OFA Challenge – Julie Week #2 Mission #1

hey everyone this is Julie welcome to week 2 mission 1 what kind of publishing platform is right for me so Russell just gave you an enormous task but don’t fret it really isn’t that hard it’s kind of like a habit once you get into it it just kind of happens and it happens pretty easily so I’m gonna help you pick out which kind of publishing platform is gonna be the right one for you and really how to hack the publishing process so you can get it done so I’m gonna go through each one I’m gonna start with Facebook live and just talk about the benefits the pros the cons and why you might choose Facebook lives so firstly is your audience even there if they are which usually we say anyone who is using Facebook as their primary platform is targeting people ages 30 to 50 plus there are a lot of younger people on Facebook still but if you’re targeting a super millennial style audience they’re not on Facebook quite as much as their parents so I would say pretty much if your audience is human female male and between the ages of 30 to 50 they are on Facebook guaranteed secondly are you serving people just the general market because if you are they’re on Facebook or are you serving entrepreneurs entrepreneurs are also all over Facebook because they use it as a marketing tool basically anyone other than a c-suite type corporate it’s not to say that they’re not on Facebook but sometimes if you’re in that like b2b space business-to-business space where you’re really targeting kind of high-level executives in corporations or you’re looking for real true business-to-business opportunities sometimes facebook can be a little tricky the next question is do you get dressed most days for a lot of you who might be living the laptop life now or you run your own business getting dressed is definitely optional optional when you work from home so in order to do Facebook live and not look silly you really need to be dressed and ready to go and are you high energy because on live you are competing you need to be highly like energetic enthusiastic to be ready to go so if that’s your personality and you get dressed two points for facebook live and do you need visuals to get across your points and the the beauty of Facebook live is that you can share your screen so if you are doing any kind of teaching or anything that really requires a visual you can use Facebook live and get your point across also sometimes just for like body language or if you’re using a flip chart or maybe you’re outside let’s say in your garden if you’re doing something in gardening like you need the visual in order to get across your point that would be another one for Facebook live personally for me what I like about Facebook live is that when I go live on my page I can then turn it into an ad and so this is going to be important later on down the line I’m just kind of giving you that feedback that you can use your lives as ads and they work really well so if you plan on doing paid advertising that’s another point for Facebook life alright podcasting is next the question about podcasting is is your audience typically I would say the podcasting audience is slightly younger than Facebook but it’s really more about the person a lot of people who love podcasts are entrepreneurs love podcasts or if you’re not serving entrepreneurs if you’re serving the mass market people who are into things like self development education their best life maybe they want to leave their nine-to-five these are people typically who value I find that people who value education self-development tend to also be podcasters a long commuters also would be podcasters so they’ll listen to podcasts as well do you spend most of the day not camera-ready I know for me podcasting is super easy it’s pretty intimate but I don’t have to be dressed I can just go whenever I want which makes it easier for me to publish and I have some really big hair you guys and so it’s way easier for me to publish a podcast and it is to do a Facebook live because some days my hair just doesn’t want to cooperate podcasting you still need high energy and also you really need to be good on the fly I mean yes you can outline your notes on the podcast if you want I think that some of the best podcasts are done by people who are really good just kind of going off of a base topic and then just seeing where the wind takes them because sometimes you can get some really good meat and then finally this is really important is your content not need visuals in order to talk about it so if your content is really visually based or there’s a lot of steps or logic or things that just would be hard to just consume auditorially then podcasts might not be your best option but I will say that podcasting is super intimate and your audience tends to get to know you really really well and it also produces really high value customers so if your people are listening to podcasts I would definitely add it to your publishing queue alright next is writing and blogging more specifically on medium does your audience read I know that sounds like a funny question but typically and I’m trying not to generalize but if you served more a male dominated audience at a female dominated audience I mean just statistics show that men tend to consume video or audio more than they do NIT reading but there are certain markets where blogging is established already so for example cooking gardening Home Organization you know in the mom blog era there was just millions and millions of blogs established in these different markets and so there’s a lot of markets even entrepreneurship design things like that so if there’s a market already established then that means that the market is used to reading content so you can break into the space so ask yourself that question do people use Google to search for information about your niche this is another really good question because if people are going to search let me give you an example for dogs let’s say let’s say you’re a dog trainer people aren’t going to listen to a podcast probably as quickly about dog training as they are going to go to Google to search for how to keep my dog from not peeing on the couch so if Google is going to be a prime way that people find information about your niche I would definitely consider medium if you spend most of the day not camera-ready or you’re not typically high-energy writing is a way better outlet for you are you better when you’ve thought through an idea some people just need more time to think through an idea medium might be a better way to do that do people tell you that you evoke emotion when you write sometimes I’m better at writing than I am at speaking this is how I knew that writing should be definitely an option for me this is why a lot of my content begins as an email because I write an email to my list because that’s where I can get most of my emotion out and then I will podcast about my email or I’ll Facebook live about the email does your content need visuals or steps laid out clearly in order to understand any topic that’s gonna require visuals or step-by-step or any sort of logic will be will do better in writing then it will especially audio okay the last one is Instagram and Instagram is a great hybrid because really you can see here is your audience between 15 and 40 Instagram has the youngest audience of all of them but it’s growing so fast that most people are on Instagram now that are older too because it’s just such an amazing platform do you have a niche or market that shines with photos specifically because you know the feed is all photos if you have any kind of market that shines with visuals dogs gardening cooking fashion anything like that that would do really really well you should be on Instagram do you get dressed most days because in order to do Instagram well there’s a combination of video and writing and photo so it’s definitely a hybrid you can see here are you comfortable with photos writing in video all in one because Instagram has the benefit of live stream you can go live on Instagram it has the intimacy of podcasting in your insta stories which are those 15-second clips where people can kind of watch what’s going on in your world little peek behind the and it also has the visual writing combo that you can get on medium so Instagram is a great great place to be if you serve an older audience Instagram is definitely you might want to push a little bit more towards Facebook so I know what a lot of you are thinking how can I be um me present so the first thing I would say if you want to try to like do all of this I would start with a combination of podcast and podcasting and live-streaming so basically you record your podcast live on Facebook or Instagram or both you can actually go live on Facebook and live on Instagram through your phone at the same time and if you get a little tripod for your your phone you can just turn it on live and then you can face your computer and you can go live on both and you can just use a microphone that’s a decent microphone or you can just use the microphone that’s right coming streaming you know through your computer as well do your podcast live so talk about whatever you’re going to talk about on Facebook and Instagram life and then rip out the audio once you’ve done that you can upload and publish your podcast Russell talked about anchor fm if you want to then also use it in a writing way you can transcribe the podcast on Timmy it’s ten cents a minute so it’s pretty dang cheap it’s not perfect but you can turn that transcription you can use that transcription you could turn it into a blog post and you can publish it to medium then you can take a quote your best quote out of the blog post and use it as an Instagram caption and you can either take a photo or you can use like a little podcast teaser video and you can post that on Instagram that means that you’ve used every single one that we’ve talked about here except for insta stories and insta stories really doesn’t need a lot of prep it’s just your life behind the scenes so you can do five or six stories a day just doing life it doesn’t even have to be about your business and that’s the thing is that as we get going you’re establishing an attractive character so people are following you because of your topic and they’re also following you because they want to see who you are and how you live so if you do it this way you can actually bang out every single one with just one piece of content so I hope that helps I hope you guys feel a little less overwhelmed choose your publishing platform and just the best of the best advice I can give you is to just get started you

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