Here Are The BuzzFeed Shopping Team’s Favorite Pairs Of Jeans

Here Are The BuzzFeed Shopping Team’s Favorite Pairs Of Jeans

“Firstly I’d just like to say that I really love denim, and jeans especially. A good pair of jeans instantly gives you a put-together look without having to try too hard. Since I love looking as good as possible without any work involved, jeans are my go-to. I went through so many brands before I settled on my classic Levi’s — Old Navy, American Eagle, Seven for All Mankind. You name a brand and I probably slid them up my legs, was briefly happy, and then shortly after, super unhappy. I have really thick thighs, a small waist, and short-ass legs, so finding a pair that did these three basic things (made my butt look good, actually stayed at my waist/hips, and had the right inseam) seemed to be impossible. As a side note, women’s sizes are a fucking joke, I know it, you know it, we all know it.

One day while I was on my online-shopping bullshit, I came across the Levi website and saw a black pair of their 711 Skinny Jeans. They seemed so cool in the pictures, and you can never have too many pairs of skinnies (I said to myself as I entered my credit card info for this impulsive purchase). When they arrived a few days later they felt super sturdy, and when I put them on, holy shit did they do everything I needed to do, and then some! I got the short inseam, so they hit at my ankles, and the rise was high and tight enough so they can sit at my waist without falling, but loose enough that they don’t cut off my circulation when I sit down.

After a week or two of wearing them (not consecutively because, ew), I immediately bought two more pairs in a light and dark wash and I was impressed yet again! I love all of them so much, and they make every outfit look AMAZING. Plus, the great thing about Levi’s is you can literally dress them up or down. I’ve gone to semi-formal events in my black jeans and a blazer, and went grocery shopping with a simple T-shirt and jacket. Not only that, but it’s my personal mission to look like a rocker at all times, so when I pair these with my favorite leather jacket, I have a timeless look and ego no one can argue with. So if you want denim that will genuinely stand the test of time — so your kids can go through your closet in 20 years and find for an awesome pair of vintage jeans — look no further!” —Ignacia Fulcher, former BuzzFeed Shopping Writer

Get them from Levi’s for $41.65+ (available in 24 colors and sizes 14-26).

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