Forget About Passion

The idea that you need to find your passion to start a business visible you know what I’m passionate about doing what I want to do with my free time which is to be honest a little unconventional skydiving in the Cascade Mountains back clipping into a Mexican cenote riding dune buggy’s in the Sahara Desert so you know what I do for business something that is flexible that can be done from anywhere and that people will pay me for your business shouldn’t revolve around your passion it should revolve around something that business orders will pay for it so I post ads on social media for local businesses I’m like a modern-day Don Draper without all the misogyny and whiskey and instead of a Manhattan sky rise and working from my laptop in places like Bali Indonesia don’t believe me six hundred and twenty billion dollars was spent on online advertising last year as a lot of jobs you only need a little slice of that pie to have a life of complete freedom I’ve worked with the roofers massage therapists chiropractors acupuncturists real estate agents financial advisers and by helping them I get to do whatever I want am i passionate about it I’m passionate about the fact that it’s a valuable service to my clients that it gets some results and it allows me to do what I want when I want at first I kept this to myself but my friends could only put up with so many videos of me snowboarding in the Rockies we’re wakeboarding in Thailand while they’re stuck in a cubicle before they started asking how can I do this too so I put together a free friends-only start your own advertising agency training and I’m gonna open it up to the public for a limited time does this need to be your passion no your passion can be whatever you do with your free time your work if you want to start an online advertising agency click them to the next page before we take this skin side of screening down see you inside

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