How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Offers and Ecom Products

Hi guys welcome to the channel today we’re going to be talking about traffic this is going to be an extensive overview of pretty much all of the options that you have in terms of traffic whether you’re trying to sell econ products trying to get commissions for affiliate products trying to saw your own product whatever it is we’re gonna be going over the different types of traffic strategies that there are so if you find this useful please hit the subscribe button and of course jump down to the comment section and let me know if the strategies that you’ve had and the ones that you’ve found success with so let’s jump into it as I say we’re gonna be talking about that the overview of traffic solutions that are out there some of the strategies that we use in a day to day basis how we blend everything together now as you can see from the screen the things that I’m not going to be talking about because a lot of people when they talk about traffic they talk about a lot of nonsense lot of things that aren’t really relevant and a lot of things that aren’t about that are specifically about you know driving eyeballs to whatever web property or product you’ve got okay so I’m not gonna be talking about the design I’m not gonna be talking about tweaking your site’s your sales page adding things like sharing features you know designing pages that convert that’s a separate subject again I’m not going to be talking about your content I’m not going to be talking about product selection okay I’m not gonna be talking about creating viral content okay because yeah everyone wants to go viral I’m not gonna be talking about mailing from your list you know because you know yes for most people building that list that you can market to a later date is great but at the start if you’re starting out you want traffic strategies they’re gonna work from day one mainly from your list is not one of them and also I’m not we’re talking about expanding your types of cons a lot of people will say you know you know go everywhere you know start podcast these sorts of things that you know for the man on the street that’s trying to drive traffic to his product disservice you know he’s offer today that’s no good okay so we’re gonna be talking about things you know the work okay so essentially you’ve got you got free of traffic strategies you’ve got paid traffic strategies that sort of yes okay now in terms of free traffic strategies you know you know you’re not exchanging cash for those eyeballs but it does take longer can take significantly longer it’s more hands-on approach you know you’re spending your actual time and in some cases you’re gonna be spending you know extensive time to put these systems in place okay of course it’s less targeted because you’re you know you’re not the people are not targeted had to start in starting stopped became but if you get it right it can go viral we’d spoke about creating viral content if you get things right it can go viral okay and of course free traffic strategies are generally putting things out into the world wide web for people to firon so it remains relevant for longer now when we talk about paid traffic strategies this is very very targeted because when you’re taking something in your your put your advertiser fective you advertising you’re selecting who you want it to go to so you’re you’re using a variety of different services to target it down to you know you know male or female you know different age categories people in different countries for example or and mob specifically their interests things that they like you know services that they already use videos that they’ve already watched websites where they’ve already been okay but then you also get instant results you know it’s not like the three strategies that remain relevant for longer you know you’re identifying people and you’re sending the advertisement to them they’re looking at it and they’re deciding yes or no whether to click on it or go forward or whatever okay you’re gonna see instant results okay again is I kind of said is it’s typically a one-time event you know it happens at one time and then the campaign is over effectively one of the problems is we have what’s called ad blindness when we are looking on social media on you know Google all these different places we’ve got used to where the adverts prop up we’ve got used to what they look like and we kind of you know mentally skip them so there is that kind of problem and that is one of the reasons why advertisement you know conversion rates are never going to be massive because so many people were just gonna ignore them okay but one of the good things is is as I said just at the top of the video was when we can bring everything together the free and the page stretches everything together you know you can use page stretches to jumpstart free ones and that is when it works fantastically so in my opinion there are four types of traffic you’ve got the social media type so anything to do with social media you’ve got ranking you know whether that’s websites videos etc you’ve got any traffic via female okay and then you advertise which can be yeah pretty much anything okay so that is the open gambit of this video we’re now going to jump across and we’re gonna talk through a whole range of websites that we’ve used on a you know a daily basis and ones that we’ve combined with with others to build these strategies and by putting all of these together is where you’re going to get the best results okay because you know the the person that you know puts all of his eggs in one basket is foolish you know you know for example if you just did 100% Facebook ad Versailles and then Zuckerberg and Co decided to change something you could be you know on a limb you know you could be very you you know if they took away your badge your page for example for for any type of reason and you had all your followers and all your ads running through that what do you do you know your audience is effectively done so let’s start going through these strategies and we’ll start going through you know it will be kind of blending through these four types the social media these rankings the emails in these adverts and will be I’ll be presenting to you services you know vast majority of these free you know that you can use that will help you do all kinds of things they’ll help you to get the eyeballs on your services your product your office whatever it is whatever you know this is not niche specific this is this works with basically everything so the first one is Instagram okay so we’re gonna when we talk about free we’ll talk about social media we talk about Instagram it is one of the most fantastic ways of driving a traffic you can create an account a business account and then you can just start creating shareable likeable images that people work just gonna it’s going to pop up on their feed because we know that everyone is addicted to these social media outlets and they just scroll through them on their phone tap in like and there might be something that they like that is gonna get them to follow okay okay and then there are all types of different stretches with Instagram one of the most popular one is to find a competitor of yours so or potential competitor or someone in the same space and every day follow some of their followers that came and that’s their followers okay so essentially you’re going out and you’re tapping on the shoulder of people the audio on like you okay and then they can they get a notification this is yeah Lia’s followed you and you’re gonna go who’s that you’re gonna click on it anything all right what’s that and they’re gonna see that it’s something they already like well I’m not full of that person why not check it out and the fact is like everything with social media you need to set your sites on point okay your profiles your images your your description you know the about me bit you go up in your link so that that drives a traffic and obviously with these social media pages is all about regular content so you’re regularly bringing new people in and the people that do come in see this rig the content they want to stay along for the right okay and when they’ve seen things you know when you’re putting new posts you’ve also got to say you know blah blah blah check the link in my bio for more details so you’re gonna try your driving people around that way and you’re also by doing this you’re building up the social media profiles with more and more followers and the more and more followers you have the more opportunities you have and when you with Instagram specifically when you get to 10,000 followers you can do when you do the stories you can add a link in that in the the story so they can they can watch something can click on it specifically without having to go to the bio so that’s incredibly important when you’re thinking about building up these pages okay likewise Pinterest again is like the the little sister of Instagram different types of images but essentially you know you can share things and you can insert links and descriptions in a very similar way okay very graphical but you’re driving people across your website then we move across to Facebook now there’s hundreds and hundreds of different strategies with Facebook it’s a little bit more difficult and there are you know so many the Facebook more than anything is evolving on a day to day basis okay so it’s very important to keep up to date with what was happen when Facebook but of course you know they have groups so you can join groups and you know some of the best ways are to drink routes and just start providing content at value and start you know posting videos know screen videos like this and then in the in the comment not the comments the other comments or the the text section of the post you can put links to videos but it has to be all congruent with the video it has to be beneficial to what your you’re providing when the other things want it like a little strategy you can do is you can create a new page for Facebook then start joining obviously as let’s say set up the profile so all looks great images and cover images and stop and content then you can start joining groups that are relevant to you and then the start you know friending these people that are in these groups and over time you’re going to build up you know followers friends and then when you start posting on to this profile you know because they’re in those groups you know that they’re relevant people to the subject matter so when you post in your actual your post profile you know they’re gonna see it as they’re friends of yours and then you’re going to be able to drive people that way okay now obviously there’s so many other social media profiles I can’t go through all of them but there’s different things that work with different different social media platforms again only you might want to think about is social media manager such as buffer where you can sign into it you can connect your social media platforms up and then you can line up post to automatically be be sent to these whatever it whether it’s pin Prez put a Facebook Instagram LinkedIn for example and you can set up extensions on your your browser so when you find different content you can just share it so all of them you know pretty instantaneous because when you’re building these these pages like Facebook pages and stuff you don’t just want to be put in your own cones and you want to be sharing other people’s content okay and that builds trust with other people that are you know following year okay so using something like that can help you you know manage what you’re posting and also for other stuff likewise we’ve got IFT to IFTTT and this is cool because kind of like with the buffer you can set up different things to you to occur so just say you’ve got this you can set up the once you’ve connected your accounts you can set up what they call why they use the current recipes I think they’re called at least they could applets now yeah and what you can do is you can see here tweet your instagrams as a native photos and Instagram so that when you you’ve once you’ve got it all connected you send it in the scram out it will automatically post that on to your Twitter as well okay but you can there are so many different things here I you know the hundreds of hundreds of different things that you can set up because it’s if this then that so if you do some think it automatically knows you’ve done it and it does something elsewhere so you can automatically be you know posted onto variety of different networks at the same time or if you post a video on to a new video into YouTube you can send out notifications to your social media saying hey I just posted a new video to YouTube for example so there’s lots of different things and that helps you to drive the traffic explicitly so another twist on how social media is only pure art which is basically the question/answer site now you can go on to these sites and start and people asking questions all the time all different industries it’s a fun industry that’s relevant to yours go in there start answering questions and of course you can put in some nice ones and say then you can end it by saying for more information check out this link okay so again you’re driving the traffic so now we move on to ranking and we spoke about ranking of websites we spoke about ranking up videos so there’s loads of things you can do for ranking websites but the first thing you want to do is make sure that you’ve got your SCO on point now I said the beginning of it I’m not really talking about tweaking your site and whatever I was really talking about the visual aspect of it you know things you could put on it you know this is the underlying you know route of your website should be on point so that when your content goes out to the world Google recognizes it and wants to share it wants to rank it so using just say if you’re on WordPress you can install plug-in anyway you specifically put in all the key words and all the different bits and pieces for those pages from the get-go your your pate your website is gonna be more likely to rank with regardless of what the content is okay so that is very very important to do from the start next thing in terms of ranking is you know using the right keywords so doing your research okay doing your research from the start okay and when you create content for your site creating you know you know or targeting keywords that you want your videos or your websites to be in front is to use keyword research tools like keywords everywhere which this puts a whole load of data over the top of other websites like when she got things like over ubersuggest but you can put in you know subject matter just say let you ever exercises and it’ll tell you the search volume it so you have difficulties SEO how difficult it is to be successful with paid advertising and you can see some other different types of keywords that you might want to target instead or or you know further add to what your you’re using as a keyword okay now moving on to the video side of ranking you want to install an extension called vid IQ now this is super cool because it adds when you go to youtube it adds a whole range of you know information that you don’t get with YouTube so let’s just jump across and look at you jus and you can see the right-hand side you’ve got the illness’s again this is a free tool it has all this information here on the right hand side talks about you know how many Facebook Likes this has gone shared and how many the percentage of likes to dislike it gives it an actual ranking and it talks about you know what it the information it believes it works it also talks about the tags here which is really cool when it tells you what it’s ranking for so you can see this video here how to get more traffic is ranking number one it’s ranking number four for increased web traffic in number two for blog traffic okay and you can see what they’ve done you can see their on Twitter shed on Facebook they’ve hearty to come in you know they’ve got a description but they’re saying there’s not enough tanks you know so there’s a lot of information then what you can do with this is that you can go to videos and though you can once you’ve researched the keyword that you want to go for typing in YouTube look at those videos and see what they’ve done on their videos okay see you know what they put in the description see what a vid IQ is saying and then you can create another video and try and improve upon the outside factors these things here and then you will be able to outrank that video okay so that is a really important thing okay so let’s move on to the paid traffic in case there’s a few paid traffic strategies that generally work okay so the first one is via email okay so as I spoke at the beginning about you know using your own list start you don’t have you don’t have a list you want to be building lists so you want to be doing loads of strategies that we’ve said I wasn’t going to talk about to build build a list and then Montemayor date but at the start you want to be utilizing other people’s lists okay so it might be the case that you just go out and find people that you know are in your industry or you know are selling products that you want or or have some sort of audience in your space go to them and ask them whether you can rent out an email from there from their email list okay and then they will give you price and you’re better send out alternative or you’ll find networks that allow you to buy emails from people that have big lists okay one of them such like it’s called udemy that sells marketing in emails and you can go in there you can find people we can connect with people talk about their lists to see what sort of products sell and then basically effectively put an order and send an email by their list and you’ll get traffic way and of course a is you know it’s paid it’s gonna work right so next thing I’ll talk about is effectively the Facebook pixel now there’s not much to talk about because it’s effectively now Facebook Ads we know it works and there’s a whole you could talk for hours and hours about Facebook okay but the important thing with regards to Facebook advertising is that when you have web property make sure that you create your pics or put it on your web page so the Facebook can be tracking the audience that you’re creating so that in lace down the line you can come back and you can say I had all these people that looked at my site they might not done interacted with it but they were interested lets them an advert and see what we can do on that basis so in terms of this I’ve just said I’ve got here is the Facebook pixel help but this is a Chrome extension when you’ve created your pixel and you’ve put it on your website make sure that you install this Facebook pixel helper so you can go across to your sites afterwards and make sure that pixel with install properly because you don’t want a crest I put pixel and then start driving traffic on over I have waves and they realize that the pixel isn’t actually working because that would be devastating again so make sure you’ve got it on point it’s the last thing I’m going to really be talking about here in terms of traffic is Instagram is influencer advertising oh I tell you what let’s just pause rewind I’m in talking about the pixel okay one last thing I want to talk about with the pic so is that there are it’s not just the Facebook pixel you can create audience is for YouTube for example so if you go into your ads account for Google you’re going to be able to select videos that you create and upload onto YouTube and it will start doing a similar sort of packet pixel tracking on the people that watch your video so that later online you can advertise to those people likewise you can create pixels for Google at Google traffic and all different types of things though there are other websites that offer ad services also do pixels it’s not just Facebook okay so you want to create those pixels and make sure they’re all on your web properties so when you’re driving people to your sales pages your offer pages your blogs your websites you know your your pics letting them in all these different places so that you can retarget them later down the line right so let’s jump across to influencer marketing which is the last one influencer marketing is another form of pay advertising where you go out and you find people okay that have fantastic social media platforms okay and you basically ask them if they would like to promote something on your path okay so it’s essentially putting out an image and in the description saying check out this website for example so one the best ones is Instagram because it’s so shareable you know these sorts of people they like to you know make it let’s make some money by promoting other people’s stuff so essentially what you need to do is you need to go on Instagram and you start need to start searching for people in your industry and then just start communicating with them you know nothing to lose just contact them and say are you prepared to promote products if so how much would you charge you know you know talk about you know if it’s a physical product and then the product will they take photographs will they create Instagram stories will they give you the link in the bio you know how long will they leave it on their page all these sorts of things you know to make sure they’re you know you’re gonna get value for money okay what I would say is that you know find someone that you’re interested in and then you know do a search of their their user tag and go to websites such as social blade and just search for them and come and look at what the the information says here so we’re just click on the Instagram one here and you can see whether you know they’re you know posting crazy amounts one day or you can see this person is posting most days one post a day and you can see that they gain you know hundreds of new followers every single day so you know they’re not there is someone who’s active they’re not a bot they’re not something stupid there are legit person that’s creating a great following on Instagram and there’ll be an ideal person to work with you with the promotion okay so essentially that’s it this has been like a massive video talking about traffic all the different stretches you know in as I say these are things that when you link them all together you know the free and the paid they can all link and blend and help each other you know to to really work in and to build in things you know because you can use the paid to start building up your social platforms and the social platforms can link to each other and you can send things to all things at the same time you know and you can it’s really important to use all of them not just rely on one that’s the mistake people make so I hope this has beneficial been beneficial to you if it has here’s the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel as always for new content as and when I feel it is appropriate for you guys and remember jumping on the bottom with any comments and I’ll see you soon I’m gonna take a swig of water this has been a long video thanks very much I’ll see you later

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