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Also using doTERRA is fractionated coconut oil you can just pump one pump in here and you can add one drop of essential oil and this is just if you’re on the go ideally you would pre dilute sometimes two drops sneak out you just robots together and you rub that into the area of concern or you rub it onto your feet or you rub it onto your temples the back of your neck depending on what you need but make sure you’re always stabilizing your essential oil another favorite way is using a diffuser this is dou Terra’s Grevy diffuser inside you just fill this up with water up to that redline and you place three to five drops of essential oil in there this will liberate the essential oil into the air cleansing and purifying amplifying the mood and the vibration really setting the tone for the massage so depending on what you want I will teach you more about essential oils on which ones you would want to use right now we’re talking about balance so this one would be ideal if you wanted to promote a grounding stabilizing relaxing environment if you or your client so I’m talking in two different angles if you’re a massage therapist facilitating a service for your client and your client is somebody who deals with high stress anxiety maybe they have jetlag maybe they’ve traveled maybe they are somebody who has a lot of stress that’s like causing some mood swings maybe there’s somebody who has a neurological condition maybe they are somebody who has epilepsy or convulsions or Parkinson’s maybe they are somebody who’s thinking a tranquil meditative experience there’s somebody who has like a little bit of anger and rage maybe somebody who has like fear grief trauma so balance would be a good oil for really honestly any option if you had one oil you couldn’t go wrong with balance this is a blend of tree oils like I said spruce and ho wood frankincense which is a sacred oil this oil connects you to your spiritual purpose it really brings deep healing and awareness and it enhances the healing experience and accelerates it it also has blue tansy and blue chamomile very relaxing flora oils that have a cooling effect on inflammation so balance balance is a great essential oil as a massage therapist to begin your massage with as an individual just using essential oils in your daily life for increasing your spiritual practice balance is a great one to Center you to stabilize you to affirm you in the truth of who you are to connect you to the divine spiritual purpose that you have and to help you be grounded and giving your gift to those in the world on a physical level putting balance diluted on to your feet will help increase the oxygen in your blood it will help your cells be happy and it will help your vibrant DNA which the more of your DNA that you can use and make healthy the quicker that you can accelerate on your path to abundant spiritual life so balance is extremely powerful and one that I highly advise defusing daily and using on your feet daily and if you are treating a client make sure that you have their can their spine covered with either a CBD oil fractionated coconut oil or sacred earth vegan massage cream and rub that layer in use one to two drops along their spine and rub that into the muscles rub it around rub it on their feet and into their hands rub it on their temples and onto their wrists and really just calm their central nervous system so that is balanced tune in for other oils I’ll be teaching about lavender tea tree on guard protective blend deep blue soothing blend aroma touch massage blend wild orange the oil abundance and peppermint the oil of boy and heart and how all of this applies to massage therapy and how you can use this in your personal life to increase your health your vibrance your radiance and grow on your spiritual path partnering with a massage therapist and other practitioners like acupuncturist who can help increase your health and your vibrance so tune in for the next videos thank you so much for listening again my name is amber from our healing revolution comments down below with any questions or concerns and I will gladly reach out to you

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