MTV ‘He Seems Phony AF’: Is Chloe Right About Juliette’s New Siesta Key Boyfriend Robby?

MTV ‘He Seems Phony AF’: Is Chloe Right About Juliette’s New Siesta Key Boyfriend Robby?


Juliette‘s romance was the talk of the town Siesta Key during the Season 3 premiere — and while Kelsey was supportive (the couple met through the model, after all), Chloe was extremely skeptical about Robby‘s intentions with her friend.

“I’m annoyed about Juliette dating this Robby kid,” Chloe vented to Cara. “All I really know about him is he used to hang out with Alex back in high school, and then I know he was on The Bachelorette. I heard he lies about his age.”

“Ugh, God — he’s one of those kids that can’t get out of twenties,” Cara stated.

Also adding fuel to Chloe’s fire: The Snapchat specialist was aggravated that she had not heard from Juliette in a month (Juliette was off completing college). Naturally, Chloe opted to confront Juliette at her graduation party (perfect place!), and Chloe held nothing back about Robby.

“I just feel like he puts on a really big front,” Chloe said, to which Juliette asked if Robby said anything specific that aggravated her.

“It just seems like he’s full of it,” Chloe countered. “He’s just a little overly nice. It seems like he’s trying a little too hard to prove himself. It seems a little fishy to me.”

“You have the audacity to say this to me while you’re off hanging out with Alex again? Even though all last summer you hated him,” Juliette said.

But Chloe insisted she didn’t want Juliette to go down “the wrong path” and it had nothing to do with Alex.

“Best friends, when they’re concerned about their friends, they voice their opinions. I actually know a lot about Robby and to me he seems phony as f*ck. Sorry!” Chloe insisted.

“F*ck off,” Juliette spat, as she walked off.

So should Chloe give Robby a chance, or is she spot-on about the new guy in Siesta? Sound off with your opinion, then keep watching this unique trio — as well as the rest of the Florida gang — every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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