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Greetings earthlings I’m Nicole here tuning in to share with you my next video on essential oils that I love to use in my personal massage practice as well as increasing my spiritual journey as well as helping my own personal body okay okay so lavender first of all the quality is super important please choose a company that honor the indigenous people of the lands that have farmed those plants for years and generations that takes so much pride these choose a company that gets tested by the most sophisticated labs so that absolutely no synthetics or adulterations passed and please choose a company that has a huge global mission doTERRA for me was an answer for all of that and I provide I provide the highest level of therapeutic quality to my clients so for me this was the answer so lavender many know this is a floral oil and it is very calming very relaxing what many don’t know about lavender is on the spiritual and emotional side lavender is the oil of communication lavender helps open up the channels between the client and the clients body so they can begin to have that connection that communication which often begins a healing process that is very accelerated because so many people are disconnected from their body so using lavender in the massage will help open up those channels of communication it will help relax the muscles it will help cool inflammation it will help relax any tension and stress so lavender is especially good for people who have sleep issues people who have a lot of stress and anxiety people who do teeth grinding or TMJ issues it’s very helpful for somebody who has sunburns and/or scars as a massage therapist if you’re working scar tissue you can gently massage some lavender in there some stabilized and diluted lavender because it’s very important to dilute essential oils because they’re volatile they have a propensity to evaporate if you don’t and they’re very potent in their nature so it’s through the art of aromatherapy that they become bioavailable so you must dilute the lavender oil so if you’re working with it in a massage purse of lavender if you are not working with the pre diluted you’ll put about quarter-sized half dollar sized amount in your hand and then you put one drop these are so pure and so potent one drop is equal to a great great amount or great amount so also infuse your intention which will amplify that to help them calm and regenerate and heal and just massage that into the areas of tension for your client and/or yourself for your client you can drop it along the spine after the body has been covered and something like sacred earth a vegan massage cream or color up therapeutic CBD cream or doe tears fractionated coconut oil but this will help with some birds if there is any cuts or wounds this is good for somebody that has high blood pressure or headaches as well very like calming relaxing again putting a fusers one of my favorite ways to use the central oils very safe putting three to five drops of lavender and letting that disperse into the air will help create a relaxing environment calming the central nervous system setting the ground for that relaxing environment while purifying the air lavender is very excellent to use in massage therapy thank you so much please comment any questions comments or concerns again I’m amber from our healing revolution and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions

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