Only Certified Freaks Can Ace This Super Hard “WAP” Lyrics Quiz

Only Certified Freaks Can Ace This Super Hard “WAP” Lyrics Quiz

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This quiz features not every line, but some of the most iconic parts of “WAP”. Just warning you, it’s pretty tough!

Good luck!

  1. “Put this pussy right in your face.

    Swipe your nose like a ______________.”

    “Swipe your nose like a credit card!”

  2. “Hop on top, I wanna ride.

    I do a _______ while it’s inside.”

    “I do a kegel while it’s inside!”

  3. “I want you to park that big __________ right in this little garage.”

  4. “Out in public, make a scene. I don’t ________.”

  5. “But let me tell you how I got this _____.”

  6. “Now get your ______________ for this wet ass pussy.”

    “Boots and your coat for this wet ass pussy”!

  7. “He bought a _____________.”

    “Phone just for pictures of this wet ass pussy”!

  8. “Pay my _______ just to kiss me

    on this wet ass pussy”

  9. “Look, I need a hard ______, I need a deep ______.”

    “I need a hard hitter, I need a deep stroker”!

  10. “Not a garden ______, I need a king cobra.”

  11. “With a ______ in it, hope it lean over.”

  12. “Pussy _____, just like his credit.”

  13. “He got a ______, well, I’m tryna wet it.”

  14. “I let him taste it, now he _______.”

  15. “I don’t wanna spit, I wanna gulp. I wanna _____.”

  16. “I want you to touch that lil’ dangly thing

    that swing in the back of my ________.”

  17. “In the ____________, I’m the one that eat ya.”

  18. “If he ate my ass, he’s a ______ _______.”

    (Two words)

  19. “Big D stand for big ________.”

    (One word)

  20. “You can’t hurt my feelings, but I like _______.”

  21. “If he fuck me and ask, “__________?”

    When I ride the dick, I’ma spell my name.”

  22. “Yeah, you fucking with some wet ass pussy.

    Bring a bucket and a _____ for this wet ass pussy.”

  23. “________ in a pot that’s some wet ass pussy.”

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