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I had the Epiphany standing on a volcano in Iceland at p.m. watching the Sun set over a massive glacier I thought what am i doing with my life why am I not doing more of this and how can I pay forward this experience that I’m having onto other people I was living in New York working a lot of long hours 14 to 16 hours a day in front of the computer and personally it wasn’t fulfilling I needed a change I got invited on a trip to Iceland I didn’t even know where Iceland was at the time I looked it up I saw the pictures and I went I met amazing people from all over the world started kicking around ideas with my new Icelandic friends who were mountain guides and we said let’s co-lead a retreat together for the back country of Iceland I think people in the United States and Canada would be into this concept and it started just like that because of the connections I made that gave us access to places you couldn’t see as a tourist so I started really travelling after that Iceland and randomly met people who lived in Costa Rica they invited me down I crossed over the border to Agua then I got invited to Indonesia and went to Bali I spent time all over Europe and each place said go I’d scout out new locations where we could bring people on trips and under-thirty experiences really started catching on as a travel company for people ages 21 to 35 people started telling the friends about it and it grew organically like that now we’re running 300 plus trips a year all over the world and we have this incredible community of thousands of travelers we just hit the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America number eight and all of travel and tourism Travel had such a profound impact on as I saw new places I opened up to new ideas learn new languages saw how other people lived around the world and my life started to really change for the better and now it’s my mission to pay forward these types of experiences to other people and our whole team at under 30 experiences feels the same we really want to do something meaningful in this world we want to give to our travelers because we believe people who need to go out and see the world really strongly believe in this but also we feel responsibility to support the local communities where we travel to especially in the developing world it’s extremely important we keep our money in the local economies spend it the right way protect the planet and support sustainable causes we care about we believe travel has the power to change the world in a positive way we want to continue to make that impact

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