Only Cool Gen Z’ers Can Get 9/10 On This Texting Etiquette Test

Only Cool Gen Z’ers Can Get 9/10 On This Texting Etiquette Test

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Shoutout to our older relatives for casually texting “k.” like that’s fine.

  1. “LOL” kind of transcends its initials at this point, but if you don’t know what it originally stood for, this quiz is going to be very hard for you.

  2. I’m not saying clouds can’t be sexy, but peach, eggplant, and droplet emojis are pretty much exclusively sexual at this point.

    Via BuzzFeed

  3. You are taking a quiz RN. Sorry if you’re a confused nurse RN.

  4. Using periods and “k” are each red flags on their own, but together? Oof.

  5. “I’m screaming,” “I can’t,” and “I’m dead” are all similar to OMG, but “Hooty hoo” is something I mutter quietly to make myself laugh.

  6. Green means the messages aren’t iMessage, which usually means you’re texting an Android user.

  7. Ellipses mean you’re annoyed, sad, or some other kind of unhappy. If you use these a lot for no reason, I do think you’re angry with me and it haunts me.

  8. A laughing emoji is better if you want to ROFL. But if you were wondering how to convey sarcasm through text, it’s with the upside-down smiley.

  9. “Mood,” “that’s a vibe,” and “oh me” are all ways to say “I relate,” while “valid” is more like “that’s understandable.”

  10. For when periods are too serious and exclamation points are too intense.

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