How to Build a Million Dollar Course from Scratch – Digital Course Secrets Official Launch!

What’s up guys in this video we’re gonna be talking about the official launch of what everyone’s been waiting for and everyone’s been talking about for months and months and months and we finally released to the public which is the culmination of all of the knowledge that took me from an accountant making $50,000 a year and transformed me into someone that has everything that they’ve ever dreamt of having and I don’t say that to brag the only reason I’m saying it is to prove to you that an average nobody accountant like me can create something seriously special and help others and change other people’s lives if they have the knowledge to do so so in this video we’re gonna be talking about exactly what is contained inside of digital course secrets and we are going to talk about some of the ridiculous success that we’ve already had inside of our private family group these are literally just a few of the success stories that we’ve had so far inside of DCs but you can see there’s so many even with our little beta group that we had that we can’t even fit them all on the screen this is Ruben who made over $15,000 selling a course on how to do a handstand this is graham Stephan who says Kevin David is the real deal he’s an incredible source of knowledge I was blown away at how quickly he’s grown in his community and is created in such a short time I’m constantly learning from him and his ability to understand his audience grow a successful online business and scale it in no time he’s helped me scale my own business as well and his generosity is so greatly appreciated we have Cole who was eighteen years old and just passed $40,000 in a single month at 18 we have Josue who says a lot of other groups say a lot of things very few actually deliver on them and even fewer actually care about each individual person the way Kevin David does last year we made it into the 2 comma Club you can see that he’s made over a hundred thousand dollars in a single month dan DaSilva right when it comes to launching and creating courses Kevin David has nailed it down it’s not an easy task there’s a lot that goes into it that many people never see with that being said it’s probably the most profitable and incredibly easy once you understand the fundamentals I’ve sold millions of dollars of digital products online and I’ve never seen anyone else go out there and share to the public how we actually do it which is so key because for the first time ever I’m actually not ignoring it we’re not talking about how you know the online course creators are the ones making a you know ridiculous amounts of money I’m actually going to pull back the curtain and show you how you can do it too because if you’re like me you probably have ad after ad after ad on YouTube on Facebook right and these are not cheap ads they’re expensive how could people afford to keep serving you expensive ads over and over and over again unless they’re making a fortune but the thing is people don’t talk about it right these people are getting rich they’re buying Lamborghinis they’re helping thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people well while everyone else just ignores this happening I’m actually bringing it to you I’m gonna be fully transparent unlike a lot of marketers out there and I’m gonna show you exactly how this works and how you can take advantage of this for yourself and make a significant amount of money but more importantly actually add value and impact people and be able to help people get that same type of freedom that you have and we’ll fly through some of the last one guys cuz I really want to get into the video Kevin David you provide so much value in the program I will never hesitate to let people know Kevin’s programs are masterful and amazing I’ve never seen anything like it you can see ernest says that he hit his goal of seventy thousand dollars with a single webinar but you see david who said he made fifteen thousand seven hundred and seventy four dollars this week with his course right and that is just a few of the testimonials that we have and so let’s actually kick this off and talk about what is actually contained right inside of digital course secrets you get everything you need you get a blueprint you literally get a cheat sheet you get to skip to the end of the line about creating an eight-figure business for yourself right and if you’re thinking to yourself but Kevin I’m not an expert right I don’t have anything to make a digital course about we are going to address that in depth because that is the number one concern that I hear from people and the funny thing is right the hardest part about creating a million dollar course has nothing to do with actually physically creating a million dollar course it has a hundred percent to do with your mindset and your mentality not thinking and not believing that you deserve it and that you can do it so we’re gonna address that in depth in this video but I do want to talk about what you actually get access to if you decide to join today because we are going to give you guys a very special offer as always to join DC as Digital core secrets so in module number one you had everything you need you can see that these are ridiculously long modules right everything but no fluff just literally the step-by-step blueprint that you need to create a massively profitable business there’s no other business model that I’ve ever found in the world where people can consistently make 30 grand a day right not a year not a month 30 grand a day or even more right and you can scale it higher and higher and higher by putting more dollars into Facebook ads into YouTube ads and just continue to print out more money in return right because when you can put a dollar into Facebook ads and get $2 out or you can put $1,000 into Facebook ads and get $2,000 out you can kind of see how you can start to really scale your business extremely high so everything you need to choose your niche we go over and show you all of the top courses of all time how they actually became popular we reverse engineer how these courses went viral how they exploded how they actually got so much success and we teach you how to apply that to your own business and you can see that you know I’ll just choose a random video these are not short videos there’s a 37 minute long video just about how to name your course so that in one second people know what it’s about it’s memorable right everything that you need we talked about how to actually build up your mentality and your mindset to actually take advantage of this because when I first started I was the person that ignored all the mindset stuff I skipped straight to the tactics but what I’ve found having helped and trained over 10,000 students from around the world is the mindset stuff is actually usually what differentiates my most successful students my millionaires students they’re always the one who buy in the deepest to the actual mindset strategies that we teach inside of digital core secrets again no fluff exactly what you need so everything that you need to choose your course niche even if you don’t think you’re an expert because the thing is you are good at something and if you can choose a course that falls into the general categories health wealth or relationships and anything inside of that right Amazon is inside health you can talk about you know teaching people how to talk to women is on inside relationships there’s multi Multi multi million-dollar courses that just teach that right and then health everything about diet Kito losing weight getting in a chez losing baby fat right all these different things that billions of people out there in the world want to learn about this is a three hundred and fifty five million dollar per day industry and Forbes estimates by 2025 this will be a billion dollar per day industry and the reason for that is because traditional education is failing traditional education is failing because there’s five trillion dollars of debt for college graduates and over seventy five percent of college graduates never go on to work in what they studied in so if you studied in accounting you would never go on to work in accounting three out of four cases right people don’t get jobs in what they study that is the definition of failure which is why so many people turn to online now to learn the things that they want to learn because why would you want to learn from a professor teaching entrepreneurship who makes sixty thousand dollars a year and may or may not have ever even been an entrepreneur versus someone who’s built an eight-figure business by themselves in the past eighteen months and so you get everything that you possibly need to feel a hundred percent confident that your course is going to be an explosive success chapter two is about how to build your tribe right one of the most common concerns I get is Kevin I don’t have any followers on social media how could I possibly create a successful course people don’t remember that two years ago I had zero followers anywhere zero followers on Instagram zero ballers on Facebook zero followers on YouTube zero followers anywhere but in less than two years we actually have over a million entrepreneurs across all platforms that we can reach with a click of a button right and we were able to do that and we created a blueprint that allows anyone to be able to follow in our footsteps and actually do so much faster because we made so many mistakes and you won’t have to create those mistakes yourself and again you can see that you know there’s a lot of content in here that you’re gonna be able to learn everything that you possibly need to really be successful and you can see that again these videos are not short video this is a forty one-minute video here and we can see that that’s just one of the many chapters about building your tribe chapter 3 is about validating your course idea why people buy courses how to tap into that buyer psychology right how to actually create a course that goes on to be wildly successful chapter 4 is about how to organize price and build your actual course with organizational strategies to make sure that your get through all of it and have the highest possible likelihood of being successful we talked about in Chapter five everything that you need from a technological perspective to go from zero to you know six figure seven figures or even eight figures or beyond and we give you every single funnel that we’ve ever built our sales pages our order pages our Thank You pages our membership funnels everything that you need to be successful and again these are very very detailed videos that anyone anywhere with any level of technical skill can 100% implement my amazing mom who I love to death is very technologically challenged she was able to get through this whole technological evolution section where she had a fully up and running automated course infrastructure where she didn’t have to trade her time for money she had that all built in less than a week which is ridiculous that used to take a year or longer we’ve given you everything that you can copy and paste and make your own instantly inside of Chapter five in Chapter six a lot of people are saying that this single chapter is better than $5,000 Facebook courses they’ve taken or $25,000 Facebook masterminds in just this one chapter about how to actually master marketing there aren’t many people in the world who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money right not of some massive company that they don’t care about hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money per month on Facebook Ads I am doing that I know what works I know what doesn’t and I can save you literally so much time and many of our students the day that they implement Facebook Ads with their course infrastructure are making thousands of dollars profit we had a student just the other day who implemented one of my Facebook ad strategies and he actually sold six two thousand dollar courses in a single day just from what he’d learned and I was the first time he had ever done that completely on autopilot that is the power of marketing mastery but if you joined today you also get access to our extremely exclusive bonuses where we teach you how our courses actually went viral how to get affiliates out there in the world to promote your course for you with our affiliate army training we teach you everything that you need to know about is the new email a lot of people are saying that messenger BOTS are going to replace email which is why we give you ever that you need to actually take over many chat which has massive open rates massive click-through rates compared to email and allows you to reach thousands of people faster and easier and with so much customization that email lacks and most importantly we give you bonus number three which is a 100% evergreen automated webinar with 100% completed and finished follow-up email sequences that you can literally copy and paste this exact webinar has made us multiple millions of dollars just to this webinar we’re giving it to you inside of dcs 100% for free if you decide to join today and that is a ridiculous value guys I can’t even describe it to you we’ve charged companies and businesses 20 thousand dollars just to implement a webinar and if we charge them twenty thousand dollars and it went on to make them a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand dollars it was an amazing deal for them you were going to get exactly what we charged businesses twenty thousand dollars to do as part of DCs if you decide to join today and it’s not just that you also get access to our digital course secrets private family group which is the most valuable thing out of everything inside of this group there are multiple multiple different millionaires who are helping people just like you every single day inside of our private family group you can see that we just opened up the course there’s already a hundred and seventy-six people who’ve joined just in the last few days which has been absolutely crazy you see 35 minutes ago we have a testimonial from one of my students clients write about his course you can see five hours ago I’m counting this is my first official DCS win thank you for everything so far Kevin David talk about someone who over delivers holy cow right you can see that he got his first course sale for 1997 a two thousand dollar course sale and he you know just posted that five hours ago which is awesome we can see that people are super supportive of each other hey fam Adam is live right now if you can it let’s go so let’s go show some support so we were watching each other’s lives you can see that people are sharing each other’s YouTube videos sharing recommendations about how to get YouTube thumbnails made you know hey everyone great to be here I just joined this amazing course and I’m not looking back right shoutout to Mia shark I did a live just recently you know so much 125,000 dollars in 24 hours which is amazing right you see you even have like the Kevin David VIP you with a cute little baby it has everything that you need to be successful I can’t I’m not even gonna sell this course to you because I only want people to join this course who are 100% serious to actually create a real meaningful difference in their life this is not some casual thing that you can do with 30 minutes a day this is for people who want to change everything and want to focus a hundred percent of their energy on one thing I was so tired when I first started of all the different opportunities and you know there was crypto and and all these different things popping up real estate wholesale all these things happening all at once I didn’t know what to focus on I was overwhelmed this is for people who understand basic logic right look at Tony Robbins look at Dean gracioso you look at Russell Brunson look at Grant Cardone what are they spending their time doing selling digital courses hundreds of millions of dollars of digital courses every single year because it’s the most profitable business model on earth it’s almost a hundred percent profit when you sell a digital course you can sell it a million times and never sell out right you can scale it to the moon with paid traffic putting a dollar into Facebook ads taking $2 out and best thing of all you start to build a following of loyal people if you’re adding real value to them and if you’re giving them a good product they’ll continue to come back and want more and more and more from you so every time you send out an email or a many chat message or whatever it is you have thousands of people if not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in what you have to say and they want to buy anything that you put out because it’s actually changing their lives and so there’s no better business model on earth the number one thing that I could recommend to you to do is don’t listen to what I’m saying don’t listen to what any entrepreneur is saying look at what they do and most of the successful entrepreneurs that you follow most of the successful entrepreneurs that you see on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube they’re selling digital courses for a reason so if you are tired of working at an agency or killing yourself working with annoying clients who are just terrible to put up with and you’re working 80 hours a week and you’re killing yourself and you feel like you just can’t scale your business any higher or if you just want to take advantage of the most profitable most passive business model on earth where you can actually find fulfillment Digital core secrets is for you because the thing is guys once you have enough money money is not very exciting anymore it’s not very important anymore I prove you that even if you don’t believe me now once you have enough money it gets very very boring but what’s interesting and what’s amazing is helping real people improve their lives in the way that you can do that is with digital courses so if you want to take advantage of everything that we discussed six full modules a private group full of millionaires who are willing and ready to help you and all of the bonuses that we talked about recruiting your affiliate army we talked about how to make it many chat really work for you and your business and how to take advantage of a twenty thousand dollar webinar that we’ve implemented for companies that have actually paid that that we personally have made millions of dollars with then you want to join a digital course secrets and like everything I’ve ever put out guys we have a 14 day money back guarantee if you do the work and it doesn’t work for you I don’t want your money I literally don’t if we’re not making you more money than the cost of the course then I literally don’t want your money there’s not many situations in the world that are completely risk-free where you can change everything but digital course secrets is one of them we showed you a bunch of testimonials we showed you a super-active private group full of millionaires who want to help you we showed you a huge course of everything that I’ve learned zero to ten million dollars in eighteen months going from an accountant who hated his life to a Lamborghini behind me in my dream house and everything I’ve ever wanted guys and again that’s not to brag it’s just to show you I I wish you could jump inside my mind and I could show you how possible this is if you have the right blueprint and dcs is it so guys for the next 24 hours only dcs is going to be the cheapest price that it will ever be for the rest of time we are going to raise the price on dcs very soon because we have people who are joining who are literally paying back the full cost of the course in one day or in a week right we’re going to raise the price of the course very soon and for the next few days only we are going to have the cheapest price that we’ll ever have we are also opening up a payment plan for the next few days only because we want to make this affordable to anyone so if you’re interested in taking advantage of the most profitable passive and fulfilling a business model on earth then check out the link in the description right now where you can go and join the dcs family risk-free for 14 days it’s the most important gift that I could possibly give you the gift of knowledge where you can actually go and change everything this is everything I’ve ever done this is literally my life’s work so check it out in the link guys the official dcs launched it for the next few days only we’re gonna have the cheapest price that we’ve ever had and we’ll ever have to join the dcs family full of millionaires who are ready to start helping you no matter if you think you’re an expert no matter if you have any technical skill we’re gonna prove you wrong so if you’re ready to change everything this year in 2019 and stop being overwhelmed by all the different options and just focus on the one thing that Tony Robbins focuses on that Grant Cardone focuses on that all of these multi Multi multi millionaires focus on because it’s the best business model on earth then click the link down in the description to join DCs right now at the best price we’ll ever have but don’t wait guys but you guys very very soon we are going to raise the price on dcs for ever so take advantage of the lowest price that’ll ever be right now and if you want to learn more if you want to talk to one of our dcs consulting experts what we’re gonna do as well is for the next few days we’re gonna offer free one-on-one consultations in the link below so you can check it out right there it says free consultation click that link sign up for time to chat and you can chat with one of our digital course sequence experts to see if you’re a good fit for DCs and to see if dcs is a good fit for you because remember you are an expert at something and if you’re not if you only focus on one thing you can become an expert so much faster than you think coz think about out like this Tony Robbins doesn’t have any credentials at in psychology or psychiatry he doesn’t have a PhD right he doesn’t have any of that but everyone thinks of him as one of the top experts when it comes to personal development in the world because he cares more because he devoted his life and his attention to it and he became the expert Tony Robbins talks about it all the time he wasn’t born Tony Robbins he made Tony Robbins he became the expert so if you want to take advantage of digital course secrets last time guys at the cheapest price it’ll ever be go and click that link right now and join the family we have two live Q&A s every single month every other week we have a live Q&A where i answer all of your questions live you talk to me one-on-one and you can join a bunch of other millionaires who are going to be helping you and a bunch of other aspiring millionaires there’ll never be a better time to join DCs it’s a small tight-knit group we’re all helping each other and I answer every single one of the questions personally myself so join DCs right now if you’re ready to change everything even if you don’t think you’re an expert I’ll prove you wrong click the link right now take a leap of faith risk-free for 14 days and I’ll see you inside of the digital course secrets family alright what is up guys we ought to get straight into this but as always we were gonna prove to you that this is real I’m here with my boy clothes is 18 years old it just made almost $45,000 in the past 30 days at 18 years old we are going to prove to you right now in his live at stripe accounts that this is real and then we’re going to get into exactly how he did

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