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I’ve got some pretty fun stuff to talk to you guys about so I’m just going to go ahead and speed through it but I need your permission to keep it real and to keep it hard so if that’s okay everybody say bring it alright good deal so here we go so first things first what I’m going to teach you guys today is how to be absolutely de xin x’ and i’m going to teach you how to close anybody anytime without being salesy without being high-pressure but to just create a very smooth process that is objection list who you would like to have more yeses and no objections who here would like to know that alright well I’m going to get into that but you guys need to buckle in so first things first let me just tell you real quick eleven years ago before I was a speaker trainer founder of any companies or anyone you should even consider listening to alright I was just a 21 year old broke college kid working at a GNC store at the mall alright and so what’s funny is a guy came in and he prospected me all right it’s really funny and he actually prospected me and the guy a vitamin world and i he’s a really good-looking guy you know he’s like buff and stuff and we both walked out and I’d never seen anything about network marketing idea like you know recruit people or anything so me and the guy we were both buddies and I was like dude you and believe it I got a job opportunity today and I’m about to graduate college is like dude so did I yeah good-looking guy was like we’re like dude could he you think he’s gay you’re like hitting on us you know and I was like I was like dude I don’t care man I need a job right I don’t care what he’s about all right but here’s what I know all I did is I went to my first opportunity meeting and I saw people making tons of money having a blast and I got so excited I nearly peed my pants I was like guys I’ll be making 30 grand a month and I was like oh my god I just want to make 30 grand a year all right so here’s what happened next now real quick disclaimer my results are not typical for my first four and a half months I got the Rodney King beat down I mean I was like I was pummeled everyone I thought would say yes didn’t you know they say those who you think will won’t those who you think won’t will well for me it was everyone like everyone just said now all right now I said all right all right all right this is just this is just too much I got a better idea I said screw this crap I’m going out into the cold market I’m gonna find me some strangers who who here has ever said screw this friends and family crap all right this is my next game plan I was like I’m going out there in the cold market I’m just gonna go talk to people I don’t know and then I got to be down from total strangers who here has ever gotten that before all right everyone else is like too proud they’re like no everyone I’m no no everyone tells me yes so I found out real quick why they called it the cold market it was very cold very unforgiving I felt like a total loser but I absolutely refused to quit everyone’s your neighbor and say I will not quit I will until that’s my attitude alright now what I did instead of quitting is I did tons of personal development alright I read all kinds of books I listened to the best of the best all the leaders Jim Rohn said the make up in numbers which you lack in skill so I was like hey I’m pretty bad at this thing so hey I’ll just outwork everybody so I took to the streets to play the numbers game now even though I was totally scared of cold market prospecting and going out there I went out there and I did it anyway each day started like this I’d start like this in a tent like this let’s start like this and it end like this it’s start like this and then I’m like this it’s are like this and it would end like this I got pummeled with objections under you name it I heard it was ridiculous and but then of course the most frustrating one of all is I want to think about it it’s like what does that even mean it’s like what do you want to think about like auditor you know read all these books on sales or like you oh what is it that you care to think about you know it but you know something I was determined to be successful all right who here is determined to be successful oh yeah so my big break that who didn’t come until I discovered be 10x be now be 10x be is what I now affectionately call my secret to success you too will soon probably call it your secret to success it’s an acronym that I created because I got in a state of appreciation I started to ask myself I said you know what why if you think about your life and I’ll ask you guys this question everything in your life that’s great that you’re excited about whether it’s a relationship whether it’s the fact that you’re in this room whether it’s the business that you signed up when you signed up to say yes on that application to join your business when you found your wife your husband everything great that’s ever come in your life has been a result of a boulder moment there was a fork in the road where you could have chose to be weak and listen to the weak side of your brain or you could have taken that Boulder path everyone in this room is here because we took the boulder path so I created this as an acronym to stand for be ten times bolder everyone say be ten times bolder that’s what be 10x B stands for and what it is it’s what really helped me to get in a boulder state because the only reason we encounter fear anxiety apprehension or any of the other diseases of attitude is because we have these we have these neural associations where we have pain and we have pleasure see a lot of times people got a lot of it’s not our fault right we’re afraid to prospect and talk to strangers why because when we’re a little kid or what our parents say don’t talk to strangers right and then you did one day when you were 5 years old you want to go talk to stranger in your mom’s and gosh so then I was in you link pain talking to strangers and that’s happened over and over in your life you know a lot of times I’ll we’re afraid to go talk to you know people the opposite sex maybe you were in like third grade this girl was real cute you went up to go talk to her and she goes get away from me you have the cooties and you’re like ooh pain associated pretty woman ah now you’re afraid to talk to pretty good people so what you have to do is you have to rewire the links that you have in your brain I’m going to help you to do that with something that I call a pattern interrupt B connects B isn’t just an acronym it’s also a pattern interrupt the question that you ask yourself because if you want better results you have to ask yourself better questions alright so here’s the better question whenever you encounter any type of opportunity where you feel fear anxiety apprehension whether it’s picking on the phone prospecting a person starting a business ask yourself this question hey what would I do if I was ten times bolder what would I do if I was ten times bolder and the minute you do that because here’s what’s happening you’re seeing that person you’re seeing that person you want to go prospect and talk to and your brain is like freaking out you’re like oh I should go talk to and then almost inserts crazy can’t talk that person on the phone you know they’re really they don’t even look like you’re interested yeah look at them you know he’s not even and then your brain starts creating all these stories and your brain like lightning fast like puking at you all of the reason because your brain keeps to seek itself in its comfort zone see muscles don’t like to be worked out right that’s why they like you know all that lactic acid burns but if you want to strengthen the muscle what do you have to do everyone say burn through it what do you have to do burn through it so all of a sudden you ask yourself a better question your brains doing all the stories say hey what would I do for ten times bolder and then all of a sudden you ask that question your brains going to go well if you’re ten times bolder you’d go right up talk that person hey if you’re ten times bolder you’d start that company hey if you’re ten times bolder you’d say yes and get started in that business now all of a sudden whatever you come up with everyone say do it I don’t say do it now whenever you come up with you have to do it right then and there and if you don’t you need to go ahead and link some pain to the inactivity of being bold one of the things that I love that Ray Higdon said earlier as he said know how to close before you prospect if you know all of a sudden how to get the result and you go hey I already know what the result is going to be I know what to say all of a sudden how much easier does it become so the results as I’ve filled up a few black books 22 to be exact at about 160 pages you can go ahead and give that round applause so uh an average of you know three names per page that’s about a 10,000 some people that I personally shook their hand gave their get got their information and they were excited to hear back for me that doesn’t count the 4,000 some phone phone numbers in my cell phone that doesn’t count the thousands upon thousands of business cards that I’ve collected all right not to mention all the little loose leaf pieces of paper napkins that I tried to aggregate and I try to be organized I’m not the most organized person but I haven’t typed out and stuff so needless to say you know how everything I’m about to share with you is going to work you don’t want to know why I don’t say it’s been tested right is it’s all about split testing right I’ve heard everything you can hear I’ve gotten every objection you can get in multiple variations this doesn’t count the you know multiple business cards all over my house actually my girlfriend said I should start like a coop a new info program like a coaching program you can just come to my house and just call like these tens of thousands of leads like I don’t even like I I’ll call him the first time if they don’t buy the first time I’m like all right you know sounds good you know so I probably left a lot of money on table what I kept coming and just kept moving so would that help would that help what being in a constant state of a bolder mindset make you a stronger person in the marketplace am i helping to get rid of the problem of the enough the reason you don’t pick up the phone is because you feel fear if you say hey what would I do if I was ten times bolder you’d go and do it now when I got rejected so hard I said I’m gonna get so good that I’m going to mmm so that’s what happened and I started doing stuff learning NLP and all that stuff you know like so I’m going to share with you guys why I know this works not only because it’s been tested on tens of thousands of people but this is the stuff that when I trained timeshare sales people to do I show them how to close thirty forty fifty thousand dollar deals seamlessly from people that come in the difference in that industry is they come in like this I’m not doing anything I did you’ve met be vacations who’s ever been on time short or it’s real quick you know and some of them are bad some of the guys are like oh by now and then they just beat you up and get out until you say now well that’s not what we do it’s not what I teach so this I’m gonna give you like the atom bomb formula so when you drop it on your little business you know or you’re like like you know three hundred dollars like we were trying to close it’s gonna be like boom it’s overkill all right but this is fun stuff to study so how to get anyone say yes anytime immediately without feeling like they need to think about it so this is the immediate yes formula all right iy equals a plus s plus P plus I plus TC plus R all right my dad would be so proud he’s actually got his PhD from in chemistry you know he like went to MIT like that stuff skips a generation apparently because I about front chemistry all right but I am using it here so in order to formulaic ly trigger a yes response everybody say yes everybody say yes you need to have every element about to share with you in your sales process whether it’s in person whether it’s in a video whether it’s in copy this is online and offline stuff now failure to incorporate any one of these aspects is going to ensure that your immediate yes formula turns into immediate yes coincidence or and I will think about it guarantee so let me give you the quick breakdown so in order to get an immediate yes there needs to be a reason why that person has to take action immediately there needs to be a reason why they have to take action immediately alright that needs to be laced that’s your call to action that’s your clothes and it needs to have some elements of urgency and real say urgency there has to be a reason pain and pleasure in order for them to take that action and to even have any urgency that works if I’m if I’m like hey I got it’s the last one and try and use some scarcity principles on you but you don’t want it what difference does it make right so what we’re talking about now is reverse engineering your sales process reverse engineering it so look at whatever you’re going to do and then start dissecting it backwards say okay so I need to have some urgency but no one buys anything unless there’s a solution to the problem now in order for you to have a solution you have to have a what a problem so in order to find the problem you’re gonna have to get some I don’t say information everyone say information the reason I get you to repeat stuff is because I’m trying to affect your state you remember better when I enact and engage your physiology if you say something you’re going to remember it if you if you say if you look at something you’ll remember it a little bit if you say it and you do it and you’ve got some action I don’t say yes it’s you’re going to lock it in that much more all right so what I want you to realize is in order to have some information from your prospect they’re gonna have to believe that your truck that they can trust you and that you’re credible right because I mean like do you tell a secret someone you can’t trust do you tell a secret is someone you can trust I mean do you tell your problems to someone I can’t solve them liers some of y’all are some gossipers you just go what was me and they can’t help you alright so I’m not talking to you guys but what I am going to say is if you learn how to establish and to frame yourself as a credible and trustworthy person they’re going to give you the information that you need all right but how are you going to get to talk about yourself and the frame yourself as that trustworthy individual that has the solutions to their problems if they don’t like you we buy from people that we know like and what there we go we got some intelligent people in this audience I knew it when I walked in yeah so what you have to do is you have to find a way cuz if you guys ever met anyone and not anyone like on this stage or this event but if you ever just like met people maybe within your own company or as other people they get on and they talk about themselves and so all of a sudden just like me and this person just doesn’t and they’re trying to make themselves look credible and trustworthy but they’re not doing it right so then you’re just like other arrogant who has ever met people like that you’re mad at us arrogant you most because they don’t know how to talk about themselves there’s an art to doing that there’s a way to do that without sounding you know like you’re trying alright there’s ways to build rapport subconsciously without even saying a word yes matching and mirroring there’s other things like that but there’s a lot of different things that you can do what you need to do is you need to become a student of this art all right now I’m going to give you kind of a formula and I drew this out a pyramid because I know no one in here is afraid of pyramids right are we okay with pyramid stuff I’m okay with pyramid looking things in this room or we aren’t with that all right no one’s like oh this isn’t going to work Caesar it’s a pyramid we don’t have any people like that right all right cool so here’s how it looks all right nice and clear all right again action solution problem information trust credibility your goal is to cycle through these steps without looking like you’re trying now if you ever have any type of problem alright it’s going to lie with a previous step for example if you’re having problems getting the problem from your prospect and you’re trying to get their pain points well it’s because they’re not giving you the right information now they’re not give you the right information why is that because probably you don’t have the trust and credibility built up and if you don’t have the trust and credibility built up where it might that lie in your rapport so every step hinges on the other so it’s very important to look at whatever it is that you’re doing and to frame it with and begin with the end in mind does that make sense all right so your goal is to cycle through properly so we have to identify the different points in your business that you can use for urgency the different things that you can do to build trust and credibility the different third-party stories that you can create all right so every element is vital if you miss even one you’re going to open yourself up for objections can I give you guys a couple examples this next part is fun because what’s going to happen is you’re going to start to see some of objections that you get and you go oh crap that must mean I’m missing it right around there or one of the steps below it alright so for example if you were to miss for example action not lacing your call to action with urgency see a lot of people were like oh yeah I’m in network marketing yet if you want to do it you can do it just let me know I’m ready for you whenever you are and then guess when your prospect is ready to do it when they’re ready to do it when is that they don’t say never it’s on their time which is like oh you know I was going to but you know I had the kids you know this weekend and you know if people say like kids like it’s like a disease I’m like really all oh my god you’ve got the kids how long have you had that God God is it can we do anything can I help you no like I couldn’t watch the webinar all you know the kids you know I’m like okay you know so you’re gonna get what I call the be back bomb if you have no urgency and you’re just like yeah so yeah what do you think you guys just looking at each other yeah it’s pretty cool you want to do it wrong it won’t go you’re gonna get the B back bomb oh yeah I want to think about it you know let me see how you do first who’s ever gotten some of these objections now’s not the time I’ll call you when I’m ready you know next year would be a better year next month would be a better month you know well you know what’s the difference you know don’t call me I’ll call you you know who has ever gotten that stuff you’re missing urgency so now start to look at what you’re doing go anything find some ways to incorporate some more urgency all right now if you miss the solution you’re going to get what I call no interest obliteration all right that’s what this looks like oh I’m not interested you know no it’s not for me you know you’re gonna get all that stuff all right because they’re not interested because you didn’t have it people only buy solutions would we agree what do people buy so if you don’t have a solution to their problem okay it’s not for me you know but again what if you missed a problem now that’s what most of us do we miss the problem we just go in and we and we miss their hot button because we don’t know what’s really hurtin so we do what we call that shotgun approach that’s what we call her friends were like dude I’m in this awesome you would believe it oh my god the comp was ridiculous you’re like dude it’s got like this Bionic herbal thing like listen you had like the only way I know you’ve heard of other things like this but ours there’s like this tree it’s like this bamboo tree that only like you know ripens once a year and it like it like there’s like this news that comes off the tree bark and when you bottle it up and you put it dude it’s I don’t know it’s not like those other things you know like oh my god this thing and you’re just shotgun in like boom and hoping you’ve got someone that just volunteers and goes wow what a great solution um oh by the way I’ve got a problem I need to make some money so uh you know yeah showing me up and you’ll get some of those people but you’re gonna get the because bomb because you don’t like their problem they’re gonna go well you know I don’t have the money I don’t have the time uh you know I want to think about it you know I’m not saying no I’m just not saying yes it it’s not that important to me because you’re not solving a what problem you’re not solving a what problem if you get there problem the money goes away you want to know how to get and one of the biggest things that I teach is stack up enough problems that they have in their personal life and when you compare it to the money then all of a sudden when they’ve got more problems than the solution costs I don’t say they’re in there in right so someone goes oh I don’t have the time off the money well if you found out that right now that relationship is on the rocks because they’re having conversations about money in the home and they can’t do this and can’t do that never been on vacation and forever now all of a sudden you now you’re now you’re not using your opportunity to solve like you know they’re you’re not just like oh dude look at this great like oil at this tree like ferments and you’re not like going like oh my complaint is so awesome you’re like dang dude listen what can we do about that like if we don’t change like so so what’s what’s going to happen if you don’t if you don’t get some you know relationship right I mean ok with that what’s gonna happen with the kids like who’s gonna get who have you thought about that gosh so like Joe would you’re gonna do joint custody is it gonna be like she’s gonna take half as what are you guys gonna live you can’t move then and all this isn’t like holy crap ok yeah I need to fix this thing now all of a sudden I’m like ok great here’s the solution is that a lot easier see don’t get caught up on what your thing does get focus on what it can do for them alright so if you miss information and you get the right the wrong information all right you’re going to get apathy annihilation because now you’re going to be talking about everyone’s problem oh man this thing is like bringing kids home like there’s like parents are now able to be single you know are able to be with their kids now and then you’re talking about all these problems that other people have you’re like hoping that you’re hitting their problems you’re like well yeah you know I’m sure your relationship would be a lot better you know if you had some more money in house would you agree and they’re like no money’s not important dude how dare you all right guys laptop right because you didn’t get the right information now apathy annihilation looks like this who here’s got these objects no it’s not for me I can see what this is good for other people you know they’re just kind of like yeah you know I don’t know that’s usually because you’re not getting the right information out what did we talk about earlier if you’re not getting the right information where it might you be missing it right in the below steps of trust and credibility right so if you don’t get the trust and credibility they’re going to be skeptical and you’re going to create what I call and get fired and launch on with the research rocket who here knows about the research rocket the ones where you create professional skeptics all of a sudden everyone’s like an engineer and like you know that everyone’s like SuperDuper analytical and they’re all like oh you know let me see how you do first I need to of course do my due diligence you know I don’t expect me to do this without my wife now do you you know you don’t expect me to do this without my husband I’m just like yeah I do yeah so uh why is that why I used to get so frustrated with this stuff well the reason why is you know people I wasn’t I wasn’t understanding how to frame myself as a trustworthy incredible individual do you know what you need to do that I don’t say stories you can do that yourself you don’t need the big story dude do you realize how like I was like 20 when I was due I was like 22 23 years old and I look young already like at that age like I was like really looking young and I was going up to professionals and I was like really nervous but of course I had my be ten times bolder or not you know I stepped into my swaggins and my new identity but even still I kept having all these people be like I need to do my due deal I didn’t know what due diligence means they don’t even know what that means like due diligence this is like a fancier word of just saying I want to think about it but I need to do my due diligence I need to do my research I’m like to diligence clearly smarter than me you know just call like just say you’re broken you don’t have the money to do it please just give me something I can work with so I can move on alright so if you miss rapport and this is where a lot of people miss it believe it or not because of your friends and your family and even in the cold market if you don’t know how to build rapport massively and quickly and I teach multiple rapid rapport building methods you’re going to get the smokescreen you not going to know what’s wrong they’re just gonna be like I don’t know do something isn’t right I don’t know you’re just going to get a lot of everything I talked about the problem is you don’t know where to diagnose it typically it’s in your report because if you have awesome report when two people of equal rapport meet and get together whoever is the most confident whoever is the most certain will lead the other remember that it how many people would agree that you’ve got some friends and I know I’ve got some people that I can just call up and just be like hey dude I need your credit card I’m gonna run it for about $300 trust me right yeah all right you’re gonna be in this thing don’t worry about it my best friend signed me up for a business that he now is hounding me and how and me he’s like that you just do it just man it’s gonna be you know I’m just gonna give you a spot I’m like dude I’m not gonna do I’m not gonna build it I mean my thing you know I love what I do and he’s like no I’m just gonna build pre-team under you and finally he’s like all right dude you know I need it to qualify for whatever and I was like alright just put me in you so his report right so it all tends to look like that I want to think about it so quick little recap then I give you guys the formula do you understand this all right now if you’re having problems just know look at your objection figure out where it pops up and look not just there again if you’re having a problem getting the problem it usually lies in a previous step so start thinking of ways that you can tighten up those previous steps all right so another thing I want to close with is this is my favorite quote you can write this down if you like why is it my favorite quote probably because I invented it all right I see a lot of cool stuff but this one’s actually mine it’s always play to win never play to keep from losing see in life all too often we have this mindset of like we’re playing to keep from losing let me give you an example two football teams they take the field have how many times have we seen this in life two football teams they take the field one team comes in they absolutely are bashing the other team they’re up by like four touchdowns at the half the winning team goes in the locker room and their speeches hey listen guys you know start playing defensively let’s run the ball now they got there by doing what throwing bombs blitzing on every play being aggressive playing to what everyone say win playing to win and then what ends up happening is never like hey we got the game lock all we need to do is cruise control to the finish line the other team goes in the locker room and they go listen we got everything to gain seem to lose we need to go out we need to go all out either be all in go all out so they go ahead and they hit the field near coach says do or blitz on every play we’re throwing Hail Marys we’re going throwing bombs we’re going crazy how many times have we seen that game and we’re the losing team comes back and it’s the greatest comeback ever how many times on a hearing how many times lots of times we call the greatest comeback ever and it’s the games that we talked about and relived for years why because the team that was playing to keep from losing they all of a sudden were focused on losing the team that was playing to win went all in and they went all out you guys are here because you are winners everyone say I’m a winner because there’s some people that didn’t come because they’re like well I’ve only got like you know a thousand dollars in my bank account and you know if I go then I don’t know how I’m gonna pay like you know my rent in two months from now and you know listen if I had my last dollar I would always bet it on myself and taking the opportunity there’s so many times that we get in things and were like well I’m not going to buy this product because you know I don’t you know want to do this even though it might help me what if I don’t get the results I’m not going to come to this event what if I don’t you know but it’s a people that go listen I’m playing a win I’m all in and they just go for it those are the ones that get the results those are the success stories so I challenge you to ask yourself are you playing the win are you playing to keep from losing ask yourself that question all the time the reason I started activity tracker calm I knew nothing about any of that stuff I just said hey listen I always play to win never play to keep from losing I’m gonna go for it your prospect same thing listen are you playing someone goes to look at your opportunity like hey you know what if I lose what if I what if I don’t make my money back wrong mindset I don’t say wrong play to win in everything there’s a lot of great speakers out here they want to got a ton of great products and a ton of great programs look if you think it can help you alright if you think it can help you and you’re wondering like should I do it should I not I don’t say go for it go for it because what if you have that mindset you’re going to extract what you need how many would agree you guys are go for people that’s why you’re here all right so thank you all very much take care hope you had a blast and here’s the information if you want to take it thank you for a free 10-day online recruiting attempt to dive deep into rejection see sponsoring method using the internet click the link above or go directly to elite Marketing Pro Tom Ford let’s go either you

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