MTV Justin Bieber Grows Up Before Our Very Eyes In First-Ever TikTok

MTV Justin Bieber Grows Up Before Our Very Eyes In First-Ever TikTok


There’s a new TikTok star taking over the popular social media app, and his name is — drumroll, please — Justin Bieber.

That’s right! Less than 24 hours before the release of his single “Yummy,” which is scheduled to come out at midnight on January 3, Bieber took to the social platform for the first time ever with a brief, yet adorable slideshow of his life. It begins with him as a baby and takes us through his childhood and teen years all the way to the present. See?


Am I doing this right #morph

♬ feeling – BCD Studio-LI

“Am I doing this right,” the “Sorry” crooner captioned the post. And while he’s clearly a TikTok newbie, his fans don’t seem to mind at all. “FINALLY JUSTIN IS ON TIKTOK,” one of his followers wrote. “My life is now complete.” “Yasss Bieber 2020 is really coming through,” someone else added.

It’s true — we’re only about two days into the new year and Bieber’s already giving fans everything they’ve been asking for and more. Not only is the pop star about to drop a new single, but he also has a full-length album, tour, and 10-part YouTube Originals docu-series on the horizon. Is the Bieber Fever setting in yet? Yeah, we thought so.

Despite the series of exciting announcements Bieber’s made over the course of the last week, fans are still eager to hear his new sound. And while he hasn’t revealed much (aside from including a snippet of “Yummy” in his Seasons trailer), we do know that his next LP is not going to be a pop record.

“Not pop. r&bieber,” he wrote in response to a tweet about Forbes naming his upcoming fifth studio album as one of the most anticipated pop albums of 2020. We have to admit — R&Bieber does have a nice ring to it.

Whatever the case may be, longtime fans of JB are looking forward to hearing what he’s been working on. And while there’s certainly a lot to look forward to music-wise, we’d love to know more about his future on TikTok. Does it all end here or will Bieber be uploading videos to the app regularly? It looks like we’re just going to have to wait to find out.

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