots in that case I would cover their back with some ideally some CBD oil and maybe a little bit of this vegan massage cream and just to provide like a nice layer and then I would put on like maybe one to three drops of deep blue essential oil and I would rub that directly into that localized spot and then work that in a little bit see how they feel you can either send them home with some deeper blue rub cream for them to safely and effectively use or you could use a little bit of the cream on top of the oil to really enhance like that cooling sensation and anti-inflammatory effect so I hope you guys have enjoyed the information that I’ve shared about what I’ve learned for essential oils something else that I want to share about is the ability to also financially add an income stream into your business you do not have to ever do this you can just strictly use essential oils in your business and be offering your clients valuable services but if you wanted to there is ways to make income streams teaching about essential oils using essential oils and I personally really strongly believe that each massage therapist needs to create multiple streams of income because we’re in an industry where we love helping our clients and we love our co-workers and we love being in a team environment but we also deserve to be able to have enough resources to be able to make the impact that we want to make and to treat our health and ourselves good and those that we love well as well so I will share more about that at a later video thank you so much for tuning in I’ll talk to you guys soon

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