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Hello everyone its brandon back again with another video and this one is going to be exclusive to my coaching students now as i told you when we got the coaching in the first place this coaching program is going to be everything that I know about making money online right that was the whole goal the whole idea when you got signed up into this so if you got signed up into this early then you got a really good deal for yourself because as I learn more I’m going to be sharing more and of course as I start sharing more I’m going to have to increase my prices right now the new marketing model that I just learned was how to launch a product and make money from it now currently I’m about halfway through my product launch my product launch is about a week long you’re going to notice here that I started on the tenth and now or against the ninth actually uh so October night 2016 and I’ve had one day two day three days four days and I’m just starting my fifth day it’s two o’clock in the morning for thursday so in a little over four days i have generated six about sixteen thousand dollars in revenue with sixty five hundred dollars ode to affiliates that have promoted my product so that’s a little over nine thousand dollars in profit in a little over four days and i still have three days left for the launch now i think the last three days are going to slow down a little bit and the reason for that was because i got a really good payday the second day of the launch because i ended up becoming the warrior plus deal of the day which means that every single day warrior plus this affiliate network picks a product that they decide is the product that they want a feature for that day when they do that that product usually gets a bunch of extra sales directly from warrior plus okay and all of this stuff everything that I did before as I was creating this product I was doing everything and learning everything as I go and I was collaborating and talking to a lot of big-name marketers that make you know like some of the markers that I were talking to you were making like 500k per year million dollars per year and I was brainstorming with them getting some advice some tips to figure out exactly how to launch my product so that it would be as successful as possible and i can say that I’m very happy with these results and I want to share with you exactly how I did it okay so this video is going to share with you how I created a successful product launch okay so the first thing that I did was create the actual product now the tool that I use to create this product is a tool called click funnels and i absolutely love click funnels the one thing I will tell you is that click funnels costs a hundred dollars per month so if you’re not ready to do something like launch a product or create a sales page that’s going to make a lot of money then click funnels might not be worth the hundred dollars per month for you because like i said in the coaching program you can use profit builder to get a really high converting lead capture page and there are no monthly fees so click funnels is something that you definitely want to consider as you’re increasing your income online and as you’re doing stuff like launching products it can be very very very valuable so the first thing I that you want to do is you want to click on this add new funnel button and I am actually in Bali right now still so it’s going to say the Internet’s a little bit on the sketchy side so it might be a little bit slow throughout this tutorial basically you want to pick the funnel type for a membership site and what I’m struggling with right now here is that I don’t really see that I think it’s under sell your product after you click on sell your product yet there we have the membership site okay then you would just name the membership site mine was zero hour work days so you would name it after the product that you’re going to create and then click funnels is basically going to auto create the template for a membership site for you and we’re going to take a look inside of my builder my clickfunnels builder for the membership site that I created 40 hour work days so it’s very simple you have the membership page here where you have all the people that ended up purchasing and then you have the membership area itself and when you click over to the second step this membership area it’s going to take you to all your modules that you can add in here and the modules to add were actually really easy I made this a video course and i’ll send you over there just really quickly just to remind you what this all look like it looks very similar to the coaching program it’s a more bare-bones basic version of the coaching program obviously this coaching program goes in a lot more depth it’s a lot more advanced this stuff shares kind of more like the overview of the basics of what you want to know and it does it through these training modules so I created it as a video course and so I just got a graphic off of fiber here which is very very simple if you go to fiber then all you have to do on Fiverr is click in the search bar logo and then you’re going to find providers that are going to create a logo for you for five dollars I literally just went to fiber pick one of the popular logo creating services I actually bought from multiple different people so I could pick the one that I like the best and then it up costing me fifteen dollars to buy three different logos for five dollars each and I picked the one that I like the best which was this one and I put it on the top of my clickfunnels membership page and then for the modules for the modules itself is very easy to do you just click on add new lesson and then you have kind of like a section all these different sections of your membership site like what to buy access to upgrades free resources and the main training modules so you just put the lesson under the section that you want which is very easy and then for the template I pick the video lesson template so what it’ll do is it’ll show up with basically create the template for you all you have to do is put your video into the template and you’re good to go very straightforward very easy once you get the hang of things for the design of the actual membership site itself this is where you click on this open an editor for edit membership design open an editor and you can make design changes to your membership area directly in this open and editor button after you’ve created the product the next thing is to create the sales page to sell the product and again I’ve also used clickfunnels for this so I think at this point I can safely say that if you’re going to do something like create a product clickfunnels is going to help you out a lot okay at least it helped me out a lot it’s very very easy to use so i also created a funnel for a sales page the exact same thing you click on add new funnel and you click a sales page template and it’s going to automatically load in the default template here I don’t like the default template that clickfunnels gives you because it assumes that you’re going to process payments through clickfunnels the reason why that’s a bad idea and the reason why you don’t want to process payments to click funnels is because you can’t get affiliates through click funnels ok so to get affiliates you want to get connected with something like warrior plus or jvzoo is also another really good option for my launch I use the network called warrior plus and we’re going to get to this in a second so in clickfunnels here i have this lead page which you can ignore most people start of the funnel starts of the sales page I click created this lead capture page for my own personal use so that i can send traffic to zero hour work days myself but really the start of the funnel is the sales page so this would be the start of your funnel and the sales page is the zero hour work days sales page which are probably familiar with but i’ll take you to really quickly so here’s the sales page that I created when I asked a bunch of people the info that I got was that video sales pages convert way better and my offer converts really well so I would agree that my experience with launching a product and with selling zero hour work days and getting these kind of results is that you want to have a video sales page probably to get the best possible eee pc and the best possible conversion rate ok now i actually created the sales page all myself now i actually asked matthew neer who does 500k per year because he has sales pages that convert really well and i said hey like Matthew who writes your sales copy for you and what he told me was that he does all of his sales copy himself which actually kind of surprised me because he makes a stupid amount of money per year I kind of figured that he would outsource most of the work but I think the reason why he didn’t is because sales copy in your sales page is so important to the success of your product launch that if you’re going to outsource it you need to outsource it to somebody that you know for sure is going to do a really good job and I just couldn’t find anybody that I would trust enough to outsource it to so I just ended up writing it all myself and doing it all myself and I think that the sales copy is generally pretty decent for my page which is why converts fairly well and a lot of the copy and the techniques that I used we’re just kind of like gathered over time with experience from marketing but because a lot of you guys taking the coaching program you don’t have those years of experience with dealing with different sales copy and what works to persuade people to buy things so what I can tell you is after i launched my product or after i was halfway through doing the sales copy for my product a bunch of people referred me to a guy that’s done sales copy for a very reasonable price and basically i got a lot of marketers that said that he was exceptional creating sales copy so i’m going to give you the reference that was given to me to use this guy and from what I’ve heard he’s gotten a lot of warrior plus deal the day like my product ended up being the deal of the day I’m warrior plus like I said which means the one product that warrior plus pics every single day to be featured well this guy has a lot of products that he’s written the sales copy for that ended up making deal of the day on warrior plus so he is a professional copywriter that’s going to give you a very high converting high level result and there’s been a lot of marketers that really really recommended them very very highly so I think I’ll leave a link below to his facebook profile if you choose to do something like create a product launch and you either don’t want to go through the work of creating a sales page because it is very time-consuming or you just don’t know if you’re going to be able to create a I converting page your first go around and you want to have a fairly guaranteed good conversion rate for your sales page i’ll give you a link to this guy it’s not an affiliate link you can affiliate link facebook obviously so this is just honestly the best recommendation I’m really strongly considering getting work from him down in the future and I actually inquired over to him I said I saw your name mentioned as recommended copywriting for sales pages and he said yeah that’s me i wrote for lots of marketers and then he told me basically his rate is five hundred dollars for front-end sales letters so don’t let him tell you any different that’s what he charges once he increases prices i don’t know and if you regularly launch which I don’t necessarily recommend I don’t like the regularly launching because then it means that you don’t put enough into your launches but see the standard rate is five hundred dollars for a sales letter six hundred dollars if he does the JV page as well right and basically what i told them is i’ll probably end up using them in the future because i’m thinking of doing a product on youtube marketing in the future and if i do end up doing that honestly you guys know that i do generally true the zero hour workdays form i would like to minimize my work especially something like sales page this took me hours to create right and so you can get it done for five hundred bucks to get someone else to do it for you and it will be high converting so something to think about you can either create it yourself like i did or you can use this guy joshua Hayes okay so once you get the sales page done which you can create all in clickfunnels very similar to what i talked about already I’ll quickly go into the edit page here maybe give you a quick look at how you would use click funnels to create a sales page because it’s pretty easy and and it’s pretty straightforward so inside the editor here this is how you would use click funnels you just hover over what you want and click funnels going to start you off with a template believe it or not this even coloration here this isn’t even unique I use this whole template just directly from the click funnels library so they really set you up on a good first step then you can just add things into the sales page by clicking on this plus button so anything that you want to add you just click on this blue + button and it will allow you to add another row if you click one row that one thing that you add is going to take up the whole page horizontally across if you pick a two column row then it’s going to show up i’ll see if i can find it these these are two column rose so it’s going to show up half in half and you can actually move one over if you want with this thing left and right so it’s going to create a row where you put in two different separate elements right so these are all single row for the most part I use single row everything because I want it to be as sort of like simple and easy to take in as possible one or two rows is basically the most commonly thing that I used and very straightforward I like to do very pictures a lot of pictures because honestly people have such a low attention spans that when it can’t comes to selling them something or showing them your offer I really if it was a bunch of texts like it was really text heavy especially in the beginning not many people really read their on your page for a few seconds and then they’re deciding are they interested are they not interested so the best way that I could think of to do that was to have a video right away and then a bunch of easy-to-understand pictures and then getting into a little bit of text where I explain things because people are going to want to know what your product is kind of about the secret though that you’re going to find is that people are a lot more convinced and persuaded to buy marketing products based on the dream the possibility of being successful then they actually are from what’s actually in the course and I’ve actually I’ve this has been proved with so many studies and it’s just the honest truth that you have to realize is that if you take people to a sales page and say hey I’m going to show you how to create a lead capture page then I’m going to show you how to like pick affiliate emails to promote then i’m going to show you do this nobody’s going to buy that because it’s not exciting so when you’re doing sales copy you really want to make the steaks sizzle in the pan so to speak and you really just want to talk about the benefits what is this going to allow them to be able to do so module number one is going to allow them to make this kind of money module number five is going to show them how to get a two hundred and ten percent return on their investment so it’s not telling them specifically what is the method that they’re going to learn it’s more telling them about what the course is going to be able to allow them to achieve right hopefully that makes sense so created the sales page just by adding one or two rows for the most part when you add a row and I’m just going to create this and then delete it then you get this add element button you just click on that and click funnels is going to allow you to create a bunch of different things here like I use the video so the video thing is right here and then images i use a lot so i click on the image thing here and then buttons if you want have sales page buttons then you can use that there and then there’s the text editor is pretty straightforward so i don’t need to go into this i think you can kind of understand very similar to profit builder you add elements and then you edit those elements so i’m going to delete this so I don’t change my sales page because it’s converting too well for me to make any kind of modifications to it and then we’re going to talk about how you would set up your offer on warrior plus okay so for me this was the most annoying part of the entire process because this is where a little bit the technical side comes in I’m not very technical savvy but I’m going to do my best to try and show you how this works basically you go to vendors and then offers so there’s this vendors button at the top of warrior plus here when you’re logged in then you click on offers and then you click on that new offer button that I just clicked on to start your product sales funnel now what you’re going to find is that when you create your product you don’t just want to have the sales page and the one product in order to make a good amount of money and to get that like 16 k and revenue like I did you really want to have a bunch of products so you want to have the initial product and then you want to think of upsells that you can provide that are congruent and related to the first purchase and remember what we talked about in the coaching program when we got to the instant offer we talked about the continuity principle so people will make that first sale on the main sales page and then because they have made a decision to buy they become more likely to buy future products so we’re going to have our first offer here and going to create it I’ve I’m not going to create a new one because I’ve already created one but i’ll show you what it looks like after you’ve created an offer and this is where it got a little bit complicated for me but hopefully i’ll make it straightforward and easy for you before i get in here and show you how to do this i’m going to click on this plus box so that i can show you why you want to have upsells because you’ll notice that my product launch generated 15,800 and revenue so far but only 4500 less than less than a third of that of that revenue has come from the first product the majority of the revenue has come from the upsells okay so that’s why you want to have upsells to your main product but we’re going to take a look in here i’m going to click on zero work days the offer name and i’ll show you how you set up your sales funnel inside of warrior plus and then connect it to click funnels thats all synced & good together because honestly this was the part of the process that took me the most amount of the time and the part of the process that you know caused me to rip hairs out of my head the most because it’s the most technical part of the process I would say so I have to get your new offer page here with my offer pages the zero hour workdays launched you have your main page which is the first offer then when you want to add a new page you just click on this add a new page button that’s going to create your second page and my second page was my second or my first up cell which was the 40 powerful emails that’s going to put the 40 powerful emails in here then you select what commission percentage you want to split so I have a hundred percent fifty percent now this is the confusing part just when you create these pages that’s not going to make you have the products in here so you need to create the products separately and then add the products you your offer pages and this is the part that got really confusing for me so if you click on products here what I recommend is create all your products first so you can create all your products in here first after you’ve created all your products first then go into your offers page and add the offers into your pages that way you won’t be switching back and forth from one to the other and going you know back and forth right so create your products first and you create a new product just by clicking on this green button here and then warrior + is going to give you the option of what do you want to sell it for what’s the name of your product and they’re also going to ask you what commission percentage do you want to give away that kind of stuff pretty straightforward you want to pick a launch date and a select a payment method I just use paypal and your launch date it’s can not going to be available until the launch right so after you create your products then you go back to the offers and you add the products to your offer pages so if you wanted to do this in the shortest amount of time honestly create all the products first then go into your offer page and create all the pages then add the products to the pages going to take you a little bit of time after you do that you’ll have everything synced together and it’s automatically going to create this offer map for you so that you can actually select it and if you go in here and you edit these pages so let’s say I wanted to edit this page I definitely do not want to edit or change anything but i’ll just do this to show you what it looks like so this is where the sales page URL is I don’t really care about that what I want to see is where I can select what to upsell to what to down cell to so if I click on this pencil button i believe and we’re going to take a look here in a second so yeah when you click on that product pencil it’s going to ask you where do you want to upsell people so that means when people purchase this up sell what page do you want to take them to and when they decide not to purchase this page what page do you want to take them to so what product launches are people that create products do is they create the upsell page and they create a Down sale page so we’re usually what you’re doing is if somebody chooses not to buy this one then you’re going to offer them the product for a cheaper discount so it’s basically they showed in the the book persuasion by dr.

Calvini that if you offer a compromise a lot of people will end up buying because they feel like you’ve met them on their side like basically you’re working for a way to make it good for them right so by offering a full price and then offering a discount you’re going to snag a bunch of sales that wouldn’t have ended up buying at full price which is an extra money that basically just like free money on the table that you wouldn’t have otherwise unless you create this down so we go back to the numbers I’ll show you why that’s actually a powerful return on an investment enhancer that so this would be my down sell this would be my upsell and you just create down sell upsell for every single product on this page and it’s going to create the map and sync everything together for you so I have my main product which upsells to this up sell if people buy this up sell than it takes them to the second upsell if they don’t buy the upsell takes them to the down cell which will then take them to the second upsell anyways then same thing if they don’t buy the second upsell down cell they do buy it takes them to the upsell which is the one on one coaching which you have purchased into and then after the one-on-one coaching if they choose not to get the one-on-one coaching then they can get the digital version of the coaching which basically is everything in my coaching program it just doesn’t involve my time and me walking you through it or me giving you question-and-answer real time offering up my time to guide you through the process it’s just the information without the support okay so that’s my sales funnel that’s how you set it up it’s a little bit complicated hopefully that cleared it up for you now I want to take you back to the offers page so i can show you why the down cells were important and i also want to show you how i would sync up this warrior plus launch to my click funnel sales page where I click funnels funnel here so if we go here and I click on this plus button you’re going to see the product sales that I made for the 16,000 revenue how much came from the main product we’re going to look at the different upsells here and the down sales to look at why you want to have down sales so what you’re going to notice here is the first upsells the 40 powerful emails I got an extra twenty three hundred dollars from this first upsell but when people chose not to buy this first upsell it took them to the down sale page and even though the down sale page was cheaper the down sale page generated almost pretty much as much revenue as the regular page so if I didn’t have this down sale page i would have essentially just lost this twenty one hundred dollars so this free 21 this is a free twenty one hundred dollars that i created because I included a down so and with the dumb for you money page you’re going to see the exact same thing maybe not to the same extent here so we have the done for you money page which converts nineteen hundred dollars in revenue which is good and if people chose not to buy it it would take to them to the down sale page which generated twelve hundred dollars in revenue so again this is twelve hundred dollars that I wouldn’t have made unless I had that down cell and then the digital coaching was fifteen hundred dollars so my down sales if i take my calculator here so i have twelve hundred and sixty three dollars for that down cell for the digital version which is the down sell to the coaching program i have 1576 and for the down sell for the emails i have another 2147 so we’re looking at five thousand dollars so a third of my overall revenue for my entire launch was generated from down cells so if you’re going to create a product launch and you’re gonna have upsells downsells make sure that you have down cells in your sales process because it’s going to vary significantly increase your conversion rate and when you have a high visitor value because of these upsells and down sells more people are going to want to promote your product so I would even argue that those down cells made me even more than five thousand dollars because they got a lot of affiliates to support this launch because it made a lot of money per visitor which it wouldn’t have made nearly as much per visitor if I didn’t have those down cells okay so now to sync this up to warrior plus was actually pretty easy what you want to do is create thank you pages in my same funnel so my sales page funnel here so i have my sales page funnel and i use it for everything my lead page which i only use my sales page my upsell pages my down sale pages and then also my thank you pages when people buy the emails then they get access to the thank you page for the email so when they buy the landing page they have the access for the thank you page for the money page now I know a lot of people are probably thinking well these thank you pages basically these thank you pages could just be shared over the internet and and people could get your upsells for free well the reason why that’s not the case and what I did to prevent that is I created google forms so that when people buy the upsells they get taken to a Google form where they actually fill in their information and they provide their paypal transaction ID to prove that they actually purchased that upsell that was my best way that I could think of to offer upsells to promote the upsells through warrior plus and then to deliver the upsells easily within click funnels and also only provide the services to the people that actually purchase that upgrade right so that is basically what I did now we’re going to get into the promotion part of the product because that’s how we set up the product and how we created everything together in warrior Plus and click funnels now let’s take a look at how did I manage to get affiliates on board and get people to promote my product and make it a deal of the day warrior plus offer so the first thing that you need to do to get people to promote your product for you is create what’s known own as a joint venture page when people go to a joint venture page it’s going to let them know what your product is about what they’re going to be promoting and why they should promote it for you now typically what you want to include on this page i’m going to show you in a second i’m going to take you to my JV page 40 hour work days is you want to give them the reasons why they should promote you want to give them the idea that you will reciprocate if they promote your product and you want to give them a little bit of detail about what your products about and what the sales funnels like so what I really wanted to tell people with my JV page to convince them to promote my product was I wanted to let them know that they could make a good money in commissions per sale right because with my sales funnel with all the upsells that I have even though the front end product is really cheap because the upsells you know if people end up getting multiple upsells and they get the coaching one of the coaching upsells then you can make a good amount of money per single sale that you get if you have somebody that ends up getting the upsells what I will be talking about in a second and in a future video is actually I get about thirty dollars per sale from this funnel and that’s because I get nine dollars from the first sale and that means that I get around 21 22 dollars or so from the upsell so I make more money from the upsells than I do from the initial product the next thing that you really want to promise you don’t have to but if you do promise this you can have a much better chance of getting people excited and likely to promote your product is you want to have some kind of cash contest so a cash contest basically says that the person that sends the most amount of sales gets two hundred fifty dollars person that sends the second most sales gets one hundred and fifty dollars and this is set directly into word plus if you’re under the vendors page and then you click on affiliate contests you can create your affiliate contest directly in here and i have my contest right here that i can show you and it’s going to have the people like this is right now who’s at what point who’s getting what results in the contest so the person generating the most revenue is going to get a cash bonus for generating the most rent but because people know that the cash prizes are like reasonably significant and they can make a good amount of money by getting to these spots on the leaderboard on the cash contest then they’re going to want to promote more to snag that cash bonus right and nobody really sees these numbers but if I wanted to share these with people I could say to these people like hey like you have generated you know like hey Evan you’re a dollar behind third-place which is a difference of fifty dollars in cash prizes just a heads up to let you know and then these affiliates want to make more sales so that they can get these cash bonuses and yes you’re going to end up paying some money but this is an investment but because you’re paying out this money you’re going to get more people willing to promote you’re going to be more likely to become deal of the day product offer and you’re going to make a lot more money because of these sales that you make right so cash contest is highly recommended if you’re kind of freaked out about it because you don’t have a big reputation online yet and you’re worried that not many people are going to promote your product and and you’re going to be left with paying a lot of cash prizes without making that much money the one thing that i will tell you for sure is if you create a sales page that converts well like zero work days and you create a product that looks cool and stuff and it converts well then a hundred percent you won’t have a problem promoting your product i am new to the product launch space so i actually had a difficult time getting affiliates in the first place and then once people saw how my product was promoting that’s where people started jumping on like crazy and i ended up getting affiliates that we’re willing to do these kind of numbers for me so the whole secret there is if you don’t have the reputation already you gained the reputation by creating a really cool page and there’s also a couple other really cool strategies that I’ll talk about in a second so the sales page the cash contest but if you are paranoid that you’re not going to make this money back the cash contest what you can do is you can have a minimum amount amount of sales here so you can say first place gets two hundred and fifty dollars with a minimum of forty sales so that means that if somebody doesn’t make forty sales they don’t qualify to get first place and you can say for like fifth place plies you qualify for fifth place prize if you make a minimum of 10 sales so that’s just in the off chance that you don’t get numbers like these or close to these and you’re left paying out more in cash than what the then what the what you make from your affiliates you can prevent that just by having minimum sales so that’s something just to to protect yourself with if you’re interested in that then I share them with them what the product is basically give them a little bit of an idea of what the product is going to teach people give them reasons why they want to promote your product what’s very typical with product launches is people provide swipe emails which basically just means copy and paste emails that people can use to promote your product you want to provide swipe emails for people to use again Josh was going to write those for you if you outsource it to him if you don’t outsource it to him then you can create these really easily just going to take a little bit of time I had a little bit of a time you hear that let people know how much time was left until the launch was started and then if anybody needed to contact me for whatever reason I gave them links to be able to contact me ok so the JV page very important you’re going to be directing everybody to the JV page when you try and get them to promote when you do try and find affiliates that are going to be willing to promote your product it’s very kind of like straightforward and a little bit sort of intimidating or nerve-racking if you’re new to the space and you you kind of get intimidated by asking for favors from people but all you want to do is you want to find out who the big-name affiliates are and ask them if they’d be willing to promote for you so for me matthew neer was a no-brainer because I’ve made lots of sales for matthew neer glim exact same thing I’ve made sales for Glenn and some of these other guys just did it because they wanted to reciprocate and hit a tour they wanted to build a relationship with me so that I would hit back for them there’s a lot of reciprocal benefits in these relationships so when people promote for you the understanding is that when they launch something they want you to promote for them right so that’s something about the etiquette that you want to keep in mind is that somebody delivers a good result for you you want to be able to hit them back but like matthew neer for example I would just message matthew neer and you want to be really friendly and say hey Matthew or like whoever you want to talk to you I’m launching my product here’s my JV page let me know if you’re interested dunno here that if people decide to promote you they’re doing you a favor like if you have a high converting lead capture page or not lead capture page if you have a high converting sales page then it’s going to be in their best interest anyways however there’s so many different products that they can choose from to promote there’s no reason why they have to promote your product and it’s probably not going to be a clear-cut choice for them exactly what product to promote they’re just going to decide either by flipping a coin or just based on who they like the most so really it’s just kind of about being likeable messaging people and beam and also giving them the idea that you’re going to benefit them in the future by either promoting for them or whatever right so talking to these guys you just talk to them one-on-one and say hey I’m doing my first launch Matthew actually helped me out a lot this is something else I want to talk to you about is he shared with me a site where you post your launch which will also attract affiliates it’s called munch I com will take a look at that in a second and Matthew basically I just talked to all these guys individually and got a few of them and actually I didn’t even do that much time spent on this process I probably could have made a lot more money if I reached out to more people I didn’t really want to do that because it was my first product launch and I don’t really always feel comfortable asking people for favors so it wasn’t my favorite thing to the process however it is important that you actually get some big-name affiliates on board and and you just have to give them a reason why they would want to promote you at the website munch I calm like I was talking about and i’ll have a link to all this stuff below the video at munch I you just go through the process of submitting your launch and then it’s going to show up in the list of launches here and is what all the big-name marketers know about the Alden big name product creators about where to go to launch and create products for people to promote so affiliates come here constantly to take a look at what’s going on in the space what’s available to promote on different days of the week and lots of the big-name affiliates they’re going to have schedules where they’re going to decide beforehand who they want to promote for what products they want to promote so you want to be listed on here so they can take a look and then say hey like October 17th hey October 18th like this products promoting i’m going to promote this guy one thing that i did that actually worked out really well for me is I looked at the munch I launches here and I didn’t just pick a day arbitrarily I actually saw that on October ninth not that many other products were launching or big-name products were launching and because not that many other products were launching that was a great opportunity for me to launch my product on that day because people want to promote things like every day like affiliate marketers are looking for products to promote every single day and if you’re the only attractive product to promote on that day then you’re going to have a really good chance of getting big name affiliates because they need to promote something and they don’t have that many options so they go ahead and promote your product right and if you take a look here you can just by eyeballing it you can see here that on October 15th there’s only three launches well what if the three things that are launching aren’t a good fit for big-name affiliates at the time or for a good number of big-name affiliates and they would be more congruent and it would be more relevant to their list to promote your product instead well October 15th is a great opportunity to have your product in there and be the product that they choose to promote whereas if you look at October 17th year we have a lot more product launches which is going to make it a lot harder for your product to stand out and actually when I was going to launch my product was going to launch it on the and I think it was the 12th and matthew neer actually told me in the message like dude don’t launch it on October twelfth there too many big-name launches and I there’s other launches that I have to promote so launch it on a different day and let me know and that’s actually why I chose to launch it on the 9th and that’s a big reason why I ended up getting deal of the day and being really successful with my product and I’ll show you the deal of the day here it’s pretty cool when your product listed as the deal of the day you make a bunch of extra sales because warrior plus promotes your product on your behalf so that’s all pretty cool so that’s the best way to go about getting people to promote on your behalf it’s actually about reaching out to people I found that I actually didn’t make that many sales from affiliates in the beginning because not that many people know me and I was new to the product launch space but because i had my friend matthew neer who i’d made money for decide to promote my product and prove that it converted that’s when I got a bunch of other people to jump on board because they could see that my product converted so you want to at least get one person like matthew neer to promote for you and then after you get somebody like that to promote for you then you want to have good numbers so that other people want to promote for you too and you want to pick a good day to launch so that you’re not competing with a lot of other big-name products those are all the things that I took into account and for all of those reasons and doing all those things even though it was my first Park launch and I’m not well known in the product launch space I’m more well-known on YouTube and blogging you know me from other ways even though it was my first product launch ever I still managed to get the warrior plus deal the day because I did all of those things okay so I really hope this video gave you a look into the effective really awesome advanced way to launch a product that does crazy high earnings I think my product launch by the end of the week I expected to gross about twenty-five thousand dollars in revenue with around ten thousand dollars ode to affiliates so that means that it’s like going to be a $15,000 week just from my product that i launched and I could have out sourced the sales page and it could have been a very naughty really all that much work when you have the right tools in place and you do the right things to get these kind of results so i hope this video helps you if you want to launch a product if you have any questions about it or you want to learn more never hesitate to contact me or in the coaching program so you should be in touch with me anyways and I would love to hear from you so i hope you enjoyed the video and i will talk to you guys soon

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