Success is addictive if we can just get that first hit my name is Chris Martin I’m part of a group of online course creators called the rainmakers that you could someday be a part of we teach our expertise to people all over the world making a difference and impacts in a living through our training we focus on creating the very best courses to serve our students entertainment and education are not mutually exclusive we teach through story unlike your average course grader our courses are rare and valuable we reach the six-figure per month market in revenue that’s called a blockbuster course we’re not playing for singles we’re hitting four home runs because we know that one blockbuster course is worth a lifetime of hard work the biggest expense in life is always the money we could be making getting rich isn’t about an event it’s about building a system that stands out in the marketplace provides value and brings in money while we sleep that’s called making it rain we don’t compete with others from now on everyone else competes with us because we are the most competitive people in the world and we will do whatever it takes to win we’re proud to be in the 1% because we know we’re capable of what 99% of people are not we are obsessed with getting result and providing value to others we know that leaders get paid so we focus on leading our students to their dream life if you ask professional athletes Wall Street brokers or movie stars they would never believe that we can earn as much as maybe yet here we are we are rain makers we create bought passer courses and these are our stories

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