MTV The First Reactions To Sonic The Hedgehog Are Here

MTV The First Reactions To Sonic The Hedgehog Are Here


It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for this moment, but it’s finally here upon us: Sonic the Hedgehog is finally hitting theaters!

The film is ready to make its big screen debut this Friday (February 14), and fans of the “fastest thing alive” will be able to file into theaters to watch the tale come to life.

But after the big kerfuffle over Sonic’s original design in the movie and the massive change he went through after the internet went wild over the initial trailer, we’ve all been dying to see how the film would actually play out. Would it be a triumphant moment for the hedgehog and his loyal fans, or would it fall victim to the video game turned movie curse that so many have dealt with before it?

So far, it looks like smooth sailing, Sonic fans – folks do appear to be digging the film. Here are some of the first reactions from critics who have already taken in the colorful new adventure.

GameSpot’s Chastity Vicencio called the film “fun, silly, and charming, as well as a “nostalgic treat” to see Jim Carrey back in a familiar kind of role.

Writer Gary Whitta called the movie “an absolute blast.”

GameSpot’s Tamoor Hussein was “very happy to report” that the movie is “absolutely fantastic.”

Streamer JackSepticEye called it “legitimately great,” saying he “had a dumb smile” on his face the whole time.

YouTuber Tyler Calvert noted that the film did a “great job” bringing Sonic to the big screen. He also called Carrey “solid” as Robotnik.

It looks like this could be one of the only video game movies (aside from Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu) to deliver in terms of quality. Of course, if you really want to see how it is for yourself, you can take your Valentine to the theater on Friday to check it out.

Sonic the Hedgehog opens in theaters on February 14, 2020.

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