Retired at 26 – Where It All Started

Time for the secret sauce I promise you at the end of this video one thing that made all this war possible I believe it’s the one thing you’re gonna have to have without it trouble hey friends kris krohn here listen you’ve heard me tell my story how i retired at the age of 26 and yet there’s people out there that are skeptical i get questions all the time people saying oh that’s not possible I couldn’t do the exact same thing you got lucky it was a fluke come on man get real get realistic with us so today I’m actually gonna take you to the place where it all started and I’ve got something super special in store for you because I’m gonna blueprint and diagram out exactly how I created this well and how I’ve gone and done it over 3,000 more times so for you skeptics that are out there I’m making this video for you it is is crazy day here at the crown household because I got four kids in elementary school we’re underway they’re about to get on the bus and they’re doing their last day of school but today might be the first day of real school for you on actually learning something that really matters in the world of finance because we’re going to get my car and we’re gonna take a journey and I’m gonna share with you exactly how that wealth got created hey let me kids have a good have a good awesome last day in school you guys pumped are you guys excited are you excited for last day of school you skeptics I’ve got something in store for you there’s always got to be someone asking the question and wondering is this real does this actually work if I don’t unlock it I can’t remove the electrical cord dude seriously I get it there is so much pain on this conversation of money because so many of us know what it’s like to not have any but you know what that’s actually what gave birth to kris krohn the financially free I declared my freedom day after like my deepest source of pain what I want to do right now is I am taking you out to the very first property where it all happened because I got people that are like dude Chris you bought that property with 40 thousand dollars of equity dude there’s no way that you can duplicate that and I’m sitting here thinking I don’t know I’ve only duplicated it thousands of times and helped thousands of people do it but you know what there needs to be skeptics out there you know I read some of the comments on one of my recent videos and I thought you know there needs to be people out there that doesn’t believe what I do is possible because it’s what makes it possible or else everyone would be doing it the people that are really gonna make it happen you’ve got to probably have some kind of pain that motivates you because if you’re not motivated especially if you’re one of those Millennials out there dude I get it you’re in a day and age where there’s so much technological advancement if you just wait five seconds some brand new things gonna hit and happen but the people they’re out there creating wealth there is a system and there’s a strategy but most people don’t actually know how to tap into it because they don’t even know what it is for me my super super deep moment from which could a stem deep deep skepticism but instead it instead turned into great wealth was was this painful moment where I came home I was newly married and I literally my wife was in tears because she didn’t have the ability to go shopping that day and actually buy groceries oh my gosh I I’ll never forget the way I felt because it was such a nasty horrible visceral feeling it was like this sick feeling in my gut and I felt about this big as a man and that pain was all I needed now when he experienced pain like that you do one of two things you either give into it and you become super small in life or you use it to actually fuel your motivation and your dreams and do whatever it takes to get where you got to go and that’s exactly what I did so if I’m special in any way it’s not because of my knowledge of real estate it’s that I actually have the courage to act because I had a big enough reason why okay friends react and closer to the house now I’m gonna show you exactly how i created that wealth but at the end of this video what I really want to do is I want to share with you the singular secret that made all this possible it is hands down without this one thing none of this wealth would have been created this this whole idea of within four years becoming financially free I mean understand that that was 12 years ago now so for the last 12 years I have been driving whatever car I want I’ve been traveling like right now I’m on my way to Cambodia and Vietnam right after my reunion Washington and then I actually go to Amsterdam so I’m doing world travel with me and my wife and my family and my loved ones like in Cambodia I’m literally bringing 40 close buddies and friends with me you know i I’ve been living now 11 years in a 10,000 square foot house that I designed and I look at the fact that how my business has grown adjust everything that’s changed and it all started from this one deal and the information that I’m going to be sharing with you today now I have to give the skeptic something because there will be always several comments that essentially say dude you make it sound so easy why don’t you be more honest it’s harder than it actually is and you don’t actually have to give you guys some credit because the reality is what I do super hard like hands-down this stuff is not easy if it was easy everyone would be doing it but here’s the crazy part what I do is not a function of time it’s not a function of strength frankly it’s the function of a little bit of knowledge and then the willingness to take action because the deals that I’m finding right now the deals that can set you financially free I’ve done 3,500 of them in the last 10 years 3500 deals across the country and that’s what I actually offer people and they work with me as I say hey be part of my team borrow my team and what and we’ll do it with you and so I do want to tell you that it is absolutely hard but I’ll do it I’ll never forget ducktales growing up if anyone I’m 38 so if you’re part of my generation duck tales was kind of like an after-school deal and I love duck tales and I’ll never forget Scrooge McBrine ki-duk saying you need to learn to work smarter not harder and that’s what I figured out how to do in real estate what I’m gonna show you here dude it when I actually say that this is easy for me it’s easy because I actually have a system now that I’ll rely on I also have a team a team that I extend to people all over the country I extend you know how many of our youtube friends some of you that are actually watching these videos that are actually out there engaging and using the system and buying properties with me? It’s available.

So in life there’s absolutely hard money and there’s absolutely easy money for example if you’re doing real estate investing and your deals making you 5% a year dude you are making some of the riskiest and hardest money out there. On my deals, I’m usually floating over 20% sometimes over 30% annual ROI. So just for a moment like imagine putting a dollar into something that the next year it was worth a dollar 20 or a buck 30 and then imagine that it compounded and then after 2, 3, 4 years, imagine that it doubled and that it kept on compounding and kept on growing and imagine that you didn’t even have to use your money to do it so like yeah what I do absolutely takes knowledge.

You need a system and it does take courage but guess what? It works so for any of you that want to say dude it’s hard I want to say yes but it’s worthwhile. For any of you that want to say it’s not possible you got lucky I want to say thank you because you’re the one that makes it possible for me and the thousands of investors and YouTube fans that I work with to actually make this possible because we need people like you to look at us and be like dude that’s that that’s a that’s horse crap there’s no way that that’s real.

Like, thank you thank you thank you if everyone believed it was then we probably have to scope out of it a new corner and find a new way to do a new something. This is a tough like look at this they do this whole area is so different I love real estate this place is hardly recognizable this is wild check it out it’s just right up here on the corner this cute little little red brick house. Here this is what started the whole crazy journey. You know what’s so weird about this? is that when I actually moved into this house my wife and I we were so mentally poor so it is so weird because right now I’m feeling this energy of what it was like for us to learn how to become abundant. This is the place where we got out of debt this is the this is the the house where we started you know we lived in this house up until we had a net worth of almost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars it was just two short years.

Man! Crazy. Dude so there is so much history on this house now here’s what you’re not maybe seeing. You see these little windows that are in the window wells this tiny little guy has a basement apartment and this is about five blocks from BYU campus and so when I was going to college here and my mentor told me that I needed to get into real estate and that that was how I was gonna create financial freedom and he had made his ten million that way he said Kris you need three things you basically keep your nose clean for 14 more months and then you’ll have a two-year work history he said make sure that you keep your credit good but you need to get a couple more credit cards and show the banks that you can use it and then the last thing you need to do is you got to find a way to scrounge up five thousand dollars for a small down payment and it took me 14 months and literally in the 14 months it literally in the 14 months I had just finished I worked about ten minutes from here and I lived way over here and I just felt this strange impression that I should drive home a weird way and so it was weird because it was a day roughly this time of year late spring and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky but it was snowing sideways and I did a u-turn with my car because I saw for sale by owner sign right here in the yard and so I got out I was so nervous I was driving my tiny 1993 red Honda Civic and I got out of my car and I grabbed a pen and paper I tried to act official I had been working with my mentor and he had been training me but he wasn’t with me I was just having a spontaneous moment of courage and I knocked on the door and this grouchy old woman said, what do you want? and I said well I’m gonna bind you I’m I’m really really young 23 and I got a babyface I still look like I haven’t hit puberty yet and so I try to sound as official as possible I tell her that I want to buy her house and the the price tag on the sign said 110,000 dollars and for my training with my mentor I already knew something was off I knew that it had to be more than that but I decided to ask her for a hundred grand and this grouchy old woman said no it’s a hundred and ten and I didn’t know what to say so I said well can you show me the house so we walked in she showed me the house so I had a basement apartment long story short when I ran the numbers on this with my mentor this house was worth 150 thousand dollars so buying it at one hundred and ten thousand dollars was a really good deal that’s a forty thousand dollars of equity and I’ll tell you in a moment why that was important but what that also meant was that I was buying a house with the lower price a lower mortgage and a basement that would pretty much pay my mortgage so whatever was left that what my wife had had to pay moving into a house was actually way way way less than what we actually paid renting a small apartment.

So this is the house that started at all now for some of you that are out there like, well dude Kris you show me how to get a home with 40 thousand dollars of equity those deals are along in your backyard every day. The deal of the decade comes along every day but you first have to believe that it’s there. Then you got to get some training so you know what you’re actually doing which is why you need to subscribe and be part of this channel because I’m teaching you as much as I can in these short little videos so that you can get that training in fact you haven’t done that yet you got to subscribe ring the bell right now we’re gonna teach you the mindset and the skillset of how you do deals like this one right here now by the way knowing what I know today, I would have bought this house without a bank without a down payment and without even using any money.

That’s just what I knew how to do in the beginning now the reason why this house was so important was because, that $40,000 of equity a year later I was able to go to the bank and I said alright Bank I want to take some of this equity and I want to use it to buy another house and they gave me what’s called a home equity line of credit and that home equity line of credit of $18,000 was enough for my down payment on a house about 12 minutes from here in a city called Pleasant Grove.

Now by the way for those of you that are like dude you couldn’t duplicate that that house I bought in Pleasant Grove I got it for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars but guess what? That house was worth over two hundred thousand dollars so I did it again and that one it was a nicer house in this one there’s three thousand square feet but I didn’t move into it because it wasn’t for me it was an investment I wanted it to work for me that house in Pleasant Grove, guess what? I put tenants in it I did a lease option you need to watch some of my videos I’ll recommend it at the end of this for my lease option course and I’ll teach you actually so much about how to do a lease option right here but that lease option those people gave me three thousand dollars and I had a cash flow of six hundred dollars a month.

So between these two houses I had a net worth of now a hundred thousand dollars. I refinance this one so I was living in it for free that house in Pleasant Grove was paying me $600 a month. let me ask you, because by the way you can do this some of you’re like dude it’s too hard I’m like but it’s worth while. It’s worth learning and I’ll share with you the big secret at the end that will make it all work for you that it’ll make it all these because by the way I love making hard things easy. What my team does is hard but I’m like Scrooge McDuck works smarter not harder I have him doing it for me. So that house is getting paid $600 a month in my pocket mailbox money this one I’m living in for free if you could eliminate your debts like that that $600 a month do you know if that meant for me and my wife? I remember we were sitting in the back corners of three bedrooms upstairs we were sitting in the back corner we didn’t have kids at the time we had two cats it was an office and in that office I remember the third month of owning that house my wife’s like, dude Kris every month there’s this $600 leftover when I’m done paying the mortgage what should I do with it? I’m like, get us out of debt, pay down our Sinclair credit card.

And after the third month of doing that she came to me and she said, Kris, do you know that instead of going into debt for the first time we’re getting out of debt because we don’t have a rental payment anymore and we’re getting that extra six hundred that’s like an extra thousand dollars a month. Our credit card debt we eliminated it in months as opposed to who knows how long it would have taken. so all of that happened because this journey started here and now by the way I did it twice and I want to ask you question if it worked the first time and it worked the second time what would you do next? You’d do it again.

How often? Over and over and over again. So my wife and I sat down and we were in the living room right here on the ground and I’ll never forget there was this moment that changed everything when we said how many houses do we need to be free? And we said you know what? Let’s shoot for the stars. Ten thousand dollars which by the way to us ten thousand a month the residual income was like we might as well been multimillionaires like it just was an insane amount of money but that’s where we set that goal. 25 homes later four and a half years later I’m graduating from University in a degree that has almost no value in the world, twenty five homes producing me twelve thousand dollars a month and then I quit my job. So what I did is something that is happening on a regular daily basis I’d even go so far as to say every day someone is following the path of creating wealth and real estate but what I want to do is I want to share with you the secret that actually makes it all possible.

Come with me. Time for the secret sauce. I promise you at the end of this video one thing that made all this wealth possible I believe it’s the one thing you’re gonna have to have without it. You’re in trouble. Okay. So here’s the deal, that first deal it didn’t just happen with me having a random idea. Oh I wonder if I could make money in real estate it wasn’t because I read a book in real estate yes there was this intuition of driving by and saying oh my gosh I believe this is the house while those are all kind of part of what made it happen I can’t, it would be a miss for me to leave out the most important element.

You have got to have a mentor and a mentor it’s more than just watching this video it’s more than being a subscriber and it’s more than reading my books those are all really good things but that’s what curious people do. That’s what interested people do but that is not what committed people do. So yes, read the books. Yes, get with me and come out to my event. That’s a great show of commitment. But at the end of the day if you actually want to tear it up in real estate, you have to have a mentor. I would have never bought that house by just reading a book. I bought it because I had someone that I could talk to I could show him the house they could help me crunch the numbers. They helped me do the CMA they helped me learn all this weird jargon that I couldn’t even understand and then they helped me know that it was a good deal and I pulled the trigger on it.

Yes it was a moment of courage that made it all happen. If I didn’t have someone giving me confidence, I wouldn’t have done it. That second house I bought? Same thing. A mentor showed me how to find the deal I did the work I did the hard stuff I got the deal but I leveraged the team a mentor showed me how to do a lease option on that house and eventually on that first house that I just showed you that took my cash flow through the roof and gave me non-refundable down payments. All of that eliminated debt and then built wealth all of that built confidence all of that built excitement all of it happened because I had a mentor. So right now yes subscribe watch these videos go on a journey with me to learn just make sure you understand that those are good interested things to do. When you really say to yourself, you know what I got to get committed.

If I want what Kris has, then I need a mentor like Kris and I want to tell you that I’ve thought of you. I don’t have the ability to be a one-on-one mentor. Frankly you can’t afford me I’d be too expensive. What I have done is I’ve built a community where I can work with you in a group setting an intimate setting. Where I can get you the training you can work with me, you can work with Stephen Miller, you could work with my team and I’ll take you to the best deals around the country and we can make this happen together but the reason why I can offer that to you is because I understand the power of leverage.

I know you need a mentor but mentoring with me comes with 200 other hands on deck that understand that you’re a newbie, you’re brand new, you’re coming in with some basic level of education and what you need is some severe hand-holding because we understand that I’ve put all that together for you. If you want to know if that looks like, I want Invite you to go check out my website where you can read the different options of how you can mentor directly with me and my team and our group team settings so that no matter where you live, we can go out there and show you how to do the same kind of deals. You don’t have to watch this video and comment below as one of the skeptics saying yay for you Kris you got lucky. No the last 3500 deals is not luck my friends it’s leverage, it’s a team, it’s a system. And it’s because I’ve had mentors. I’m ready to be that mentor for you I just got to make sure that you’re ready to go for a state of interest to full commitment. If you want to know what that looks like here’s the test go over to the website check the link in the description below see what we’re offering see what we’re doing and then talk to someone on my team that’s really what you’re doing is you’re submitting your information saying I need to understand this better let me talk to someone on your team my team will ultimately that you and find out what their were good match for each other because if we are good news for you we’re gonna go out there make some deals happen.


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