NFL WATCH: WWII veterans lay wreaths in Washington, D.C.

NFL WATCH: WWII veterans lay wreaths in Washington, D.C.


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Transcript for WWII veterans lay wreaths in Washington, D.C.

Represented in the United States of America. Is World War II veteran. Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis. Representing the National Park Service is superintendent of the National Mall and memorial parks. Mr. Jeff. Ron angle. Mr. Ryan bold is accompanied by World War II veteran mr. Charles Bob. Sway. Represented the friends of the national World War II memorial is chairman shows I have bunting that there. He is accompanied by World War II veterans mr. Steve book evict. And mr. Harry Miller. Represented in the united states army. You are chaplain lieutenant colonel Tammy wolf. And World War II veteran. Mr. your riots. Hughes. Representing the United States Marine Corps. Our master of ceremonies. Jonathan alliance and World War II veterans colonel Frederick Clinton and mr. Kenneth. Oaks. Represented the United States navy are retired rear admiral Earl gray. And World War II veterans mister Ewing Miller and mister Robert. Mara belly. Representing the united states air force our World War II veterans doctor check Goldstein. Mr. Lew her own and mr. Richard Stanton. With special escort. Cadet corporal Cody back and of the Georgia military prep school. Representing the united states Coast Guard is singer Mary milk then. Gold for our sisters there Sally oh sterling. And World War II veteran mr. Peter Naylor. Representing the united states merchant marine is Maritime Administration. Chief counsel. Retired navy captain Doug Bennett. Whose father served as a navy carrier fighter pilot during World War II. He is accompanied by World War II veteran. CB UMR Ira rigor. Mr. rigor is escorted by lieutenant colonel Scott she grades. Whose son currently serves as a CB. Representing the American gold star mothers is first vice president. Cindy Tatum. Representing the paralyzed veterans of America is national place president. Robert Thomas. Represent in the first calvary division association are male under certain. At times. And Alan north. Representing the Scottish American military society are retired army captain Steve told. And retired Marine Corps reserve lieutenant colonel. Bill Johnson. Representing am vets Izturis. Jackson. Chief medical officer. And representing. The officer candidate school alumni association. Colonel John O’Shea.

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{“duration”:”12:06″,”description”:”The wreaths commemorated those who served in all of the branches of the U.S. military.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/US”,”id”:”66918575″,”title”:”WWII veterans lay wreaths in Washington, D.C.”,”url”:”/US/video/wwii-veterans-lay-wreaths-washington-dc-66918575″}

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