NFL How to not feel overwhelmed and anxious during the pandemic Video

NFL How to not feel overwhelmed and anxious during the pandemic Video


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Transcript for How to not feel overwhelmed and anxious during the pandemic

It is definitely the hard not to feel overwhelmed an anxious during these times everyone is scared in searching for some sense of normalcy. And here is share self help tips and remind us. Why — must find joy in a time of crisis is New York Times best selling author CEO podcaster and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. What is your do public and number one. Overarching piece of advice. Still one of the things that I think every line it could benefit from right now is focusing on what you can’t control. So much of this chills outside the realm of what we’re capable of controlling but if you focus on what you have around she. I’ve been an intensely that I think cleaning a ton of organizing like myself our door this. So I’m little tiny tax so give me a sense of achievement and allow me to feel like I have some controlled the order of my life. Has really helped my mind that a lot yeah I didn’t cleaning a lot to if you heard me laughing it for some reason it does feel good I don’t wanna keep doing it for too much longer but right now it’s did that he took that L are you also condemns on how we can continue. To get to the next few weeks at a home on the person you say is create stability. What is that. So what matters so much right now is that you clean to the rituals and habits that you had before all of this started that were really good trio so things like. Getting to work out and drinking your water practicing gratitude clinging to your age when gusting there were really helpful for you before like. Two months ago though is matter more than ever right now. I agree Gary and you also say your next hit is to not think at this time is a challenge but as an opportunity. Sounds nice how to redo it. So one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is. How can nest before you and I know that that’s so much easier said than done and it’s town the debt like Pollyanna. But for someone like me I am a business owner sixty employees. And so when many shifts did I am a huge part my revenue is a minor Matt. And that’s not something I can do anymore but as a leader it is your responsibility at a leader in business or a leader for your family is your responsibility. To look for how you can move forward. How can you change how can you adapt type you had it in this time. You have to look for a because if you look far I swear you will find the opportunity in this season. You know I’ve heard it say said that if things don’t happen to you they happen for you and say you got out what that is that makes a lot of sense to marry your next tip. Is to it and it’s your social media in take and you say that is very important. Why. Because we’d become what we can see him. And right now we’re there yet there’s media out there that is joyful and positive and uplifting it funny and then there’s also things. That are purposely trying to scare you. That are that wants you to come back and check again and again and again. And that can cost people to spiral out so it just really important right now that you are mindful of what UT get all right and finally you say shoes joy. How can we do that yes. I know that this sounds so much easier said than done that you all you can choose that I think one of the beautiful things about being human is that. We can hold both joy and pain simultaneously. You can be EN a hard. Uncertainty then and you can still look for moments of levity so one insisting that I suggest is make a list of things that make you happy Megan joy asked. What is on that that you can access right now like I love a great couple copied it from acting making my — check I love luxurious let dance like I am wearing the night on top of literally. Out well until what I can with what it got the three. Looking different things can make you feel happy that I can access inside of quarantine means that I can plan my day and be Schoen incorporate some of those thank. Then he gives you little power back because you do get to decide that. I love your tips Rachel Hollis thank you so much for joining us we certainly appreciate it thank you for spread not joy. Thank you think they’re having.

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