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All right welcome everybody this is Nico Morano here and in today’s short presentation I’m going to show you the SFW predict your revenue game plan so if you’re an entrepreneur an expert a coach consultant agency owner whatever it is if you’re someone who is looking to achieve very big results in your business then you will definitely want to stick around because what I’m about to show you is what I like to call the multi seven-figure predict your revenue game plan and essentially what I’m gonna be showing you is how we were able to help I’m gonna give you a specific case study a specific example of how we were able to help one of our clients generate multiple seven figures using this simple process in only eighteen months now my name is Nico Morano and if you’re here watching this video right now you probably already know that so I’m not gonna talk about myself it doesn’t matter if I can get results for myself if I can’t actually help you get results to now my time is valuable as is yours so I’m gonna keep this presentation very brief so how to predict your revenue each and every month this is the simple model that wealthy experts wealthy coaches wealthy consultants wealthy agency owners and wealthy business owners of all sorts really understand whereas the people who are struggling out there they don’t understand this one simple thing and I’m gonna help you illuminate this here in this video so I want you to ask yourself just take a quick second ask yourself be very honest say what is your desired monthly income right how much do you want to be making per month it’s very important because if you don’t know where you’re going you’re never gonna get there right so whether it’s $10,000 a month maybe it’s fifty thousand dollars a month maybe it’s a hundred thousand dollars a month or maybe it’s even more than that right at the end of the day the process is the same but you need to have a clear picture of that number in your head and that specific number is unique to you so once you’ve got that number inside your head then how do we actually predict our revenue each and every month right so the first step that we’re gonna cover is traffic right so this one come from YouTube ads Facebook ads email organic outreach whatever it is you’re gonna need some amount of people to get into your funnel if you want to make any money that’s it’s as simple as that second piece is the landing page now if you are an online business owner or market or anything like that you probably know what a landing page is if not that’s okay we can help you set one of those up too but typically you’ll see any is anywhere from 10% of the people who land on this landing page to 78% you’re gonna see them convert over to the next step most people are able to get you know about 10 percent conversion rate if they do things on their own what I do for all my clients is I just give them a clone of my winning funnel I’m gonna show you right here on the screen this award that I got we’re having one of the highest conversion rates record high conversion rates of seventy eight point nine nine percent and you see I received this award which I’m extremely proud of and so what I do is I just give all my clients this exact same funnel clone I say just use this edit it to make it work for your offer but just use this exact thing because it works and guess what it repeats those results over and over I just tested another one the other day a totally different market totally different offer and it got about seventy nine percent conversion rate so works very well and I just give that to all my clients right off the bat next step is our proprietary SFW case study now I’m not gonna go into too much about what this is specifically because the details and the specifics around this special type of case study which is only 11 minutes the details around this we keep for clients but basically we give you all the slides we give you the script we give you the template we give you absolutely everything and it only takes 11 minute and the reality is people don’t watch long-form webinars anymore right you know they still work to some degree but most of the people who you actually want to be working with they’re not gonna take 90 minutes to two hours out of their day just to sit and watch some presentation that they already know is recorded right then final step a certain amount of these people are going to become a paying client right that’s it it’s simple as that and because of this and because of how this all works you’ll be able to prick predict your revenue each and every month now here’s where things get interesting so this process this is what most people do right this is what most people are doing out in the marketplace and it works right it works it’s a repeatable process scalable process and really anyone can have success with this over time a lot of times this process will generate about 6x Exce ROI right so let’s say you’re spending a thousand dollars on ads once all of this is set up properly and optimized everything is up and running you will generally see about for every 1,000 dollars an ad spend you’ll generally see about $6,000 to $10,000 out the other end now again this is what most people do but this is what we do right and we are the only people who are out here doing this and this is why our clients get such incredible results so what we do is we add a messenger many chat into the mix and instead of sending our traffic to straight to the landing page what we do is we send them into messenger and that’s where the magic really happens right so we still use all the other pieces of the funnel but to be very blunt the bulk of the results have just come from the messenger strategy that we use and that we help others implement into their business as well and what this means is that for every 1,000 dollars that went in this client saw twenty eight thousand dollars come out the other end and I was using a very specific messenger process messenger chatbot process as you can see it’s more than doubling the results right just by adding this process in quite frankly most people just don’t know how to do this they don’t know the text set up and they don’t know the strategy behind how to make it work in such a powerful way now we’re reaching the end of this short video case study and what I want to remind you is one little thing right a lot of people who go out there in the marketplace they try to get results really really hard they really try and they don’t end up seeing the results or making the money that they want to make right and the reality is marketing is not personal marketing is just math so what do I mean by that marketing is not personal what I’m saying is that it’s not your fault it’s whether or not you’re following a specific process and getting enough people to go through this process as simple as that so let’s say you’ve tried and failed with a bunch of things before didn’t get the results that you want and you’ve come to this conclusion that oh I can’t you know I can’t have success with this I won’t be able to do this I’ll never make the money I want nope that’s not true again marketing is not personal and it’s not you really it’s just the process that you’ve been following or the lack thereof that’s been creating the results that you’ve gotten in the past and again marketing is just math if you follow the simple process that we’ve repeated over and over again for clients all around the globe then you will get success so if you like what you’ve seen so far if you want to get help implementing this into your business we are the go-to people I’m the only one out here in the marketplace who is actually doing this and has gotten results for myself and for others so now that you’ve seen this presentation you have a choice do you want to try and do this all on your own and if that sounds like you if that sounds like yes I want to go out there I want to figure out how to do this on my own I don’t need you anymore Nikko then that’s totally fine you know I invite you to go out there try to do this on your own or if you’ve seen this presentation you want our help you’re like heck yes Nikko I’m in and you want to be one of our success stories what I want you to do right now is click the button above or below this video and book a time to speak with one of our team members now we see here this is a six million dollar case study client and this is Tanner he’s now at five hundred and fifty thousand dollars per month and six million dollars total in revenue in just 18 months of implementing this process so again I want to ask you in 18 months do you want to still be stuck in the same place that you are right now or do you want to be completely changing your results changing your life and changing your financial reality so if this looks good this sounds good and you’re excited and you want to get our help click the button above or below this video now to schedule a time to chat with a member of my team thanks so much for watching this has been Nico Morano here and remember this process is repeatable so if you’re serious about reaching your goals we invite you to schedule a time to see if it’s a win-win for both of us to work together thanks so much and we look forward to chatting with you soon

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