People Are Sharing Their Favorite Lazy Meal Staples From Costco (And I’m Taking Notes)

People Are Sharing Their Favorite Lazy Meal Staples From Costco (And I’m Taking Notes)

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Do you ever just dread the idea of cooking dinner? We’ve been there too. Luckily our favorite megastore, Costco, has tons of foods that come in handy on lazy nights.

A Costco storefront in Melbourne, Australia.

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Kirkland Meat Lasagna

A Kirkland signature frozen meat lasagna.

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“Whenever I go to Costco, I make sure to pick up one of these pre-made frozen lasagnas. It always comes in handy when I don’t feel like cooking, especially if I’m making dinner for a group. After all, who doesn’t love lasagna?” —Hannah Loewentheil


Beef Bulgogi


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“I make rice and then add the beef straight from the packaging into the pot with some broccoli florets for about 10 minutes. The bulgogi also tastes great with mashed potatoes for a hearty and comforting winter meal.” —Tmio


$5 Rotisserie Chicken


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“Rotisserie chicken is by far the most utilitarian item I buy at Costco. Night one, I eat plain rotisserie chicken, then for lunch the next day I make a chicken sandwich. It shreds so easily and it’s perfect for chicken tacos with a little seasoning or you can boil the bones for a perfect broth and make a nourishing soup.” —sarahs4437336cf


Salmon with Herb Butter


Frozen Chipotle Black Bean Burgers


Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo

Costco's ready-made fettuccine alfredo.

“It tastes amazing and it easily feeds at least six people. All you have to do is steam some veggies and you have a complete meal.” —yankee1982001


Pre-Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs


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“Costco sells packs of hard-boiled eggs. They’re already peeled, and they’re really good and well cooked. I eat them for a quick protein-filled snack or I chop them up to make egg salad, put on a chef salad, or make empanadas….you name it! I never have to boil eggs anymore.” —tonig14


Teriyaki Udon Stir-Fry

Costco's Teriyaki Udon Stir-Fry cooking in a pan.

“This stir-fry is quick and easy to make as-is, or if you have extra time you can add a protein or more veggies. I usually add tofu and broccoli if I want a more filling meal.” —kbaker90


Frozen Kirkland Cheese Pizza


Mandarin Orange Chicken


Frozen Italian-Style Beef Meatballs




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“Costco’s yakisoba is delicious frozen lo mein noodles with a bunch of veggies. It breaks down to $2 per meal, and you can microwave the noodles in their packaging. It doesn’t get easier than that, and it’s also vegetarian.” —brituhny


Garlic Chicken Pasta

Costco's garlic chicken pasta, found in the freezer aisle.

“This frozen pasta dinner isn’t super high in sodium, the chicken is cooked perfectly, and it’s full of veggies.” —MontanaGirl406


Spinach and Mozzarella Ravioli

What’s your favorite Costco find for lazy nights? Share in the comments!

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