NFL WATCH: School charged in autistic student’s death

NFL WATCH: School charged in autistic student’s death


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Transcript for School charged in autistic student’s death

We turn out to the school employees in California facing serious charges for the death of a special needs student at thirteen year old died after being restrained at school this morning several people are coming today employees the side while the teen’s family. Demands justice. This morning signs of support outside the courthouse near Sacramento for the school employees charged in a student’s death. Investigators say thirteen year old Max Bentsen who had autism stopped breathing after he was physically restrained by a teacher being pen based down. Allegedly for nearly two hours out of fear he might hurt others. Max died two days later at the hospital. Prosecutors say the amount of force used was unreasonable and reckless and they charged with school staffers with symbolic Terry manslaughter. I’m just pleased as punch to. Be able to find enough evidence to. Pursue justice Moore sent a message to people. Should just stop. The school was forced to shut down after max’s death one of the women facing charges was recently teaching at another school nearby. Now many people are coming to the defense of the employees including Kama quarry who taught at the same special needs school. We were using restraints that were approved by state. We’d gone through numerous. Extensive training on how to use this restraint visibly emotional max’s family did not answer questions after the hearing. A lawyer for two of the women charged says there was no criminal intent. It is always a tragedy when there is a colossal life especially searching young life and his student. These two women have dedicated to literally their entire lives. To helping educating encouraging. And working with special needs students. There’s three female staffers pleaded not guilty if convicted they could face four years in prison.

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{“duration”:”1:46″,”description”:”Guiding Hands School, a former private school in El Dorado Hills, California, and three of its ex-employees were charged with felony involuntary manslaughter on Tuesday.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/US”,”id”:”67005385″,”title”:”School charged in autistic student’s death”,”url”:”/US/video/school-charged-autistic-students-death-67005385″}

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